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  • beermealways.com
    This is a great roadmap for merchants starting out with shopify. I would be completely lost in this process without the help of Caroline and her team.
  • Shopify Merchant
    The information and help I have been given is invaluable. They are not like so many others that say do what I do and you'll make 100K each month. They suggested things I never considered. I don't know what I'm doing but they are very helpful, understanding, and non-judgmental. I know with their guidance I will have a beautiful shop that customers will love.
  • Living Lotus Group
    Working with Caroline and her team has been a pleasure! They respond to requests immediately and are very quick to adapt tasks to meet my specific needs.
  • www.romancerings.net
    Overall, friendly and helpful people. However, I feel sometimes I get ignored or pushed to the side. I'm hope that I feel differently in the future!
  • www.allaboutthatwine.co.za
    Thanks to the Just Ask Parker team for your help. It is great to be working with a team who are helping me set up the foundation of my business. I feel confident these tasks and reviews will get me to my goals quicker.
  • GoToHessy
    Just Ask Parker has been great to work with from the initial phone conversation to get a feel for my needs through the website audit and into preforming tasks for me. This is a top notch company that is very responsive and informative with everything you ask of them.
  • enviropal
    I have been following and listening to Just Ask Parker for a couple of month’s now and I have learned a great deal! As a brand new business I have the same struggles that many of us do-marketing! I have just started the trial period and so far I love what I see. The website is very organized and well thought out tasks, webinars and lessons. The communication has been quick and responsive. I look forward to continuing my trial into a monthly plan and seeing where my business grows. I would definitely suggest this team to help you get started!
  • www.luxclothing.uk
    I have been using a lot of apps and agencies to help me with my online store and I must agree that I believe Just Ask Parker is the one you want to use to help you build your store and also learn other skills. They are friendly and patient when you asking for help and they are always there to help and guide provide all the services that you'll need. You will not even think about the price when you start working with them even though it's not expensive compared to others. So I fully recommend using Just Ask Parker.
  • www.suplimenteyamamoto.ro
    The Just Ask Parker Team is soooooo amazing! Thanks to them I managed to build a business plan and learnt how to approach the development of my online business.
  • www.diio.com.au
    The team at Just Ask Parker has been great to work with and make the whole process incredibly easy to understand and manage! Super professional and knowledgable!
  • www.natch.tech
    By far the most amazing marketing service we have ever come across! We were under great pressure to boost our sales, with inexplicable abandon carts and low sales conversion rate. Just Ask Parker made an immediate impression on all us. They have a diverse team with a wide range of skills, allowing them to advise on every aspect of Shopify online sales. They worked with us, just like a member of our team. At first, they scrutinized the website, looking to resolve the slightest glitch. From site audit to the publication of ads , they took us through each step of the process, ensuring maximum sales conversion at every turn. Thanks again for your help!
  • www.paloverdebotanicals.com
    Halfway through my trial and I am looking forward to working on additional tasks with the Just Parker team! I do wish there was a bit more detail done with the mini website audit (the video was 5min long, but a good portion of that was explaining what would be done in the full website audit which was a bit frustrating). That said, the free trainings and resources included are really fantastic, and I am eager to try more tasks to see the level of detail performed, I also believe they go above and beyond the provided value and I am excited to hear more of their feedback and continue to learn and grow my business!
  • Josette C Kratz Designs
    Still in the trial period and already I have received more information about how to find out my customer base than I would have if I read a dozen how to books! Can’t wait to see what more I’ll learn.
  • The King Karl
    Caroline knows exactly what she is doing, amazing insight and help. I have already made so many changes which is making my business better than ever.
  • Www.splitnlaynes.com
    JAP has consistently stood out above other firms by providing a unique format within which business owners are first educated, and then provided with a “menu” of tasks that can be initiated a la carte. Putting you in a mindset that is ready to make the moves needed to succeed! Love this service!
  • Great company, extremely professional and efficient. Very easy to communicate with the team and quick response time. Thank you for all your help so far!
  • Www.paws-here.com
    A comprehensive and detailed program to take you from e-commerce zero to hero!
  • WU90
    So far they have done a site audit and provided specific details of how to improve. Totally impress so far.
  • Modern Ornament LLC
    It’s been awesome working with Caroline at Just Ask Parker! The feedback and guidance they have provided so far has been personalized, insightful and helpful. It’s awesome to be able to work with someone who both brings in-depth value and holds you accountable by prompting you with actionable items and feedback. I look forward to success from what I’ve worked on with Caroline and Just Ask Parker!
