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Intro: Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast. This is the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine. It has the latest marketing email, sales, and social media advice and it also has strategies and tips from the experts without the fluff. Your host is Caroline Balinska. She’s a Shopify education partner with the Shopify approved course, 1000 sales and beyond and she’s the founder of justaskparker.com The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners. She has an 15 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and eCommerce. In the podcast, she’ll share her knowledge and interview the experts to help you in your journey to success. So don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska. Welcome back to the podcast.

Caroline: TikTok or maybe one of the other influencer marketing platforms other than Instagram? Then this is the interview you need to listen to. I have the amazing Kaila Yu with me in this interview? It’s going to be the highlights of the interview that we put together for the summit. Before we start, here’s a quick word from our sponsor, gorgeous, who my team use every day in our business. Just ask Parker,

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Caroline: So Kaila was actually a guest on last year’s influencer marketing summit and she came back again this year to share even more great information touching on exactly how things have changed over the last 12 months in influencer marketing and also what the future of influencer marketing looks like. So once again, we talk about the hellistic approach to working with influencer marketing and how you can make your business really grow by looking at more than just one aspect. So many people out there have been told and made to believe that influencer marketing is about getting an influencer on Instagram who’s wearing a bikini to promote your products. And if you listened to last influencer marketing summit, you would know that that is just not all it’s about. There is so much more to influence a marketing than just an influencer on Instagram wearing a bikini, promoting your products.

Caroline: Now that’s going to work for some brands out there. But I know for a fact that for 80 90% of brands, that is not how they want to have their business perceived. That’s not gonna work for them. It’s not their audience. So it makes total sense why people get scared off about influencer marketing, thinking that that’s the only way to do influencer marketing. So this is a great interview to help you understand that there is much more to it than just that. Kaila Yu is the owner of her company. Kailayu.com she’s a travel and fashion and health blogger. She’s been going for many, many years. She has a huge following. She also writes for an amazing amount of magazine. She’s been on Fox news. She has been all over the place with her brand, so she’s someone that if she’s the right fit for you, then you should be working with her because she is going to get you a lot of marketing.

Caroline: She’s going to get your name out there for sure. And in this interview she’s going to be giving us a lot of great information about working with influencers. So you don’t want to miss this. This is the only interview that I’ve done this year in the summit and we’ll all together about TikTok. It’s not a big part of what we speak about, but it’s an interesting part to understand that the whole landscape of influencer marketing is constantly changing and maybe that frustrates you. Maybe it’s something that you don’t like, but it’s something that you need to respect and you need to understand there’s happening and being on top of everything out there, it’s very important that that is how you’re going to succeed in your business. The whole idea of this summit was to bring you all the highlights of all the most important things that you need to know, so you’re able to pick out the paths that you want to deal with and the parts that you don’t think are important.

Caroline: This is an interview you need to listen to because it does talk about, as I said, the holistic approach to influencer marketing, so it will give you a really nice overview of the future of influencer marketing. So let’s get into it. Here’s the first about 10 minutes of the highlights of the interview with Kaila to listen to the full interview, head over to winning with shopify.com/summit and sign up a hundred percent for free for all the interviews there. There are over 30 I’m adding more during the year as well so you can listen to the interviews with Kaila and many other people to find out more about influencer marketing for your Shopify store. So enjoy the interview. So Kaila is definitely someone who you need to check out. She has got a combined social media following of over 530,000 followers. So that’s why I thought it was really to have someone like

Caroline: Kaila around today that can give us the insight from someone who’s actually got a huge following and we can find out how it changes from where he was an influencer when Kaila was just setting out to how working with her is now. So let’s get straight into it. Let’s introduce her and say hello. So Kaila, great to have you here. Thank you for joining us.

Kaila: Yeah, thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to speak to you and to your different shop owners.

Caroline: Wonderful. Thank you. So how about you just tell us a little bit about you. I’ve sort of introduced you, but I think that there’s a lot more that you can tell us. How long have you been doing this and tell us a bit more about what you’re doing with social media.

Kaila: Oh yes. I’ve been doing the blogging and the social media for about five years. I do it all with a partner. My business partner, her name’s Kiki and um, it’s kinda interesting cause we have this partnership which has worked out really well for us, which is that I’ll do the strategy behind like the web content and the social media content and she’ll do things I don’t like to do, like the video editing. She’s really into that. I’m really into SEO. So it’s kind of like the best of both worlds cause we get to each do what we’re focus on, our strengths and let the other person do kind of the things we don’t want to do. So, um, we kind of started off doing fashion, lifestyle, brand work. And kind of segwayed into more of a travel space, which kind of merges in pretty well with the fashion lifestyle. So we’ve been focusing kind of on the travel lifestyle space for about a year or two and we’ve, we’ve been really loving it.

Caroline: Fantastic. And so you said that your social media following is across different platforms. Can you tell us a little bit more about those platforms?

Kaila: Yeah, so um, I have Instagram, which is like the most difficult platform for me I think because I kind of take a different point of view from probably some of the other influencers that Instagram I think doesn’t it produce evergreen content as in like when a post comes up, everyone sees it and then who really scrolls down deep into someone’s feed. Unless you’re like super, super, super obsessed, like it’s your favorite influencer in the world. Might you go down, you know, a year ago and look at it, the photos in the past. So I’m a big proponent of the blog, which is where we have all the social media influencer sites, but the blog is like the, the hub. And that’s because our blog is produces everything content. So meaning if we write a blog post for a brand, right, and it ranks on Google, it could be ranking there five years later.

