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Intro & Outro: 00:00 Welcome to the Winning With Shopify podcast. The podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing, email, sales and social media advice, strategies and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host, Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskparker.com. The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design, and e-commerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska.

Caroline: 00:38 Welcome back to the podcast everyone. I’m your host Caroline Balinska. If this is the first time you’re listening, thank you so much for joining us. If you have listened to my other episodes, thank you once again for being a listener. It really helps me to know what you think, so I’d love you to leave a review. It really helps me with the rankings. It helps me understand exactly what you want to hear more of and if there’s anything you want to hear less of, so please give me a feedback in the review section. I love to hear from everyone. Now in today’s session I’m going to be sharing with you and another part of a coaching call that I’ve had with Nicole from Modern Recreation. Now this session is actually a standalone on its own. While we have been discussing subscription models, this particular part of our coaching call did not really cover subscriptions at all, so this is a standalone episode that anyone with any type of business would get a lot of benefit out of.

Caroline: 01:36 Now if you want to hear the other parts of working with Nicole, then please go back and listen to episode 28 and 41 this is part two of session two that I’ve had with Nicole. In this particular part of our session. We were discussing checkout icons, the importance of them and how they help you with your conversions on your website. And also we discussed in detail creating videos. We spoke about creating videos as a face to camera sort of experience. So interviewing people or speaking about a product, and this can really help grow your sales because it becomes a very personal, when you create videos like this, you could have how to videos, you could have informational videos, you could have all styles of videos it created when it’s face to camera. So this is very, very interesting for anyone who is able to do this for their business. And in ECOMMERCE, this means most businesses.

Caroline: 02:34 So I go into a lot of detail explaining how to use YouTube and getting success from it. There are a lot of people that have come to me and they throw something up on their YouTube channel and they get three views on it. I see it all the time that people come to me and they’ve literally had almost no views on their YouTube video and it’s probably just from testing that they ended up getting a couple. So in this I talk about how to make the most of that. How to make sure that whatever video you do put on Youtube is there to get traffic? Because while YouTube is great as a traffic resource, you do need to take a few steps to make that happen and make it happen very effectively. So I do cover that in this part of the session with Nicole so please enjoy it.

Caroline: 03:22 It was a really good part of the session. All of the sessions with Nicola been amazing. They are an amazing team. Her and her husband and they are doing really amazing things and it really does help Shopify store in is understand what they can do in their own business. So make sure you listen on in and take notes and let us know in the Facebook group. If you have any questions, come over to the Facebook group winning with Shopify and I’m always in the answering questions. Look forward to seeing you in that. Enjoy this episode.

Caroline: 03:54 I do want to ask you two things as well. Video, we want to talk about the video that you were just talking about but also on the shopping cart. One thing that I have done for a couple of my clients in the last two weeks actually I’ve been doing some website stuff for them and I’ve been adding, if you go to, are you in front of the, like can you look at a screen right now?

Nicole: 04:17 Yup.

Caroline: 04:17 If you go to that Kingcarl.com/carts.

Nicole: 04:18 Hold on.. Okay.

Caroline: 04:24 I added to, I’ve had the developer add this and at the top of the page and the way it’s done is so it works on um, mobile as well. And you can see that that I’ve added the banners of Quality Shipping, security refund, money back guarantee, and then the customer ratings.

Nicole: 04:45 At the top?

Caroline: 04:46 Underneath the word shopping cart. Can you see the little star rating customer rating?

Nicole: 04:50 Oh Yep. Right there. The shopping cart. Yup. Yup. Yeah.

Caroline: 04:54 So that’s just taking it one step further of going. This is, you know, just more trust. more people going, okay, this sounds good.

Nicole: 05:02 That’s amazing. Is that sort of Just Ask Parker?

Caroline: 05:06 uh, I can organize it for you. Yeah, I can put it through as a task for you if you want.

Nicole: 05:12 I think that would be great.

Caroline: 05:15 I’m not normally doing it and say, cause we, I try to stay away from the development stuff, but that’s the sort of thing that I just think that people were missing those things. Also, you can always put a testimonial at the bottom as well. I’m baffles. I’ve got the sender’s a gift. Have you seen that?

