Webinar – 5 Proven Strategies To Build A Highly Profitable Shopify Store (Transcript)

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This Shopify eCommerce webinar includes graphics to help explain the strategies. We suggest you watch the full webinar to receive the best benefit from this training. This webinar is for anyone starting an e~commerce store as a Shopify Merchant. In this presentation, we share how to get more traffic and how to make more sales using the latest marketing techniques.

Caroline: (00:00)
Hi everyone. Welcome. My name is Caroline Balinska. I’m so glad to have you here. This is the five proven strategies to build a highly profitable Shopify store. I’m going to be taking you through exactly these five strategies that I use with my private coaching clients on a regular basis. And also I shared them in my course as well. Now these are things that are working right now at this very, very moment, and I can tell you they’re getting amazing results for my clients. So I wanted to share them with you today. I know your time is precious and I’m really grateful to have you here today. So I’m going to be talking fast, take notes, because I want to get through as much as possible as I can during this actual session. So my promise to you today is I’m going to show you exactly how to get more sales and financial freedom that I guarantee you’re going to learn that by the end of this.

Caroline: (00:51)
And I’m also going to show you how to generate a ton of a ton of traffic without having to spend a ton of money and wasting time. I know that a lot of people come to me and they’ve been trying to do this for some time on their own, six months, one year, sometimes even two or three years, and they can’t make it happen. And usually it’s got to do with these five areas that I’m going to talk about today. So I’m going to show you exactly how you can make it happen without wasting time. And I can guarantee that once you learn these, you are going to take them into your own business and you’re going to run with them and you’re going to have so much success as well. So imagine what your life will be when you have all the sales and the financial freedom that you could ever wish for and imagine when you never have to worry about zero sales again or having to generate a ton of expensive traffic, like you have in the past or you hear of from people as well.

Caroline: (01:47)
You’re probably inside some Facebook groups, and you hear all of all of these terrible stories of people spending a lot of money on Facebook ads and it just does not work. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much more money you put into these, it’s still not working. And I’m going to show you why that is. So I’ve got some really great strategies to share with you today and imagine what your life will be like once you know how to convert your traffic into sales. That is the key. That’s the magic. Once you know how to do that, you can keep repeating that all day long and you can keep on making more and more money and it becomes a snowball. I talk about the snowball effect all the time. Once you starts off, then it keeps growing and growing and growing for you.

Caroline: (02:32)
So if you stay till the very end? I’ve got a special free before you, so pleased to around now I need your attention a hundred percent so turn off your cell phone, turn off your Facebook or your Instagram, and if you’re a Shopify merchant and you’re serious about getting better results, you’re going to be getting more traffic and sales. All this in the next 45 minutes. It’s going to change your life. Also, if you do have questions, I’m going to change things up a, if you’ve seen any amount of the webinars, I normally let people ask questions, but on the last webinar I did, I had over 50 questions come through and it just took up so much time, time trying to answer everything. So what I’d prefer to do from now on is if you do have a question, ask me in the comment section below and I’m going to get back to you after this session.

Caroline: (03:17)
I could put more time and effort into your answer as well. Rather than me just trying to get through as many questions as possible, it’s going to make things a lot easier. So results are not typical. Remember that I’m going to walk you through the systems that we are using to get great results, but understand that this is not typical because the average person who attends any training session is going to get zero results with zero action. It happens all the time. People come to my live events, they come to my webinar and they say how amazing it is and they always say Yes, Yes I’m going to do it and then I speak to them six months later or 12 months later and I ask them, what part of that did you implement? And they they’ll say, they are not working on any of it. Or it’s not working yet… To which I answer “Okay, well have you been doing these things?” Oh no, I haven’t gotten around to that yet. So these results are not typical to everyone because if you’re not going to take this and work the strategies, nothing’s going to work. I am happy to share this all for you for free because I want to make sure that you actually have an understanding so you know what is actually possible. You can understand what’s possible, what you can actually make happen in your life. And this is not one of those get rich quick scheme. So this is not going to be how to you know, turn your business into a multimillion dollar business with one hour a month of work. This is actually real legitimate business strategies, marketing strategies that I’d been working with with my clients. These are strategies that come from my background as well. So this is not about getting rich quick. So if that’s what you’re here for, you might as well stop watching because that’s not what this is all about. Okay, so this is what we’re going to cover today.

Caroline: (05:02)
We’re going to cover: number one. One of my strategies is my signature Instagram ad strategy. I started doing this with a client and it’s just been amazing and it’s so simple. You’re going to see it and think, Oh my God, there must be so much that goes into it. Once I show it to you, you’re going to be blown away. There’s really nothing taught at all, but it’s very, very strategic. But once you set it up, it just works on its own. Strategy two is about planning for success. I cannot tell you how many people come to me and they haven’t thought about their actual planning, so I want to show you how to do that in the simplest way possible. Strategy number three is about organic traffic and I’ve got a really, really good way that you can get 5,000 plus visitors a month to your website with this really simple strategy. Yes, it takes some work but it’s not that much work and I’m going to show you exactly what I mean. Strategy four is my simple three by three strategy. This is an ad strategy and there I’m going to explain it to you once I get there.