Kaila: So basically I’m just trying to bring it around to see if I answered your original question. The social media sites all surround the blog, the blog being the main, most important feature of all the content that we produce. So around that, um, I also have Facebook, which isn’t the most popular platform for the average millennial social media influencer. I’m not a mole anymore. So, um, Facebook I love because if you are really knowledgeable about Facebook ads, you can really, um, make sure that all your audience that is fitting to the brand content that you publish sees a post. If you, you know, know how to Ninja Facebook ads and then I have Twitter and Pinterest of course don’t really use Snapchat. Never kind of died out after Instagram stories came about.

Caroline: Yeah, exactly. No, it definitely did. And so, um, Pinterest is an interesting one. I would like to chat to you a little bit more about that today because that’s not an area where a lot of people go to, but I know that it’s definitely for fashion and travel. It’s definitely a good one. So I tell a lot of my clients, you know, stay away from Facebook as your first platform for advertising. Go straight to Pinterest because there’s a lot of people there. And I think from the influences’ standpoint, and it’s uh, I think for emigrant content, that’s a really good place to Bay as well. Yeah. So we’ll, we’ll talk a little bit about that as well today. I think that’s fantastic. So let’s get into some questions. I know that I’m going to go down a little bit of a, I’m guessing a little bit of a rabbit’s, Warren, that once we start getting into some of the things that you can talk about, we might go off a little bit of the track, but we have as much time as we need to have. So let’s have a chat about, first of all, um, you’ve spoken about you niches, but what sort of products do you actually, um, at the ties, so you need to last out, but is there a particular type of lifestyle product that you promote?

Kaila: Uh, well we’ve worked with a lot of fashion brands, so anything, whether it be hats to different, uh, dresses or whatever, and we like to bring those bands with us to, uh, exotic locations and shoot them. And then, you know, different beauty brands also fit along. We recently were with coats, which is a sunscreen brand in Peru. And then we brought them to match you [inaudible] which they were really excited about because the brand manager in particular wanted to visit that destination. So it’s funny cause our blog kind of started off reviewing a lot of beauty products originally. So we still get a lot of traffic from beauty. So the brands are like fashion brands, beauty brands, and travel brands like luggage or mobile hotspots. Totally forgot that for the moment. But yeah.

Caroline: And so what’s your age demographic that you sort of see the most coming to your platforms

Kaila: for? Our website is pretty millennial, so I would say 18 to 34 the main traffic of the web site.

Caroline: And how has it changed for you? I think this was a question that I really wanted to, because I know a lot of people want to know this. How has it changed for you since you started out compared to now? So someone’s working with you now, you’ve got 530,000 followers and how it was before. So if someone wanted to, if they’re sitting here listening and thinking, well, what I want to work with someone with a large amount of followers or a small amount of followers, how do you think that progress has made you better at what you do or different at what you do and how’s everything changed?

Kaila: Well, I think when you’re starting off with, um, you know, Instagram or Facebook or something and you’re building and you’re following at first when a brand first approaches you, when you’re at 5,000 followers or 8,000 or 10,000 offering you a free product, yours super, super excited. And so I think that’s kind of the difference at the beginning. You’re trying to build your influence so you’re looking for brands to work with and you’re willing to trade for products. And then as you gain influence and you know that your traffic can be highly beneficial to a brand, then you look for more, um, more of a collaborative approach rather than just purely free products. So say if we’re working with a brand for like a paid campaign, it won’t be just a single Instagram post, which you don’t necessarily think is that valuable on its own. We’ll package it in a whole deal. So it will be a blog post, a with a video too, promote it with a Pinterest graphic that plays along with it. So it’d be a whole integrated campaign with different deliverables that we’ll bring it the maximum traffic. And visibility.

Caroline: Fantastic. And what types of collaboration structures do you lack? Is the set in ways that you prefer to work with people?

Kaila: Um, usually we prefer to do it in what we call a fully integrated campaign. So it’s with all those different assets because they are all like scheduled to promote each other. You know, if I just stick out an Instagram story about uh, favorite jewelry piece that I have, it’s going to get some traffic. But really in the world of like, it’s the same as if you run an ad for Coke on television. Like if you just run one ad, whatever, it doesn’t really make a difference. There’s a study I think I’ve read before and most advertisers are familiar with that. It takes at least seven and I think it’s much higher now. So before anyone thinks of actually going out and purchasing a product, they have to get, you know, reminded and told about it several times. So one single post is just going to bring a little bit of visibility and maybe someone’s sales, but really you need the viewer to be reminded several times in different ways.

Caroline: And are there any things that the merchant should be aware of when they’re discussing a collaboration with you that they need to understand from your standpoint?

Kaila: Um, well we work with every brand in the different ways so it really, really, um, depends on um, there isn’t like one set form for how we’re going to do a collaboration. It’s like for example,

Caroline: we collaborated with the India tourism board on a campaign where we went over there and um, we weren’t paid for that campaign because we were paid kind of in the experience. So they sent us on a $7,000 luxury train across Southern India. So when we were like, okay, we don’t need to get paid for that, although there are some bloggers with even higher followings who would charge for that campaign. So I hope you enjoyed that interview with Kaila Yu from Kailayu.com and there’s plenty more of this interview to go. So head over to winning with shopify.com/summit and listen to the full interview, 100% for free and another 30 or so interviews that are over there as well. Head over to our Facebook group, winning with Shopify. Ask me questions in the group and find out more about influencer marketing. We are there to help you and help you succeed when it comes to influencer marketing. Until next time, keep smiling.

Outro: Sign up for free for the Shopify approved marketing course at 1000salesandbeyond.com and get our show notes at www.justaskparker.com/podcast thanks for listening to the winning with Shopify podcast.