(EG: USA only, UK but I want to sell in the US, I have a store but I want to sell online in USA)
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Just Ask Parker offers small marketing services at a flat monthly fee. Credits are purchased from us in exchange for our time and materials. If you are not happy with any of our services, please contact our helpdesk and we will help you. To proceed with this service you are required to read and accept all terms and conditions. The plans are subscription payments and you will be charged automatically if you do not cancel before the next billing cycle.
1. We will be sending you regular emails 1-2 emails over the next couple of weeks. The first email has just a couple more things you need to do before we can get started. 2. Make sure to keep your eye on your email account and save taskmanager@justaskparker.com & team@justaskparker.com to your favourites so as not to miss any of our emails.