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Intro & Outro: 00:00 Welcome to the Winning With Shopify podcast, the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing, email sales and social media advice strategies and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host, Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskparker.com. The only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and ecommerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska.

Caroline: 00:37 Hi everyone. Welcome to the podcast. It’s Caroline Balinska. I’m your host and today is a little bit of a special episode so I had something else coming out today, but something happened over the weekend which was very sad actually. It was just a really sad email that I received and it just made me start thinking and it really got me thinking about what I’m doing. Everything that I do, what do I actually do, all of these for. It really brought to light that I am doing what I do for the right reasons. I bring up this podcast weekly, I give a lot of free advice and a lot of free training along the way and, Yeah, this sad email came through and it just really made me question everything. So today I actually wanted to bring you five steps to instant Pinterest success and it all came from this particular email.

Caroline: 01:30 So this email came through and it just made me go, okay, what can I do better? I do this podcast weekly and it always bring you so much information. I’m told that by everyone that contacts me and says, great, thanks so much for all of this wonderful information and that’s fantastic. And I’ve done a couple of episodes about Pinterest. I’ve also done a workshop. If people haven’t actually seen that, I’m going to put a link into the Just Ask Parker website. At the top it says free training and there’s a click down and then you can actually get the link to the Webinar replay and watch that webinar there. And it’s with my advisor Nina, who’s the advisor for Just Ask Parker and she talks all about Pinterest in much more detail. But it got me thinking from getting this email and it just made me think, what else can I do?

Caroline: 02:23 And that’s where I came to the conclusion is maybe I can bring you just a really quick instant way of getting success on Pinterest. What I’m going to bring you today is not the be all and end all. It’s not the only thing you need to do. And I really recommend that you go and watch the Webinar. Um, there’s two episodes here on the podcast about Pinterest that are very, very helpful. Also people who sign up into Just Ask Parker, we actually have at 10 part video training that is completely included, that you can actually get access to if you are one of our members. And we either will do the services for our clients of Pinterest or our clients can learn to do it themselves. So there’s so many different options there. But today I wanted to bring you five steps on how to get instant results.

Caroline: 03:12 And the reason why this came about. So over the weekend I got an email, I sent out an email on, I think it was Saturday. And I sent out an email saying that I’ve got my course that’s relaunched. So it’s the second edition. Um, I brought it out again this year and it’s 1000 sales and beyond. And I worked through all of these processes with my coaching clients. I brought it out last year. I’m bringing it out again where you can actually just buy the training at an extremely cheap price and I was having a special offer for the weekend and it was just ridiculously cheap based on what I know what’s on the market, knowing that I bring so much more value to what else is on the market, knowing that it’s very targeted for Shopify and all of that. So I sent out this email and I got this really sad email back from someone that’s on my list and it just really upset me.

Caroline: 04:03 And he just wrote, um, something along the lines. I can’t remember exactly, but he said something along the lines of, um, none of us can afford this training. We’re all here. Um, we all want sales because we can’t afford to pay for the training. And my first thing was, well, hang on a second. Not everyone’s in that situation. But then I realized there are a lot of people in that situation and I really think that the reason why most people are in that situation, the ones that are in that situation of having no money is because it is this huge thing online. There’s a huge, um, there’s these groups of people that walk around saying, Hey, set up a Shopify store and you get instant success and you’ll make all this money and you don’t need any money to, um, to invest in it and you can become a millionaire with nothing.

Caroline: 04:53 And look at me and I’m getting really fed up with all of that. And if you listen to my episode last week, I spoke about, you know, these scams that are out there. So I don’t want to get into that today. But what I do want to say is that I totally understand that there’s a lot of people like that. But I can say one thing that I say all the time, I say this to my clients. I say to people that sign up to Just Ask Parker. I say to people on the free training and my Facebook group everywhere I said it here before. You either have to have money or you have to have time or you can have a mix of both. But if you don’t have any time and you don’t have any money, then don’t expect to get any success. That’s honestly the most important thing that you have to remember.

Caroline: 05:38 Shopify as a platform is not doing anything wrong. Shopify, is amazing what it offers is amazing. Um, I’ve started my first ecommerce to 13 years ago. I know how it’s been over the years. I’ve seen every single from the beginning of time, I’ve seen it all the way through. So I know what Shopify has to offer is amazimg. But the other platform to help you get sales. If you don’t have time and you don’t have money, then nothing that Shopify can do for you is going to help. And it’s not Shopify’s fault. So take this into account and understands that it’s not this magical overnight success. It’s not a matter of just setting up a Shopify store and putting your credit card details in and then suddenly getting all these sales. So there’s more to it. And today I want to bring you the five steps to instant Pinterest success.

