How To Get 5000 Clicks a Month From Pinterest

Looking to grow your rank on Pinterest or want to know how to get free traffic and more sales? Caroline and Nina talk all things Pinterest and the best way to promote your business.


Caroline: 00:00:02 Okay. Welcome everyone. Thank you so much for being here. We’ve got so many people that are shown up early, which is fantastic ready to rock’n’roll. So we’ve got Nina, the wonderful Nina. I can’t say good enough things about Nina. We’ve got Nina here talking about Pinterest, how to get free traffic and more sales from Pinterest. It really is the place to be at the moment. It is like Nina was just saying before we actually started recording. It is the place that we are seeing the best conversions on free traffic. It’s just absolutely mind blowing and I’m going to leave all of that to Nina to actually talk about, but I’m Caroline Balinska but if anyone doesn’t know who I am, I am the founder of Just Ask Parker and I run the podcast when he was Shopify. I’ve had Nina, on my podcasts and Nina’s actually come on board as one of our advisors. So we now have advises with Just Ask Parker which are people who are external to our company. But they advise our team and they advise our clients and they give us a lot of free training like these today is putting on this workshop for us. So Nina, thank you for being here. It’s so great to have you.

Nina: 00:01:05 Thank you very much. It’s really cool to talk about Pinterest and uutalk about trends which are really topical, summaries approaching so that can be used to advantage on Pinterest.

Caroline: 00:01:20 Fantastic. Now what we will be doing is this is a workshop everyone. So please ask questions along the way. I will be looking at the chat. I’m here really just to look after Nina and I will be looking after the chat. So if anyone has a question at anytime, please put your question in the chat box. I do know that video is sort of turning on for some people, but please turn off your video because we’re just going to have the screenshare. We’re going to have the presentation going, so ask questions at anytime. Nina said that her presentation in total is about 30 minutes, but we do have more time than that to answer questions. So go ahead and ask as many questions as you want. I kept this group reasonably small enough that everyone does have the chance to ask questions, so I’ll be doing that. Nina, how about you just tell everyone a little bit about yourself so then they know who you are as well.

Nina: 00:02:10 Sure. I work with Pinterest already. I got into Pinterest kind of,well like many do. UI started Pinterest, Pinterest for my own website and usoon after starting Pinterest I realized that it actually works way better than anything else I’ve done,uin terms of social media. So I was like, why am I posting on Facebook is not working? So I actually stopped,upromoting on Facebook and moved to Pinterest,usince it started working so well. People are like, Oh, what are you doing? So then it led to, I actually started building other people’s Pinterest accounts. And at the moment, actually 95% of my clients are Shopify sellers. So I kind of moved away from bloggers into working with eCommerce stores and I have quite good variety of various stores that I work with. And there is only two that I use at most are purely organic. They might go the ads as well, but the organic works quite well. So, so far there hasn’t been no need. which is great.

Caroline: 00:03:30 Fantastic. I do recommend to people when they’re starting up because Pinterest does, it’s not you, you can’t get a success the next day. It’s not 24 hours and get success. So if for some people I say, Hey, run some ads to begin with and just boosting up your traffic that way, but really working on Pinterest, you know, in Just Ask Parker, we have a bonus task where we actually give people every month in the package. They get us working on their Pinterest account behind the scenes on top of everything else that we do. And the reason for that is this, like you’re saying, it’s just for e-commerce, it’s the place to be. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a men’s product, it doesn’t really matter what you’re selling, but there’s just so much opportunity there. So I’m so excited. Your podcast a few weeks ago when you’re on the podcast has just had the most amazing feedback from people.

Caroline: 00:04:17 They’re just going, wow. And I’ve had people personally, emailing me and in my Facebook group just saying, Oh my God, I listen to that. And I took action straight away because it was amazing. So that’s why we thought we’ll put on an actual workshop where we will walk through every single step of it and let’s get straight into it. It’s five minutes past seven and our time. And so we’re five minutes into the time. So we’ve waited long enough. Whoever’s here is here, anyone who still shows up, they’re welcome to jump in and lack on saying, if anyone’s just getting here now we do. We are taking questions all the way through. So I’m in charge of taking questions. Please anyone ask questions along the way and I’ll jump in and interrupt Nina and we’ll get those questions answered as well. So, Nina, let’s show your screen and let’s get straight into it.

Nina: 00:05:02 Sure, yes. All right, let’s see. Okay. Can you see this okay? I did. Okay. Yes. Perfect. Okay. So as Caroline said, please do ask questions at any time, so feel free to interrupt me at any point if you’ve got a question. So just to make it more interactive and more helpful for you, as the title says, we can start with trends. Because Pinterest is a place where people go find inspiration, they go there too well shop. So you can really use trends and seasons to your advantage. And what I mean by that is like summer is approaching. So you can of course depends what kind of store you have, but you can always find seasons or trends that you can use to get extra boost of traffic. And let me show you the next slide. Mmm. There’s a couple of good resources.

Nina: 00:06:16 Maybe I’ll put these links to the chat box maybe after everybody gets those. And I’ll be providing everyone with the recording, so, okay, cool. Yeah. Pinterest tells us what is really trending on Pinterest, what people are searching for. This is a top 100 trends going on at the moment and there’s couple of links where you can always check at the updated version. And as you can see, number one is bus travel. Second is hot Springs. It might not exactly fit into your business, but there’s also acrylic painting, body painting and you know any more and down that list. And travel, you mean business travel? Is that what I know? I think just bus as in coach, bus travel. Okay, fantastic. It is actually trending. People are flying less and taking more bus and train. So I guess you can see that on Pinterest as well.

Nina: 00:07:20 So if this is just a quick screenshot of the list, I can actually show you the whole list, but it’s quite long. So we don’t have time to go through, but there’s a beauty, there’s home, there’s whole variety of things that they kind of, they help you to do better on Pinterest. And you can keep eye on this list to make sure you always kind of know if your niche is actually trending which is good news for you. And you can then make sure you at that time you are really visible on the platform. The other thing you can use on on Pinterest is trend. I’m sorry, seasons. And for those it is really summer, winter, Christmas any kind of holiday that is coming up. And because Pinterest is a search engine, if you pinned something there today, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be at the top immediately.

