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Intro: Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast. This is the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine. It has the latest marketing email, sales, and social media advice and it also has strategies and tips from the experts without the fluff. Your host is Caroline Balinska. She’s a Shopify education partner with the Shopify approved course, 1000 sales and beyond and she’s the founder of justaskparker.com The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners. She has an 15 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and eCommerce. In the podcast, she’ll share her knowledge and interview the experts to help you in your journey to success. So don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska. Welcome back to the podcast.

Caroline: I’m your host Caroline Balinska and I’m very excited to bring you this episode today because I think this is really going to get you started for 2020 the right way. I’m constantly looking for topics to talk about that. My clients that people that follow me online, people that reach out to me via email are asking me certain questions on a regular basis and I like to turn those into podcasts because I can sit here and decide what to actually bring you, but unless it’s really relevant, it’s not going to hit home with most people. And this is a topic that a lot of people are asking me a lot recently and I thought it was great to set 2020 off with this and the fact that I am in a situation where this is very close to my heart. It’s something that I talk about a lot before we start. Here’s a quick word from our sponsor, Gorgias, who my team use every day in our business. Just ask Parker,

Lucas: Hey, it’s Lucas Walker from Gorgias. Thanks so much for listening to the winning with Shopify podcast. One way you can start winning with your Shopify store in 2020 is by offering a better customer experience with more and more brands offering the same products. How do you differentiate? Well, a lot of times that comes down to how you work with your customers even before their customers. So it’s not just post-sale training. They help them find their order number and a lot of the other automations that we’ve worked in the past couple of years to really help brands of all sizes give that awesome level of customer service, but it’s before the sale as well. So with the Gorgias, you can actually interact with your ad comments with your messenger inbox and live chat on your website to help with your conversational commerce strategy. So if you want to give your customers a better service, if you want to start increasing your conversion rates through conversational commerce and just head over to Gorgias.com Gorgias helped us. We’re the number one help us for Shopify, for e-commerce because we are built for e-commerce from the ground up. And if you mentioned the winning with Shopify podcast, if I asked, you will get your second month free. So you get a free month, your customers get better service and you get more sales. That’s just like a win, win win for me. Just mentioned the winning with Shopify podcast when you sign up.

Caroline: So so far this year we have been listening to the different snippets of the summit and I hope you’ve been enjoying it. If you want to listen to the full episode of each of those summit interviews, it’s over@winningwithshopify.com slash summit and don’t forget, I’m going to bring you a lot more episodes in the coming months this year I decided to drip feed it. So that means that you get access for a lot longer to the content and it’s a lot easier to listen to in bite sized pieces as you go along. I also have in there, if you sign up for the VIP package, you get access to the audio in full and you also get access to all of the transcripts as well. So that’s a really great help along with a lot of other great bonuses that come with a VIP package. So today I want to talk about something very, very close to my heart as I told you.

Caroline: And this is something that is going to be the make or break for your business. We have had hundreds and hundreds of people come through just ask Parker looking for help with their Shopify store, and I have found the same sort of problem time and time again. There are so many people with such great ideas. They’ve either come up with some great concepts that no one’s done before, or they brought out their own range of products that are natural, organic, or different in some way or look better. There’s so many different combinations of people coming up with a great Shopify stores, but I can tell you pretty much from the first couple of conversations with our clients that just asked Parker, who’s going to fail and who’s going to succeed? And it always comes back to what I’m going to teach you today. So today I want to break it down for you and give you the habits for true success.

Caroline: These are the things that you must do and some people are already doing these purely by accident. Some people are doing them because they’ve been coached to do it and some people, most people, and not doing it at all. So I’m constantly saying to people, Hey, this is what you should do today, or you know, each day you should try doing this. But I thought, let’s make it into a podcast and talk about exactly what it is step-by-step. I’m going to go through the eight tasks you must do every single day in your business, five days a week, Monday to Friday, and two tasks that you need to do on a weekly basis for absolute true success. There have been so many people that have come to us and I remember one in particular, he came to us and he paid for three months a really nice guy and I met him in person.

Caroline: Really guy was really willing to put in the work from what he spoke about when he spoke and he was using our services and it came to the end of his three months and I saw his account coming up and I decided to cancel his account because I realized that my team and I had been asking him for the three months to actually take action. So in just ask Parker while we’re there to help you with your marketing, we’re not the magic bullet so you don’t sign up for our system and just have everything done for you. It’s impossible for that price. And you know, if you want to get that sort of service, you’re paying a minimum 10,000 a month to have a full magic bullet solution end to end. So we’re there really to help. And when I point to this particular client told him that he needed to do things every day and I kept on giving him advice and he just wouldn’t listen and very nice guy, but just wouldn’t take our advice.

Caroline: And at the end of the three months I saw his payment coming up. So I sent him an email, I canceled his account and I sent him an email and I just said, just letting you know I have actually canceled your account because I don’t see working with us for another three months. He’s going to help you at this time. And he wrote back and he said, please, please, please, I love your services. I want to stay with you. I want you to help me. And he was willing to pay for another three months and he didn’t want to cancel and he didn’t want to leave our services, but I told him I would just be taking his money without providing him results. I said, we have been doing work, but you’re not really truly getting the full potential out of what we can do for you.