Nicole: 05:29 Yes

Caroline: 05:29 Can you see that on the side? So that’s one thing. That’s another app that I’ve installed onto his side because of it’s his, it’s like a high end chocolate.

Nicole: 05:39 Yeah. You know what, this is a um, yeah, that’s amazing. I really liked the send us a gift. We have a lot, like I would say out of our customers currently, right now over half of them are people that have bought this subscription for somebody else.

Caroline: 05:57 Well then you need this app. Send us a gift. So I’ve tested all of them and this was the best one I can find. Um, I continue exactly which one it is. Wait one second, y’all just remember these things off the top of my head. Um, it’s called send us gift-gift wrap.

Nicole: 06:16 Send us Gift-gift wrap. And that’s the app.

Caroline: 06:22 Yeah. And the app was a little white box with a pink tick inside it. And that’s the app that’s doing that. And it’s all color. Like the colors being changed from the website. Um, it’s got a different setting as well that came up somewhere else.

Caroline: 06:36 But this one just worked better for his business. So there’s two different settings. I can’t remember exactly.

Nicole: 06:41 I mean the great thing is is we don’t have as many people right now. So when I’m seeing that, like I’m the one that creates all the labels and then sends the labels to our us. Like we’re in Canada but our warehouses in the states. And so I will go in and make that label for that, you know, customer that’s, that’s been gifted and make sure that there’s no invoice or anything sent through to them. Um, but this is amazing. This was, this just streamlines everything.

Caroline: 07:09 It does make things better. I do Like it. Um, yeah, install it and see how you go with that. I like those icons there. The other thing that we’ve done with those icons is that we’ve put them down in the full footer at the bottom as well.

Caroline: 07:22 If you can see them in the footer of that website as well.

Nicole: 07:24 Yeah, no I love that because you know what, when I see that right away, I’m like we’re, there’s Angels Cup. I just found out about another subscription that is similar to us in regards to getting all these roasters, um, around internationally and like by far our website kicks butt. Like when I’m looking at all these other guys. And um, but what I like about the shopping cart, what you guys have done there is like, it does, it makes it look more legit. It looks more trusted. And I know right off the bat that nobody have it. Like any of our competitors aren’t using that. And I think that that, like if, if you guys are willing, we would be interested in that because these kinds of things are what’s gonna set us apart. And it also is gonna look like we know what we’re doing.

Caroline: 08:11 Yeah. It’s just everything that can add some sort of credibility to your website because what you told me earlier in the call, and that’s why I wanted to bring that up was because you told me earlier you’re getting people to the shopping cart but then not going through with the purchase. So if they’re landing on this page and they’re saying, I don’t know if I want to buy. That just adds to, hey, that’s a good reason for me to buy. Yeah. Okay. So we can put that in as a task. The other thing I was going to ask you going way, way, way over time, but that’s fine. Who’s like, I’m glad we’re covering these things. The video, you were saying something about video,

Nicole: 08:49 Yap

Caroline: 08:49 What is the situation? Because you started off by saying that you didn’t know about how to create an, even though you don’t have professional equipment. Do you want to tell me like where you’re at with that? Because I can give you sort of some feedback on that.

Nicole: 09:02 No. That’s great. So we have one of my friends, her brother actually just got nominated for a shorty award. He’s a breakthrough YouTube artists for 3 million. He has 3 million subscribers. And he actually has been teaching how to do video with even as simple as an iPhone.

Caroline: 09:22 Yes, good.

Nicole: 09:23 And it’d be amazing. So I had one of the oldest iPhones and my husband who ironically reject social media has a clam cellphone. And we’re both,

Caroline: 09:33 Okay, lovely!

Nicole: 09:33 which is hilarious. So last week I was in, I upgraded my phone. So now we have the right phone. Um, we went to like our hardware store, we bought a proper led lights. We have a whiteboard canvases now. Um, so that was kind of the things like we didn’t know that you needed this and putting proper light and letting your face and lighting product, uh, set up. So that’s kind of what took us longer because we thought, okay, you just put on a video, it doesn’t even matter, but the quality is horrible.

