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Intro: Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast. This is the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine. It has the latest marketing email, sales, and social media advice and it also has strategies and tips from the experts without the fluff. Your host is Caroline Balinska. She’s a Shopify education partner with the Shopify approved course, 1000 sales and beyond and she’s the founder of justaskparker.com The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners. She has had15 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and eCommerce. In the podcast, she’ll share her knowledge and interview the experts to help you in your journey to success. So don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska. Welcome back to the podcast.

Caroline: Did you know that you probably have a whole lot of secret influences that could be promoting your products and you don’t even know about it. I’m your host Caroline Balinska. And today I’m bringing you the highlights from a great interview I did with David Perry. He is the CEO and founder of Carro and he is going to be telling you all about how to find the secret influences that are out there that are either following you already on your social media or they’re probably already buying from you. Before we start, here’s a quick word from our sponsor, Gorgias, who my team use everyday in our business. Just ask Parker.

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Caroline: We all know the story of getting influences to fall in love with your products, but if you can find the influences that are already in love with your products, your job is going to be so much easier. And what this app does is you add it to your Shopify store. It’s a literally the easiest thing in the world. If you go and listen to the whole interview, there is a slide presentation where he takes you through how to do it and you add this to your Shopify store. It is 100% free by the way, and it actually goes through your database to find out who the influences are, both on your Shopify account but also in your Instagram account and your other social media. This blew my mind when I heard about this app and I had to get him on this summit because whether or not you have started influencer marketing yet, this is a tool you need to install onto your Shopify store. It is going to change the way you look at who can promote you, how you can go about getting promotion and start to understand who is out there as your raving fans. It will make a huge difference to your business. So today I want to bring you about 10 minutes of the highlights of the interview with David. As I said, the full interview can be listened to over@winningwithshopify.com slash summit the link will be in the show notes as well. Go over there. It’s completely free for three days. Sign up for the summit and get access to this interview with David and another 30 something interviews as well. I will be adding more interviews during 2020 with other great guests. The whole idea of this summit was to bring you everything you need to know about influencer marketing and none of the fluff and the wasted time stuff. I didn’t want to be wasting your time with things that are not important. So I’ve only interviewed people who I thought were very important. I have been very specific with the tools and the apps that I’m actually getting onto the summit to interview and each time that someone has reached out to me and said, can we come on to your summit? I have had to check what that app is. Is this person going to bring you great information or not? And this car, when I found out about David Perry, this app was one that I said, wow, this is absolutely amazing and it’s going to be a game changer in your business. So listen to the interview now. These are the highlights, and then jump into the summit and listen to the full interview with David. It is a video interview. We have got a side presentation included. So he walks you through how to do it all. But also, as I said, it’s 100% free for this app. So you might as well go and sign up, try it out. And if you don’t love it and install it, but I can guarantee you will love it once you see it. So listen on in. Enjoy this interview.

David: I thought that this might be fun to go through because this is actually what one of our team members uses when when he’s talking to brands. So I thought it might be fun to take a walk through this. So who are your, your most influential fans and customers? We live in an influencer or we live in an experienced urban world where the only thing better than living in the moment is capturing it. And the only thing better than capturing it is sharing it. This is what people are doing. Sharing is everything. And there are amazing creators out there. And when they share, people pay attention. You can see commonly hundreds of thousands of of likes and lots and lots of comments. They take extraordinary steps to capture the moments that create a lifestyle that inspires the rest of the world. It is very important just to understand the difference between, um, if you go on amazon.com, you’ll see like a a red jacket, right?

David: Flat light on a white table and you can buy that jacket. Or you can see someone who’s just climbed a mountain wearing this red jacket. And they inspire you. They want, you want to be that person. You want to live that life. I want to have and that jacket becomes way, way different from the one that’s just, you know, jacket number 472 and that, that’s, that it’s what influencers do. It’s different with it. Inspiration is transferable from inspired influencer to inspired fans. And when we experience those moments, we feel inspired to take action. And so you see, um, you would be amazed how much people look at images and see everything in the image. So, um, they are looking at the surfboard. And in this case they will notice who makes it. And it’s actually what you’ll find funny is it’s actually frustrating to a fan if you don’t reveal what something is.

David: So they will literally go on the hunt, like image searching it and trying, asking other people, trying to find out what this is and how can I, how can I get my hands on that? I’ve done it. I’ve seen a pair of shorts, for example, and I love the shorts, but there’s no information anywhere to tell me where to get them. And now I’m gonna spend the next 30 minutes trying to find these things. So it’s actually important that influencers share this. Otherwise you see in the comments over and over, where is that? How can I get this? What is it? I love that we all know this, but why aren’t we taking advantage of it? And here’s a few brands that are, and when you look at brands like guess or boosted board with Casey Neistat, this was a guy who was talking about with Emirates airlines or Jim shark or, um, pure Vida.

