80 Ways To Get More Clicks From Your Email

Email how the power to transform your ecommerce business. It’ll help turn every new customer from a 1 purchase exercise into a long term revenue stream through repeat orders.

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40 Subject lines: 

  1. Limited Edition: xxx
  2. My favorite Glossier product of all time…
  3. Absolute must have!
  4. Our 5* Reviews
  5. My complexion feels like velvet!
  6. Look who’s Wearing Warby
  7. 300 minutes of free shipping – starts now! ⚡
  8. Ending in 10…9…8…
  9. Summer Sleepwear Sale
  11. Customers Can’t Get Enough of Our “One for All” Box
  12. Totally Impressed.
  13. Meet some of the Crocs staff’s favorites, now 30% OFF!”
  14. Don’t just take our word for it ?
  15. Don’t wait, extra 50% off sale items is almost kaput.
  16. Party’s Almost Over
  17. Crate and Barrel: “Don’t snooze. Bedroom furniture sale ends tomorrow.
  18. Dun-dun-dun… Buy one, get one 60% OFF ends today!
  19. We don’t want to stress you out, but…
  20. Blink and you’ll miss it
  21. Hmm… what’s this?
  22. The design is timeless, but the sale isn’t.
  23. You almost missed out
  24. Summer Gets Better! 
  25. Looking for this?
  26. the summer has finally arrived
  27. Independence Day Special
  28. LAST DAY Independence Day Sale | up to 70% Off
  29. Independence Day Bead Deals, up to 70% Off!
  31. Mother’s Day Sale
  32. 25% Off Plus FREE Lip Gloss Mother’s Day Special
  33. A Gift for Mom & A Gift for You!
  34. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!
  35. Celebrate Mother’s Day with us!
  36. One more chance to get 35% off!
  37. Father’s Day Gift Ideas
  38. Get Father’s Day sorted!
  39. This Father’s Day, he deserves something special!
  40. ENDS TODAY: 4 Pre-Thanksgiving sales (gobble them up)

40 CTAs that encourage a purchase

  1. See What’s In Fashion This Month
  2. Shop now
  3. Buy now. Pay later.
  4. Shop our fall collection
  5. See your hand-selected deal
  6. What’s Hot
  7. Get 50% off now
  8. Shop for the clothes you want
  9. Get the style you want
  10. Get your winter wardrobe
  11. Get free shipping
  12. Free gift with purchase
  13. Shop our Influencers Collections
  14. Shop now. Get 50% off.
  15. Shop our best sellers
  16. Act now
  17. Save today
  18. Buy now
  19. Buy it today
  20. Yes! I want one.
  21. Order now
  22. Repeat your order
  23. Claim your coupon
  24. Reveal my mystery coupon
  25. Start saving today
  26. Don’t delay. Save now.
  27. Find holiday gifts
  28. Shop Santa’s favorites
  29. Shop XXX’s favorites
  30. Yes! I want my birthday deal.
  31. Our gift: 15% off
  32. 3 must-haves in 2020
  33. What Our Fans Think
  34. See the crazy video
  35. Hear from our CEO
  36. See our FAQ’s
  37. 10 things you must know before you buy
  38. Shop our Influencers Collections
  39. Buy 2 get 1 free
  40. Today Only 

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