Nicole: 10:07 The sound is horrible. So that’s, so when I was explaining like my husband has been in training, he has legitimately been every single day learning from this guy and then we’re applying it, seeing what we did, right, seeing what we did wrong. Um, so we think that we’re almost there. We finally found the location in our house that is the perfect lighting. And so now we’re actually, today it’s on our agenda. We need a proper backdrop. So we’ve, you know, um, nice shelves with some coffee books on it with, you know, just kind of that background that makes it look a little bit more inviting. Um, we’re either experts that are talking to you. Um, we’re not worried about being too serious. We want to have fun. That’s what we’re learning about some of these YouTube professionals is they’re very relatable and personable and they know how to tell a good story.

Nicole: 10:58 Um, so those were the things that we were just lacking in was, um, just actual equipment. So we haven’t gone out. We’ve done completely everything on a budget simply by upgrading our phone. My husband has been quite, uh, he’s the macgyver he’s been taking our like photo tripod or camera tripod and rigging things so that extended the right way. Um, so that’s, yeah, so that took us time, but I think we’re at the point now where we’re ready to just start putting the video together.

Caroline: 11:29 Okay. So let me give you some advice. Please. Just do it. That’s my first. And you’ll never ever be happy with your first (INAUDIBLE). You just never will be. Yeah?The next thing that can give you advice. So I worked in this fashion and modeling industry for a very, very like 16 years. And I also, I worked in modeling agency, I did some modeling and when I started getting in front of the camera myself, I hated it. Like I would literally to put together a two minute video, I would take six hours. I’m not joking, I just, I hated my, I’ve always hated myself on film. And so it was always like these, I go on to a professional course to learn how to speak, blah, blah, blah. And the only thing that makes me be able to do it now is just time. Just doing it over and over.

Nicole: 12:16 That’s right.

Caroline: 12:16 All that comes down to, I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities in Australia. You look back when they first things that they did and you just go, my God, you are terrible. So even celebrities, even actors and things like that, they were really bad in the beginning. It’s just, it’s practice and you just have to get in front of the camera. The best thing that I can recommend to you is you to sit down and do a mock. Are you both, you want to be in front of the camera together or just want to do, or is that what you’re thinking?

Nicole: 12:42 I think it’s about both of us. We have that good banter back and forth, so I think that we would, yeah, with both of us. So there I think it’ll reach more people.

Caroline: 12:52 So just get in front of the camera and do a couple of takes of just running through it. And the best thing you can do, like so don’t worry, lighting doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s just more about YouTube. Control yourselves in front of the camera. And then the best advice I can give you is do it. And when you do it, go back and watch the video from start to finish of the two of you and just pick up on everything. Like I’ve actually, I’ve done this in the video before I explain it. I literally my first video where I sat down and watched it back, I was like looking out by everyone says I have like these blown expressions on my face and I’d look up as I’m talking, explaining something. And then when I actually look back the movie, I’m like, I look like I’m a crazy person. Like I literally look like a crazy person and when I do it and when I do it, like I talk like that to my friends normally. But I realize on camera it doesn’t look normal. Like it looks crazy. And the other thing I was like had the camera caught just like sort of at the breast line and I was talking with my hands in front of like my breasts, like where I would go move my hands. But on the camera, it looks like I’m touching my breasts.

Nicole: 14:00 Okay.

Caroline: 14:00 So things like that, that you just go, oh my God. Oh, like, yeah. It’s just more the expressions where you look, how you move your head and you just have to watch it and then pick up on those things and then just go back and go, okay, we’re going to retake that. And just each of you pick up, once you get all of those silly things out of that, you’re actually not going to have any, you’re not going to feel uncomfortable anymore because you’re going to be in front of the camera going, okay, I’ve gotten rid of those, you know, stupid hands expressions or the way, you know, you’ll know how to look at each other at the camera and things like that. So the best thing you can do now is just today, tomorrow, like for the next few days, do like five or six tapes.

Nicole: 14:35 Okay.

Caroline: 14:37 Doesn’t have to be the whole way through. Yeah. Like, if you’re wanting to have a five minute video, then you know, just do a couple of minutes. Watch it and then go, okay, these are things that we shouldn’t be doing. The other thing is, is are you planning on using it on Youtube?

Nicole: 14:48 Yes

Caroline: 14:50 Okay.