Caroline: And for me at the end of the day, it’s not about taking someone’s money, it’s about helping them actually succeed. And he said, okay, what do I need to do for you to take my money for me to stay with your services? I said, how about you go away and put into action? Everything I’ve asked you to do until now, then my teens asked you to do. Once you do all of those things that we’ve asked you, I am more than happy to sign you up again on the same prize. You know, it’s not about charging you more. I will keep you on the same price and we’ll continue to help you. Once you’ve done that. Nice guy never came back to us and he closed his store and it didn’t continue. And it’s very sad because people can actually succeed if they’re willing to put in the work.

Caroline: And this is not the sort of business that I’ve heard a lot of people say, you know, it’s just magic. You can do it for nothing each day and no work goes into it. That’s not true. Of course, there’s a couple of really amazing success stories, but generally there is work to be done. So today what I want to share with you is the habits for true success. And I thought, what a great way to start this year. I love doing challenges. If you seen some of my other challenges, I’ve got a challenge for Instagram. I’ve got another challenge for emails. So I love doing these challenges. So I thought this was a great opportunity to create a challenge. And this one is about the 14 day challenge of four habits to true success. Now how I’m going to run this is that if you jump over to our website, 1000 sales and beyond.com it’ll be in the show notes.

Caroline: The link will be there, head over there, sign up absolutely for free. Sign up for 1000 sales and beyond the program. Now you need to be in that program. There’s a lot of this content in there for free, so it’s best to be in the 1000 sales and beyond program. So then you can access the information that you need to, like I said, it’s free and once you sign up there is on the actual in the membership area, there’s a link there to the Facebook page, that inner circle Facebook group and jump into that particular group. So we’ve got our free group winning with Shopify, but this is actually part of the inner circle for 1000 sales and beyond. So I’m not trying to confuse you, but sign up for 1000 sales and beyond. Go to the membership area and you’ll see the inner circle Facebook group there.

Caroline: Jump in there and you will see in there, I will have a post in there about the 14 day habits challenge and what we’re going to do in there is every single day I want you to come into the Facebook group for 14 days and just put in a comment, yes, I took care of my habits for today. That’s all I want to know. And the reason why we’re doing this is we want you to be accountable. Setting up a 14 day challenge, it’s very easy to say, yes, I’m going to do it, but until you actually take action and you have to register each day that you’re doing it, you’re never really going to do it. So I want you to age day, jump in there and just say, yes, I’m going to do it. You get two days off. So there’s actually four days off.

Caroline: It’s actually 10 days. We’re going to do it over a two week period. But you actually get four days off over that time, but if you want to do these things on those other days as well, you’re more than welcome to and it’s even better if you can. So if you can do these seven days a week, that’s amazing. But if it’s only five days a week, that’s also fantastic. Now, what I have done is I have taken the eight main tasks. I’ve just taken the absolute most critical parts of your business and broken them down into smaller tasks and it’s going to help you. Now in that Facebook group, I will actually have this list printed out for you properly so you can make sure that you’re doing everything on that list. I’ll have a link so you can go and copy it and make your own copy and tick it off.

Caroline: Each day. There’ll be like a sheet to Mark off. Yes, I’m doing each of these things and I want you to follow this so I’m going to get into it. Now, this has been done in a way that it’s a lesson, three hours a day of work. This is not everything you have to do for your day but is the most critical things that you have to take care of and of course you can add to this list at any time. And of course this is not me saying that I am giving you the ultimate list. That is the only way of doing it. There’s going to be parts of this list and we’ll go through it where you can change things up a little bit for your particular business. Certain things I’m going to tell you to do. You might want to look at something different and we’ll get into what that is, but the idea is that I want you to see the eight tasks that need to be done each day and what you need to do for your business.

Caroline: Now, while I say it’s three hours a day, the reason why I have done this in this way is because a lot of people who start an eCommerce store actually are doing this as a side hustle. They’re not doing this as their full time job or they’ve got people they have to look after at home or whatever it is. You can find the time to do this each day, three hours a day. You can find the time. And another thing is there’s one task in here, the last task that if you can, and the second last task that that is a one hour block. If you can hire someone to do that, and that’s what just asks, Parker can come in and help with that part. But if you can hire someone to just do that part, that is also okay. So there’s one part that can be done by someone else, but there’s, I’m going to explain to you, most of it has to be done by you.

Caroline: So two hours of these tasks need to be done by you. And that’s sort of two hours maximum. So it’s not saying that you have to do all two hours and I’ll explain what that is, but I just want you to understand that this is broken down into individual tasks. I’m going to explain to you what you need to do as a business owner. Now, the other thing is is that we are not going to be talking about the basics of setting up your business. This is not about the basics. This is about how to run your business on a daily basis moving forward. Whether you’re earning $1 a day, whether you’re earning $1 million a day, it does not matter. These things need to be taken care of even when you’re making $1 million. When you are looking at these areas yourself, then you are going to be more successful because you have control, and I’m going to explain what I mean by that.