  • theplantanimshop
    Great experience so far! Prompt responses from the JAP team. I'm appreciating their service and looking forward to revamping my Shopify store.
  • raspberrylove
    The best marketing person ever! I had 3 very bad experiences with other companies, but Caroline was a gem to work with. She understands business and what I wanted to achieve. She showed me my options and how I can make money fast. In the first month I paid off her charges in full and now she is doing more work for me. I can’t thank her enough for her assistants.
  • lazymoods.com
    Great services, perfect for really any type of problem you need.
  • www.GRACEiousliving.com
    Off to a great start! We are still in our trial phase, but we have loved the learning modules and are excited to get the results back from our mini audit. We are newbies in the ecommerce field and there is so much to learn... it is great to have a 'team' that will help guide us and help us prioritize the tasks that we need to complete in order for us to start generating sales from our site.
  • TreehouseTec.com
    Very Professional and fast acting team! Would highly recommend giving Just Ask Parker a try!
  • Tamacncdesigns.ca
    "Thanks to the team for helping me with my marketing. I have already made so many changes and I can see your ideas are making my business better than ever."
  • www.theluxurycoffee.com
    I just got my first mini website review done, didn't reach the task part yet. Getting there, and lets hope for the best.
  • r. h. ballard shop
    Had a problem in the drop down menu I couldn’t fix. They completed the task perfectly. Also they gave great advice re other changes I could easily make on my own to better my website.
  • www.paws-here.com
    all the processes and knowledge you need to go from zero to e-commerce super hero!
  • Thesassybratboutique.com
    Not really sure how to feel besides overwhelmed. Have trouble logging in, way to many different emails coming through. Kind of confused and don’t feel like I got my money’s worth on trial because I got lost in the emails. Besides that the emails I did get to look at had good info.
  • www.alpinegrove.ca
    So far the 7 day $24 trial has exceeded my expectation, and paid for itself many times over! I look foward to building my relationship with with the Just Ask Parker team. I recommend Just Ask Parker for any Shopify store owner who needs genuine help with honest feedback on your store!
  • www.locksingoodness.co.uk
    I just had my first task completed (15 task recommendations for your business) and felt this was very generic. I will see what happens with the second task... I have given four stars as the service has been good.
  • mōdern recreation
    Thanks to the team, I am on the road of establishing a great foundation that will set me up for success. It’s so great to work with a team that is not only diligent and good at what they do, but really care. I know I will meet my goals and exceed my expectations of success
  • Gear Gallerie
    The website review was very helpful and informative, and provided me valuable feedback and suggestions which I intend to implement.
  • thehidencollective.com
    Thanks to the Just Ask Parker team for the help that I receive so far. I am looking forward to working with a team that is helping me to set up the foundation of my business.
  • Www.worldofvapors.net
    Thanks team! So far the process has been smooth and easy to navigate... the feedback has been valuable and feeling like I'm going to be more successful due to you all!
  • Willow and Grey Interiors
    Caroline and her team at Just Ask Parker reviewed my website and gave me tremendous feedback. There were over twenty different recommendations made that I needed to implement in order to increase my sales. All of the recommendations made so much sense and I’ve already begun to implement the changes. Getting such amazing expert advice has saved me many hours of frustration and a small fortune on social media ads that would have resulted in me getting traffic but no sales. If you’re not getting the results you want from your website or marketing campaign and you want honest, actionable recommendations of what you need to change, then I highly recommend you reach out to Caroline & the Just Ask Parker Team. I know that I am just beginning my journey with this incredible team.Thank you, so very, very much!
  • https://www.scoutandpoppy.com/
    I have been very impressed by the work and communication I have experienced during the trial period and already. I was appreciative of the lists of suggested tasks that could be completed as well as the mini audit that provided me with some areas that I could work on improving l am looking forward to using the service I have no doubt it will make marketing easier for me!
  • https://namastetheory.com/
    Just Ask Parker is an amazing company and provides a great service to new e-commerce business owners. I feel confiden that I am on my way to getting my website up and running with consistent sales coming in. They are the best.
    Thank you so much Just Ask Parker team for your support. It is great to be working with a team who are helping me set up the foundation of my business. With you help, I feel confident these tasks will get me to my goals quicker.
  • Chympfully.com
    Good trainings and good concept of allowing clients to.choose tasks from a comprehensive list .
  • Creatively Cailin
    Great experience so far! I'm looking forward to using them in the future to help kick start my Shopify store!