Nicole: 14:51 Should we?

Caroline: 14:51 Have you, Yes. So there’s a few things with YouTube. So Youtube, the way it works is that the more that people watch your video from start to finish, so the more percentage that they watch, the more likely YouTube is to push it up on the side section.

Nicole: 15:14 Okay.

Caroline: 15:14 Okay? So it comes into keywords as well. I’ve got a special app where we can do it for you in JustAsKParker, when you put up a video, we can go through and get your right keywords. We can s like SEO the video for you.

Nicole: 15:25 Yeah

Caroline: 15:25 But to make sure that it gets shown on the side to get it into the search results, it comes down to the percentage of the video that gets watched. So the thing is, is that the, it’s not about the length. So you can have a really long video and you can have a really short video. So some people will tell you it has to be this long. That’s not true. You just have to make sure people watch nice 990% of it. So if you’ve got stale bits in the middle where people are turning off then people are going to drop off. So I would rather you do a three minute video that’s really raw, raw, raw and interesting than doing a 10 minute video to try to fill up time to say we’ve got a long video.

Nicole: 16:06 Got It. Okay.

Caroline: 16:09 So you just want to keep it as short and concise and to the point as interesting as possible. That is the key to it.

Nicole: 16:17 Short, precise, and interesting. Okay.

Caroline: 16:20 And then you know, once you get into it you start getting into the keywords and things like that. So before you start, so what do you sort of base in your videos on? Have you sort of decided because just going to say, do you want me to give you this sort of an outline of choosing your videos, what you should be looking for to decide on?

Nicole: 16:37 Yes. Yeah, absolutely. I mean the first, like our first thought the initial is um, two. So the second bag reveal, which is called the Mizzou project that we were thinking of doing a video with that only because the story is so ridiculous what this guy is doing. Um, and the coffee that actually arrived in the bag, um, that we thought that is something right away that we could do. But when it comes to other videos, we would absolutely love recommendations cause we are looking.

Caroline: 17:08 So that’s a good example. So you’ve got an idea of what you want to do. Um, and that’s great. So now you have to make that a video. So that could just be a video on your website and it doesn’t matter. Like, because it can just go out to the people on your email list and they want you to them, they’ll love it. That’s fine. But to make it something that’s, um, becomes a traffic generating strategy, you would take that video that you want to do as that concept and you would say, okay, now we, we know what we want to do, we want to talk about this particular coffee. So what I would do is get on YouTube and start looking around to see what other YouTubers, other videos are talking about that are getting high amounts of views.

Nicole: 17:48 Okay.

Caroline: 17:48 Okay. So let’s say, so what is this? Is this a coffee from Africa? Is that,

Nicole: 17:54 Yap, it’s from Uganda.

Caroline: 17:57 Okay. So let’s say for instance, um, you’ve got, um, uh, like, okay, well I’m just throwing things out there so I don’t know exactly, but I’m just going to tell you where I would start from and you would know better than me. So I’m just like, give you an idea. So go to YouTube and type in, like, uh, first type in like international roasters and type in Africans coffee bean roasters, words like that, and start to see what comes up. And then you’ll see on the top of the list, you’ll see some videos that have had a thousand views and some that will have 100,000 views and some that will have a hundred views. And then you want to go in and look at those videos and start to see, start to understand who is producing those videos.

Caroline: 18:37 You want to know who the actual person is. Is there a couple of YouTube ads that are doing a lot of these sort of videos stat? So this is just sort of your research phase at the moment.

Nicole: 18:46 Okay.

Caroline: 18:48 And just keep like a spreadsheet of all of this information. It’s going to just start with this first video that you want to do because it’s a good place to start. Um, and then you start to write down, okay, these are the YouTuber that we’re seeing doing it. You want to know, like if someone has a thousand views and someone has a hundred views, for example, if the thousand views has 999 thumbs down, then that’s not a good video yet. And then if everyone’s only had a hundred views but they’ve had all thumbs up, then that’s better. So it’s not so much about the number of views because some videos go viral for the wrong reasons.