Nina: 00:08:34 And so you kind of need to prepare for all these holidays and seasons couple of months ahead. Oh, even earlier if he, if you want. So if you go for a, let’s say black Friday, that’s quite popular. You should not start at the last minute or the couple of days before. You need to start way before and make sure that you have the visibility, you have the followers prior at the black Friday hits. Same with Christmas and all the other ones. And what I mean by that is that you kind of start adding those pins couple of months early because by the time when people start searching for those those pins have time to get some traction and the more traction your pin has, the higher it is on the ranking.

Caroline: 00:09:28 And I think the thing I love the most is it’s the exact opposite of Instagram, something on Instagram. You have to put it at the right moment. If your people are on their three cooking afternoon, you have to do it at three o’clock and then it’s gone. It’s on your pet, on your profile, but no one’s really looking at that, but then it’s completely gone. Whereas Pinterest is the exact opposite. You actually, it’s better that early. Put it up there.

Nina: 00:09:53 Yes, for sure. I’m going to talk about next keywords and hashtags. So I’m going to come back to this later and how you can use hashtags to make sure at the last minute you can still get some visibility. Fantastic. Yeah, no, I mentioned earlier at the celebrations and pinning early and as an example for one of my, a wedding client we created a board for a summer wedding ideas and that board actually has no pins that my client, there’s no my client’s product pins. It’s only inspirational board to give ideas those price that are searching. And by finding that board, they find us and it gives nice little variety to the board and allows us to pin something else than products, you know, all day long. And there’s quite a difference on what people say, how many pins should be your own and how many pins should be somebody else’s. I do recommend sharing valuable information from other people on top of your product pins. It just, Pinterest is there a sharing platform and your follower will appreciate the information as long as it’s complimentary to whatever your niche is. And the example was for my wedding client that I share some of wedding ideas that has really nothing to do. There’s no products of my clients, but really helpful information for those that are really want to have the wedding this summer.

Caroline: 00:11:43 Can you explain that a little bit more? Because I just, I know that a lot of people ask me this question because most people are not on Pinterest. So most of people that come to us don’t and not on Pinterest. So can you just explain the part where you said none of the pins are actually the clients’ pins, they actually build a following. So how is that, can you explain that cycle of how the journey of the customer, how that works through for the person on Pinterest until they get to your client’s website?

Nina: 00:12:15 What many of them are, well, all of my clients I use also group boards or community boards. That gives extra visibility and somebody might see a pin that I paint there. Even though it’s not my pain, but I’m the person who’s painted. And the more visibility I have, I’m able to increase the chances of somebody else seeing, seeing the pain. And and it’s also the additional that my followers don’t get tired of seeing product they meet after product image. So it just gives a variety in the feed and keeps them engaged and engaged in their yeah, nobody wants to see a product image after another. You know, it just gets boring after a while, but this is a way you can give good, valuable information. Do the followers without really, you know, you’re not giving traffic to competitors, you’re just give me some valuable information so it builds trust too. So you’re not just shoving your products, but also making sure that your followers get some valuable information out of it.

Nina: 00:13:31 Yeah. the next one I have here is the hashtags that I mentioned earlier. When do you use keywords? Oh, Pinterest is a search engine, so keywords are really crucial. But you can’t rank on the first page on Pinterest on in a day. But what you can kind of get extra visibility is with hashtags. I’m going to show you next one on keywords and hashtags. I’m just going to scroll a little bit. I made search on Pinterest with the keyword summer wedding and the, these are the results and I’m going to show you next the results for the hashtags. And it’s totally different. These are done literally within a second. But they give totally different results and that’s why I recommend using both keywords and hashtags in every pin because the one that it’s top here at the keywords is the one that’s kind of the most popular pins. Those get most shares. There’s most comments. They’ve been, they’re not necessarily longest but long enough to rank high and really get that viral effect. Whereas on the hashtag results, as you can see, this was paint one minute ago. This was eight, 19 minutes. So it’s, the search thing is totally different. It’s the latest pin that ad set is at top.

Caroline: 00:15:17 Okay. And that means that someone has to have typed in the hashtag for it to show up. So if someone types in without the hashtag, they won’t see that. They’ll see the organic long term. Yeah. Use the hashtag, then they get the instant results.

Nina: 00:15:29 Yes. And the good thing about hashtag is it’s fairly new to Pinterest. It was banned for quite a while, but it’s been coming back of course, because Instagram is all about hashtags, so it’s easier for Pinterest trust to use the same thing in here. And so if you now start using hashtags and that lot of people are using them so you can really rank higher pretty quickly or like not rank higher, you’re going to be able to talk but stay at the top long longer. Okay. And kinda chomping to them keyword and hashtag here. And I think there’s a couple of best practices with these. I mentioned before, use both on your pins. You can use hashtags and keywords also on your profile and your boards. So maybe use the main keyword and main hash tags on the bulk profile and boards and then, you know, niche it down on your pins just to make sure you get some extra visibility. Because just like in Instagram, you never want to use the main or the most popular hashtags because there’s huge competition to get to the top or stay at the top long because a lot of people are using them. So it’s usually better to go kind of mid range hashtags because you can stay at the top quite a long time or much longer and using some really popular buy, you still get traffic and they probably work way better for you in terms of traffic

Caroline: 00:17:15 And it’s more niche, isn’t it? So it’s more specific what people are actually looking for. The word wedding is very different from summer wedding when it comes to looking for a meaning.

Nina: 00:17:25 Yes. Yes. So with the wedding there’s huge competition. There’s probably, I don’t know how long you have to scroll to get to that, you know, that was something that was posted one day ago, but some of wedding it’s already way shorter. So and I’ve mentioned here that focused on the keyword if we want long term results and focus on the hashtags if want some short, short term wins. I do highly recommend using both and just to make sure you are covered in old France. But if you have some timely like last minute offers, then hashtags of course way to go just to get that a bit of a boost. And since hashtags are pretty new to Pinterest, I would not recommend going like adding 30 hashtags. Like you can do an Instagram. I would stay probably under five. At this point there isn’t really a nobody’s really said how many hashtags you should have or which is too much. So just say moderate and focus on really kind of mid rate hashtags that that works for you. So less is more maybe. So I need, as the example, I just picked up one of my own pins where you can see that I’ve actually used hashtag on my profile and then I have few hashtags and keywords on, on my pin description.

Nina: 00:19:01 And here’s another one. This is not my pin. I just randomly picked it up from the summer wedding results. Just to show you an example how you can use the hashtag in your pin descriptions. Mmm. All right. Anybody have any questions so far about that?

