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Intro: Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast. This is the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine. It has the latest marketing email, sales, and social media advice and it also has strategies and tips from the experts without the fluff. Your host is Caroline Balinska. She’s a Shopify education partner with the Shopify approved course, 1000 sales and beyond and she’s the founder of justaskparker.com The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners. She has an 15 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and eCommerce. In the podcast, she’ll share her knowledge and interview the experts to help you in your journey to success. So don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska. Welcome back to the podcast.

Caroline: I’m your host, Caroline. Glenn Scott, and I have another great highlights from the summit that I wanted to share with you today. I am bringing you all of the session highlights from the influencer marketing summit so you can listen to bits and pieces before you go and sign up. For the full influencer marketing summit. Before we start, here’s a quick word from our sponsor, gorgeous, who my team use every day in our business. Just ask Parker,

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Caroline: As I said, this influencer marketing summit is 100% free. You can sign up, listen to the three days, watch the videos for three days, 100% for free and get to know all the different tools and different types of services available for you as a Shopify merchant. So this interview today is with the lovely Danielle Lewis and Danielle is a busy, busy woman and I tried to get her on last year because I just love her app. It is amazing and I’m just so thankful and grateful that she had the time to get on this year and share with you all of the information about her app. Danielle is the owner of Scrunch and Scrunch is an app that allows to find influences. And the best part about it is that when you’re starting out, this app is completely free. So of course once you start doing a lot around influencer marketing, you can sign up for one of her plans, but Danielle actually offers her app 100% for free and that is why I wanted to get her on here because it’s an amazing app, but also the fact that you don’t have to invest a lot of money when you’re just researching and learning about this whole marketing strategy, so Scrunch, why I love this app so much is there are so many different tools out there at the moment that allows you to find influences.

Caroline: You plug in your information and a list comes up of influences. However, the way Danielle has done Scrunch is that it’s very specific and one of the key features that I love is that you can do location specifics. This is really handy for a lot of my clients that are based in Australia. I’ve got one of our clients is based in Singapore for example. We have clients based in Germany in different countries and when you’re trying to find influences in particular countries, this app is going to be very, very helpful. It also has a lot of other great features as well. And once you go into the paid plan, of course there’s so many more options, but the free plan already gives you so much options to be able to start your influencer marketing journey. So I highly recommend that you listen to the interview, go and sign up for Scrunch and try it out because this is the app that we in.

Caroline: Just ask Parker, use this with our clients as well. So when a client says to us, can you help us find influencers? We actually use Scrunch to do the research. So we’ll set up an account for our client, we’ll go through and do the initial setup of the account. We will go through and find influencers, set up the little folder for our clients, and then we allow our clients to use that account for their research themselves. Or we can go on to continue to do the other aspects of influencer marketing for our clients as well. So in just ask Parker, we use this app for our clients because we absolutely love it and we know that it has all the features that we need when doing influencer marketing research. So listen on in today we are going to be going through some highlights of the interview with Danielle. There is even more that I’ll be sharing over in the influencer marketing summit 100% for free. So you can listen to this full interview with Danielle over there. But for now let’s listen to the highlights and get to know a little bit more about Scrunch and how Scrunch can help you and how Danielle can help you as well. So enjoy.

Danielle: Scrunch is a global multichannel influencer platform and team of experts. So what that means is we have both a software platform that has over 20 million influences globally, but it also has all of their audience insights. So our customers use Scrunch as a data and analytics tool and it’s got some fabulous campaign features on there as well. So we’ll get into this into our interview today, but really where it really, really believe in the audience. And the data behind influencer marketing and can make your influencer marketing so much more powerful. So that’s the subway sign for business. And then we have the team of experts, which is similar to an agency, but we actually plug, plug into a lot of agencies and brands around the world. So we call ourselves a team of experts because we have run hundreds of influencer campaigns globally and worked with over thousands and thousands of influences as well. So those guys running the campaigns, really nice stuff around influencer marketing. You can bring some amazing campaigns to life.