Caroline: 06:30 Why am I doing this? Because I actually believe that out of all the platforms at this current time, Pinterest is one of the best, if not the best when it comes to free traffic. I’ve spoken about it over the last few weeks in my Facebook group. Um, I’m getting amazing results with Pinterest, amazing traffic. We had the webinar the other week with Nina talking about different aspects of that and please, there is so much more to this than what I’m going to teach you today. But if you can implement what I’m going to teach you today, if you go away and do this and you go through each of these steps, I guarantee you are going to be absolutely blown away by the success you can get. Just like implementing what I’m going to teach you today. So what I highly recommend is that you may be great and sit down in front of your computer and start doing this step by step.

Caroline: 07:24 While I’m speaking it through, I’m going to speak through every single step of it. And on top of that, I’ve actually just in the last couple of minutes, it’s now Monday. Um, this is going to go live straight away. As soon as I record this, I’ll get this straight out and I have just in last few minutes, created a pin for one of my clients and I have set that live on my personal website on my personal Pinterest account. Now I’d love to bring you the stats for that immediately. However, Pinterest analytics is not available for the last three days. I get, it’s sort of like, it does sort of show a little bit, but it actually can be like up to three days behind. So what I’ll be doing is after I released this on Wednesday and Thursday this week, I’ll actually put the stats into the Facebook groups, come and join the Facebook group, winning with Shopify.

Caroline: 08:16 Come into the Facebook group and I’ll be posting it in there, a screenshot of what’s going on. I have no idea what’s going to happen because I can say that my Pinterest account is not set up for my client’s business. So nothing about my account. I don’t have the boards, I don’t have the um, the profile. But what I do want to show you is just by implementing the right title, description and Hashtags, you can start to get amazing results. But what I want to go through right now is a five steps to instant Pinterest success based on everything we learned from Nina based on everything that Nina has showed us in all the trainings. And then the Webinar, I’m going to implement these now super quickly, but like I said, this is not the bill and indoor. There is more to it but. If you only do these five steps, you are going to see amazing results very, very quickly.

Caroline: 09:10 So let’s go, let’s go through exactly what we have to do step by step. The first thing you need to do is your profile. So you need to give yourself a good profile description. I can’t stress this enough. Change your profile. Now I’m going to talk about titles and descriptions on step four, but what I want to say is both for um, the profile. Next is the boards, but all three of these profile boards and your actual pin. When you talk about, when we talk about creating the right words, here’s what you have to do. You have to think about this from an Seo perspective exactly as if you’re doing a Google SEO task. So if you’re going through an SEO in your products or SEO on your website for Google, we’re going to look at Pinterest in the same way. So Pinterest actually is a huge set search engine.

Caroline: 10:05 Your pins will show up on Google when you are listed. When you’re ranking on Pinterest, you also rank on Google. So this is like a freeway to get SEO on Google. And the way Pinterest works, it works on two areas that works on the image, which is what people are seeing, but it also works on your keywords and your title, description, hashtags. All that comes into play. So when you think about your profile, what I want you to think about is not setting up a profile that um, might sound good to you. Feel Ego or maybe you think it’s right. I want you to think about the actual word. So the first thing you have to do to come up with the three areas, profile boards and title and description areas, you need to go away and do a little bit of research. So what I have done, I’m going to walk you through it while we talk while I talk about it is for a particular client of mine, have businesses called pleasure travels.

Caroline: 11:03 And I’m just going to, she’s gone through this awhile ago but, and she’s not really doing a lot on Pinterest at the moment, but I’m just going to go through and show you how we can actually up level her Pinterest account for her. So I’m on her account now and if I go to her Pinterest profile she’s got @leisuretravels.com you. Can find your perfect bag for Your Business and leisure travels and then (inaudible) her joy, man. Now that technically sounds correct, but you need to put as many keywords in there and as many benefits. So think of it this way. If someone lands on your Pinterest profile, let’s say your going to look at something else. Let’s say you wanted to know about the um, new food to eat. Or you want us to know about what baby clothes to buy or you want to know what gym, you know, fitness stuff, maybe food, maybe work out ideas that you want us to know about.

Caroline: 12:02 So you can find out all of this on Pinterest. If you land on someone’s profile, what are you looking for? You’re looking for the benefit. What is the benefit of continuing to rate people? Give you three seconds off their time after three seconds or sometimes even less. They’re gone. They don’t want to stick around. So you need to try to capture those straight away and not let them leave. So @leisuretravels.com you can find your perfect. Now that straight away seems really salesy. And the idea of Pinterest is we don’t want to make it look salesy. We want to look like we’re helping people. So leisure travels is all about travel and business combined. So people that go on business trips that they also want to do some traveling as well. That’s the sort of people that this business is trying to target. So in that case we have to think about what are the benefits that these people are looking for.

