10 Stores Making More Sales Than You Using Video Ads

If you can tell a compelling story in six seconds or less, you can propel your brand forward and grow your business exponentially through video ads. This is the challenge that every marketer had to contend with when YouTube introduced its six-second bumper ad format in 2016. Since its inception, many companies grappled with it while others rose to the occasion and reaped the massive benefits through increased sales and brand recognition. 

What is a YouTube bumper ad and why should you care?

A bumper ad is a short six-second ad format that could reinforce the message that a brand or a company wants to convey to the viewers. As video content gets shorter, the need for shorter ads becomes necessary. It wouldn’t make sense from a viewer’s standpoint to watch an ad that is longer the main video. 

The idea is to create a very short unskippable ad that will complement longer pre-roll ads in a video marketing campaign. If done right, it could reach more viewers and potential customers through the power of brand recall.

How effective is this ad format? According to Google, an effective YouTube bumper ad campaign can boost consumers’ ad recall by 30 percent. Ad recall is powerful because it can leave an indelible mark in the consciousness of consumers. 

Because the video is so short, there’s no option to skip ads which makes the viewer a captive audience. You have six seconds to make a lasting impression so every second counts.

So if you’re still wondering how to get sales on Shopify, the answer lies in video ads. This is also one of the reasons why some Shopify stores are raking in the big money while others struggle to close sales.

10 Video Ads that are Connecting with Viewers

Big companies have the money and the resources to create the best video ads for their brand but being “big” does not always guarantee a successful marketing campaign. It all comes down creating compelling short video ads that will help viewers remember your brand or product. 

Even small businesses and individuals can succeed with video ads if they know how to tie their brand to an emotional response. That’s how these 10 companies uncovered and unleashed the power of videos to make people remember them. And there’s no reason you cannot replicate their success by making similar videos for your Shopify store.

  1. Bounce – Dryer Sheets

This is an unforgettable ad about a forgettable product like dryer sheets. It used humor to prove a point that even if static on clothes is the least of your worries while doing laundry, you’d remember that there’s a product to reduce static. Bounce didn’t use big-name celebrities in the ad, but the message is magnified by how they exaggerated the problem and provided a solution.

  1. Chipsmore – #takeiteasy

Chipsmore got clever with their #takeiteasy campaign and used the “video does not exist” message to grab the viewers’ attention. This bumper ad takes the form of a broken link which signifies that the video the viewer is about to watch is not available. But it’s soon revealed that it’s just a ruse. It works because it gets the viewer emotionally involved and thus fortifies the ad recall.

  1. Geico – Unskippable Elevator

Geico mastered the bumper ad creation and launched a series of hilarious commercials that connected with viewers. This particular ad works because it breaks the fourth wall. It speaks to the viewer directly by saying the ad is not skippable because it’s already over—but not before conveying the real message. 

  1. Raycon TV Spot – Feeling Good 

Having Ray J as the spokesperson for the Raycon earbuds gives a little bit of an advantage because he’s a celebrity, but the bumper ad works because it’s straightforward with its message: Cheaper wireless earbuds delivered to your doorsteps

  1. Your Face is Your Money Maker 

This is a full ad campaign for William Painter sunglasses. It uses humor and fast cuts to show viewers the benefits and features of the product while also revealing the process and the materials used. The ad is very conscious that it’s an ad and the delivery is entertaining and relatable. That’s why people watch it even if it’s four minutes long.

  1. Under Armour – It Comes From Below

With Bryce Harper as the face of the ad, Under Armour digs deep to motivate athletes to play with a purpose. It demystifies stats and reminds viewers that numbers are not the measure of their value as a person. It uses powerful sound and action to drive home a point. 

  1. PG Tips – Keep It Tea

A puppet monkey is not exactly what comes to mind when talking about green tea but it’s all you’d associate with after watching the ad. It calls out the silly and ridiculous but totally oblivious to the fact that a puppet monkey drinking tea is silly and ridiculous. It’s adorable and funny that’s why it resonates with viewers.

  1. Hefty Party Cups – Office Party

Six seconds is all it takes to show Hefty party cups in the hands of unabashed employees partying heavily in the office. It conveys the message that office party is way cooler with Hefty party cups. 

  1. Airbnb – Leave Loving Home Made

Airbnb compels viewers to book their next vacation in a family home away from home by showing fun activities with the kids. It’s like you never left home. It’s simple and straightforward and that’s why it works.

  1. Mercedes – AMG GT S

This clever ad drives home this point: It takes faster for the Mercedes AMG GTS to go from 0 to 100 km/h than it takes for the ad to finish. With revving engine sound and dizzying video cuts, the message is received loud and clear. 

For video ads to be effective, it has to evoke emotions to make your brand memorable. Six seconds is too short to make a proper pitch for your brand, but it’s just enough to establish brand recall. If you’re struggling how to get sales on Shopify, create a bumper ad that will make viewers remember your brand and build upon it with longer pre-roll ads to make your pitch.