Right! Even if you think that you’re not going to be running ads, there is a reason why you will need to use this immediately. Yes, even on a really small budget. So I really recommend you use this, that I’m going to show you today and then the strategy number five, The secret weapon of all seven figure Shopify merchants. I’m going to take you through that today as well. So get ready. This is going to be jam packed. Take notes, listen carefully. I want you to now write a comment underneath in the comment section on a scale of one to 10 how ready are you?

Caroline: (06:37)
How much do you want success? So one being not much at all. And number 10 is everything that I can give. I really, really want this. So please write it in there right now. Okay. I can already see some tens coming through, so that’s great. 10, 10 10. Okay. Yes. So Yes, so I can see lots of tens. I’m not seeing anyone’s, which is good. I see a few comments there. I’m not going to read through them because it’s moving quite quickly. But Yes, tens are definitely coming through, so that’s fantastic. Now that’s good to know. It’s really nice to know that everyone’s here for the same reason. So let’s get into it. Yes, we’re going to start off with strategy one. I’m going to take you through it. This, I told you, this is my signature ad strategy. I do this with all of my coaching clients.

Caroline: (07:22)
And once I bring this up, they all start. I hear they’ve always go Ooh. And they think, Oh God, how am I going to do this? I don’t know how to do it properly. The things I’ve tried in the past on Facebook didn’t work. So this isn’t going to work with this is so simple. I promise you that you won’t find anything simpler than this. So it’s for any niche with customers on Instagram. So it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, but as long as your customers are on Instagram. So if you’re selling to 50 year old men, then this is probably not for you. But you can also use this on Pinterest and Pinterest is getting a lot of male visitors as well. So this can also work there.

Caroline: (08:04)
Now, I haven’t done it myself, but I believe that you’d be able to do the same thing on Twitter. I haven’t seen the results of that and I’d love to work with someone to do that. So if you’ve got a business where Twitter is your where your customers will be, then I’d love to work with someone and work this into an actual strategy and tweak it into Twitter. But from what I know of Twitter advertising, I think you can pretty much run with what I’m showing you, but I know that it’s working on Instagram. Pinterest, why do I do this? Why is it so important? Why am I so excited by it? It’s so much cheaper than any other way of doing it. Okay, so this is it. I’m going to take you through. You can draw this diagram down if you want to, and it’s going to help you understand exactly what you need to do.

Caroline: (08:44)
So the first ad you’re going to run is an Instagram ad to cold traffic. Now what this means is that you’ve got to run an ad and that ad is going to be whatever it is. Let’s say, let’s say you’re selling baby shoes. You’re going to have an ad for baby shoes, and you’ve got to remember these people have never been to your website. So whatever’s in the ad has to be something that stands out to people that don’t know who you are. And that’s going to go to your cold traffic. So people don’t know who you are, the ad is going to go to them. How you find them is you’ve got to do your customer avatar research and you’re going to find out where these people are on Instagram, what interests they have…. Babies for example. So it’s anything to do with babies in that case. A first time mom, a mum, you know, family, people, things like that. So you’re going to run an ad to these people, but here’s the trick. You’re gonna run the ad to these people and you’re not going to direct them to your website. You’re going to direct them to your Instagram account, your Instagram profile. This is a same with Pinterest as well. You’re not trying to send them off to your website. You’re going to be keeping them on the social account, the social media platform.

So what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be saying, here’s an ad. I sell baby shoes. Come check out my Instagram account and they’re going to land on your Instagram account. At that stage, they’re either going to say, nah, I don’t like this account. It’s pretty boring. Of course, you’ve got to make your account look really fantastic, so that’s something that has to be done, that your account should be amazing.

Caroline: (10:13)
Anyway, that’s what you need to do as a business owner and people are either going to say, Yes, I love this, or they don’t. Now if they don’t love it. That’s fine. They go, if they love it, that’s great. They follow you or they look through photos and like other photos. Now at this stage you have started to grow your tribe and this is where it gets interesting because then the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to run another Instagram ad starting a few days later. Yes, and it’s going to be for people who viewed your account, so you’re not running an ad to cold traffic anymore. You’re running an ad to people who have been to your account, for those people that you said, hey, come and check out my baby shoes or my books or my racing car, toys, whatever it might be. And then you’re going to send them over to your account, and then you’re going to run another ad.

Caroline: (10:59)
And now those people that have been to your account, they’ve looked at your profile, they’ve seen other images. You’re going to then direct those people to your website. That’s it. That is my signature Instagram strategy. It is so basic, but I can tell you 99% of stores are not doing this. And why does it work so well? Because that first, part is the cheap part. As soon as you send someone off Instagram and you send them to your website, what is happening is Instagram’s going, Oh, you’re taking out people away from our website to your own website. So you’re going to pay for that Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, they all do it. So what you’re doing, you’re saying, Hey, let’s leave them on Instagram. They’re looking at my account, but they’re going to stay on Instagram. So Instagram will actually reward you for it. You don’t pay as much.