Caroline: 00:19:23 I think you’re explaining everything really well and everyone’s just listening.

Nina: 00:19:27 Okay. So the next one I have here is funnel and Mmm. This is really a crucial part of Pinterest marketing. And before you start Pinterest marketing, I think you should have a funnel in place or some sort of plan in place. What happens to all that traffic that learns into your website? And by funnel I mean the process that the person has to go from first time learning about your brand or your product to the time that they actually purchased something. It can be sometimes a long one because when you are new to somebody, it takes a while before the trust is built and when before somebody is comfortable enough to give their credit card to you and make that purchase. So it is really crucial to think about what actions do you want that person to take on your site or on your store to make sure that you can develop that relationship further.

Caroline: 00:20:43 We had a statistic from the influencer summit, the social media influencer summit, one of the guys that from Creatively Squared and they create graphics. That’s what they do. They actually create graphics for eCommerce stores. And he was saying it takes 14 touch points now until someone purchases. So that’s 14 different times that they see your images or websites and you on social media. So getting someone from your website to get from not knowing you to purchasing. There’s a, there is a process in between.

Nina: 00:21:16 Yes, yes. And what I’ve with my experience, I actually have some sales on a background. So that’s what I was doing before. I focused on Pinterest. So the whole final thing is really close to my heart in that way and I built all the funnels for clients over the years and I see with a lot of store owners at the moment that they don’t really have anything in place. They just kind of hope that whoever lands on the site that they actually gonna purchase right away. I mean in an ideal world that should happen, but you really need to think about email marketing or something else to really increase the chance of getting that sale.

Caroline: 00:22:05 I will actually put into this, when I send out the recording, I’ll put in our customer journey that’s linked to that because that’s really, it’s the same sort of thing on all customer journey. And I’ll put in the link to that to show people because you’re exactly right. A lot of people come to me and they say like, the, one of the best things I ever hear is that people say to me, I’ve looked in the back end of my statistics and people always purchase on the first or second purchase. Caroline, you’re wrong. It doesn’t take a long time, they are always purchasing on the first or second. And I always have to laugh and say, yeah, that’s because you’ve only promoted to them once or twice. So you’ve promoted to them one time. Then they, the people that purchase remembered you, everyone else left, everyone else forgot about you.

Caroline: 00:22:46 Something better came along, something different came along. But if you look at people who have this funnel in place, the customer journey organized, they see in their statistics on Shopify that they’re getting purchased on the seventh, on the 12th perch, on the 12th visit to the website. So it’s very, very important. Like what you’re saying is totally important because it doesn’t matter how much you do on Pinterest, you can take as much traffic to your website as you want, but if you have not got those other touch points in place, then all the traffic in the world is not going to get you to convert at the numbers that you want to convert at.

Nina: 00:23:20 Yes. Yeah. And the better funnel or a funnel you have in place you can increase their conversion rates. I guarantee if you have a funnel in place and you somehow capture that email address or put them in the messenger funnel of whatever that is, I guarantee that will increase their conversion rates by far. And it’s always easier to sell to somebody who’s purchased something from you. So if you actually get somebody on that point, you can always tell them something else later on. So it’s totally worth it. I’ve had, I have a couple of things here for the, about the Pinterest funnel and I’m starting from Pinterest. So that’s starting point. So on this customer journey or sales funnel, there’s always these different points and you only want people to do one thing at one time, in the funnel. And on Pinterest, when they see your pain, your only goal is for them to click at this point, don’t worry about if they’re going to buy or anything.

Nina: 00:24:25 The only thing you want is them to click. So coming to your website and that’s it. And to get that pin, sorry to get that click, you really need to make sure they’ve used your hashtags. You use your keywords. You have graphics. I know a lot of Shopify images are square, which is not always the greatest thing, but it’s okay. Ideal is two to three. So and the make sure your graphics are good enough or your product images are good enough that they really appealing to the browser and also use lifestyle images. So products your products being used by somebody. If you don’t have any, get your customers past customers to send you some images. Because people love to see the products in real life. If they scroll on Pinterest, they see a lot of product images with white background, so you’re not going to stand out at all in that feed.

Nina: 00:25:35 So if you have any other images that will be awesome and highly recommended to use. And in regards to the pin itself. If you, if your brand color is bright red use that bright red or the pin as well to make sure that if they click that pin a land on your site, there’s a similar look and feel. If they land on a website that’s all Brown, they’d be like, Oh, what’s what happened? So they need to be some consistency in terms of fonts and colors and just to make sure you kind of start building that trust in the brand awareness. Yes. Yeah. So you started to your advantage on Pinterest. Okay. So they click on your pin and now they land on your website or your store. So then it’s up to you. What happens next? This is where you start thinking about the customer journey and what kind of action do you want them to take when they land on your site?

Nina: 00:26:43 Depending on what actual page they land on, it could be add to cart, sign up to an email list try at a discount, even join a Facebook group, whatever it is. You kind of make sure it’s really obvious what they need to do next. Don’t hide it in somewhere at the bottom of the page. You should kind of have something they call above the fold. So when somebody lands on a page, they should see it immediately. So that how do I say the list information is on is on that page the better. Because if there’s too many things they could be clicking or they could be doing people get confused and they just leave. So it’s better to really guide that person and tell them that, okay, here’s this orange button, please press this one. And almost as a fact that say that, press this button now. And this is also a place where you can start testing what actually works. So when I, I don’t think we’ll have time to go to AB testing, but that’s a crucial part of your sales funnel once you actually get it up and running.

Caroline: 00:28:08 No, I always like to say that it’s your website is your best sales person in the shop and you had a person working in your shop. Their job is to direct people to purchase something. So if they see a lady who’s over the age of 50, come in, they’re going to direct her to the clothes over 50. If they see she’s 20, they’re going to direct her in that direction. And that’s what you’re saying is that, you know, really direct people exactly where you want them to go.

Nina: 00:28:34 Yes. And our attention span online is, I don’t know what they say a few seconds. So if they don’t see it immediately they’d be like, ah, what the hell? I do not just go back and get back to whatever I was doing. So it is really crucial to have clear instructions or guidance to what you want people to do. I mentioned earlier that one of the option is to sign up to an email list. Having an email list or messenger board or some way of contacting that person is really, really important. Because then you kind of owned the customer or you own the lead because you can actually market to them. And I highly recommend giving, not sending immediately something like buy something, give them some value first. And then start selling them a little bit later on. But make sure you keeping touch with that lead and so they don’t kind of, if they’re searching for that product, you’re could to make sure you keep, keep the relationship warm and get them to give them a reason to come back to your website. You can also offer limited time discounts once you are ready to actually pitch because those kind of forced them to move quickly and actually make that decision. It’s better to do it quickly when they’re really warm rather than wait a month or even longer. So don’t be afraid to sell as well while you’re giving them valuable information otherwise.