David: Another one is movement watches. They were incredible. And they were bought by Mavado. I think that’s a good example. Funnily enough, movement watches makes watches the world need another what company? Like we got enough watches in the world already, along comes movement working with influencers and Movado buys them. And I did Mavado not know how to make watches. Like they’re already good on making watches. They’ve done this forever, but they don’t have the social media strategy. And so a company like that becomes incredibly interesting to them. So these companies have all been working out which influencers are most passionate about their brands. So where are your most passionate influencers? And the answer is right in front of your eyes. Kara discovers the influencers around the world who are already your fans and customers. And it makes it effortless to work with them.

David: All you have to do is connect your data sources and the more you connect, the more we will find. S,o you will have influencers in every single and every single data source you have. You can also, if you have a list that you keep for some reason or, or even if you’re a brand that hasn’t even built any commerce store yet for some reason, like you’re you’re building an app on the iPhone, you could still, um, upload your, you can a Shopify account and upload your your spreadsheet into this and it will sort them out for you. So we’ve seen brands do that too. Um, but anyway, cause you can do a free trial with Shopify. So for a free trial, you can actually installed Caro, find out all your influencers and then you can decide whether you want to keep your free trial with Shopify.

David: So you connect your data sources, we identify your influencers, and you notified immediately. The reason we say you’re notified immediately is because we’re we’re constantly finding you influencers. When they, what happens is as they interact with brands, they’re connecting to our network, which means we’re then identifying them for other people. And so ultimately all the brands, it’s, it’s true network effect. So the more influencers that interact with brands, the better it gets for everybody. We’ve discovered over 2.7 million influencers for over 7,000 brands now in a hundred countries. So this thing is taking off really, really quickly. This is actually something that is fun. If you go to the website of, for anyone listening right now, just go to your browser and type in planet.getcarro.com/gts D A R R o.com. If you do a planet.getcarro.com this will pop up and you can keep an eye on our progress.

David: It’s a, it’s a 3D of course coming from the video game industry, everything is in three days, cause that’s what we do. Um, and, and all that. You can see all of the brands and all of the influencers. And you can see, um, literally all the product requests is flying around. So you can see I think we still like 30,000 different of the last orders that have gone out. So this, this is a wonderful way just for brands to get to see their data. So what are the brands actually saying? Well, Caro’s made it finding the perfect influencers, easy and user friendly. Knowing these influencers are people who are already connected to our brand, makes building relationships more authentic than any other platform we’ve tested user for life. This has been a complete game changer for my company and I was done to discover that our company had so many big time influencers hidden in our customer database.

David: This is an example saver of a brand that wasn’t on Shopify, but that had built a, an iPhone app and just wanted to understand who their most important customers were. All the features are free. When I show it to you this, this image will make sense. But we show the influencers as they actually drift by as they interact with your brand. So let’s find all the influencers who love your brand and there’s the website get carried up. Cool. So, and I will be adding the link underneath this video so people can go straight from the app store to get it. That sounds good. All right, so let me, let me stop this share and I’m going to go over to browser.

David: Okay. So this is the one where you’re going to hide the emails. Yes, yes, um. Okay. What I’m going to just show you really quick, this is just to give you an idea of what Carro is and then what it looks like when you install it into, into Shopify. What we’re actually doing is this, this is a lazy river here at the top. And so you can click on any individual influencer and it will bring up their information and you can go check them out on a, on a Instagram or whatever, whatever social network they’re on. These influencers that are following my account, is that what it’s meant to represent? Exactly, they’re somehow interacting with your brand, um, and meaning that they’ve either bought from you or they follow you or the other one of your subscribers in your email system. Um, so we work with MailChimp and Klaviyo right now and and so if they’re in your data there, they’re popping up here.

David: And the idea again is to sort of work out which influencers that you think you’d really like to, to collaborate, collaborate with. So it’s, it’s, it’s an almost effortless way to, to, to search up today. A lot of people to sit in. I, I get, I did an interview on stage recently and someone came up to me and said, Oh my goodness, you’re destroying my job. And I go, well, what is your job? And she said, my job is to sit and look through Instagram all day long and find influencers for people. And I’m like, well, I’m not, we’re not destroying your job. We’re making it easier right now. Now you can actually sort them instantly and there can be, we’ve had some brands with, um, 80,000 influencers for one brand. There’s no way you’re going to do that. It’s absolutely impossible. Eh, that the average we find is about 400 ish, like in that zone.

David: Um, you know, you can, I can tell you instantly which brands are putting effort into influencer marketing. They have 10, 14,000 influencers. Other brands have one. We did get a company with zero that was making dog beds. And it’s, and it’s not like, well, you, because you’re making dog beds, you can’t have influencers. How many influencers have dogs, right? It’s just, it’s something you’re not embracing and you need to start. I find very commonly people sell things to other people, but don’t create a connection with them. They never ask them to subscribe. They never asked that. They never get a relationship with their customers. And and that’s not healthy. Um, you see that a lot on Amazon. When people only sell through Amazon, they don’t actually get a customer database at any point because Amazon owns all the customers. So this is something that we, we push very hard.