Now the next part is that you’ve said to Instagram, Hey, those people already liked me. They already know who I am. They’re not cold traffic. I’m now sending those people to my website. Instagram rewards you again saying, okay, those are people that have already decided that they’ve “met” you so they’re not going to be cold traffic, so you actually pay less. So you’ve got two layers, but you’re going to be paying less. And in the long term you need to touch people’s viewpoint on average about 14 times before they choose to buy from you….. That’s now between seven and 14. It’s up to 14 now…..

So people need to see you over and over and over. And this is a great way to make that happen and it’s going to be cheaper for you. So this is amazing. And you can really put down $5 a day on this ad strategy and it works brilliantly.

Caroline: (12:33)
Of course, the more sales that you want to get, the bigger your make at test at $5 a day and you start to see what happens. Now you need to have a great account. At the same time. You need to have a great website at the same time, but those things should be there anyway. So this is the strategy that goes behind it to get you the traffic to your website to convert them into sales.

Now before I continue, I’ll tell you a little bit about me. As I said, my name’s Caroline Balinska. I’ve been seen inin Forbes magazine, hotjar, news, tech news and Fox news. And then there’s other ones in Australia as well. Different like TV shows, things like that. So I’ve been all over the place. I’ve had so much publicity over the years, both for my marketing business, from my previous businesses.

Caroline: (13:23)
I am very good at getting PR and I’m very good at getting my name out there and I’ve got always got a good story. Everything that I do, I always have a business where it actually really helps people in different ways. So that’s where you can find me. The images there on the side are just some of our family photos. I’m one of those crazy people. I decided a few years ago to start making cakes for the kids. So there’s one of the cakes that I made as one of the birthday things that took me about, Mmm. I think that one took me about seven hours to make. So Yes. Yes, they are up there with time, but it’s something I love to do. Learning how to kite surf. I speak around the world. So there’s some pictures of different events I speak at. I’m also the host of the number one podcast for newbie Shopify merchants.

Caroline: (14:09)
I’m the only podcast out there that actually just helps only newbies. And there’s some other ones out there that are trying to get started. But no, I’ve been doing it for awhile and I know what I’m talking about and I’m very, very strategic that every single podcast episode that I do, I want to help people who are under that sort of they’re not making $1 million a year yet. There’s other podcasts out there, which are great, but they’re talking to people who are sort of making a lot more money. And a lot of those episodes are sort of too much to listen to when you’re starting out. So I run this podcast purely for people who are in those stages of getting started and getting that first 10,20,30 40, I’ve got some of my clients who are making $50,000 a month, but they still know that they can grow their business better and they know that they can do things better.

Caroline: (14:57)
So Yes, that’s really where I sit at is that, you know, starting out, if you’ve got less than 10 people working for you, then this is definitely the podcasts that you want to listen to. My course has been endorsed by Shopify. There’s only one other marketing course available and I know that mine actually has a lot more information from what I’ve been told from my students. I’ve got a lot more stuff in there, a lot more in-depth information. So that course has been endorsed by Shopify. It’s called 1000SalesAndBeyond.com And it goes through, it’s actually all my coaching that I do. So people that can’t afford my coaching, I’ve turned it into a video program. So everything my coaching clients get, it’s a video program. So of course my coaching is one-on-one and you get that interaction with me where, Mmm, you get to have me answer and help you and walk you through everything for the people that couldn’t afford that, then I’ve done this course and Shopify loves it, endorsed it, and has said that it’s definitely a course that they recommend for people on Shopify.

Caroline: (15:58)
I’m an international speaker. I’ve spoken around the world. I’ve even spoken on a ship across going across the Atlantic ocean. So Yes, I’ve done all sorts of things and I love to do it. I’ve been in eCommerce marketing for about 12, 13 years now. I had my first shoe business before there was even…. it was right at the beginning of people paying for things online. So Yes, I was manufacturing in Asia. I know exactly all the different aspects of manufacturing and e-commerce over 20 years of offline business and marketing experience as well. I’ve had over 13 different businesses over the years and I have been in all different sorts of businesses, partnered with people in their businesses. I do all sorts of things. I’ve had over a quarter of a million views on my trainings, my videos, my podcast, everything. Yes, there’s a lot going on with that stuff. I think the number is even higher than that. Now, if I think about my podcast alone. I’m also the founder of the only Shopify marketing service that offers small tasks to to Shopify merchants. And if you don’t know about that, go and check out Just Ask Parker. We help people when they’re starting out and they don’t have a big team and they don’t know how to hire and they don’t know how to train someone up. This is the actual service that will help you. Why do I do what I do? Because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like and I know how easy it is to fail, but I also know how easy it is to succeed, if you know the right way. So here are some results. I’m just going to play this one…..