    Justaskparker has been helpful. I’m looking forward to working with them to meet my marketing needs.
  • myhappyleggings.com
    The service is very professional and that is beyond my thinking. They not only helped me on my Shopify store but also helped me to re arrange my whole thinking on business.
  • ibuyallthings
    I have had a fantastic experience with Just Parker. The team are professional and very attentive, I felt that they were really interested in the success of my store. Excellent communication between myself and the team, they asked questions if they didn’t understand something and was very proactive. The service is easy to use but at the same time, it adds so much value to my business. The ideas and suggestions that were given to me after the review of my website were enlightening, it shows in the detail how many years of experience they have. This experience has changed the way I think and work before I was just muddling around the e-commerce World getting frustrated but Just Parker are like my mentors. I can’t wait to learn more from them and implement more changes that will contribute to the success of my store. Thanks again, team!.
  • ShutterBands
    It’s hard to admit that I’m not good at everything. I know my product, but I’m not confident when it comes to social media, getting leads and tweaking a website for sales. I really needed some “hand-holding” when it comes to marketing. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’m so glad to have the Just Ask Parker team to coach and help me do the things I really don’t know how to do well. I’m just getting started with Parker, but so far the communication and follow-through have been awesome during the 7-day trial. I just received my website review with lots of helpful insights that I’ll be implementing this week. I’ll be using the Parker team this year to ratchet up my Shopify sales and learn the skills that I’m missing. What a great idea – a subscription à la carte service for marketing. It certainly meets my needs as a Shopify store owner.
  • www.getyourboomback.com
    Outstanding service with a deep understanding of what’s needed. Highly recommended.
  • https://intermedika.com
    Day 6 into my trial with JustaskParker and already feel confident that this service is exactly what we need in order to get everything done and become successful. As a new store owner there is an overwhelming amount of things to do and it's just not possible if you want to grow fast. Justaskparker take the hassle out of it for you at an affordable cost. I'm super excited to start my full subscription and get the ball rolling.
  • Forest Creek Farmhouse Peony Shop
    Just Ask Parker’s team has been incredible. I have learned so much in such a short time. I highly recommend it for new ecommerce business owners. Angela
  • Mypastelhome.com
    Great concept and easy to use
  • Gear Gallerie
    The website review was very helpful and informative, and provided me valuable feedback and suggestions which I intend to implement.
  • K2 Skin Care
    So far during my trial, I've had a very constructive conversation with this company, a website audit and waiting on some social media assistance. Very pleased with Just Say Parker, it's tough finding a marketing company you can rely on.
  • natch.tech
    The team has been very responsive, ask the right questions and are fast to react. 24€ well invested! We just have the feeling that so far some of the things are a bit generic. It's a bit early to say.
  • Natural First Look
    The video review of my store, and the recommendations were an eye opener. It included a comparative analysis of other website, and the short comings of my website. I simply said yes to all the recommendations, and their willingness to work with me on the solutions. Good job!
  • Modern Reaction
    Just Ask Parker is essential for every type of business. We were thoroughly impressed with how much they cared for our business. Caroline and her team are hands on and work diligently and effectively to ensure your time with them is fully maximized. We were incredibly surprised with just how much we learned from them. This isn’t one more agency to throw money at and walk away with no ROI. With Just Ask Parker, we increased our email list, created a 3 month plan that was easily executed, learned exactly who our target market is, re-created a website that decreased it’s bounce rate, increased our social media presence, learned the value of re-targeting facebook ads and the greatest thing is that we learned how to do this ourselves as well. They didn’t keep us in the dark about anything and fully equipped us to keep going. At a minimum, sign up for their three-month package. You will not regret it! Modern Recreation is beyond thrilled to have worked with Just Ask Parker.
  • HomePanda
    Thanks to the Just Ask Parker team for your help. It is great to be working with a team who are helping me set up the foundation of my business. I feel confident these tasks will get me to my goals quicker.
  • Cannon Beach Treasure
    Wow – we are so impressed with our 3 month plan.
  • https://splendid-stuff.myshopify.com
    This is only a few into the Just Ask Parker Trial period and I am blown away with the incredible amount of information provided to us,... effective, easy to understand and is helping me build a far better foundation with my business knowing that the marketing team at Just Ask Parker has been there every step of the way. The logistics and task panel is quite easy to understand and the team quickly has been able to ascertain exactly what I need to do to improve my website, my Shopify store and inevitably build better results to finally reach the goals Ive been wanting to achieve. Thank you . Lori Gradley
  • www.heartbeatjewellerylondon.com
    Very professional approach and bespoke consultation. Very impressed by the proactive approach as well and guidelines about the next steps. Call with Caroline was incredibly helpful and clarified the needs and expectations we had towards the consultation. Great platform and very user friendly. Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for a high end expert in digital marketing strategy and branding.