Nina: 00:30:25 And it totally depends what kind of valuable information it is, depends on your niche. Let’s say you went, well, all I can think about is the wedding. Wedding is huge on Pinterest, so I have numerous wedding clients as well, so it’s easy to talk about. And those, any kind of how to blog posts or 10 tips to X, Y and Zed are really, really helpful. And people find them valuable and if they find it valuable when they are ready to buy, you’re the one that they remember. So, and I think Caroline has some tasks that can help out with that if you’re not sure how to actually get it up and running.

Caroline: 00:31:19 No, that’s definitely one thing that we talk about a lot is the tips or gifting pins is another one. The one that’s like 10 gifts for the gym bunny or 10 gifts for mother’s day. A really good ones that we always recommend, but also going to a blog post. So that’s sort of that longer funnel. It takes more work to set that up because you’ve got to set up a blog post and then you have to set up a pin as well. But I think that, you know, Nina and I have spoken about this a lot. You can create from one blog post, you can create 10, 20 different pins or going back to the one blog post. So don’t freak out thinking, Oh, I have to create all these blog posts. You actually don’t, you can have many. You mentioned 10 tips, so you can have each blog post as each pin with one of those tips, and then it goes back to the blog posts. That’s 10 tips. So definitely create a lot of content very quickly and very easily.

Nina: 00:32:12 Yeah. And I mentioned earlier, briefly add, and this is where part of the funnel is that you are able to retarget or remarket whatever term you want to use to those people that landing on your website. But perhaps they didn’t leave the email address on the first goal. With Pinterest tags, you are able to get back to them and remind them like, Hey, we’re still here if you’re interested. So you can start doing promoted pins as well. And if you’re really into doing ads, you can do this huge variety of about maybe there’s nine or 10 different tags on the top of my head that you can, Oh, conversion events that you can track. And if you have somebody who added a product to cart but you didn’t actually purchase it, you can retarget those on Pinterest and that becomes really powerful. And same thing with visitors. Somebody landed on your site but didn’t purchase. You can also go back and remind them and make sure you get them back to your site.

Caroline: 00:33:31 Can I ask you a question about that? I’ve got it written down, but it’s now, so that’s really what I recommend to people is that before doing any paid ads, you should always set up all your retargeting ads, retargeting on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, retargeting, Google retargeting that all up before you actually do normal paid ads because this is about getting people who have already shown interest. So it seems to be a lot cheaper and they’re already a warm audience. So I definitely highly recommend that. And you’ve mentioned sending pins to people, showing people pins if they’ve added to cart. So my question is around discount pins. So if I had a book that had a discount code in it. Yeah. So let’s say I’m selling, I don’t know, this cup and I have new code for 50% off, can I show that pin only to people who I’m retargeting or does that pin get shown to the general public as well?

Nina: 00:34:29 Mmm, it should only because you can create events on convert conversion events on Pinterest and one is add to cart.

Caroline: 00:34:39 Can I keep that pin private from the general public or they see that on my board.

Nina: 00:34:45 You can upload a pin and you can have also secret boards on Pinterest. So when you actually go pick up that pin, you can decide which board you pick it from. Yep. And if that pin is not optimized for search or anything else, nobody’s going to find it. So I, I wouldn’t worry about that. Yup. Fantastic. Yeah. Yeah, so if Pinterest works great as that organic traffic generator, but the additional opportunity is to use ads and like Caroline said, you must have all your pixels and tags and conversion events in place because you might spend a little bit more on the awareness ads. But when you, then we target those people that already visited your site, the conversion rates are really, really good. And you get the cheaper ads and you can make, well basically Mamaw sales with less effort. So we targeting these pretty it’s good way to go. Mmm. Any questions so far?

Caroline: 00:36:11 There’s no questions guys, please jump in. I’m jumping in with questions. So anyone who’s got questions, please ask.

Nina: 00:36:18 Yeah. Okay. I think that was most of my what I had a plan to talk about. I’m happy to talk about any other Pinterest topics that if somebody has any any questions about Pinterest and how they can use it for their business.

Caroline: 00:36:37 Okay. So I’ve got another question here. Changing text on a pin. So if I set up my pins and they’re all there, let’s say we’ve got some people out there that have already have tried to do their Pinterest and they’re listening to this saying, okay, well I am, I’ve put up some pins, but now I hear about hashtags and I want to make some changes. How does it go about going back and changing your pins around now? What sort of the process and the pros and cons of that?

Nina: 00:37:06 Yes, you can change descriptions of old pins. I actually have a very recent case of client that I only set up the account. They they did not want any monthly pinning but they just wanted to somebody to set up their account. They had an account that had maybe few boards and it was not optimized at all. I went through the whole account, optimized all the boards, all the old pins and added new ones. And because of all the optimization that client had gone from ZERO traffic to I think it was 67 clicks per day in 30 days. And I changed all the description of the old pins that we’re getting. Some, some like low visibility, but they all kind of know rise to the occasion and they actually run, can amazingly well for all their main keywords and has really got huge traffic from Pinterest. So it’s totally worth also looking into the old ones if they’re already has some traction to change the keywords to make sure that they are ranking them better.

Caroline: 00:38:27 Fantastic. So just so everyone understands what Nina has done for us. So she works with us and she works with my team. She explained to my team, she trains them on a regular basis where she gets them up to scratch with all of the latest things. So the way the process works is that people come to us and Just Ask Parker and they get tasks done, just different tasks that they need. And then some of our clients actually go onto work with Nina directly and only with her to get her to work just on their Pinterest because Pinterest really is powerful. So we always recommend you can work with Just Ask Parker, you know, basic emails and all the general stuff and then work with someone like Nina for just Pinterest. But what needs is actually done part of just as popular is that we actually have a lot of free training.