Caroline: So today I’m not going to be talking about customer avatars. I’m not going to be talking about how to create marketing plans or content calendars or your profit margins or KPIs or setting up a website, nothing like that. We’re not talking about that because that is stuff that needs to be done before you do these things. So this is what you should be doing on a daily basis. If you’re already running your business, customer avatar, marketing plans, content calendars should already be done. And then you’re doing this, and this is where a lot of people get stuck of, Oh, what do I do daily to get more sales? And I can guarantee this is where you’re going to be running your business and checking in to make sure that you can actually get more sales doing these particular things. Now, as I said, again, we can add more to the list, but these are the critical areas.

Caroline: So one thing that I’m going to tell you, I’ve everything that I’m going to share with you today, this is about running your business efficiently and making a profit. One thing you must must do, no matter what is the following, I do not care what your excuse is. But I promise you this will not work if you do not do what I’m about to say. You must set an alarm for each of these tasks and you must stop at the maximum time I have specified. Now, why is that? Because it will make you work faster. And each day that you do this, you will get faster and faster, which means that you’ll get more done in that time period and remember a little bit goes a long, long way. So what I’m teaching you, these habits are about doing each of these habits for the maximum time, anywhere from five minutes to one hour and I’ll tell you what’s what and the whole plan is is that if in five minutes today you only take care of one part of what I’m going to teach you and then tomorrow you take care of one part and a little bit more, that’s great and then the following day you’re going to take care of two parts and then the following day you going to take care of two and a half parts and then each day you get more and more.

Caroline: The idea is is that by getting into this habit every single day, it means that you are going to continue doing this long term and it means you’re going to learn so much about your business that it’s no problems. If you only get a snippet today and a snippet tomorrow in a snippet the next day because it’s a damn lot more that you would have got if you weren’t doing it at all. So remember that, do not kick yourself if you don’t get much done, do not kick yourself. If you don’t get through everything that I’m going to ask you to do for each section. Just remember tomorrow I’m going to work a little bit faster and I guarantee I was teaching for so many years and I saw so many students go from having no idea what to do to being fantastic at their trade. And I can tell you by practicing every single day you will get faster and faster and faster.

Caroline: So that is one thing you must do. Every task I’m going to ask you to do, you must, no matter what you think, you must set an alarm for the time periods I’m telling you, and do not go over those time periods. So I can’t stress that enough. Okay? So let’s get into it. Like I said, sign up into 1000 sales and beyond and come into the Facebook group and let me know as you do these actual tasks, the list will be over there as well for you so you can get access to it and make sure that you’re doing these on a daily basis. So here we go. The first two that I’m going to speak about is what I want you to do once a week. I don’t want you to do these on a daily basis. So once a week, these are minutes each task and I want you to once a week look over your three month marketing plan.

Caroline: So I want you to find your three month marketing plan. I give you access to create it yourself for free or just ask Parker can do it for you. And this three month marketing plan is a one page marketing plan where it’s going to lay out very simply exactly what you should do for the next three months. And it’s the simplest, most non overwhelming plan you’ve ever seen. And it is to this day. I’ve never had anyone say to me it wasn’t enough or it was too much. Everyone says, wow, that is a perfect size to get through the month. If I’m going to be working at a good pace, so you’re going to have a three month marketing plan and you’re going to look at it for maximum five minutes. Just skim over it. It might even be two minutes, but no more than five minutes and skim over it.

Caroline: Just remind yourself, what are my goals? What are my objectives? What is it that I said I was going to achieve in the next three months? I’m going to achieve these three things and it’s going to be, we say in there how much income you want to earn. We’re going to say how many followers you want to get or how many email addresses you want to collect. Or it might be something else that you’re asking for, but those are your objectives, so just skim over it once a week so you remind yourself, this is what I’m trying to achieve. Then you have a look at your strengths and weaknesses. Remind yourself, what are my strengths? What are my weaknesses in my business? Just skim over the whole document. I want you to have it so memorized within the next couple of months that within two months, three months, you can, by the end of the three months, you can literally remember it word for word, that when you close your eyes, you see your marketing plan in front of your eyes.

Caroline: That’s how well I want you to remember it. Then I want you to remember what was it that I said was my monthly amount of money that I can spend on my marketing? Was it $100? Was it $1,000 was it $10,000? Whatever that amount is, just remind yourself of the amount because when you go to do other parts of your marketing, if once a week, and I always say, do this on a Monday, so then you start your week fresh. Then you can say, okay, remember I said I have $400 for the month to spend on marketing? Now it’s the first week of the month. I have $100 for the next week. Where can I spend that the best? The marketing plan says that I can do this, this and this. How can I make that work in my benefit all week two can say I’ve got $100 this week, but I know last week that didn’t work very well, so let’s sort of move that money around to somewhere else.