Caroline: Fantastic. So people can use your platform automatically on their own or they could use where it’s the agency. So it is the two sides of the business because sometimes I just want to help everyone understand before we get into the questions. If you are a person who’s starting out and you’re not making a lot of money, then you actually, we weren’t getting to pricing and things like that by junior. The Scrunch offers a free level so people can try Scrunch completely for free and they can log in and then they can do their own influencer marketing campaigns.

Danielle: That’s correct. Exactly right. So we really wanted the data and the information to be accessible to everyone because we understand the power of influencer marketing. So for the people that are just starting out and they just want to dip their toes in the water, you can actually get enough out of the system so that you can trial different influences and see how they perform, feel business. And then when you’re kind of ready to progress on it can go into the paid versions. And then of course work with the agency as well. The agency is basically a full end to end service. So those bigger enterprise customers who really don’t have time to be managing another piece of software. And I love that because we take all of the work off their plate all the way from creative strategy through to post-campaign reporting.

Caroline: Fantastic. And now you’re working with companies like Amazon under Arma new scope, which is a big news corporation for Australia. So you’re working with a lot of huge companies, but like you said, you also can help out those little guys, the people starting out and help them get started as well.

Danielle: Definitely there’s room for everyone that’s Scrunched.

Caroline: Fantastic. So what do you think has changed over the last sort of 12 months and moving forward, what do you sort of see the projections for the 2020 and what’s been in the past? What are you seeing changing along the way? Because the whole idea of this influencer marketing summit is to help people understand influencer marketing, but understand the progress of what they should be looking for in the future.

Danielle: Yeah, absolutely. And because influencer marketing is essentially on social media, by nature it changes so, so quickly. We all know that, you know, the different platforms change that algorithms all the time. And when you’re dealing with social media, you have a voice challenges. So influencer marketing is no different. So when influences kind of first became popular, when people were identifying the right influences to work with, they really look at really high level. We call them vanity metrics. So their followers, you know, maybe how good she looked in a bikini. Those types of things. I really, that reach number and then what their content looked like as social media algorithms changed the metrics that we started to look at to determine if an influencer was right for the brand or business started to change as well. So the biggest thing that people started to look at was engagement rate.

Danielle: So when that influencer posted a picture on their account how many people in their audience actually cared about that? The world changed again and we realized the value in understanding the audience. So when the influence of posted people where they actually reaching. So that’s where Scrunch really came into its own because we provide all of that amazing audience insight. So I liken it to a Google ad. Really, you were a brand and you were investing in a Google ad or a social ad, you would absolutely be assessing all of that audience style that you’d been understanding of targeting around age, gender, ethnicity, like patient interests. We believe it should be exactly the same for influencer marketing. So we, that’s why we developed the Scrunch software platform and the world has now come to see that. And so everyone’s assessing those audience insights now before they run an influencer campaign.

Danielle: So that’s taken us up to today where a lot of people are starting to play, but we’re actually seeing the landscape move again as well. And the base two things for 2020 are going to be hybrid influence, which is essentially where we recognize that when a brand posts on social media, they’re because of the social media algorithms that posts it doesn’t reach their whole audience. And that happens because obviously the session at WEX, I want you to pay for advertising, which is fine, but the influences being on social media ads, I suffer from the same problem. So when they post, of course their postdoc reach everyone as well, but the brands are paying to access their followers. So hybrid influence is essentially where we put a media spend behind that influences posts where we can either time that just their followers. So to make it really authentic, but reach sort of that audience or we can actually extend and amplify the reach and reach the right people.

Danielle: It’s really funny actually, someone once said to me, when my influence a posts, can I choose the people that see the post? And it’s like, no, not within our control. That is Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. They’re the ones making that decision, ah, by amplifying the content and putting that social ad spend behind the influence of spice, that now puts that power back into the brand’s hands. So not super exciting. And then the next key trends to 2020 is really about multichannel. So the popularity of different social media platforms change all the time. And I’m sure everyone’s heard about tick-tock now, but it’s really becoming important, which I understand that influence is not just an Instagram sponsored posts. It’s really about understanding where your audience is and on what channel and whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, tick-tock, Pinterest, whatever it might be. And really figure out and understanding where your audience is and whether they’re combined across multiple channels. And choose your influences based on that. So I, the world is moving very quickly and I was going to move again next year.