Caroline: 19:23 Maybe not so much in your industry, but just so you can, I’m just using extreme examples here, but then you can say, okay, well these videos are getting really good. So look at the thumbs up from sign and start looking through the comments of what comments are people leaving on the videos. If you want to make these YouTube videos now, you can chop it out. So what you put on Youtube will be one version and then you can cut it down to the one on your website.

Nicole: 19:48 Yah

Caroline: 19:48 Now what I recommend, I’m sort of jumping around a bit, but I recommend putting your video on your website from a platform like Vimeo for example.

Nicole: 19:57 Yep.

Caroline: 19:58 And the one that’s on YouTube, go on Youtube. So I put some of my videos. If I’m putting them on Youtube, I’m always putting them on Vimeo as well. And on my website, they’re with the Vimeo. That’s because it looks better to start off with. It doesn’t look like a YouTube video and second of all, it doesn’t at the end connect you to other YouTubevideos.

Nicole: 20:17 Right, okay.

Caroline: 20:17 So that’s the biggest thing people do wrong, that they put up their video on YouTube, put it on their website, someone watches it at the end it goes, go to YouTube and watch all these other videos and it’s like people set person,

Nicole: 20:28 Right, okay.

Caroline: 20:28 So you want to keep them on your website. Vimeo, you can also have at the end show like different options. It can be another video, it can be the side of the video. It can be a link. Just hit some options that you do not send them off to another person’s platform,

Nicole: 20:42 Okay.

Caroline: 20:42 Which is the most important thing. So then if you create a video and want to put it on Youtube, let’s say it’s this one about Ugandan coffee. What I would say in there at the end and at the beginning is “Hey guys, would love to know your comments. If you’ve ever drunk at coffee from Uganda before, please leave a comment in the comments below.”

Nicole: 21:02 Okay.

Caroline: 21:03 So you say that, start, you say that at the end and then you can cut that out and take it off like all your website version.

Nicole: 21:11 Okay, amazing.

Caroline: 21:12 So what YouTube is doing is it that they’re looking at how many views you’re getting, they’re looking at how long people are staying on your video, the percentage that’s watch and they’re looking at the interaction. So you want to also say, “Hey subscribe to this channel. We’ve got so many more videos that are coming up all about the most amazing roasters you’ll ever hear of these people or Blah, blah, blah, doing all these amazing things.” You want to tell them to thumbs up the video as well and you want to tell them to leave a comment. So you want to try and get them to do all three of that, then your Youtube’s going to boost you up higher.

Nicole: 21:46 Okay.

Caroline: 21:50 Now you can cut all of those things out and then put the video on Vimeo without that section. And then there’s all these other things like making sure your thumbnail looks good and then you want to talk about the actual, let’s go back to what the actual video is about. So it’s Ugandan coffee from some roaster. Now you’ve sort of got the idea because you know that history is amazing, but now we want to think about, okay, what sort of words can we use in the title of that that are going to interest people based on other stuff that is already getting successful on YouTube.

Nicole: 22:20 Right.

Caroline: 22:22 Because then if you see a video, if a video has got a million views at that, a coffee in Uganda made from snake oil just as an example. Yeah, I’m just making things up. And then you have a video with the same sort of keywords and then you choose more likely to put you in the search thing next to it as the next video to watch.

Nicole: 22:43 Okay.

Caroline: 22:45 So if you see a video and it’s like, Hey, okay, we’re not exactly going down that. But for example, coffee made in Uganda with snake oil, you can write, “Our coffee has no snake oil” as an example. Yeah?

Nicole: 22:58 Right.

Caroline: 22:59 Because then you’re at least connecting to those other videos that are getting lots of views that you’re not, you’re not lying, you’re not, you know, you’re not lying, but you’re at least trying to make some sort of connection to, hey, other people watching these videos, how can we be part of that? But still tell a story.

Nicole: 23:15 Okay,

Caroline: 23:17 So do some research now before you start doing any videos and start to say, okay, you’ve got this one about Uganda, how can you break down that story? Maybe there’s something you have to add into that story. Maybe there’s just a title or something in the description that you have to add and then that’s, that’s more SEO work, things like that. What you put into that description? How you link people back to your website? You can put a coupon code there in the, um, in the section, in the description section to get them back to your website. Put Your Instagram information in that video, um, description section to send people to your Instagram. Just try to get people to connect with you. In some way.