Caroline: So, and then you go through and you say, okay, what is the month and one of the marketing plan, what was it that I said I was going to concentrate on this month? I’m not going to do everything. I can’t be on Twitter, Facebook, a tick tock, Instagram, Pinterest. I can’t be on everything. No one can be unless you have a big team. So just work out what you are going to concentrate for the month. That way for the next week you will not be going off track and getting distracted with the shiny objects that we keep on getting distracted by. I do it as an entrepreneur. I guarantee you’ll do it. Having the marketing plan as a guide, we’ll remind you each week. So spend maximum three or five minutes looking over your three month marketing plan. Set your alarm for five minutes and that’s it. Then move on to the next task.

Caroline: What’s the next task? The second task for your weekly check in is your content marketing calendar. Again, same thing. Remind yourself, look at where we are on the calendar at the moment. What are the special events days for this month? Maybe something jumps out to you and you say, Oh actually I was at a barbecue on the weekend and they were talking about this particular topic and I can actually do that in my business this week. I didn’t even think of that, but that actually works really well and added in for this week. Put it in a note of what you’ll do or it might be that you say, okay, well I did say that I was going to send three emails this week. Let’s get onto those three emails. That’s my goal for this week. Or it might be that you look over and you say, you know, I said I was going to create a video.

Caroline: Let’s make that happen. So that is what I want you to do. Maximum five minutes. You’ve probably only need two or three minutes to do that. You only need to know the next week ahead. Now if you’re creating content for one or two months in advance, then of course you’re looking at that particular time period and look at this week to remind yourself what’s happening for this week as well. So maximum five minutes. So there we go. Two tasks per week that are going to take you less than 10 minutes to do and it’s going to open up your mind to watch your week looks like. Now let’s get into what you do on a daily basis. You wake up on a Monday morning or let’s say you come home in the evening, you’ve got a day job and you come home. What is the first thing you do when you’re planning on starting work for the day?

Caroline: I can tell you what that is. I don’t care how big your business is. I don’t care how small your business is. I do not care if you still haven’t made a sale, but the first thing you’re going to do, the second you start work for the day is your customer service. Nothing else matters. I do not care about anything but your customer service. I do not care if someone says to me, Oh, it’s a on Monday, there’s a special post that everyone’s talking about Instagram and I really want you to look at note, you’re going to do customer service. The first thing that you do when you get up. Now, this is the task that I have allocated five minutes to one hour for, because depending on how big your business is, it depends on how much time you need. When you’re starting out. I do not care if you still haven’t made a sale.

Caroline: That is not the point. Even if you still haven’t made a sale, I want you to now set your alarm for five minutes, can be a little bit less, could be three, and I want you to set your alarm and do the following. I want you to go and look at your sales list. What sales have you made? I don’t care if that says zero, I want you to go and look at it. The reason for that is, is because I want you to start getting into the habit of checking that and also getting into the habit of that pain point of, you know what? This is real. There are no sales because a lot of people hide behind the fact of our, I don’t want to even look because I know I didn’t make a sale. Get with reality. Have a reality check. You didn’t make a sale, and that’s actually okay in the beginning.

Caroline: It’s an a problem that you didn’t make a sale, but just take that on the chin and say, okay, I’ve checked it. I haven’t made a sale. The next thing I want you to do is check your refunds. Now, the best way to do this, the absolute best way to do this is if you install the app called Gorgias, it’s worth investing in and we use it in. Just ask Parker and I can tell you the time we save as a team is amazing, so I would highly recommend Gorgias. It is an amazing, amazing service, better than any other customer service up and in there you will see their refunds and you can take a look at all your customer service straight away. Now as your store gets bigger this time we’ll need more and this time might not be allocated to you dealing with the refunds, but if you’ve got a team of people, of course in the beginning you’re doing it yourself, but once you have a team like I do, I don’t deal with my refunds, but I know every single refund and sale that comes through each day.

Caroline: I see that every single day, so I know that inside our Gorgias customer service app, I know that there’s a certain amount of people who have got tickets open for different situations. It might be something about one of our courses, it might be something about our one of our services, but I know what’s going on. My team deal with it, but I oversee it. Trust me, you are the boss. Your job is to oversee your business and know these things that are going on. The third thing that you need to do for your customer service section, the task is I want you to call three customers and ask them how their purchases. Now as you get bigger, you could do 10 of these. You could end up getting a team, but I can guarantee you a lot of people get scared of this and they think, Oh, I’m scared to call, but I guarantee this is going to be a game changer for your business.

Caroline: Now, if you’ve only had one customer this week for your sales, call that one customer. If you’ve had 10 customers, choose three of them for the day and you might call the three people who have bought a product that they can repurchase. Those are the great ones to call. We want to try to get them back to repurchase. Or you might call the three people who were the biggest spenders for that day. And then inside your Shopify account, you can actually tag those customers. So inside that customer’s information, you can tag them with a tag, either called or called with no answer or left a message or called and they were happy you woke up the tags that you want. So then later on you can go back a few months from now and you can see, okay, these are the people we’ve called. These are the people that were happy.