Client Review: (17:50)
I approached Caroline because we realized we couldn’t do it alone anymore. Okay. Right. So we to come and I’ve had a quick chat with them, quick chat with me. Initial chat. We just knew that we had to have her on board. With her amounts of knowledge with marketing. She is up to date with everything. Yes. She gave us so many ideas. Awesome. She very clear. Anyone who’s struggling you should use her consulting. Yes. Skills. Yes. Oh, amazing. We needed to know who we are where to start and exactly what we are doing. Yes, she’s been amazing.

Caroline: (19:02)
Oh, Mish has gotten an amazing result, they sell coffee for fitness and looking good. Yes. and her and her husband are doing amazingly. So amazing working with those two. Here’s another testimonial

Client Review: (19:17)
Hi, my name is Brian. I’m with Kalvin Coolers. And about a year ago, my brother and I started a company with the backpack coolers. We’ve been marketing online. We’d use Facebook ads and some of it to some success, but we haven’t got the success that we were looking for and we’re looking for something else to kind of help us boost this along. We looked at internet tips and so forth like that and we found Just Ask Parker, Caroline and her team have been truly excellent before we really didn’t know who our customer really was, we’ve now been able to identify who our customer avatar is. We’ve never worked with influencers in the past. We now work with influencers and she showed us, taught us how to do that professionally. So that’s mutually benefit for both parties. She looked at our website, gave us tips on that, our Shopify site and the recommendations have helped us track customers more efficiently, retarget them for marketing. I can’t say, good things about Caroline and the Just Ask Parker team has been truly professional. They truly care about us. They follow up, they’re on time, they respond to emails. All good things you look for in a good company. But more importantly, I think from the heart level, they truly care about your success. And to me that’s most important and I highly recommend just as Parker, Caroline and her team, I think they’re just truly excellent, truly professional and a home run. Thank you.

Caroline: (20:42)
That’s Brian and he and his brother have a really cool, very unique bag. Again, it was great working with them over the course of quite a long time of helping them grow their business and watching them change and develop. And Yes, it’s just been fantastic. So there’s just a couple, I’ve got more testimonials if you need to see more, can definitely show you more. So the second strategy I want to take you through is planning for success. This is a big one. I cannot stress enough how important this is and I can’t believe how many people have not even thought this through. Like not even sketched out anything. They just sort of say, I want a Shopify store. And then that’s it. Or they go to an accountant and they get really bad advice on, you know, what they should be doing. So this is the actual strategy that I recommend and all my coaching clients go through this.

Caroline: (21:30)
This is the normal way that we do it. So the first thing you need to do is you have to know your audience and what they want. I’m gobsmacked with how many people come to me and they say, Oh, I don’t know who I’m selling. I’m selling to women. And it’s like, no, you’re not. You’re selling to a very particular type of person. Now, I always use the example of Coca Cola. Coca Cola is not selling to everyone. Coca-Cola is selling to a demographic in the market and that demographic are usually not toned, fit, healthy people that go to the gym all the time. However they do use those people in the advertising because they want those people who are not those people to think, Oh, I’ll look like that if I drink Coca Cola. So there’s a few things going on and understanding what they want is so important.

Caroline: (22:18)
If Coca Cola didn’t understand that, then they would not be in a situation with, I’d be able to sell so much to the demographic they sell to. So understanding your audience, who they are and what they want is so important. I’ve got a really great training that I take people through. It’s it takes it anywhere between two and three hours is what I recommend that you spend on it. You sit down and you just go through and your part exactly what needs to be thought about with your audience. You need to find out where they are and there’s some really easy ways to find that out. You just go to some magazines and you find out based on what you know already. Okay, I want to sell to women and they’re around 30 years old. You start looking into different magazines. Magazines actually offer online for free.

Caroline: (23:01)
A lot of great information in their media section on who their audience is. And you can start to steal their information and go, okay, well this is my audience or this is not my audience. And it’s amazing what you can find out. You can find out how much money they make on average. There’s so much good information in these magazines and then you take it into different websites. You take it into YouTube, take it into the Facebook area where you can find out more about interests and your audience. It’s super simple to do once you actually get into it. So that’s something I’d really recommend. The next thing is you need to know where to find them. Where are these people? I’d mentioned before running an Instagram ad or running a Pinterest ad, but is that where your audience is? The amount of people that come to me and say, I ran a Facebook ad but I didn’t get any sales.

Caroline: (23:51)
And then I go back and I go, you shouldn’t even be trying to advertise that on Facebook. If you went to Pinterest first, it would cost you a lot less and you’d actually have more of your audience there. So where are they? You need to know that if you don’t know where your audience is, forget even moving forward. The next thing that we’d recommend is create a one page, three month plan. I’ve got a template that I use and it’s just a one pager. I started off in marketing more than 20 years ago and we used to do these huge 30 page plans and they look beautiful and I print them off and I would collate it and wow, I was so proud of these plans but, I’d never pick them up again.