Nicole: 24:00 Okay.

Caroline: 24:02 And then once you start from there, then you start going, okay, now we just generally, we’ll look at some other ideas and you’ll start to make a list and then you can actually list that. These are the next 10 videos we’re going to film and these are the topics that we’re going to talk about.

Nicole: 24:18 All right, perfect.

Caroline: 24:18 Now the other good thing is while you’re doing that research and you start to save what other YouTubers are doing, a lot of things around coffee and you can reach out to those YouTubers ads and ask them to become your influencers.

Nicole: 24:29 Okay.

Caroline: 24:32 So if you watch, the on the influencers of somebody, if you watch video, think video seven with Mike on day one. He’s pretty sure he’s video seven. He talks about how he works a lot with YouTube influencers and him personally reaches out. He doesn’t use the platforms to reach out to them. He actually just (INAUDIBLE) his team reaches out personally to the influencers because they very specific with their nation. You are too. So you know, you don’t have a thousand people’s reach out to you put a lot less. So just while you’re doing this research, you might as well try to find the influencers at the same time because it’s going to help you understand what’s going on.

Nicole: 25:10 Okay.

Caroline: 25:10 But you can also have a nice list there if these the influencers that we should talk to or they need you to join bench and maybe then on influence and maybe that there’s, you know, maybe they sell some sort of coffee couple, who knows. Yeah. There’s, there’s many things that you might come across as a joint venture opportunity.

Nicole: 25:27 Okay.

Caroline: 25:33 Got a few things to do?

Nicole: 25:35 Yes. We have lots of ideas and exciting. This is great. No, it’s, it’s nice to actually have a tangible to do list and know what we’re doing instead of sitting here going, okay, so what do we do?

Caroline: 25:49 Yeah. And look, next time, once you get these things worked out, oh we thought we’d get onto it. But this is the thing. Every single client is in a different situation and I’ve just given you the list of things that you need to do first you need to take care of. But next time I think we start talking about your actual content calendar. So sitting down and working out the three months ahead of what content you should be putting out. Because for example, Pinterest takes three to six months to peak.

Nicole: 26:15 Right.

Caroline: 26:17 So it means that anything you’re putting on Pinterest now is not going to hit its peak until six months from now. So putting up something today for tomorrow for Valentine’s Day is not going to be irrelevant at all. Running ads will, you know, you can jump faster with ads, but if you want organic, it’s not going to peak for six months.

Nicole: 26:38 Okay.

Caroline: 26:38 So you really need to start thinking if Pinterest, and I think Pinterest is a good place for you, if you know the sort of roasters you’re going to have six months from now, then you want to stop putting a content about those roasters to start, you know, sneak peak things. And we’ve got a structure in a way for your website that you know, giving away too much information, but you also are putting something out there that people are interested in.

Nicole: 27:01 Okay. Absolutely. Yup. Okay. Yeah, I understand that. That, okay,

Caroline: 27:06 So a few things to do.?

Nicole: 27:07 Yes. Yes. Thank you so much for your time. I really, really appreciate it.

Caroline: 27:11 That’s all right.

Nicole: 27:11 This is amazing.

Caroline: 27:13 No, I’m so happy. You know, it just, it means a world to me that you guys are taking action. You have no idea how to me that none of this is possible if it wasn’t for someone like you actually taking the action to make it happen. Yeah. Because my advice means nothing about that. So it means more to me than you understand. So I’m really happy for you guys and I’m more than happy to help you cause I can say that you guys are making it happen.

Nicole: 27:36 Oh, wonderful. Well thank you so much and we will, I’m going to get on perfect audience right now and get that set up.

Caroline: 27:43 Super. Have a wonderful day. I’ll speak to you guys next week. Okay. Have a great week.

Nicole: 27:49 Thanks Caroline. You too. Bye.

Caroline: 27:50 Bye.

Nicole: 27:51 Bye.

Caroline: 27:55 Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode. I do have even more of these to share with you, which I’ll be sharing with you over the coming months, and if you have any questions, as I said, come into the Facebook group Winning With Shopify and I’m happy to answer anything for you over there. Have a great day and keep smiling.

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