Caroline: These are the people that didn’t call us back. Let’s try them again. Get over your fear of what they think. Because what you can do from these calls is very powerful. You call them up and it’s so simple. I’ve never heard of a person getting a call from a company to see how their product was and just to say hello. I’ve never heard of someone saying, Oh, how dare they call me to see if I’m happy. People don’t do that. People will turn around and go, Oh, I can’t believe they called me to try to make money off me. Beautiful calling to make money off them. You literally call up, hi, this is Caroline and I have the um, eco glass where you bought a product from us last week and it should have been delivered. Just checking to see if you received the product and how the actual experience was and if there’s any feedback you can give me, that’s it.

Caroline: Have a little script next to you and it’s all you need to say. You let them talk. You don’t need to do too much talking. It’s not about you talking, it’s about them talking. Let them talk and explain what they think and feel. Now by the end of it, they’re either going to say one of two things. They’re either going to tell you it was a positive experience and you’re going to answer with, great, do you mind if you just leave us a review on our website? Um, can I send you an email with that review information? It would be great if you can share your experience with other people so then they know how it was or they’re going to say, actually I wasn’t happy. Either the packaging was broken or the product was broken or it was the wrong product. They bought something and it actually doesn’t work how they expected it to, and that’s where you can turn around and say, let me take care of this for you.

Caroline: Can I send you a new product or Kai refund you please send a back. You know, we’ll pay the refund postage. And if you did this every day for three customers, you will grow your customer base by such a tremendous amount. It will blow your socks off. I guarantee it so that depending on how big your business is, if you literally have three customers to call and you have a couple of sales going through, you probably need five, 10 minutes. If you’ve got a much bigger business, you go up to an hour and such a time for 10 minutes and see how you go. But 10 minutes to make three calls and check on your sales and refunds should be enough to just skim over the next task you had to do on a daily basis. And under no circumstances can you get out of fits. It must be done on a daily basis.

Caroline: I want you to go to your analytics of your Shopify store and I want you to check the following, set your alarm for 10 minutes. I don’t want you to spend any more than 10 minutes, but I do want you, you must spend 10 minutes on this. I want you to set the schedule to the last seven days is one. The next one is yesterday and the next one is the last 90 days. And I want you now, these are not set in stone. This is one of those things. You don’t have to look at these three particular, um, statistics. You might turn around and want to look at the last 60 days or you might want to look at the last year. So I’m just giving you sort of the best broad range where you can look at yesterday’s analytics. You can look at the last seven days of analytics and look at the last 90 days of analytics.

Caroline: It just gives you a nice three different aspects of an outlook. So I want you to look at your total sales. I want you to look at your online source sales. I want you to look at your online store conversion rate, your top products sold by units, your online store sessions by traffic source, your online store sessions by social sores, your average order value, your sales by traffic source, and your sales attributed to marketing, which is your email and there’s other areas, but email is in there and if you’re using Omnicell and then you will see the information in there, which is fantastic. So I want you to look at these now. This is in the backend of your Shopify store. You can also go and look at your Google analytics inside 1000 sales and beyond in the paid program. I do give you some videos on how to look at your analytics for your Google analytics on what to look for, but this is on your Shopify store.

Caroline: Just a really great basic way to look at it, and I need you to do this every single day. Skim over these numbers and have a look at what’s going on in your business. What’s really important is that we need to know where your traffic sources are coming from. We need to know which social sources are working. We need to know exactly which products are selling the best. We need to know the average order value. Now, why do we need those bits of information? Well, if your traffic source is coming from Google search, you can turn around and say, Hey, maybe I should be spending some money on SEO, or maybe your social search. You can turn around and say, Hey, maybe Facebook is better than Instagram. I’ve had this a couple of times that my clients come to me for private coaching and they tell me, I know my customers are on Instagram.

Caroline: I know that’s where they are. We go and look at this statistics and we look at the sales that are coming from there and we find out their sales are actually coming from a different place. So it’s very a very good idea to know this and understand this about your business. Your email marketing isn’t working. You’re sending out an email a week, are you actually getting sales? You should be getting on average 70 cents per email signup on average. So if you have a thousand people signed up, you should be getting $700 from your emails. If you’re not, what are you doing? If you’re getting $400 worth of sales, fantastic. If you’re getting zero amounts of sales, what are you doing wrong? You have to be looking at this information. It’s so important that you’re checking this out on a daily basis. Also looking for the last 90 days, looking at the last seven days, uh, yesterday, maybe the last year, you can start to understand, do I have peaks of my business?

Caroline: People don’t understand it’s, it’s crazy how many people have done what I’m about to say, that they decide to spend their monthly amount of marketing budget evenly across the year. And I’ve had a couple of clients that come to me and they say, okay, so each month I’m spending $1,000 on Facebook ads. And I start talking to them and I say, okay, but what are the peaks in your business? When are people actually buying? And I’ve got some clients that you can see very, very easily their peaks and they know them. If you’re selling something for winter, what’s your peak just before winter? It means that you’re, if you’re selling something that is only a winter product, then forget summer. Then why are you putting advertising spend into your summer months? Put it into your winter months. So that is what you need to know by looking at your analytics.

