Website Audit Example

Shopify Store Website Audit (A client example)

Below is just one example of a website audit for a client of ours Canyon Faries. This Shopify store sells arts and crafts from a range of makers and master craftspeople.
Each website audit is completely unique and we offer an insight into how to get more sales.


  • In-depth and honest
  • A checklist of all the most important points you need to understand about getting more conversions from your traffic.
  • 20min walkthrough of your site
  • A list of items to fix/change
  • Access to free training to help you work on each area
  • A rundown of your competitors
  • Product page review
  • Home page review
  • Specific apps we recommend for your business

We offer any Shopify merchant a review for their Shopify store. This review has allowed this client to understand what she can do to turn visitors into buyers.


00:02 Hi Lisa, how are you? I hope you’re doing great. And thank you for signing up with just ask Parker. I am Jaleesa and today I will be providing you your website audit. We’re going to get give you great advice but please understand that we’re not trying to be offensive. We’re here to just give the best advice that we can and we’re not trying to put anyone down. So first I’ll be showing you the test results from the mobile friendly test, which is a tool to test a websites performance on mobile devices. So as you can see, the page is mobile friendly and it’s easy to use on a mobile device. And here is a screenshot on how it looks like using a mobile.

00:56 But there are just minor page loading issues. So it says not all features sources could be loaded, but this can be fixed. So next is speed insights for the mobile version. Your website got a score of seventy three out of 100, which is moderate or average speed. And here are the opportunities or suggestions that can help your page load faster. And here are the diagnostics. So for this score, it’s slow compared to the desktop version, which has 84, but at this quite impressive compared to the average websites, but it can still be improved. So for the desk top, it’s 84 out of 100, which is also wander it or average speed.

02:17 And here are the diagnostics. So you might want to run these tests yourself so that you can share them with a developer and that they can help you fix the issues, especially the major ones. And also to help your website load faster. So the website is and just input the URL of your website here and click on analyze for mobile friendly. It’s And also just input the URL here and hit enter just to run the test automatically.

03:14 So that’s it for the tests. Let’s move on to the audit.

03:21 So I can see that you don’t have a pop up, but consider having one that encourages customers to subscribe their mailing list. Note that it should be

consistent with what your newsletter or mailing list say on your website. So let’s I’ll be getting to it later. For the top bar. You should be clear on what the top bar says. What exactly does this mean? Canyon Ferry’s mixed media artist. It’s free shipping with $30 purchase. It’s free shipping applicable to customers who are mixed media artists. Also. you should indicate the location where free shipping applies. For example, free shipping for orders $30 and above within us and Canada. So that can be the content of your pop up for the logo. The size is perfect, but it’s better to have the logo background transparent so that it doesn’t show the white background, just the butterfly logo itself. Consider putting your brand name or tagline in your logo to let your potential customers know at a glance what your brand is about.

05:10 And for the menu it’s simple and easy to read, but you should remove this section jewelry, photo cards, vintage baby and much more because it’s just the same as the home button. So when they click it, it just goes back to home. So this can be removed. And also if,uit’s better to have them in new in just one line compared to this 2 line menu. I can see also that you don’t have a banner

image. So, the banner image is at surely at the top, which is,ua landscape photo. And, it usually tells the customers what, the brands sells or what the brand is about and what the products are about. So we suggest to have a banner image showing a model wearing one of your pieces, show your best products here and it would be better if you put lifestyle images where in it shows the product being used instead of just the product images. for jewelry and clothing show how it looks when Warren and for card brands, you can show how it looks like when a displayed in a room like a living room or a bedroom.

07:03 And note that your banner image should be high quality since it’s the first image your customers will see. And first impressions last. So let’s just see. So this

website has this banner and it’s really high quality and they have a different images that show their products being worn. So this is just an example

07:39 And let’s move on to your homepage. First of all, it’s great that the font style is the same across all the texts in your website, but it might be better to change it to a font that is more simple like Ariel or any sensory fonts. Thousands. It conveys a simplicity and minimalism. And since it’s simple, it’s as aesthetically pleasing and it makes that text easier to read. And as for your collections, instead of having the same thumbnail for all four doses, choose the best photo for that category or collection and put that as the thumbnail photo. Instead always remember to have high quality images and have them in the same size per section. So this rule also applies to your product pages also.

08:51 And if you have a video of your or products, you can post it on your homepage, but if you don’t have one we can assist you in creating one. And also we recommend having customer views on your homepage and to have a trust icons, a chat app, and also rewards program. So I can see that you don’t have a newsletter section on your homepage. An example is this from Etsy. It’s just where customers will input their email so that they can get to your mailing list. As mentioned in your pop up, the popup and newsletter should be consistent. Explain the benefits the customers will be getting when they do sign up. So for Etsy it’s get fresh Etsy trends and unique gift ideas delivered right through your inbox. So a, usually some websites offer discounts and promotions, especially to first time customers and subscribers because it’s more encouraging for the customers to subscribe because they will be getting a discount. And also when they do get a discount, then it’s also tempting to buy from that store. So that’s a one strategy, but it’s not necessary to give out discounts all the time. What’s important is to let your customers know the benefits that they will be getting when they provide their email. So also never call it a newsletter since no one wants to sign up for that anymore. Because it has a negative connotation that they will just get spammed with emails. So it’s better to avoid that word.