Caroline: 00:39:13 There’s over, I think there’s over 50 hours of free training in that. So when you sign up as a client, you actually get all access to that. And Nina has created it’s nine videos. And you’ve got nine videos of step-by-steps so we at Just Ask Parker we do the tasks, but what we also talk about, I believe in empowering people. Nina believes in empowering people to be able to do it themselves. So you can go through all of the training videos and watch them one by one and say, okay, I can do this part. Like you need to, you’ve gone through and said this is how you change a board and you actually edit all the boards and then you go through a new pin and then you get into group boards and everything like that. Or you can turn around once you watch it and say, Hey guys, I don’t want to take care of this myself.

Caroline: 00:39:54 I’m going to get Just Ask Parker to do some of it or I’m going to go straight to someone like Nina and work with them directly and get them to do it intensely. So Nina does that intensely with clients. We do it on a smaller scale because people book multiple tasks. But you do have that, you have that step-by-step that we actually keeps, or anyone that’s listening now, I don’t, I can’t see the list of everyone here but any of our clients and Just Ask Parker, you can see all of this in the training section and all of Nina step by step videos and it’s over an hour of training on its own, isn’t it? But it’s very, very specific to each part of it. So it’s really good. I’ve got some questions here. So I can’t see that Tyler, I think the name is Tyler and Simon. Hi. I have a question about group boards. How do we access group boards and get other accounts to share your content? Really good question.

Nina: 00:40:44 Yup. You have group boards, they’re changing a little bit at the moment. There’s two ways to join a group board. One is the new way, which hopefully expanding very, very quickly. There’s a button you can click that says request to join and that’s the easy way. The other way or the old way is that the board description will have instruction how to join the board. And that usually means you need to send a message to the board owner and say, hi, I would like to join your board. Please, you know, accept me as a contributor. I’m really hoping that the new button will come into all boards, but it’s, I think they’re rolling it out. So not all boards have that option yet. And when you pin to a group board, it is it’s there.

Nina: 00:41:49 So all the followers on that board will see that pin. So it’s kind of instant visibility to, in a large scale you can see the number of followers for each board. So look for that number in this case again, don’t necessarily go the one with massive following costs somewhere mid range and you get much better results or have at least a variety of a group or some small, some bigger, somewhere in between. And how do you find those group boards? So some people are wondering, yeah, you can go into Pinterest and search for let’s say if your keyword is what do I say? It’s the online business. You can type in the search bar, online business group board. And maybe I can actually, if I have Pinterest open.

Caroline: 00:42:52 Is group boards actually Marked as group boards in the search?

Nina: 00:42:59 There, you can see, let me, I just show my board my board quickly. Let’s see. You can see, let’s see. Yeah, slow. Now. Maybe you’ve got a few views there. Yeah. group boards have this little round thing that shows, I think it’s those three images. So three profile pictures. So that’s how you know it’s a board. And so you can type your keyword here and you see I was doing the searches here before, so if it’s the online business Oh, board and then just see what comes up and then change this to boards and then you’ll only get boards that you could join. I didn’t know that’s how you would find them. I’ve always done them a different way, so that’s fantastic. There is another way. There’s a website called, you can use that as well. I think you get pretty same results. And it’s a little bit more expensive, but Oh, you can select different variables like followers or a share rate and all that. So, You can use both.

Caroline: 00:44:24 Fantastic. Got another question here from, sorry, I think it’s Surhassas is the name, I’m not sure exactly if that’s a shorter name.

Caroline: 00:44:32 They ask, can Pinterest be the replacement for Facebook ads?

Nina: 00:44:37 Yes, yes it can. Of course it depends on your niche. If your followers or your potential customers are that Facebook is theirr main social media channel, then I wouldn’t replace Facebook ads. If I was on the kind of which one, which way I should go, I would test in both platforms and look at the analytics and data and then really use that to make their decisions. Should you actually drop something, drop maybe Facebook or drop Pinterest and, or maybe you actually keep both if they both work, why not keep both. So,

Caroline: 00:45:28 Can I answer that coming from the point of view of looking after a lot of clients at Just Ask Parker say, stop with Facebook ads unless you already see results. So if you’re getting results on Facebook, which these days is very, very, very rare. I’ve got a client at the moment that I’m working with, I’ve actually partnered in their business now and what they were doing before they partnered with me. I came on board now as their sort of business partner in the marketing side and they were doing really well for January and February in Facebook ads. They were getting $7 conversions and literally overnight they’ve gone up to $14 conversions. So they’re still making a little bit of money but like a dollar or $2 out of each sale compared to before. And the only reason I’m like now staying with Facebook ads for that part is to say we’re going to try to get that spend down again.

Caroline: 00:46:20 But Facebook ads, and this is what a lot of people have to understand. Facebook or Pinterest doesn’t matter. They only have so many ads that they can show it. So for them they can charge more. It’s like the difference between living in New York or living in Australia, in Tasmania or in New Zealand where there’s a lot of land. So houses cost nothing in those areas. Whereas in New York it’s very expensive because there’s not much real estate. And that’s exactly how you have to think about ads. And at the moment, not many people are on Pinterest. So it’s still cheaper. And the conversions that we’re getting on Pinterest ads is just mind blowing. But I think Nina, what you’re telling us on your hashtag thing, which is one of the top tips that I have to say came out of tonight is that you can get instant results with Pinterest.

Caroline: 00:47:03 Like, I got on this going, Oh yeah, it takes some time and some ads will work. But what you’re telling me is you can get instant results using hashtags without even needing to run ads. And I think that my belief is if you can keep as much of your money as possible away from spending money on ads, why wouldn’t you like things first that can get your results before you start spending money on ads? Because there’s still a lot of things we have to spend money on when we own business. They have to have email marketing, we have to have apps, we have to have postage. All of those things cost money. I think organic Pinterest is, if you’re not doing it, you’re crazy as my, my answer.

Nina: 00:47:41 Yes. And because it’s a search engine more than a social media if you rank on Pinterest, people in three months down the line still see your pain. It’s not like you post on Facebook, a chat disappears and nobody’s ever going to find it again on Pinterest. It’s still there. It doesn’t go anywhere unless you do something drastic. It’s, you know, once you rank your rank and if you get a couple of pins ranking, then suddenly you kind of rank on everything. I have one client, it’s a clothing store. I’d say pretty competent, competitive niche for the main keyword after I spent probably six months now. When you put main they main keyword on Pinterest, what are you searching for? Account pins or boards. My client is right there and it’s not going anywhere. So that’s why we’re not doing, ah, it’s because, well it’s working pretty nicely. So they get but with 5,000 clicks per month at the moment, starting from zero. So that’s where it got really well for that client.