Caroline: The third one for the day is your email analytics. I want you to log into your email account. We recommend Omni sand and look at your best open rates, your best click through rates, your best subject lines, and write down what is clicked on. I want you to do this daily because when you send an email out, let’s say you send an email out on a Monday, people are still opening that email the next day and the next day, and I want you to get into a really good habit in there. You’ll also see your retargeting emails as well. I want you to look at who’s opening your retargeting emails, what’s happening? Get a good idea that every single day you can see how your emails are going. So then you know, do I send out more emails? Is it worth me sending out emails on a daily basis? Are people opening the emails the same day or three days later?

Caroline: And then also an Omnicell. When you send an email, if that one doesn’t get opened, you can have it set that the following day, 24 hours later, you can send the same email with a different subject line to that same person who didn’t open the first one. So it’s a good idea. Five minutes, that’s all I want you to do per day. Five minutes, log into your email analytics and have a quick look over what’s going on, what emails are getting open, which ones are actually working. Get into this habit. I can promise you it is worth it. The next thing that you want to be doing and this you should be spending about 10 minutes a day on, I want you to go and look at your social media analytics now, which social media are you using? Are you using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter? Whichever ones they are, go and check out your analytics, what is working and what didn’t work.

Caroline: Simple as just go and check out, find out what you can be doing differently. Look through your last couple of posts and really 10 minutes is max. You can probably spend five minutes on this and you say, okay, well, I sent out one. I did one post yesterday on Instagram, two on Pinterest. What have I got? Do I have any click throughs? Are people looking at it? Did people like it? Are people commenting? Have a look what’s actually working and just take a look every single day so that you’ve got a good idea. By spending that time each day and getting into that habit, it just becomes a daily habit. You wake up in the morning and one of your things that you have to do after your customer service is quickly log into your social media and go, okay, what’s going on? The next thing you have to be doing is looking at your ad analytics.

Caroline: Now, if you don’t have ads turned on yet, fair enough, but you should be running retargeting ads at the very, very, very least. So check out your retargeting ads, what’s working, what’s not working? Turn off things that are not working, make notes and say, Hey, I’m going to actually set up some new ads for my retargeting to try something different. Or can I try these different words and see if you know that’s going to work better. So check out your analytics maximum 10 minutes a day, depending if you’ve got normal ads or if you’ve got retargeting ads, but you should at the bare minimum have your retargeting ads turned on. The next one that you have to do is you need to research your competitors on a daily basis and this is a really good one that you should be doing on your own. So all of these so far, you should be doing the quick overview of these on your own.

Caroline: If you’re big enough as a company to have someone give you the data on a daily basis, that’s great. You’re very, very lucky. But I always feel like if I can just get in there and have a quick look over at myself, I always feel like I know my business better. So the next one, like I said, is researching your competitors. And I want you to do this on your own and in the same time, at the same time, you can actually find new followers. So I want you to find 10 new followers while you’re doing this. Now if you are big enough that you know you’ve got enough money to employ someone to help you, then finding the new 10 followers can be someone else’s job and they can find more for you. But if you’re starting out and you need to just get in there and get going, this is a great time to do it.

Caroline: So set aside 10 minutes on your alarm, put down 10 minutes and find one of your competitors. So there’s five days in a week. I want you to do this. Find five competitors or five. It doesn’t have to be a direct competitor, but it can be a business who is selling a product to your same customer. So, for instance, if you are selling football stuff, let’s say you’re selling football stuff, then we know that it’s going to be for sports. So chances are it’s also going to be companies such as, um, not just football stuff, but it’s also going to be other sports clothing as an example. So it doesn’t have to be just football related, but it could be other sports equipment, it could be event places where the football events are held, for instance. So go and check out these other companies. So competitors and businesses with your same customer.

Caroline: And I want you to check out every single day for one of them for 10 minutes, find out what they’re doing, go to their website, have a look what’s on their website, what’s on their homepage, what are they selling? Do they have any special offers? Have you signed up their email list? And then go and check out their social media and keep some notes in a document. Have your five competitors, so just have five each week. You don’t need more than that. Find five different competitors, one for each day of the week. And then you just say, okay, their website looks like this today had noticed that they’ve put up some new special offer. They’ve got a 10% off, um, voucher. Um, yes, you’re sign up for the email list and then you go to their social media, check out what they’re doing on social media. Are they posting, what sort of posts are they posting?

Caroline: Are people commenting? Are people liking things like that? And then while you’re in their social media, go and follow their followers. And the best way to do this, for example, on Instagram, is go to their Instagram, find their images with lots of comments and click on the person that commented and go to that person’s account. This is another Instagram little strategy. Go to that person’s account, like a couple of photos, comment on a couple of their photos, and then hopefully that person says, Hmm, who’s this person? And comes over to your account. That’s what you’re hoping for. So do that 10 times per day with your competitor. Of course, if you’ve got a team that can help you, you can do more. But I want you to do a minimum of 10 that means you’re going to go after 50 new followers every single week. Now, if of those 50 people, if only 10 of them follow you back, you’ve only spent 10 minutes and you’ve gotten 10 new followers who are very targeted to your audience and they will start following you.