11:19 And for your footer menu, you should add FAQ in the quick links, FAQS – shipping policy and also return policy.

11:35 And it’s better to add a phone number somewhere at the bottom of our website because it increases trust in your company and having one will make your

13:16 Customers think that you’re available in case they need assistance assistance. And especially about shipping or their, about their Authors and also in in case they have any questions about your products and, what you’re offering. So as I’ve mentioned earlier, we recommend many chat app which is recommended because it’s linked to Facebook. So you will be getting your customers or those who send you a message, you’ll be getting them on your list like an email list but on messenger. And this will also be great for retargeting purposes and if you would like to have that we can and set it up for you. So I’ve mentioned also about the customer review app. So here is one of our clients and here is the judge we app for the customer reviews. So it shows the stars, which are all five stars and there’s a sneak peek of the review. And also the product that they bought at the bottom is the judge me icon and it says verified reviews, which makes it look more legitimate compared to just having this review section on your website. And also having an app will make it easier to manage all the reviews. So if it would like do, I’m have this app also, just let us know. As for the trust icons here are the trust icons on their website. It says worldwide shipping, premium quality, fast shipping, money back guarantee, 100% secure online shopping and SSL secure. So the design and also the content can be different depending on what the client offers and depending on also on the theme of their website. So since your website theme is blue you can choose to have this in a different color like blue or white and black. So it depends on what you prefer and also the content can be different depending on what you would like to offer your customers. So if you would like to have these trust icons, you can also let us know for the trust icons it can, it should be on somewhere on your footer menu and also on your product pages near the add to cart button. So can be at the bottom of this buy with PayPal button and it should also be on the cart page. And also on the checkout page, basically every aware where the customers can see a product image so that they are reminded that you’re a brand that they could trust. And that’s it for your homepage. Let’s move on to your product pages. So this link is about the alcohol ink jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

So this text right here can be what on your homepage. So your customers will have an idea on more of an idea on what your products is about and let them know what inspired you in making this. And also if you would like, let them know what the process is. So you can just, you can also add that on your homepage so that they will know more about your products and your brand. So it can be like this one. So instead of what is Etsy, it can be about us, about your brand. And also it can also be about your products. So you can put that somewhere below the collections. As you can see here, the images are not in the same size and they’re also, too big for a thumbnail photo. So you might want to change these images too, or the theme of your website to show that the images in the same sizes. And also it would be better if it shows multiple images per line instead of two. It can be like four so that you will be able to utilize the space in here and also it will lessen the

17:32 pages that your customers will have to browse over. So an example is this. So in this website they have four images and it’s just a thumbnail image to see the preview of the product.

18:49 And since the images are small, it can show a lot of products or images in one page compared to this one, which has five pages because the images are too big. So I’m here as one of your product – pink and blue ink pendant necklace. So you should know that it’s important to have all the information the customers might want to know to avoid them asking too many questions that can easily be avoided through having a complete product description. It’s great that you have bullet points in your description because it’s easier to read, but we suggest putting all the details as much as you can and to have tabs to separate each section or category. Also, it would be better if you tell them about the product, like you’re advertising it not just the size and the materials.

20:11 So the tabs are highly recommended since you can show all the information while not having too much text all at once, you can separate them by the following tabs. One for product description, size and materials, you may also add care or storage and customer reviews if available. So an example of the tabs is here. So here they have the tab for product description. They have a tab for fit in care and also shipping details.

21:09 So imagine if they don’t have these tabs and all these text is in one page, then it would be very overwhelming for your customers because there’s just too much information and it’s possible that they will not read everything because there’s just too much. So these tabs are great so that your customers can just choose which one they would like do read and which one they would like to see. So not all that not all the text is showing all at once. And also it’s great that you have more than one product images for some of your products.

22:08 It’s better to have more than one and show the different angles of the products or show a photo of the jewelry when worn so that your customers will have an idea of the size just by looking at the photo. So if this image is showing a woman wearing the necklace, then they will have an idea on how long the necklaces and the size of the pendant. So in that case they won’t have to get a measuring tape just to measure how long the necklace is and it will also be easier for them.

23:00 And so as I’ve mentioned earlier, the, your product page should also have the trust icons and also the customer reviews. So the customer reviews can be a tab so that it will not show all the reviews if there are too many. So that’s it for your website.

23:28 Let’s move on to your competitors’ pages. The competitors that I’ve got are one is a hashtag on Instagram, so I didn’t look it up anymore. And this one is from Etsy, it’s Siete de Costa photography. And the other one is Baby Chiques Boutique, which is also from Etsy. So because they are both not a website on their own. I can’t compare your website to theirs. But let’s just go to the website of Etsy. So here they have simple font style and it looks neat. And also the sizes of the text is not too large and they have high quality images as well. So they have a lot of different images on their home page showing the products. The products of the sellers are, are independent creators, and there is an introduction on what their website is about. And there’s also the customer reviews here showing the products that they bought and their newsletter over here. So that’s it for the website audit. Compared to the competitors who you provided us, you need to make these changes to catch up and overall, Oh, your website needs work. But once you have put into action in consideration or suggestions, you’re ready to convert traffic into sales and we can help you to get even more traffic at Just Ask Parker. We have 100 tasks to help you get sales. Just ask our task managers know which ones you would like to do next. Thank you. And have a great day.BOOK YOUR AUDIT HERE