  • Valknut – Viking & Norse Fashion
    Thanks team! Your help has made my marketing setup faster and easier. It’s great to know that I can get all my marketing done in one place
  • The Designer Dollhouse
    Thanks! You're the best 🙂 Wouldn't be where I am now without your guidance and encouragement, so I truly appreciate it!
  • Deliciously Guilt Free
    Caroline and her team run a brilliant service for small and new Shopify stores. They did a comprehensive website audit for me with many changes I can make that will add value and I look forward to continuing to work with them, as I believe they can make a big difference to my sales.
  • Overall, I had a good experience during my trial period. There were some delays in getting the tasks completed, but once they were, I was pleasanty surprised and very happy. They provided good insights and starting points for me to getmy website and business optimized. I look forward to working with them and seeing how else they can help me improve my business. I wish I would have found them sooner, but as they say, better late than never!
  • I am looking forward to working more with Just Ask Parker, and hoping to increase sales. So far so everyone has been very responsive and friendly, most notably on my welcome call - but I worry since I am very new to building a business, I may need a little more hand-holding than they are used to. I enjoyed the mini-website audit and employed their suggestions immediately - and I actually got a organic sale today! I am working hard to get through all of the trainings in hopes it will make it easier to choose tasks/work with everyone, but sometimes find they are a bit disorganized and all over the place. I’m hoping when I get fully into the swing of things and get used to working with Just Ask Parker that all of these worries will be resolved.
  • Shop just sales.com
    Thanks team, I am establishing a great foundation . It’s so great to work with a team that have the ability to look after all of my marketing needs. I know I will meet my goals and exceed my expectations of healthy profits.
  • plumbrilliance.com
    I'm still in the trial and intitially wasn't sure if I would subscribe. I am super happy with the tasks that have been completed and I can't wait to jump in with both feet next month! I chose the mini website audit and social media post evaluation. The website audit was incredibly helpful and pointed out some key areas that I need to focus on. Thank you Just Ask Parker! Marketing always intimidated me but you've made it feel approachable and exciting.
  • KENT Women
    The Just Ask Parker team is incredibly fast, knowledgeable and efficient in providing key and clear steps for building our ecommerce business. Highly recommend!
  • SaltWrap Biolabs
    Caroline possesses the Holy Grail of ecommerce store management… The ability to SIMULTANEOUSLY think from a technical standpoint (nuts & bolts dev solutions) AND think from a global, business standpoint. I’d say about 1 in a 10,000 ‘Experts’ can do this. The ability to straddle both sides of the brain is rare and valuable folks.
  • Orogoldcosmetics
    It was a pleasure to work with them. Good communication and great shopify skills. Trustworthy throughout the process (which I appreciated). I would recommend them to others and I plan on continuing to work with them again since our first order went so well. Thumbs up!”
  • www.karonfarmcoffee.com.au
    Thanks to Byron for the startup call and offer to follow up to see how I'm going in a few days Eagerly awaiting my mini audit and then moving forward from there. Have been to scared to dive in before, this is a very easy way to get help.
  • boafashion.ca
    We only just started with Just Ask Parker and it's been nothing but positive so far, they are quick to reply to questions, their platform is straight forward and easy to use, and they reach out on a daily basis to make sure you are maintaining your motivation to achieve your goals. From just the few days we have been working with them I would already highly recommend them to anyone interesting in boosting their ecommerce store to the next level.
  • www.mosbyscreativetwist.com
    I really like the way it helps you to get organized and get on the tract of profitability.
  • Ecostainable
    So far the 7 day $24 trial has exceeded my expectation, and paid for itself many times over! Caroline has helped ecostainable with simple and concise recommendations and I am now going to work with her and the Just Ask Parker team for more marketing expertise! I recommend Just Ask Parker for any Shopify store owner who needs genuine help with honest feedback on your store!
  • Thepurplepoppy.shop
    Great experience!!! They have been great at communicating with me! I look forward to seeing the benefits and growth in my business after seeking their advice!