So over the years I created this particular three month plan. It’s a one pager. I’ve adopted ones that are out there, but this one is specifically for e-commerce. You won’t find anything like this. It’s mine. And it’s one page and it goes through all the things that you need to not only think about on day one but you need to always refer back to so it’s one page. You can always look back on it and go, Oh, that’s right, I need to think of that. Or if I’m going down that path, is it going to work? Let me check my one month plan and my one page plan. Yes. Is that the right way to go? So this play is this a one page plan is fantastic. The next thing you need to think about is you need to create a three month calendar content calendar and that three month content calendar is going to take you through three months at a time.

Caroline: (25:15)
What content you need to put out there. I hear it all the time. People saying, Oh I’m, I put some things on Instagram and no one bought from me. And it’s like, okay, well how often are you putting things on Instagram? What’s the strategy behind it? How are you deciding what goes up on what day? Do you know what special event days are coming up? There is national jelly bean day. There’s national cactus day. There’s national bike day. Yes. Which of these days has something to do with your business and then you can actually integrate your content into those ideas and make it more fun, make it more relevant and get people talking rather than you just trying to push your sales all the time. Yes. Buy my glasses, buy my glasses, buy my glasses. Boring. So by actually putting it out there on a regular basis of, Hey, it’s national cactus day, here’s some funny cactus sunglasses. Instead of trying to push your sunglasses all the time, for example, it’s going to be a much better way to get in front of people. Yes. People like to be social. People like to interact. So that’s a good way to do it.

Caroline: (26:19)
Okay. Strategy three I told you I’m going to be moving fast. Strategy three is organic traffic 5,000 plus visitors a month. I’ve given some examples, go and listen to my podcast. I talk about Pinterest on a regular basis there. I’ve got a really cool a couple of interviews with people for Pinterest. So if you go on, look at my podcast, I’ve got some great things about Pinterest there, but I’m going to show you the really way to do your Pinterest account. I’m going to take you through it exactly. Now, if you want to get more in depth, go and watch this. Go and listen to those podcasts. Go and watch that webinar that I’ve got about Pinterest. I’m going to take you through exactly what it is, step by step now and it’s going to help you understand. So this is amazing and I guarantee it works.

Caroline: (27:04)
The only thing you have to remember is you have to be consistent and you need to keep it up. Do this for three months before you tell me that it didn’t work. And I can tell you the people that do it for three months a while and the people that have done it once or twice, one or two days and they go, no, that didn’t work. Of course it’s not going to work if you’re not going to do something on a regular basis. It’s not going to work. So you clean your house once, Mawww. Okay. Clean my house once it got dirty again. So I’m not going to do that again. Well, no, that’s not how it works. You had to do it on a regular basis and then keep it up. Yep. And what you find when you clean your house on a regular basis, you can start doing it.

Caroline: (27:38)
It’s faster and faster because you’re keeping it clean on a regular basis. Yes. And that’s exactly how you have to think about your social media and getting traffic is you start off, you do it all, you make it all great and takes you a little bit to keep it like that. And then you can start doing less and less. And it starts to snowball. And Pinterest is the perfect example. Now, if you don’t know about Pinterest, Pinterest is a search engine. It’s not so much a social media, like an Instagram or a Facebook. It’s a search engine. People go to Facebook to talk to their friends, they go to Instagram to look at you know, what other people are doing and talk to their friends. Yes, Pinterest. They only go there really to pin things of what they want to buy and things that they want to do.

Caroline: (28:18)
That’s actually what Pinterest is, so it’s when you think about it, it’s like the ultimate eCommerce platform and everything. Now if you’ve got an audience there then you are crazy not to be doing this and just putting it all of your, everything you’ve got into this strategy because I can guarantee you it works. What I’m going to tell you now, I’ve done this with some of my clients and like I’ve personally helped them out with this and walk them through it where I’ve actually taken over there, paid me extra for me to take it over and when I do it properly they see results instantly and then they see it growing and growing. This is not something that you do today and the next week it’s going to drop off like Instagram. You do it today and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

Caroline: (29:03)
Yes. It is a real snowball effect when it comes to Pinterest and I can’t stress enough how amazing Pinterest is for an eCommerce business. It is for any niche and it’s so simple. Here are the five steps that you need to know, so the first thing you need to know is that you need to create great pins. That’s the first thing. I’ve got an image there. I love gifting pins. Now they’re not the only one. I wouldn’t only do these. The gifting pins are great. It’s where you put like five or six different or 10 different products on a page and they 10 gift ideas under $10 or 10 gift ideas for your mom, 10 gift ideas for your dad and that one product. Let’s say you just sell a pair of sunglasses, you can literally put those sunglasses on all these different types of giftings, gym bunny gifting pans, people for the beach, gifting pins or, well, there’s like 10 ideas for this summer holiday. It doesn’t even have to be a traditional traditional, it can just be 10 items you must have. So it can be, must have, must have us have through, must have for a holiday, must have sort of a beach holiday and you can put your items in their items in there. The good thing is you don’t have to use just your own items. You can use other people’s products. So we do know we do this all the time. I’ll do a beach pin and I’ll put in my client’s three or four products and then I’ll around. I don’t link to those other products, but I put them there. So it just sort of makes up the piece up. The pin might end up looking at it and going, Oh, I’m going to go and find that.