Caroline: 00:48:59 That’s fantastic! I have clients coming to me saying, well, coming to start with us. I’m not making sales. And I say, how many visitors are you getting a month to your website? Oh, about a hundred to 200. Yeah. I’m saying, well, you’re not going to get anything with those sort of numbers. That’s just, you know, you’re not even starting anything yet. So a thousand is a really good start without spending money on ads. That’s fantastic. I love your comment before when you said Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. And this is something in all of my presentations, I’ve always mentioned this, we’d have to understand Facebook 10 years ago was it only platform? So we did everything on Facebook. We spoke about, you know, I used to be in the wedding industry back then. So everything happened on Facebook back then. Whereas now people go to Facebook to talk to their grandparents, to bitch about their friends and what their neighbours are doing, to post photos of their beautiful children. They go to Instagram because they want inspiration of, you know, they want to be this person and they want to see what other people are doing. But on Pinterest they’re there purely to put things into a board that they want to buy or do. That’s it. Things that they want to buy or things that they want to do. Their, they want to cook something. Now they want to go on a holiday somewhere. Like you said, bus travel that are going somewhere, doing something or they’re buying something for their future, for their home, for their wedding, for clothes, for the next season. For gadgets they want, whatever that might be on Pinterest. People are crazy if they’re not there because that really is a place they’re not there to talk to their friends. They’re there literally to look at things that they want to buy or do.

Nina: 00:50:33 Yes. And that’s the really the power of Pinterest. You pin it once you get that thing going, it is a long term traffic generator. And I was, I mentioned that one client that’s getting 5,000 clicks per month. They’ve also ranking on Google thanks to Pinterest. So if you put the main keyword into Google the image search, there’s my client. So you kind of get two things, two huge search engine in with one optimization. So that’s why I can’t talk enough about Pinterest and the benefit of Pinterest because it is a search engine. So it’s totally different to Instagram and Facebook. And that’s, that’s why a lot of people don’t understand and they don’t understand the value because they think it’s like a Facebook, you post once and it disappears and nobody finds it again. But with time Pinterest just gets better for brands and you build it once or you get it up and going, it, it does deliver long term.

Caroline: 00:51:52 Yeah, It’s a snowball effect. I always talk about the effect. It just gets bigger and bigger and bigger things rolling, faster and faster and you can’t control it. Yeah.

Nina: 00:51:59 Yeah. And I love seeing those. I track all the analytics for my client. So I have these, like, they’re going up and up enough and it doesn’t stop. So that’s what I aim for. And because Pinterest is still it’s not that huge, Mmm. That if you start now, you get on board now you still have really good chance of ranking even with the really competitive niches because a lot of people are not there. A lot of companies or brands are not there. So if you get on board soon, you still have, it’s easier to rank on top and by the time everybody else realizes it’s too late for them because you already there.

Caroline: 00:52:47 It’s like Google search. Yeah. Like trying to get onto Google search right now when I started in this industry I was, that was my thing was SEO or you know, I was on number one for every single thing around wedding hair and makeup and everything and it was so easy back then. I was just like, everyone was like, how do you do it? I go, I don’t know. I just wake up, I look on my computer and it just happens now. Instead of that same business, it would be completely different on Google search. So this is still the place. I just got a really good thought. So you mentioned that one of the industries that’s doing really well, I’m one of the niches really well on Pinterest is bus. So it makes me laugh. I’m still laughing. Just to give people an idea from that.

Caroline: 00:53:31 I think everyone has to think outside the box. Like Nina, you mentioned before that you can create boards that are not about your business, but you could easily like bus travel. I’ve got a client in mind. She does scarves, beautiful hand design scarves for different travel as she, as she prints photos from around the world on these scarves. And they’re all like very, very high level, 150, $180 stuff. But she could easily do things that are bus travel because she talks about travel. So she thinks that like at the moment she’s inside this box. And I’m not saying her personally because I haven’t had this conversation, but I’m just assuming her thoughts is that she’s thinking, Oh, I print pictures of scarves of Paris and I do pictures of I’m Hungry or whatever country Budapest. And she prints all these beautiful pictures. She’s thinking along a different line, but then taking those main niches and she can easily put up a board of luxury bus travel around the US for example, and easily, you know, work that into her boards as well into her business.

Nina: 00:54:32 Yes, you can get really creative and that’s the beauty of Pinterest because you don’t have to just put your products, you can build a whole lifestyle around that person that you really, that is your target market. I create a lot of boards that are, have not, they’re not directly related to the product, but they are directly related to the a lifestyle. I’ve had clients, so I have clients on selling vegan beauty products and that is a such a good niche to be in because vegan people who are vegan, they’re really passionate about it. You can really build a whole lifestyle around that. You can build a really good profile around their lifestyle, which you can share cooking images and recipes and and how have those beauty products there as well. But all the other stuff that it’s somebody else’s pins those are really relevant to the audience and that really builds trust. It builds following and it builds visibility

Caroline: 00:55:46 On that question, on that statement that you made. I’ve got a question here from Trish and she says, what about Pinterest versus Instagram only ads being in the beauty realm? So that’s perfect. You’ve just been talking about beauty. So what do you think about

Nina: 00:56:01 Well, I go back on Pinterest. You can target your ads with keywords. So somebody is what, what, I don’t know what’s a good example now, but yeah. Whatever the product is, you can target those keywords so you can, when you go the ads, Pinterest will tell you what people are searching for. It’s going to give you a suggestion is what kind of keywords you should be using. So when that person is looking for that product.

Caroline: 00:56:38 She said that she’s vegan beauty as well. That is an example.

Nina: 00:56:43 Yeah. Yeah. So Mmm. Because you can target those really you can target keywords or people searching for your particular product. On Instagram I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure you can’t do that on Instagram. It’s more on the interests. Yes. So it’s a little bit different. So that person might not be looking for that, a beauty product when they’re browsing on Instagram. But on Pinterest, that’s what they want to see and they are happy to see. That’s the good thing about Pinterest. People are happy to see product images and ads because that’s what they’re looking for.

Caroline: 00:57:26 But I just want to take it back one step. So Trish said that she is she’s asking you about ads in that question. Let’s go back to the fact that she should be doing organic traffic anyway. So how much time would you suggest someone like Trisha, you’ve already worked with a client in that area. So what would you say to Trish if she said right now that she she’s just said, what’s the difference between Pinterest or Instagram ads, would you say to her now about doing organic stuff? So it can usually give us a quick outline of what would be a good recommendation for someone like her working with Pinterest organically.