  • TheArtofHilda@gmail.com
    I am amazed of my confidence growing since I have been with Just Ask Parker. Love working with you and I can’t wait to see my business continues growth with your lead. Thank you again, Hilda
  • Andreea Bondoc
    Thanks to Caroline and the Just Ask Parker team for your help so far. It is great beginning to be working with a team who are helping me setup the foundation of my business, after so many attempts. Definitely recommended for taking off your business. Top notch communication.
  • Little Elephants®
    I’ve just started working with Just Ask Parker – so it’s early days. However, the first task they did for me was a Shopify website review which came in a form of a 15-20 minute video from founder Caroline Balinska. It was really insightful and challenging – helpfully making me look particularly at ‘who’ I’d been writing for and how to write more directly for my main audience. I’m looking forward to working with them on more digital tasks in the coming months!
  • mycatholichouse.com
    Just Ask Parker has been very responsive so far to my particular needs as a business, and I am very pleased with them. I am looking forward to working with them in the future. Caroline has been personally engaged from the beginning and her team has been very helpful.
  • grillsergeant.com
    I am 6 days into the trial and loving the communication so far. Can't wait to get my first task back and see what it's like.
  • City Town Love
    I am still in my trial but can say Caroline's mission to help small businesses scale is wonderful, and her podcast is fantastic. I believe she has worked extremely hard on on setting up a solid system to help small businesses succeed. I'm so impressed in how she guides Shopify owners while also holding them responsible for doing the necessary legwork. I would not want it any other way. I should say that after spending more than six hours researching my customer avatar I was really looking forward to speaking with her directly. I was crushed to learn my 10 minute call would not be with her. I have heard and read so many great things about her phone consultations. I'm hoping she will be available for a quick chat as I believe it could be a real game changer for me. Many thanks!
    I am currently in the trial phase of my subscription with JustAskParker. However, I am learning a lot. Received lot of review comments based on the audit of my website and 3 months marketing plan is in progress at the moment. One of the key learning is the Know Your Customer, and did a long exercise to identify various Customer Avatars. JustAskParker is loaded with lots of training material. It is a unique way to both learn and get things done at an affordable cost.
  • Bleisure Travels
    I have been using the Just Ask Parker services to set up my Shopify store for the last two months. Caroline has helped me with setting up a strategy for my business, set up my website, guided me through the customer journey and identifying my target audience, the marketing, all tasks that I couldn’t have done in such a short space of time without her help. Caroline has helped me immensely with a structured, step by step approach in setting up my store that has given me the confidence that my business will be a success. She is very experienced, with a deep understanding and knowledge of the market. For all of the above reasons I highly recommend her and her team’s services!
  • MyTwirl
    After the 7 day trial with Just Ask Parker, my only complaint is that they are so efficient I need to make time to keep up and schedule my next tasks! We have received a thorough website audit and they are prompt with answering questions and providing directly feedback. Our call with Caroline was very informative, she took more than the allotted time to make sure all of our questions were answered.
  • www.goodbyeearl.store
    So far the trial with Just Ask Parker has been very informative! It’s given me a lot of information, some great training and a bunch of new ideas for marketing. I’ve received a mini website audit and I have another two tasks being done as we speak. I’m looking forward to the rest of the trial, and seeing how they can help going forward in my business.
  • ZenGifts.org
    Thanks to this amazing and helpful team they were able to point me in the right direction. Improvements to be made for the store, what needed to be changed to increase customer retention and sales. All what you can ask for in a marketing agency packaged in a small packaged value;]! I hope i can continue to work with them!
  • luxelashbylm.com
    I'm really excited to work with the team and learn all the marketing things I feel like I've been missing for my store. I Appreciate all your team does!
  • Zengifts.Org
    I would like to thank the team for the opportunity to help/train me and better the store in all aspects. Although i had a sub-par experience when it came to appointments (i was the only participant). I see potential and for the value that they offer, i can't wait for what happens in the future!
  • easypeasie.com
    It is great to be working with a team who will help me set up the foundation of my business. Looking forward to getting feedback and suggestions for improving my website. Thanks
  • Living Lotus Group
    Working with Caroline and her team has been a pleasure! They respond to requests immediately and are very quick to adapt tasks to meet my specific needs.
  • Oxbi Luxury Watches and Accessories
    Excellent service and fast delivery of the tasks. It’s the end of my first month trying this service out and I will be continuing this service. The best part is that I am not locked to big marketing strategies, this way I get the tasks I want when I want.
