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Just Ask Parker make the complicated world of SEO, simple.

SEO is not something we simply 'get working on' in the background.
It's best for us to have a little chat first to agree focuses, targets and what we need to get started.

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    The 3 Core Parts of SEO


    This includes web code, markup languages, page speed, app choice and much more.


    Every word, title, image and video can (and should!) be optimised for SEO.


    Offsite is the 3rd and often the final step in covering all Shopify SEO bases. Here, you want to increase brand aware and 'links' into your website from relevant places.

    Your Shopify SEO Plan

    Our service is expected to take around 9 months to fully optimise your site. However, as every store is different and our plans are personalised to your business, this may vary slightly.

    Keyword Research, Set Up Tasks & SEO Audit

    To get SEO started, we conduct several days worth of keyword research. This includes looking at what your website ranks on Google for already, what it could rank for and what similar stores are targeting on SEO.

    We then use this data to show you which areas of your website and optimised around these topics and which we need to work on.

    We will also check that Google Analytics and Google Search Console are running correctly. If not, we’ll fix that as tracking performance is crucial to success!

    The Quick Wins!

    On many sites, we can see very quick improvements by making some simple yet target changes. These will be perfectly inline with the deliverables of Month 1 and, therefore, help to increase rankings quickly.

    The sort of things we’ll be optimising are title tags, meta descriptions, collection names and much more.

    Technical Improvements

    Shopify is generally a very good platform when it comes to technical SEO. The core code and set up of stores is good and locked away, so it’s not easily broken.

    That said, there are things we can do to improve the technical elements based on what sort of store you run. All of the easy fixes will be handled by our team as part of this service. Anything more complicated may require extra time and funds to do, however we will explain both the importance and the costs to do these at this, if require.

    Product & Collection Content

    Content is king in SEO. Once we’ve fixed easy technical bits and the ‘technical content’ from months 1-3, we will then set out to improve product description, content on categories and a bit of a face lift, if required, to your home page content.

    What do we mean by content? This is all of your text, images and videos on your website…

    Initial Link Building Exercise

    By month 6, the website should be in really good shape. Better content, keyword focused and in sufficient technical health.

    Next, we need to prove to Google how good your business is. This is a phase in building some ‘awareness’ on other websites. This includes social, Google Maps and a range of other websites. To hit the ground running, we have tools to see where your competitors are being talked about and will use this, alongside other places we find ourselves, to start featuring your website.

    This has the potential to drive web traffic from other sites too. It’s not just to put a smile on Google’s face!

    Image Optimisation

    No one buys a product without seeing it first, and in SEO we consider imagery just as important. We will look to optimise all image sizes and what information we feed to Google about them too.

    As you have likely seen, a well optimised product image can also appear on the front of Google alone, as well as being part of the page (or pages) that it is on. Therefore, another opportunity to drive traffic directly into the website.

    Link Building Advancement

    SEO is never finished, and neither is link building. We, therefore, do another wave of activity in this month to increase the volume of links and build more ‘domain trust’ around your website.

    Advanced Technical Optimisation

    Technical is important to SEO. There’s a basic level that we do early on to make sure the basics are in place. This month, we then create some more advanced enhancements to feed more info to Google and even increase the size of your listings.

    Bigger listings = More clicks = Higher rankings = More web traffic = More revenue!

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