1a. Just Ask Parker offers small marketing services at a flat fee which are offered on a 1 business day turn around as long as all content, logins & information are provided.

1b. Users can submit a marketing task request for their store marketing with us as a request through our project management system only. A marketing task project is no longer than 1 hour in length, all tasks are confirmed or rejected at Just Ask Parkers discretion.

1c. This service does not include any marketing training, coaching, teaching of tasks. If you are unable to provide the required information for a task, please book a task for us to take care of that. EG: If you haven’t got a tracking pixel, or you require help with a banner image for an ad.

1d. It is your responsibility to provide everything we need (images, content, login credentials ect…), and while we will do our best to assist you in reminding you to provide information, ultimately you are required to check all emails and comments from our team.

2a. 14 Day Guarantee – FIRST – if there are any problems please email and we will do our best to fix your issue.

We have a 14 day guarantee for all packages without trials РIf you feel we were not able to provide the level of work you expect we offer a 14 day guarantee on all monthly packages and individual tasks. You are welcome to try out our services maximum 2 (two) times (of 1 payment made) [services must be requested within a 14 day period] and if after this you are not completely happy we will refund you. **Please be aware this guarantee is valid for 1 store, 1 time.


2b. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND TRIAL PERIODS –¬†¬†If you sign up for any subscription package you are agreeing to a trial of 7 days in which you are able to try our services.¬† EG: 7 day trial = 7 days in which to cancel if you are not happy for any reason.¬†You may cancel during this time period¬†and your subscription will be canceled and you will not be charged any future payments for our service, you will also forfeit your trial cost. Please log into the help desk [MY ORDERS] with your Order ID¬†to cancel.

PLEASE NOTE: Any cancellations after/outside this trial period will cancel the all future month subscription payments. There is no pro-rata refunds on subscriptions if you wish to cancel during your subscription period. We are happy to transfer your unused days left to individual credits based on the closest individual package price at the time of cancelation.

2c. The trial period of 7 days includes a maximum of 5 credits.

2d. Refunds are not provided on tasks if information supplied was “Do what you think” or if clear instructions were not provided.

3. Monthly packages are valid for unlimited tasks to be performed per month. The number of tasks that can be completed during the monthly subscription period is based solely on the users manner in which they provide the information required. The initial submission must be provided with clear instructions and all content, login details and anything else that task might require. The scope of the task must not exceed a 1 hour limit. Task time frames are also dependant on the users communication and Just Ask Parker can not be responsible for extended time frames if the user is not providing feedback, information and communication as required.

4. The next business day refers to tasks provided prior to 11:59pm EST. Services are not a 24-hour delivery time frame. All efforts will be taken to provide the user with immediate requests for more information if required. Any revisions required (fixes and/or errors) may take up to 12 hours. Our expected average small task turnover times are reflected in the price of each subscription.

5. We do not offer change of mind as a revision. If you feel you are not sure of a particular option, we can offer a task to show you a range of options suitable for your needs and requirements.

6. For all our monthly plans (including quarterly payments) РOur expected average small task turnover times are reflected in the special discounted price of each subscription.You agree that whether or not you provide small marketing tasks to be completed,  under this prepaid agreement you are committing to this rate. Only after the time frame is over can you cancel your subscription.

7. Upon your cancellation of our services, your subscription cancellation will become finalised only on the date of your next renewal. You may submit tasks until the final day of your subscription.

8. Subscription periods cannot be paused for any reason, such as lack of tasks, technical issues, mistakes, lack of store availability etc. Your subscription fee is based on you having access to a team of marketing experts who are available to you at short notice at 1 flat fee for your small marketing task needs. There are no pro-rated refunds.

9. No pro-rated refunds will be offered for subscription cancellations for any subscription offer.

10. Discounted individual task credits are non-refundable due to the nature of the highly discounted offer. All prices are clearly shown per individual task credit when purchased in the advertised bundles. These packages are best suited for existing customers who  understand how Just Ask Parker services our clients and they wish to have the use of the fast turn around for small marketing tasks without being restricted to monthly plans. If for some reason, zero credits are used and a refund is requested, Just Ask Parker will retain 33% of the  the total order to cover the cost of having marketing experts on stand-by to meet the potential demand of our service.

11. Turn around time starts from the time the full details of a task are provided. If the initial information is incomplete then the accounts manager will inform you via email of what is still required to start the job.

12. We may need to access your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other social platforms.  To make sure tasks are not delayed make sure you do not have any double authenticate options turned on, or you must be able to verify our access.

13. You must have the authority to authorize the Just Ask Parker Team to access your website in order to perform the requested services, otherwise you are not permitted to submit a task request.

14. The Just Ask Parker Team are never permitted to use your log-in credentials for any purposes other than to evaluate and complete the tasks you request.

15. Just Ask Parker reserves the right to reject any marketing task that it considers out of service scope, this includes but is not limited to tasks not already on our list and issues with communicating the task request.

16. Project completion times – Just Ask Parker does not guarantee task completion times on non-express tasks. Our estimates are provided as a courtesy and are not binding. If you have an urgent task, please contact us as we can offer an “EXPRESS FEE”. This type of task is only eligible at the discretion of the Just Ask Parker team based on type of task and communication with client. If this express project is not completed in the timeframe expected due to the fault of Just Ask Parker, the express fee with be refunded; however no part of the monthly or individual task fee will be refunded based on delivery times.