Caroline: So it’s just a great way. I wanted to give you a task where if you only had two hours a day, how to structure that two hours. That’s what this is. Now, if you have more than two hours, let’s say you’re saying, I’ve got five hours a day to run my business, then this particular task of finding new followers, you can stretch this out and say, I’m going to look for a hundred new followers every day. Then that’s a better way to do it. But I’m just trying to give you the bare minimum that if you only had two hours a day, what do you have to do? And just find 10 new followers a date. Okay, we have two more areas to cover. Two more tasks. The next one is I want you to spend number seven for the day is spend one hour, set your alarm for one hour creating content for the following week, or it might be the following month if you’re in advance, but whatever that week is that you’re up to create one hour of content.

Caroline: That might be one blog post. It might be one email, it might be five images for Instagram. It might be a video that you create in that hour. Set your alarm for one hour and do what you can in that hour, so write your list. I’m going to try to get through all of these things. There might be 10 things. Just start working on it and set your alarm for one hour and get through as much of that as you can in that one hour. You have five days to do this and it’s going to be five hours for the week at the bare minimum. Like I said, if you have more time after this, what I’m teaching you and you say, Hey, I don’t have just two hours a day, I actually have five hours, six hours. Then of course make this into a two hour block for example, or maybe you have some money and you can give this job to someone else to do, but at a bare minimum, I want you to set your alarm for one hour, so don’t set your alarm saying, I’m going to write one blog post today or I’m going to write one email today or I’m going to make five images for Instagram today.

Caroline: I don’t want you to do that because that’s where people start going off and taking too much time. They get up and they go and make a coffee and then they get distracted. Then they go and check their Instagram and then they go and reply to some email and they go and do blah, blah blah and they get distracted and I can tell you if you’re serious, serious, serious about creating a successful business, one of the best strategies I can ever teach you is sitting in alarm and sticking to that time frame and everything else stops for that time period. Nothing else matters and just as much as for anything else I just said the same with your content. So do not plan to write one blog post or do one thing of content. I want you to write a list of all the things that you want to create and I want you to just say, okay, what’s the first one I’m going to start with?

Caroline: I’ve got a one hour time period. How fast can I get through this list? And if you only get through two things today, that’s fine. If you only get through one thing tomorrow, that’s fine and three things the next day and one thing the next day, that is fine. I want you to use that one hour as wisely as you can because I guarantee within two or three weeks that one hour you’re going to be creating so much more content than you did the first time. So just stick to the hour. Don’t think about how many pieces of content, think about the time that you have to create that content. That is the best advice I can give you. Okay? So the last thing I want you to do is I want you to reply to any comments on your social media. So in your own social media, you’ve gone through, you’ve done your analytics, you’ve gone and you know, checked out what’s working and what’s not.

Caroline: I want you to go through and write comments, reply to comments, maybe someone you a private message, reply to those private messages. And I want you to post any of the content that you’ve just created. Either posting it straight into your account, like in Facebook, you can post it and set a schedule on that post. Or if you use a app like later.com then you can go into later and you can do everything through there and you can schedule your posting and then take care of your comments and things like that. So that’s what I want you to do. And that’s 10 minutes. So those are the tasks I’ve been talking very fast. Those are your tasks for every single day to build great habits. As I said, if you have more time then you’ll be doing other things. You’ll be spending more time replying to comments.

Caroline: You’ll be spending more time creating content. You’ll be able to go back and spend more time looking at your ad analytics. You’ll be able to spend more time doing other things. So there’s a lot of other things you can do, but these are the things that you must, must, must take care of. So you’re creating content that is creating ads. It is creating emails, it’s creating retargeting ads, it’s creating posts for Instagram. It’s creating blog posts. It’s about fixing your descriptions on your website. So just set an alarm for one hour and do any of those things that you need to do to create the content that you need to create. So I want you to jump into, like I said, 1000 sales and beyond, [inaudible] dot com sign up for free for it. If you’re already part of it, that’s great. And come into our inner circle.

Caroline: It’s completely free and jump into the inner circle and join our 14 day challenge where this, you get access to a document with this list, with everything broken down for you. And then when you go through that list, you can Mark it off and I want you to keep yourself accountable and wants you to come into the Facebook group every single day for the 14 days and just Mark off that you’ve done it. Hey, letting you know that I’ve done it and I can tell you I’ve been doing these challenges for a long time. I’ve got video challenges that I’ve been doing for a long time and I see the statistics on these challenges that I run. This one’s more of a live one, so you’ll be there in the actual Facebook group and we can take note of what you’re doing completely live. But I’ve got these video challenges that I’ve been running where I do, for instance, the Instagram one, it’s 14 days.

Caroline: I can see the drop off and I can tell you it’s really funny. For every hundred people that come to watch the first video, about three or four get to the last video, it’s literally three, four, maybe 6% of people that come all the way through to all the videos and that 14 day challenge for Instagram. They’re all super fast, easy videos to follow. It’s really no reason why someone can’t follow each of the videos, but people decide that they don’t want to be accountable for own actions. And if that’s you and you’ve been like that in the past, I want you to see 2020 years, a different year, and I want you to say, Hey, this year I’m actually going to do this. Because if you’re serious about making your Shopify store as serious part of your life and a serious business, you have to do this.