David: It’s none of it. Make sure to create connections. But anyway, what am I showing you here? This is actually my personal, um, account. So I, I’m a photographer as a hobby and an I found, this is going to sound really funny for being a photographer. I, if I take a picture of somebody, nobody cares, right? It’s just whatever. It’s like there’s another photograph in the wind. If I take a photograph of an influencer, my feet just explodes because everyone’s like, Oh my gosh, you know, this person, I loved him. Will you tell him that I want to marry him and stuff? So there was one here, this, there was the guy, Brandon Roland. I took his picture, my, my feet just to get 2.3 million followers. But boy, Oh boy did they love that guy. And so as a photographer for me to shoot influencers is become really kind of fun.

David: So I thought, why not? I create a free account on Carro, which I did. And I pulled out my, my socials just so I could see who’s in there. And and you can see even, even in my account, I’m seeing people with, you know, over over 500,000 followers that I can reach out to and photographs. And that can fundamentally change you know, how much attention you could get if I, if I actually was a real photographer, like actually charging for photography, then this would be this impact my business. Cause I could get a lot of free marketing just by doing nice photography for these people. And why? So let’s ask that question one more time. What’s the influencers want? The answer is content. So if I can supply them with photographs of themselves that they didn’t have yesterday, then that’s actually interesting. So an influencer you know, so it’s a,

Caroline: So a couple of the accounts that have got two Instagram icons next to it, the part underneath that everyone’s seeing is the blood out email addresses. We’re not showing private information, but I do see the little icon of two, not now on the screen, but up higher. Does that mean they have two different Instagram accounts like that? Frankie?

David: Yes. Frankie has two has two different influencer accounts. So we see that quite commonly. Sometimes they have an agent account and sometime a personal account. Sometimes they have a moment, your account and a personal account. So yeah, it depends

Caroline: And you see the engagement. So you see everything that you need to know. Yeah.

David: Yeah. And then, and then the icons mean are they a customer? Are they an email subscriber? Are they a follower? I’m just sorting by followers right here. Um, imported influencer means I uploaded a spreadsheet and I can sort that. And then if they’ve requested products from you, I wanna, I’m telling you a one click to invite them. That’s the invite button.

Caroline: Okay. So do you need to actually go down because your images there so people might not see it. So right underneath your image, if you can go down to sort of halfway down the page to show the weather.

David: Oh no, here is that better?

Caroline: Yup.

David: Okay. So we have, um, your customer or icon, this means they bought something from you. If that’s lit up. An email subscriber means they subscribe to your, to your emails, accounts, which would be like Klaviyo or MailChimp. There are follower, which means they’re following you on social or they’re an important influencer, which means you’ve uploaded a CSV file. So just a spreadsheet of contacts to see which ones are the other most important. And then if this is if they’ve requested products from you, and the way to get that party started is to click the invite button. So this is the one click invite button that you can have. So we sort of thought to ourselves, well, hold on a minute. If we’re going to allow you to do that, why don’t we offer you some more filters? Like what? Press a media or fortune 500 companies, um, are you connected with?

David: Wow, fantastic. You can start to go, well actually I know someone at Disney. No, actually I know a bunch of people at Disney. Well, why is that? Well, I worked on a Disney video game once, but you can get the point right so you can scroll through and get a feel for ’em. This is probably some model or something of Playboy or I’ve got a few. In fact, I remember we did a special event at the, at the Playboy mansion once for a video game we did. So that would explain that we got IGN, we’ve got the Hollywood reporter, we got a LA times. So you can see how, um, if you were thinking, I wish I could get some press from my company, why not reach out to the people that buy your products? But absolutely. You know, that already are in the media.

Caroline: So if I just click on the little email icon, I can message them directly at the Instagram account or the email address.

David: Are there email accounts? So where does this email address come from? It’s your email address. It’s in your data. You just, it’s just lost in your data. It’s like in a sea of data and countless, countless millions of customers that some brands have. It’s just lost. And so that’s like the lead doing is just making it all accessible to you so you can reach out to the people that you care about.

Caroline: Well, that was the highlights from the interview with David Perry. As I said, the full interview can be heard over at www.winningwithshopify.com/summit sign up a hundred percent for free and listen to this interview in full with David Perry. And you can listen to a whole lot of other interviews as well. Have a great day and keep smiling.

Outro: Sign up for free for the Shopify approved marketing course at 1000salesandbeyond.com and get our show notes at www.justaskparker.com/podcast thanks for listening to the winning with Shopify podcast.