Caroline: (30:30)
It sort of helps you sort people on another level. So there’s lots of ways to do them as you need to find all your keywords and hashtags. This, I can’t stress enough…. If you don’t know your hashtags. You just put a search in the top and you just type in one word and you get a little, you get these little balloon things and it comes up with all the other words. And then you start a list of your own, and you find the rest of the keywords and you can just sit there. Now the thing is, know your hashtags and keywords. Then what you do is that you use on a regular basis. So make sure you put the list together and you see what comes up and you start using them.

Caroline: (31:10)
Hmm. You have to write great titles and descriptions. This is the SEO part and not so much for people to read because Yes, they’re going to sort of read over it. People are there for the visuals, but without a great title and without a great description, you will not get seen on Pinterest, maybe somewhere on way down the bottom of 500 pins down. So you need to have great titles and descriptions. I can’t say this enough. You use the keywords and the hashtags. So let’s say you turn around and you know that you are bridal. You’ll put the word bridal in the title. You put the word bridal in the description and then you have bridal and bridesmaids or bride or, whatever the other words are. So a couple of hashtags up to 5. And then put your keywords in the actual description and the title as well. If you don’t do that, This strategy will not work.

The next thing is pin, at least once a day. So create once a week, sit down and say, I’m going to create seven pins today. Then put it up. You don’t have to be there each day putting it up and you just let the system put out one pin a day -10 a day. And then that way you’re at least getting content out on regular basis. Now down the track, you might be able to get away with one pin a week because all of your opinions are just started to grow. So much and so much because a pin takes three to six months to actually take off. So for the first few months, you want to be doing this, then you can slow down a little bit.

Caroline: (32:34)
And then the last thing is you need to create relevant boards and you need to pin other people’s content. So there’s easy ways to do this with a program called Tailwind. You can do it manually, but you want to create relevant boards. So if you are doing bridal, for example, you want to do any boards around bridal. So bridal blue themes, bridal Rose themes, bridal parties in the summer. Anything around that sort of a bridal theme you might be selling. I don’t know. Makeup. Do anything around. eye makeup and then anything like lipsticks, then you want to do things relevant. Okay. Fashion is also relevant to make up. Hair also relevant. So all the sort of relevant areas around that one product.

Caroline: (33:22)
Okay. Strategy four, so we’re moving on, like I said, very, very quickly. I want to make sure that we get through as much as possible. Strategy four is my simple three by three ad strategy. Now, I spoke in the beginning about not spending a ton of money on traffic. You need to be using this strategy if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on on ads. This is for Facebook, for Google, for Pinterest, for Instagram, for retargeting. Now, if you’re at the beginning stages, then only think about the retargeting. You must have retargeting set up. If you don’t, then you’re going to fail. Like it’s just not going to work because people need to be reminded about your business. So I don’t want you to run any other ads in the beginning. I just need you to run retargeting ads. And then once you start with your retargeting ads and you set this up, okay, then once you start building up your business, then start running your other ads.

Caroline: (34:15)
So this is where everyone does it in the reverse. They start running their Facebook ads and then they wonder why they’re not getting sales because you can’t convert people on the first time. 2% of people, one to 6% of people convert on the first time they visit your website. Now that means one to six people. Now that’s on a good average. I’m seeing clients converting half a percent. So one out of every 200 people, that number is actually not that bad. If you’ve got good good price margins, so it’s not so much the percentage, but remember that if only, let’s say one out of every hundred people are going to buy from you, then running a Facebook ad is going to waste all your money quickly run retargeting ads. I cannot stress that enough. So this strategy works for all of them and the whole idea is create more than one ad and test it.

Caroline: (35:10)
If you run one ad, you’re going to fail. I see this all the time. People set up one ad and then they’re say “MAWWWW” It didn’t work. It must be Facebook or mostly Instagram or whatever you need to run this strategy the way I’m going to show you, so here’s how it works. It’s super simple. When you see it mapped out like this, bam, it’s easy. You’re going to have add number one with one image, and that’s going to have three different types of texts. You’re then going to have add number two with a different image and types of texts. You’re going to have image number three and then three types of texts. Now these three texts, they could actually be the same text on each of the images when you’re starting out. So you can literally set up three images and three lots of texts and that’s it and the you scatter them through this way. You could also try different texts on all of them so you can end up with nine lots of texts and three images. It’s up to you, but at least do three types of texts and three images. Trust me, you need to start off at that at the least. By doing nine types of texts, then you can start to maneuver things around and you can start your breaking it down on what’s working and what’s not, now the same works in the reverse. You can have one type of text and three images for that. And that’s almost like the other way, but reverse. Yes. So I’m just showing it to you visually. So you understand is this simple. You need to have minimum three images and minimum three types of texts. Yes. And then you move things around and I can’t, I can’t explain how great this works.