Nina: 00:58:00 Yeah. definitely like with that vegan beauty, I would create a whole lifestyle. So I will, we had a lot of boards that are you know, helpful content for vegans and optimize everything. The vegans, that’s a really good niche to be in, so you’re in a great opportunity there. So it is really optimizing the whole board for those keywords, using the hashtags and creating a boards around their whole lifestyle. You can share recipes you can share. It’s a huge variety of things you can share. And you can use the search function on Pinterest to really kind of get more more ideas. So if you just Google vegan you get already some, I feel a bit slow now. You’ll get some ideas of what kind of boards you could be creating. So it’s not changing. No, hold on. Not a try. Okay. So like if just clearly would be getting, you can do being a lifestyle board, you can do vegan recipes, making breakfast, vegan, manmade, weight loss, you know, whatever that your main keyword is. Pinterest will tell you I’ll give you ideas what kind of boards and what kind of content you should be sharing or could be sharing that’s relevant to your audience.

Caroline: 00:59:34 And that means you just re-pin other people’s pins. Yeah. You’re not actually going out and asking people, you just literally – how much time would someone need, let’s say that they wanted to take action to their, I’m very much about action. I know you are as well Nina so people, I want them to get off this call today and take actions or what would you recommend today is Wednesday. People are watching in a different day. So we’ve got the rest of the week, we got three or four more days. What could they do in the next couple of days to really start to see, to make a difference to their business?

Nina: 01:00:05 Mmm. The first thing is to figure out what is your main keyword. If you have some data from other sources, maybe Google analytics, anywhere you can get some data to learn why, what is the keywords that people use to find you? I would use those and a comment to Pinterest and type in the keyword and start looking what actually comes up. I would look for boards, I would look for pins and I especially would look for accounts. So competitors are really good source of information, so don’t be afraid to spy on your competitors. And then I would start using that keywords in my profile. Maybe create a couple of new boards maybe one board with your products and another board that has maybe those vegan recipes just to get started. And the more you do, the more you learn and make sure you use some hashtags and keywords while you’re adding the pins while your add in your own pins. You don’t have to worry about keywords on the other content, but on your own content.

Caroline: 01:01:20 Fantastic. So taking pins that are already at the top, like what we’re looking at right now, you’ve got, you might personally not love those recipes that are on the first part of it, but they’re the ones that are ranking the best. So that means that they’ve already got a lot of traction. Is that correct? Yes. Putting those ones in a board is actually the best way to go rather than scrolling down to, you know, scroll, scroll, scroll using the ones that are at the top. When you start

Nina: 01:01:44 Yes, to start with you don’t have to think as long as they look good and the link actually works shared your way. So yeah.

Caroline: 01:01:56 Wow. Well, okay, so if anyone’s got any final questions, we’ve been on for an hour, so if anyone’s got some final questions, but I have to say, I’m going to just run over those top tips that I wrote down. If anyone’s got some of the tips that they think that were great tips along the way, please put them in the chat now because I’m happy to announce them. Just to give sort of an overview. I love your tip about the hashtags. I think that is amazing that you can get instant. I started, I got on this and I said, you can’t do anything instantly completely changed what I had just said because now with hashtags, I remember, I’m not that long ago there was saying don’t use hashtags because actually relevant. So now it’s different. So I use them one to five hashtags. Nina said in the very relevant to what you’re actually saying to what you’re selling.

Caroline: 01:02:42 Also, I wrote down lifestyle images that is so important. Don’t just put product images out, put lifestyle images. I talk about if no one has got it, it’s a free three day summit. It’s a, it’s online and it’s a social media influencer marketing summit for Shopify merchants. Very long name, but that’s what it is and it’s completely free. What do you and it’s online. You get three days of content, 18 videos, 18 interviews in there. And I interview all of these influences and I talk about how you can get content for free. And that’s so important. So you find influences, you don’t have to pay them. You’d give them your product, they make you content and then you use that. So that’s a great way to get content without having to pay for it. And then the other thing that you mentioned, and stupidly I wrote down the word board, but I didn’t actually write down the full thing.

Caroline: 01:03:34 So I don’t actually know what I was saying, but something about the boards. I think it was about the way you can create boards where you don’t have to put all of only your own content. You’re actually putting up other people’s content as well. So the amount of time you save, not creating content but still getting the benefit from it. Hello!!!! You can’t do that on Instagram and you can’t do that on Facebook. You’re crazy not to be doing this on Pinterest. So that’s fantastic. I’ve got another comment here. Oh, okay. So people are asking me in the chat, they’re writing privately. So Nina, I don’t know if you can see this, I don’t know if anyone’s writing you any chat messages, but people are privately messaging me rather than group messaging. Okay. But people are asking about they’ve missed the first part of it.

Caroline: 01:04:17 Is this recorded? Yes. We will be emailing everyone with the recording. Please add about how to search group boards. Can you that Tyler and Simon two is the name. Can you please just repeat that question? I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that. So just can you just explain that question and then the next comment is from someone. Also, if we wanted to work with Just Ask Parker or Nina, can you talk a little bit about how to get started and costume range? Okay. So I’ll just quickly say, just ask, Papa is a one monthly flat fee and it allows you to get any task you want. So we don’t I’ve created this on purpose because I don’t want people to say I can’t afford to do that this month. So you get a certain amount of credits, you get one credit per business day, and you can choose anything.

Caroline: 01:05:01 So you can have videos made, you can have emails made, you can have blogs made and it means that you don’t have a cap on your money. So you know, each month you’re paying us, it’s around $400 per month. You pay us that each month and you can have anything done. So some people just use the whole to get videos, download, just to spend the whole month getting emails done, whatever you want. There’s no there’s no problem with how what you get done. So you can get a lot of value one month and then the next month get less. But we have a lot of free training in there. We’ve got workshops like this, we’ve got all sorts of things that go on there as well. That is just as part of, there’s more on the website. Really, we do a seven day trial, try us out. It’s $24 for the trial.

