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Intro: Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast. This is the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine. It has the latest marketing email, sales, and social media advice and it also has strategies and tips from the experts without the fluff. Your host is Caroline Balinska. She’s a Shopify education partner with the Shopify approved course, 1000 sales and beyond and she’s the founder of justaskparker.com The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners. She has an 15 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and eCommerce. In the podcast, she’ll share her knowledge and interview the experts to help you in your journey to success. So don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska. Welcome back to the podcast.

Caroline: If you have a Shopify store, which you cannot advertise at the normal way, or maybe you’re worried about influencer marketing not working for your particular business, this is the interview you need to listen to. I’m your host, Caroline Balinska, and today I want to bring you some highlights of an interview that I did with a Shopify store owner, Angela. Right before we start, here’s a quick word from our sponsor, Gorgias, who my team use everyday in our business, Just ask Parker.

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Caroline: Angela is the owner of Get Your Boom! Back and Get Your Boom! Back is a brand of products which are specifically in the health industry and Angela has found it quite hard over the years to advertise her products due to legal, medical terms being used and things like that and Angela has had to be very clever with the way she does her advertising. This has been an amazing interview with Angela. It is so good to speak to Shopify match and is doing something different and going out there and really taking the bull by its horns and actually taking action and making things happen. So Angela is going to be giving you some really great pointers. It comes to running a Shopify store from a slightly different angle. This particular interview today is only going to be some highlights from the full interview, so to listen to the full interview head over to winning with shopify.com/summit it’s 100% free to sign up. You get three days access for free and you can listen to Angela’s interview and many, many other interviews as well. So listen on in. This is going to really help you understand a little bit better what it’s like being one of those merchants that might not go down the conventional track of a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad. There’s a lot of people out there now doing CBD sort of products. Well you can’t advertise the normal way when it comes to Facebook ads for example. So this interview is for a brand like that as well. Angela has managed to get quite a few still influences. They’re still influences, but they’re actually professionals out there that are working as influences and also getting her customers to be the influences as well. So listen on in, enjoy the interview and like I said, head over to winning with shopify.com/summit to get the full interview over there.

Angela: When people tend to think about influencer marketing, they tend to think of paid influencers to, to influence to their followers. But what we’ve done instead is we’ve really focused hard on delivering the product. And our influences are the health advocates and the health professionals who, who use that. And we enable them to share their stories very easily. So with, with our products. So our overall company’s would health evolution sounds a bit more serious. They, we do a lot of research and so on. So health evolution is our company. Get your boom back is our brand and we’ve got four formulas now in that brand as you can see some of them right here. But are influences through their reviews, through their case studies, through their communication. It tell other people how it’s impacted them.

Angela: And I tell you, it’s hard work running a supplement company. If, if I had known back in 2013-14 what we were getting into, I might’ve taken a deeper breath really because it is a complex, it’s not an easy thing to do at all. There’s quite a long lead time when you’re creating for musicians and of course we weren’t glowing specialists but, but but when we meet our customers, we’ll hear from them, either our customers or affiliates or health professionals. It’s really humbling. So I was in California last week and I invited some people in the area. I was in Garden Grove area, so I said to some of my customers aren’t the, Hey, I’m here, you know, just come and have lunch with me. And I had these amazing customers, they’ve just been straight customers of ours for over two years with different health needs. They were saying, in fact, as soon as I send the emails, I send them out by hand individually to certain labs. And the suit I had never met them for, but it’s just knew they’d been customers of ours for Wells. And as soon as the emails that they were coming back saying, Oh goodness, thank you so much for making this product. It’s what changed my life, enables me to get up from bed in the morning or whatever it is. And just one little story, Michelle, she’s a high school teacher in, um, early fifties now and she said when she was 49, she was just, could not find anything to help her. She has Crohn’s disease, which is pretty terrible. It’s just is, but you can manage it. So a lot of these things you can manage, you say I’m not claiming, claiming any treatment or cure or anything, right. It’s just get those straight. But humbly enough, this is what happens with Michelle. So she tried everything else. She heard about this and she researched and she chose our company. Because we have the genuine ingredients. So we state how much product there is. So on all the labels we say exactly how much of the activity in the key active ingredient there is. Anyway, she started using it before she started using it. She had her telomeres tested. So your telomeres is let little capsule on the end of your chromosomes and determines your, your age, your biological age. Right. And there’s a ton of research around telomeres relatively recently. And it we, it, it if you’ll telomeres a damaged, it’s a little bit like a little capsule on the end of your rhino shoelaces, you know, shoelace says little plastic bits on the end.

