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Task Library

Check out a few of our key tasks below. Our full library includes hundreds!

Getting Started Tasks

Website Audit/Review

(4 credits)

We create a 10-15 minute video walking through your website, we offer a list of changes you need to help you get more sales…. Most Shopify store owners are running ads and not getting sales, there are so many reasons people don’t buy, make sure you are NOT making those mistakes!
15 Tasks We Recommend

(1 credit)

While the whole idea of Just Ask Parker is that YOU choose what tasks you need done to keep your costs down, we can still help guide you with a list of 15 tasks you need to do. We take the time to research your website and business and provide the list of tasks.
Customer Journey Strategy

(3 credits)

Your sales can grow by 53% just knowing this! Every website visitor is on a journey. Along that way many things can happen. Just like a choose your own adventure outcomes change when the path changes. We can map out the journey of each of your visitors, from before they have heard of you until they become your raving fans.
Other Reviews

We also offer, product page reviews, social media reviews, website content page reviews.
3 Month Marketing Plan

(4 credits)

If you are SERIOUS about getting sales then you need a plan. Our marketing plan is simple and easy to follow. We only give you the highlights of what you need to think about. This 1 page plan is packed full of all right things to help you get sales.
Analyse Your Google Analytics Account

Review what you have been doing and recommendations for the future.
Customer Avatar

(2 credits)

Who Is Your Customer Avatar/Customer Persona

Advertising Tasks

Facebook Ads

(Starting from just 1 credit)

Tasks include Facebook ad reviews, ad set up and more!
Twitter Ads

(Starting from just 2 credits)

Facebook Pixel Setup / Fix

Setting up or fixing your Facebook Pixel so you can run targeted ads to your target audience and get more sales!
Google Ads

(Starting from just 2 credits)

Tasks include, setting up and running Google Adwords Display Ads and Google Shopping Ads
Pinterest Ads

(Starting from just 2 credits)

Media Buys - Other Platforms

Instagram ads

(Starting from just 2 credits)

Instagram ad setup, review and more!
Retargeting Ads

(Starting from just 2 credits)

Retargeting and remarketing ad campaigns on Social media channels and Google to help increase your sales conversions!

Social Media Tasks

Social Media Account Setup

(Starting from just 2 credits)

Setting up your Social Media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more!
Ongoing Facebook posting

Content Creation

(Starting from just 1 credit)

Helping you create Video and image content for your social media channels!
Instagram / Facebook Shop

Setting up your Shop for Instagram and Facebook!
Ongoing Instagram posting

Social Media Influencer Package

(3 credits)

We find the best 3 influencers for your business! We will create an email template that you can use to send out to those influencers.
Ongoing Pinterest Pinning

Research Top 10 Hashtags

(1 credit)

Helping you find the top 10 most relevant hashtags for your business!
Custom Tasks

Can't see what you're looking for? We offer lots of Social Media Tasks on our platform, and if you can't see what you're looking for, you can request custom tasks to meet your business needs!

SEO Tasks

SEO Technical Audit

(5 Credits)

SEO Keyword List

(From 4 credits)

SEO Product Image Optimisation

(From 3 credits)

SEO Technical Fixes

SEO Content Audit

(From 5 credits)

SEO Image Audit

SEO Keyword List

Offsite SEO

(From 3 credits)

SEO Product Page Audit

Check & Balance Tasks

Check your ads

Review and turn off the ones not working or performing well (up to 20 ads)
Give feedback on current marketing

Check Pinterest ads

Check Facebook ads

Check Instagram ads

Look over email templates and funnel

Check emails

Custom Tasks

If you can't see something on our list, you can request a custom task!

Email Tasks

Integrate your email system

Create 1 email template based on your website design

(2 credits)

Write one email

(1 credit)

Create an automated email campaign

(2 credits)

Create eye capturing new popup

(1 credit)

Create Email Automation Flows & Ongoing Email Marketing Campaigns

Customize your store notification emails

(3 credits)

Abandon cart email series

(3 credits)

Custom Tasks

If you can't see something on our list, you can request a custom task!

Free Traffic Tasks

There is more to free traffic than adding your product to your Facebook page…. Let us get you 100x more free traffic than you have ever seen!

Find other businesses with your audience to promote your products

Posting on Reddit

Your Blog

(4 credits)

We can post and promote your blog posts!

Run competitions/giveaways

Custom Tasks

If you can't see something on our list, you can request a custom task!

Review Tasks

Reviews are the LIFELINE to your sales!

If you don’t have this in check then you are missing out on THOUSANDS of sales!
Link your website to Google Search

Link your website to Google Shopping

Integrate your reviews

Install the BEST review app for your biz

(From 1 credit)

There are many to choose from and each has its unique benefits!

Sales & Funnels Tasks

This is part of your customer journey…. 80% of the time, just asking people to buy is NOT enough, you need to give them information about WHY they need to buy.

Setup our recommended landing page builder

There are many to choose from and each has its unique benefits!
Create a 1 page landing page featuring 1 product

Video Tasks

Upload your video to Youtube

Add videos to your website

Promote your video on your social media

(From just 2 credits)

Make your video go viral for FREE traffic

(3 credits)

We list your video on 15 other sites for MAXIMUM reach.
Custom Tasks

If you can't see something on our list, you can request a custom task!

Custom Tasks

Don’t see the task(s) you want? We also have a bespoke ‘request a task’ option.

100+ Tasks We Offer

A list of our most popular tasks

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