Caroline: This is not something that you can put to the side and say, maybe tomorrow I’ll do it. Well, guess what? I don’t know how long you’ve been in business, but I can tell you from people that have been with our company, showing us their Shopify stores. Some people have been with Shopify for two or three years and still have never even hit even a thousand dollars a month in their business. And they sit there and ask me, why am I not succeeding? And I ask them, what did you do yesterday in your business to help you make money? Nothing. I was waiting for someone to come and buy something. Guess what? You can’t wait for someone to come and buy something. That’s not how business works. Take action. Do the things that you need to do. And these are the habits that I’m telling you work.

Caroline: Once you know these things about your business, once you know your analytics, your brain will start to say all, now I see something that I can do. Or I listened to another podcast and they were talking about such and such. And I remember seeing my analytics telling me that information about my business. I can implement that into my business. But until you understand your business, none of this matters. I recently, um, three months ago now, four months ago, my sister came in as my business partner and I’ve been showing her all the analytics and to her, this has been my baby for years and years and I know this business inside out and she’s learning all of the analytics of how people come through the funnels and how people actually watch one video and then come through and come to us through another email or they come to the Facebook group and then they come through something else, blah, blah, blah, whatever it might be.

Caroline: And she’s been so wrapped up in the analytics and she has learned so much, she’s come back to me just looking over the analytics alone saying, wow, I’m learning so much about this business, and that’s what you’re there to do as well. You’re there to learn about your business and understand what people are doing. If they’re coming from Pinterest, what are you doing on Pinterest that’s working? Or if they’re not coming from Pinterest, and Pinterest is actually a great niche for you. It’s a great channel for you. Why are you nor on Pinterest create the content? Spend one hour and say, this day only today for one hour, I’m just going to create content for Pinterest and go really hard on Pinterest. Or, Hey, I don’t have any videos yet. I’m going to create a video, and you know what? The first time you create one of my tech one hour, but then by the time you’ve done it a few times, there’s many great simple video tools to use.

Caroline: You will get it down to 10 15 minutes where you go, okay, I’m going to get through in one hour, four more pieces of content because I’m pumped and I’m ready. I’m going to make this work. And then when you check in the next day to say, I put up that video and you can say, okay, well no, watch that video today. That’s pretty sad. Maybe I can do something else. Maybe I’ll post it on my Instagram or maybe I’ll post it on my Facebook and then the following day go, Oh, one person watched it, this is exciting. And then the next day you can say, Oh, actually I’ve just had three people visit my website and they came from my YouTube channel. This is amazing. And I can guarantee you for every one person that you see coming through your website because of something that you have done, it’s going to be very powerful.

Caroline: And that’s what’s going to motivate you to go even harder and work even harder for your business. But until you’ve done this for at least 14 days to start to see that difference, it’s going to take that long to really start to see the difference. Until you’ve done it for 14 days, that’s when you start to see the actual tide just start to turn. You’re not going to get a thousand visitors from doing this two hours a day, but you will start to build it up. And if you’ve already done something in the past and it will grow faster and it’s a snowball and it will just get bigger and bigger and faster and faster, but you need to do this every day. So come into the Facebook group, keep yourself accountable, let us keep you accountable. Put a message on the post and say, yes, I’ve got my hand up.

Caroline: I am here. I promise for the next 14 days I’m going to follow this challenge and follow these habits and do my best to find the time and you’re just going to put aside that two hours and say nothing else matters. I’m not going to check my Facebook for what my friend Susie was talking about on the weekend. I don’t care. This two hours is only about my business and set the alarms for each of these time schedules and just go, I’m going to get through this and do it for 14 days and come into the Facebook group and tell us what you saw. What are the results you saw? Did it make a difference or can you turn around and go, you know what Caroline, you’re full of BS. Didn’t do anything for my business. I followed that step by step and you know what?

Caroline: I saw zero difference and I feel no different and I received a no results from that that have made any difference to my business. Tell me that if that was the case for you, I would love to hear from you, but I can guarantee you that will not be the case. Every single person, if you follow this 14 days, you will see a difference. You’re going to feel different, you’re going to start to see different results in your traffic. You’re going to start to understand your business at a different level. So it’s 2020 it’s the first week of February and you are going to take action and make 2020 the most amazing year you’ve ever had. If you’ve just started or you’ve been trying this for a long time, this is your year, I promise you it is. I have had already, this year is like my luckiest year ever.

Caroline: I’ve had a couple of friends close me who have had quite dramatic last couple of years and this year is their year as well, so I’m pretty sure 2020 is a very special year for a lot of people and I wanted to be for you, but you have to make it special. You have to go out and you need to grab that and grab the bull by the horns and make this your year as well. So come into the Facebook group. Tell me how excited you are because I want to know all about it. Tell me what you’re seeing in your business. Share your results, share your pains, share your frustrations, share with me any questions that you might have about what we’re trying to do, and let’s work together and try to build each other up and help each other succeed in their Shopify stores. So have a wonderful day. See you in the Facebook group, and good luck with this. It’s worth it. The 14 days will be worth it and good luck with 2020 it’s going to be a wonderful year and see you next week. Keep smiling.

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