Caroline: (36:43)
The amount of people, and when I say three different types of images don’t just have the same image. It’s slightly different, like really have three different images or have 10 different images but have at least three. So Yes, that’s it. That is a simple strategy. Of course, you need to know who your audience is and that depends on what you’re selling on. This also works for retargeting ads. So when you’re running a retargeting ad, what we do is that we do the ads, the dynamic shopping ads. Yes. Where it means that the people who saw your of product, they then see that image for that product. But the other type of ad we run is a normal banner ad, which means it’s the one before this which use different images. Now for some of my clients, we find that that actually that different image works better than the image of the product that they saw.

Caroline: (37:37)
For example, you go to a website and you looked at red shoes and you looked at purple shoes, then you start going around the internet. You see these ads everywhere, red shoes, purple shoes, and you see them all the time. And maybe you didn’t like the red shoes, maybe you didn’t like the purple shoes, but then you suddenly see a different ad and it’s got all these different shoes in the image that is the equivalent of their normal banner ad. And so then they’re showing you a different option. So maybe someone didn’t like the red shoes, didn’t like the purple shoes, but then they see the other side and they want to see that other image. So that’s where it comes into running this sort of strategy. So it’s very important. You don’t just run one image and don’t believe people who tell you a dynamic ad is the only way to go dynamic. Meaning it’s the image of the product that someone clicked on or looked at. It is not true to make sure you mix it up and let people see lots of different things there. I will capture what they want and that is what’s going to sell your product.

Okay! So strategy number five. This is the secret weapon of all seven figure merchants. So secret number five, it’s what all successful people do. I have been seeing this for years, but I want to ask you a question first. Are you enjoying this webinar so far before we get into strategy number five? So if I, we’ve covered strategy number one, my signature Instagram ad strategy number two is planning for success. Number three is organic traffic, getting 5,000 visitors per month. The easy way with Pinterest. Number four is my simple three by three ad strategy. Yes. So I want to know who wants to take this to the next level in the comments box below. Just write in there that you’re ready. I really want to hear from people and see that people are ready and I’m seeing Yeses. Yes, Yes, Yes. I’m ready. Yes, Yes.

Caroline: (39:35)
Ready? I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. Yes, I’m seeing lots of people, so that’s fantastic. I’m really happy that you are enjoying this so far and I’m sure that you know, this is giving you the understanding of what really needs to happen and understanding that it is possible and these things can happen. Okay. So number five, the secret is you need to take action. That’s really all it is. I mentioned that at the beginning. So by taking action, I mean getting a mentor, someone that can help you, I can’t stress enough how many times I’m seeing people in groups and they’re taking little bits of information along the way and they’re trying to put it all together themselves and it’s not working. So Yes, I always say follow the path, the road that’s already been traveled and beat your own troub on that path.

Caroline: (40:21)
So a lot of people think, Oh, I’m going to go, find my own way and I’m going to do it on my own. Hang on – There are things that work and things that don’t, you can go down this path, but no one’s been done before. But the problem with that is is that you don’t know how it’s going to actually end up. And this is why people still fail at the end of it. So by going down the path that’s already worked, but being your own drum in your own style, you can do things your own way. You can tweak things your own way. You couldn’t do that along the way. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s like a lot of people say there’s nothing new out there. You’re not going to invent something new with your strategy of how you do it. It’s all been done before now.

Caroline: (40:59)
So the best thing is just finding the one that’s going to work for you. Not everything’s going to work for you. Not everything’s going to work for your audience, so you just need to take action and do it the right way. It’s time to break old habits. I know that I can do this as well in my own life. I’ve done it in my own businesses, but I can tell you after all these many years, one of the things I do now on a constant basis is I, I stop myself on a regular basis to say, hang on, am I going down the right path to doing that? So I pull it back and I start again. It’s time for you to say goodbye to failure and making sure that you know you’re not going down that path anymore. You’re not going to fail anymore.

Caroline: (41:40)
Are you going to take action or are you going to make excuses? Because that’s what I hear from a lot of people regularly. They come to me and they have an excuse for everything. Oh, it didn’t work because of this. I didn’t want just stop with the excuses, just take it action and just go, okay. That’s all happened in the past. It doesn’t matter what’s happened, let’s just move forward. Yes, it’s one thing I do with my coaching clients is that when they tried to, they spend money with me and they spend money to talk to me and one thing I do is I stop them. If they try to get into stories about what hasn’t worked in the past and they try to tell me about all the things that didn’t work or people that they worked with that they wasted money with. I’m like, look, we’re on this call.