  • RussianKnives.com
    We just started working together but I’m already impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and communication. I’m recommending JustAskParker to all e-commerce projects small or big!
  • Future Gadget Place
    These are experts indeed. Highly professional and results oriented. The team is great! Kudos to Caroline, Beverly and Rhea. I sincerely look forward to getting the best out of the team. Thank you Just Ask Parker
  • J’aime Home
    I am only a few days in my free trial and so far I am very impressed! My initial call with Caroline was very uplifting and informative. She provided great pointers and feedback and hasn’t even completed my website audit. I am anxious and excited to start this journey with them by my side! So far so good!!
  • Maison du Tresor
    I have enjoyed working with Caroline and her Team. They have been helpful with my website, marketing needs and it’s much easier for them to undertake the tasks rather than tackling myself.
  • SpeakTheName
    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the website review- it was incredibly helpful and I will be implementing everything you have suggested. It really confirmed that hiring your company was the right decision to make.”
  • www.owliversadventures.com
    Thank you Just Ask Parker. I appreciate the website audit. It opened my eyes to all of the tiny things that need to be working in order to be effective. It’s nice to have a team behind me whilst I get started on my e-commerce journey.
  • www.owliversadventures.com
    I am super grateful for Just Ask Parker. It has been awesome working with them to help me get setup properly for success. I feel confident that as we move along with them we will surpass our goals for our shop!
  • nakinsige.myshopify.com
    very caring and professionalism at just ask parker
  • Home-panda
    Very good until now. Get first big results the next days . Very comfortable use
  • ShopSapian
    My products were being designed and produced, my site was being built out but I still hadn’t been able to find someone to help write content or provide me with a digital marketing strategy. I reached out to several people on Fiverr and Upwork but wasn’t able to find a good fit. I tried one seller on Fiverr Pro that didn’t work out so well and I had to cancel. I now have over $500 stuck in my wallet as Fiverr doesn’t give any refunds only credit! I started to read as much as I could and listen to as many podcasts on digital marketing for Shopify merchants that I could find. I found a few good ones but there was nothing that dealt with just starting out from scratch with no mailing list or background in e-commerce. I then stumbled across Caroline Balinska’s “Winning WIth Shopify” podcast and within the first few podcasts so many of the questions that I had were answered. After listening to several more podcasts I had worked out what would be the best social media strategy for my type of business. That knowledge alone has saved me hundreds if not thousands but I still needed someone to help me execute it all. That’s when I realized that Caroline’s agency “Just Ask Parker” could also do everything that I required from a solid marketing strategy to website content, setting up my social pages to sales funnels, and about a hundred other tasks are offered all at a very reasonable price. It’s so easy to waste money when started out if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. I am so relieved, happy and grateful to the Just Ask Parker team for all their help!
  • Canvas by Numbers
    I think the idea they propose is very interesting. In a week trial, I had time to do the initial video analysis task plus an SEO keywords one. That means that average in a month, you will be able to do somewhere between 10-18 tasks I assume, depending on the task length. The communication is good and regular. One thing I missed is that, during my analysis video, there was no competitor comparison, which I think it would have been great. Still, it was very helpful to correct a few key things. I think if you are not making considerable sales yet, this Shopify expert is a good thing to try. Thank you, Caroline, & your team for your dedication.
  • Www.manime-kids.com
    Great product offering, I am exciting to collaborate with the team as they always add value.
  • ssstylen.com
    I only started using just Parker a few days ago but I have learned so much!! Everyday I am sent a video tutorial showing me new things to improve my skills at marketing and getting new customers. I am hoping to get sales soon!
  • melianbiekids.co.nz
    The person I am dealing with is very helpful. Had a few issues to begin with but she managed to get it sorted. The mini website review was helpful.
  • www.fia-ro.com
    First couple of days have been great! Awesome communication!
  • 3 Gracesbeauty.com
    We have been listening to Caroline’s podcast for a few months now and so impressed with her practical information. We have just begun our trial period and it is going well, surprising the small things we forget like an address on a website!!! We are looking forward to working with the team over the next few months and seeing real results.
  • Creatively Cailin
    Great experience so far! I’m looking forward to using them in the future to help kick start my Shopify store!
  • Just Ask Parker is extrememley informative and I've learned quite a bit in the past 4 days. I'm only in the middle of the trial period so I'm hesitant to give a 5 star review. I hope that communication with team members will be easy to help me along . So much information is given that it is a bit overwhelming but it gets me to challenge myself and I thank Just Ask Parker for that.
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