Caroline: So just explain that a little bit more detail. I love this. This is fantastic and I think that this is really, really gonna help people understand. So if someone’s in a situation, they start working with an influencer, let’s go back a step. They can jump on your platform and on your platform. Because when you started talking before, I think a lot of people might be a bit freaked out. Like Whoa, all of that insights and the analytics and how I understand it, I don’t know what that will mean. So your platform allows people to go in there and sort of see all this data and your platform. It breaks it all down I guess is the best way to put it

Danielle: And simplifies it as well. And that’s a really, it’s a really good point because, so for us to get all of that data, we are talking about trillions of data points. So we look at all of the followers, all of their content, and we do image recognition on the content. We look at their bios, we look at their descriptions. So if you were doing that manually, that would be an absolute nightmare and very overwhelming. So what we do is we simplify that, we pull that doddering to our platform and we process it and we just display that in a beautiful protocol page. So if you were looking at an influencer, you can really quickly understand who their audience is and what they are about. And of course if you are looking at the whole pool of influences, you can use a really simple built a system too. Get the numbers down. So you’re really just looking at your top 10 that are right for you and your brand.

Caroline: Fantastic. Okay. So analytics is easy to understand with Scrunching just to let people know because you’ve got a free, and I’m very much about this when it comes to anyone that I interview at any time or anyone that I endorsed, I always talk about, you know, as a business person, we want to make sure that we are making the most of every dollar that we spend. I cringe sometimes of the people wasting money on certain areas of their business that I think, Oh, you could have saved money there to spend it somewhere else and people can use your platform for free of course. But if someone’s in a situation where they decide they want to do this alone and they just want to go through and find out this data, maybe they think that they can do better or maybe they think that they can find out more information, sort of. Can you explain if a person was going to go to Instagram themselves or Facebook or wherever, how much of this information can they find out on their own compared to what Scrunch offers for the free or even the paid version?

Danielle: Yeah, absolutely. And that’s a really great point. So you can find out eye level of data yourself without tapping into any type of technology platform. The challenge is it’s just very consuming and tedious. So we would actually recommend and give advice to people if they said no, I just want to go out and do it a line and check it aloud to yes, you can actually go onto Instagram and scroll through the feed, try and find influences. The challenge with Instagram is, and the example is that you can’t filter Instagram. So you can look at opera and maybe a little bit similar to the profiles that you can’t search for fashion influences in Australia who have X, Y, Z. So what happens is if you find someone that may look the part on the surface value, you can do a mathematical calculation to look at their engagement rate.

Danielle: But then if you actually want to find out where their audience is located or the age of their audience you would actually have the contacts that influence that and ask them for a screenshot of those demographics. And so then imagine this, you’ve emailed them influences, I’ve said, yes, no worries. Here’s my media kit and then you find out they don’t have an audience in your location. You’ve got to go all the way back to square one and I’ll let influence that and reach out to them. So if you’re doing it in that manual fashion that you absolutely can do, it’s just so time consuming.

Caroline: So I hope that you’ve enjoyed the highlights of the interview with Danielle Lewis from Scrunch. That is, as I said, only part of the interview. Danielle had so much great information to share, so please go over to winning with shopify.com/summit and listen to the full interview there, 100% for free and listen to the other 30 or so interviews that we have in there as well. It is 100% free to get three days access. I will also be adding new interviews during the year as well. There is so much great content in there and if you’re just dipping your toe into influencer marketing or if you’ve been doing it for a while and you need a little bit of a help and a push or maybe some new ideas, then this is the summit for you. It is all online. You can sign up, get access to three days at any time, and once you jump in there, you can watch the interviews. There’s a lot of the interviews with slide presentations to help you understand there’s a lot of great interviews in there that go very, very in depth with some great strategies when it comes to influencer marketing. Have a great day. Keep smiling and look forward to have you on the next podcast. Bye.

Outro: Sign up for free for the Shopify approved marketing course at 1000salesandbeyond.com and get our show notes at www.justaskparker.com/podcast thanks for listening to the winning with Shopify podcast.