Caroline: 01:05:41 Try it. If you don’t love it, if it’s not the way you want to work, then we totally understand because we have a very special way of working. We’ve taken out the actual management, we do have managers, but then not structuring, your monthly marketing plan. That’s where you save all the money because you just give us a task. You answer the question for that task and then we have it done. So it’s a very, very systemized process. Which is why you save so much money. You still get the work done but a very cheap price. But Nina, you tell us about your package because some of that Just Ask Parker clients have already started working with you being with us for about a month, a month and a half now. And you’ve already got some of our clients working with you directly. So they work with us and they work with you purely for Pinterest. So do you want to let us know more about your packages and how you work?

Nina: 01:06:28 Yes. of course it’s always good to start with Caroline if you’re brand new just to give it a test it out. If you are ready to kind of go all in with Pinterest, then you can call me up. And I have a, I usually start all my clients at my startup package. This kind of gives you, make sure that your whole board, your whole account is set up for success. So I will do keyword research. I will do hashtag research, I make sure that, Mmm, that your pins can be discovered when somebody is actually looking for your your, your kind of products. And I have various levels. At the moment we have the startup package. I believe it’s a $497 at the moment and that includes everything in terms of monthly management and that includes pinning keyword research, setting up your account. And if you think you might want to do some ads as well. I can throw in some I make sure your pixels are cracked. But it doesn’t include the actual management. But if you want to do add to yourself, I can make sure your account is ready for those as well.

Caroline: 01:07:51 Great. And in Just Ask Parker we will set up ads and do that as well. So the difference between Nina and our team is that our team, it wouldn’t be worth your while to book tasks with Just Ask Parker only for Pinterest. It’s not Just Ask Parker is not made for one particular type task. It’s this place that you want to come and get a lot of different things. So email and then you want to get some things on and you want to do some Instagram and you want to do like stuff on your website that you need to do. But if you want to just spend a whole month doing Pinterest then definitely mean it would be a better way to go with that because you just talk to her, she goes away and does it all for that month. So it’s, we often very different services for different reasons.

Caroline: 01:08:32 But like Nina said at the beginning when you starting out, we can do that. You know, we do background Pinterest stuff for you. Nina has actually trained up our team. So we working exactly how Nina works. So starting with us and then moving on to Nina or doing both. But they are very, very different. So it’s not, it’s not about choosing one or the other, it’s about which one’s better for your business and we’re both very honest and we’ll, we’ll help you if you want to chat to either of us about bettering your situation because it’s, it really comes down to empowering you as a business owner and you’re doing the best thing for your business. And for every single person that’s completely different. So that’s why I put on these advisors to allow us to have that connection with people who can offer specific tasks for people.

Nina: 01:09:14 Yeah. And if you are absolutely brand new store, I highly recommend starting with Caroline because they can help you with whole variety of tasks and ensuring that you have the funnel in place and all those little bits and pops that is part of the funnel. Making sure you have those. And once you have that, then you can go all in and then I can help you out. So definitely for brand new stores, it’s better to talk to Caroline first.

Caroline: 01:09:43 And I just had a comment here from someone asking that they didn’t understand the price. Did you say 495? Four nine seven Oh nine seven. Okay. And the comment that I got from someone before when I said I wasn’t sure what it said, she wanted to say she or he, because it’s Tyler & Simons. I, sorry, I’m going by the female, name at the start. So whoever that is they said that the one thing that they thought was a great tip was actually how to search for group boards. They thought that was, Oh, that’s, that’s what I meant by minus group boards that way because PinGroupie was away. I already did it. Always did it. This is fantastic. It’s a great way to find. Yeah.

Nina: 01:10:19 And I’m going to um…, It is highly, highly recommended to use group boards. You can kind of get the other people’s following to your advantage. So if you’re brand new by joining a group board or being accepted to group board, you actually get visibility way quicker and way faster than just pinning on your own boards because you are pinning to somebody else’s boards. So it will get much quick of visibility. So maybe add a third board for this week’s task, look for group boards and join one group board.

Caroline: 01:11:03 Fantastic. That’s really good advice for everyone. I’m going to after this, I’m going to send it on the recording. I’ll also put in that email, there will a link to a couple of things that Nina wants to give you as downloads as well that you mentioned at the start Nina. Words in there is also, I’ll either send it out today or tomorrow. And then I’ll also put a link to, I said something I’ve written something down that I wanted to put in there as well. And in the footer of There is actually a link for the advisors board and Nina’s linkers is in there as well, but there will be in the email as well. So I’ll send that through. So everyone can actually directly speak to me or if they want to as well. Like I said in JustAskParker, we actually have all of our training videos for our clients to watch and learn from.

Caroline: 01:11:50 So if you choose to work with us for per month, you can use out the time with us rather than spending it on Pinterest. If you want to do it yourself, you’ll have all the training there to actually go forward and do it yourself. Once you get big enough, then you can go work with Nina directly and work with her. So it really comes down to your budget. That’s what I want everyone to understand. It’s not about it’s very easy for us to say, yes, work with us, work with us, but you need to look at your budget and work out how to work, move forward. And I can tell you working with Just Ask Parker for your Pinterest, you’re going to move forward quickly. But if you work with Nina few, Pinterest, you move forward a lot quicker because she just works in a different style for that and go and do it yourself. I think that, you know, everyone has to start by understanding what Pinterest is about. It’s a lot of people still don’t even understand that or I’ve never used it. I don’t know. And there’s more men on there than ever before. So once you get in there, it’s a girlfriend of mine that I work closely with. She goes, I have to stay away from Pinterest because when I get on it, I can’t get off it.

Nina: 01:12:47 Yes, three hours later they’re still pinning. So that’s a good thing about Pinterest and it’s also great if you a actually international seller. Pinterest is going crazy in Brazil, Japan, Germany and France. So it’s just not us or Canada. It’s actually really growing heavily in a lot of places.

Caroline: 01:13:10 And I know in Australia it’s always been big, but it’s such as no one cares anyway because it’s sort of putting it on them. Yes, it’s big in Australia too. Fantastic. Nina, that has been wonderful. I haven’t got any more questions from anyone, but we will be sending through the recording and if anyone’s got questions in my Facebook group Winning With Shopify, jump in. Their name is also in there as well. So if you tag her, you’ll be able to ask the questions directly or ask us questions as while we’re always here to help. So we definitely just want to empower people and get people moving and don’t miss out on Pinterest. Get on there before it actually, because there’s still so much opportunity. Yes, absolutely. Wonderful. Nina, thank you so much. It’s been wonderful having you today. You’re welcome. No problems. Thanks everyone for joining us. Bye. Have a great day.