How To Promote Your Products On Instagram & Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest have become key platforms for adverting businesses. While it’s nice to promote 1 product at a time, it can start to look a little salesy. This is when the guides come into play. I LOVE using guides to promote products. Literally anything can be added to the graphic. And I also recommend that if you don’t have enough of your own products to promote you can use other products. A great way to do this is to team up with other stores selling items to the same audience as you. Or just add the latest  items from high-end designers as inspiration items.Below are 11 examples of how to create your own graphics for posts. I recommend using and you can make these as a Pinterest size and Instagram size posts.

Here are some examples of what you can label your post:

  • Gift guide for mother’s day
  • Christmas gifts under $50
  • 5 items you need every day
  • 10 Gym Must Have’s For This Winter
  • 2018 Top 10 Must Have’s for Your Techy Man
  • Item’s To Help You Travel In Style
  • The 10 Homewares You Need This Spring