Angela: If they fall off the shoelace sprays and then it’s no damn good. Same thing with your chromosome ready. So the protector, these telomeres, and telling me this, every time you sell device telomeres get shorter and shorter, typically. So Michelle has her telomeres tested just before she started using our universities and her age. She was 49 at the time and her telemores is 82. No, I could not believe that. And I know one that she was feeling just terrible, although a lot of our 80 year olds are amazing, actually running all kinds of things. Anyway, so she started out a product, she said to me, I’ll see anything she did differently. She starts taking a product. Six months later we tested the telomeres and her age has gone from 82 to 53. I mean she was still 49. So it’s a bit silhouettes, you old, but then you know, she has this disease and it’s been out of control for such a long time.

Angela: Amazing. And so she was telling me all these things that enables her to do, she’s a high school teacher in the US you know, you’re doing a really important job with some of these kids. So it’s just really humbling when you hear that kind of thing. So to answer your question about influences, we tend to use our customers and our affiliates and our health specialists. We recommend our products and we enable them to tell the story. So we use a few review, different, a few different review platforms. A number of them, actually, one of them is your Ontraport makes it very easy. And when you use third party platforms, it’s not quite the same as you just sing it on your own website. You know, they said third party platforms, will publish it. So we have a whole process where we ask them what they think and then we follow up and then we ask again.

Angela: So we enable people to tell their own stories. And that, that’s one of our keys really because we haven’t really done too much in the way of marketing, um, today. We’d focused on getting our company built guessing off on me this right. Doing a lot of research and testing. And and we, cause we have personalized for me just now, we have like four different formulas because everybody and every day is different. And so we focused very much on doing the right thing. And our customers are typically repeat customers, recommendations and word of mouth. So that kind of influencer.

Caroline: So explain to us a little bit more in detail. You said that you use your Ontraport, but you said you use some other platforms as well, which are the ones and how, what’s the process? Can you take us through that process if someone purchases from you, what happens to get their review? Um and what sort of reviews are you getting from them?

Angela: Sure. So when when I first emigrated to Australia, actually nine years ago, we’d been running business in the UK for years and years and years. And I knew how powerful reviews are and back in the day, you know, years ago, there were no platforms and I used to manage and help myself manage the review process, literally manually using spreadsheets and contacting people and the managers would have to follow up. It’s, you know, this and all the app.. And whether they were really raving fans, then we asked them if we could share the story or whether they were, you know, terrible reviews or whatever. For whatever reason, you have to remember sometimes it’s not about what you’re doing. It’s about, what that person is going through in their life. You know, sometimes people take their baggage with them, sometimes people self-sabotage. So it just because they might’ve bought, I didn’t know a fashion garment from you or a health product to whatever or how had a day out or whatever the heck it is. Sometimes they just can’t get out of their own way since it’s not always about you. However, sometimes it goes, we’re all human, you know, we make mistakes and stuff make mistakes sometimes. And and so sometimes there’s a file that maybe a shipment is late or whatever it is. So we use your per book. But we also developed a process ourselves and we built a little platform ourselves. It’s just a really simple thing that enables us to follow up automatically. So somebody orders a product they get all the shipping information and they get, you know, a little email from me saying, no thank you. Better day it’s on its way and how hardworking guys in fulfillment, they’re just doing it and they’ll get right back to you.

Angela: And so the whole series of communication, we use messenger and email. So that, but then they get asked to give a review pretty quickly as well. Now we sometimes, our shipping is like a couple of days. If it’s over land, if it’s international, because we go all over the world with our our products. Sometimes that might take a little bit longer, especially to Bulgaria for of all places. It’s quite expensive and long-winded to get things into Bulgaria. I didn’t know why I would have thought that one bus gonna take him, but anyway. So, so sometimes they might get asked to review before the product arrives, but usually it’s just as it arrives or as it stops. I think that’s quite important because sometimes I’ll pull it from work super fast anyway, but when somebody buys something, you won’t be asking them for, for, for their review as quickly as possible. And then we follow up. So maybe some people think, Oh, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m going to take it for a few more days first or for a month, whatever. So we follow up. So if they don’t, he was reviewed, then we’ll follow up over a certain period of time and then we’ll follow up later. Another thing that we do is we say, Oh before you start taking this out of 10 with 10 being good, one being terrible, how is your energy, how is your sleep? And all these different things. And then we can follow that up later and say, Oh, how are you feeling now? And then we can compare that for them. So that’s quite interesting as well. But basically it’s a process. So we use, we use Ontraport for our email and we can sort of look at what they said before and then what they said after. And then we can say, we can tell them, give them the comparisons afterwards.

Caroline: I hope you enjoyed that interview with Angela from get your boom back and if you want to hear the full interview, head over to winning with shopify.com/summit the link will be in the show notes below and head over to the Facebook group winning with Shopify. I will be over there answering your questions and until next time, keep smiling.

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