Caroline: (42:21)
You’ve got your things to do, you’re spending money. Let’s not worry about that. Stop making excuses for those things. Let’s take action and just move forward. Let’s do the right things now and stop worrying about what didn’t work in the past because there’s so much of that that we can worry about. But it’s about taking action and just got it. Okay, let’s just do it. So these are just a couple of the people who I have worked with that have had the experience of going from frustration into success. So I’ve got other testimonials out there. So now, now it’s your turn and it’s your turn to take action. Now as I said at the beginning, I’ve got these amazing, free one-on-one strategy calls. With me or my team and we’ve set aside time where we’ve allowed over the next 48 hours to set aside a one hour call with you that you can book a completely free call.

Caroline: (43:20)
And it’s all about getting some strategy ideas for your business. These five ideas that I’ve given today are really about you moving forward in your business and understanding what you can do, but there’s so much possibility. There’s other things that you can do as well. And knowing what works best for your business is something that you’d need to find out before you actually move forward. Because one thing I hate is people not having a plan. So the whole idea of this is to let allow you to have a plan to build a plan and understand. So this is all about helping you get more sales and financial freedom fast and without having to get zero conversions or without having to generate a ton of expensive website traffic and it’s all in less than eight weeks. So I teach you how to move forward with that.

Caroline: (44:08)
On this call, like I said, me and my team are there to answer your calls. We’ve, like I said, we’ve set aside the next 48 hours where, we’ve allowed time, so you need to get in there fast. You need to book a call because these times will go, this is a matter of you getting on these calls to make the most of your business and what you’re able to do. But I will tell you straight away these calls and not giving free advice so you’re not going to get on these calls and I’m not going to tell you how to build your business just on free staff and not having to spend any money. If you want that sort of help, go into my Facebook group, that’s what it’s there for. I’m not I’m not able to put aside this much time just to give you advice on how to do free stuff.

Caroline: (44:49)
There’s a lot of advice out there that I give sign up for my program, the 1000SalesAndBeyond.com Course, I have a free section in there. You get to see… There’s over 30 different lessons that you get access to completely for free. That is part of my coaching program. So you can go and watch those things inside the program completely for free and it can help you start to get an idea of what you need to do. But this call is not going to help you. So if you’re expecting to get on the call just to get free advice and that’s not what it’s about. So this call is about helping you really build a real business because you do need to invest. And I always talk about investing time or investing money and you need to understand that you do need to invest some money when it comes to retargeting ads.

Caroline: (45:33)
It’s not about spending $5,000 a month on your advertising, but it is about understanding that you do need to spend some money to make money. So that’s what this call’s all about. This is about accelerating your growth. So think about those things. These are only for people who are ready. This is only for people who are ready to invest in their future. So if you’re not ready for that, like I said, go and sign up for my course. It’s 1000SalesAndBeyond.com and go and look at that course and you can actually sign up for free. But if you’re ready to actually go further and get more advice in that, then this is it. So if you’ve been following free advice out there, and not sure how to put it all together, then this call’s going to help you and we’re going to help you understand exactly how to make that plan for the next part of your journey.

Caroline: (46:21)
So like I said, completely free one of these calls, jump on the call. You can talk to myself and my team we’ve you set aside time that we can actually talk to you personally one on one. It’s not like it’s a group call or anything like that. It’s completely a chance for you to tell us about what you’re doing, explain your business and then we can help you understand from what you’ve told us where you’re at because every person’s in a different situation. I’ve got people just recently a set of working with the new client. He’s got no experience in e-commerce, very, very successful businessman in other ways and has no experience in eCommerce and hasn’t even manufactured his product yet. And I’m helping him from the very beginning and he’s working with me because right from the beginning I can help you not make those mistakes that I made in manufacturing times.

Caroline: (47:10)
So I helped him through that. I’ve got other people that have been in business for one or two years and they’re still not making it happen. I have another client of ours that I’m, when they came to me and I found out that they were making over $50,000 a month and I was like, well, what do you need from me? Sound like you’re doing really well. But once I looked into their business, they have just pretty much it until now. They’ve just got a great product that they didn’t have much competition before, but now they’re realizing that they need to actually do more with their business. So I’m helping them. So Yes, every single one of my clients is in a different situation. So your situation’s going to be very different. Jump on this call. Like I said, it’s 100% free. Explain your story, explain what’s going on in your business and we’re going to help you understand how you can accelerate your growth and how you can really move on to the next level of your business.

Caroline: (47:58)
So, like I said, click the link now and then book the call and jump on those calls and either myself or my team will be able to help you and work out what’s going to work best in your business. Thank you so much for joining me today. It has been an absolute pleasure bringing you this information. And like I said, ask another question in the box. If you want to ask questions, if you’ve got other questions, ask them on the call as well. We’re happy to answer any calls that we can answer on the call or send you an email with more information. But thank you for being here. It’s been great doing this. I love putting these together. I love helping people and if you want to reach out to me personally, it’s Caroline at justaskparker dot com otherwise jump on the call and it’s going to be even better because we can talk one on one. Have a great day and I hope to talk to you on the call. Thanks. Bye.