Caroline: 12:58 They want to find the right business attire, they want to find the right travel items. They want to find out how to mix and match to go from corporate to high fashion or to lounge wear or to um, leisure wear very, very quickly. They want to be able to pack in one small suitcase. A lot of things that they can wear for both business and for leisure. So that’s the sort of thing, and I’m don’t want to sit here and put words into my client’s mouth exactly because that’s something that she needs to come with herself. However, if we can sit here and start to think, okay so we can just straight away take out those first two words @pleasuretravels.com because that’s trying to sell the website, which is what we’re trying to do is help people with what they’re trying to do. So find yours.

Caroline: 13:47 So the next line is you can find your perfect back so we can cut that down and say find your perfect bag for your business and leisure travels. Um, find the perfect, um, laptop bag or travel bag for your business and leisure travels. What I’ve done there is I’ve added in a few keywords. So what you need to do is go into the search and start looking at keywords, what other words that are searching w that said people are searching for to want to find what you are offering. And the best way to do that is go up into the search at the top. I’m going to do it while we’re talking. So we’re talking business travel. So I’m going to type in just straight away business and the word travel as I typed that in this dropdown that comes down and I’ll tell you what it says.

Caroline: 14:31 It says business travel is the first one is what I’ve tapped in. The next one is business travel outfits. Then the next one is business travel tips, business travel packing, business travel outfits, airport, and then I can start to go, okay, I’m going to choose the third one. Business travel packing. Once I click on that. So this is a little bit of a Rabbit’s Warren that you have to go on and I recommend you spend about 30 minutes doing this, writing down all of your notes and you keep that moving forward forever. So this is just something that you have to do once. So I’ve clicked on business travel packing and then along the top there’s all these colored little button sort of icons. And in there we’ve got, now that I’ve tapped in business, travel packing, you can see lists, you can see carry on bag, women, winter, men’s tips, products, suitcases, summer clothes, trips, life shops.

Caroline: 15:25 And it just goes on and on and on. Now if I want to click on, let’s just say for instance, let’s go something more carry on bag. So I’ve already typed in business travel packing and I’m gonna Click on carry on bag. So now along the top, uh, pinchers shows me business travel, packing carry on bag and suddenly I see all of these items that show up. So that is actually one keyword that they’re recommending that you can actually use. Now what I would do from there is I’ll take out, the first words that I typed in was business travel. I’m going to take out the words business travel and I’m going to take out the words packing and I’m just going to leave carry on bag as the word and I’m going to go and hit search and see what comes up. And I can see all these words around carry on bag.

Caroline: 16:12 Then I can start to see, um, the buttons. It says carry on bag essentials, best carry on bag, packing, what to put in, luggage, for teens, airplain, for kids. So some of these words are not relevant, but there’s some that are really good checklist. Perfect. So perfec carry on bag. Uhah!. That’s probably another one. So that makes me think, okay, perfect carry on bag. So what about perfect carry on, travel out. It already pops up. I put in the word perfect, carry on bag and then straight away underneath it comes up. Perfet carry on bag travel. So then I can click on that and start to see what comes up. Now I want to write a list of all of these words. All of these words go on my list. Now once I come up with all of these words, I get a couple of them and I use them in my profile. I use them in my boards.

Caroline: 17:04 I use them in my title, description and Hashtag. So make sure that you’ve got a list of all of these words and that’s all you have to do. It is no rocket science to an apple and I recommend if you can spend 30 minutes doing that, you are going to make a huge difference. So I started wanting to do this episode today because I find a lot of people out there in a situation where they can’t afford to use my services and my services at Just Ask Parker are dirt cheap because we really are catering to people who want to get that first thousand sales and we do it in such a way that you do a lot of the work yourself, but we take over where you can. Now some people can’t even afford that if you cannot afford to work with us, which I totally respect and I totally understand, you must go through what I’m saying.

Caroline: 17:55 Even if you can afford to work with us, these things that I’m teaching you are going to be essential to you getting traffic to you getting conversions. Now, one thing I just want to state at this very moment, stop looking for traffic just as being the main thing that you’re doing. So a lot of people, I spoke about it last week using certain Facebook ad companies who don’t know what they’re doing. They’re just bringing you traffic or just trying to get on Pinterest and using words around, let’s say for instance the word bag. There is no point in the case of my client to use a word bag as one of her keywords because the thing is she is not selling bags. She’s selling a very particular bag to a very particular market. So she went around just trying to get people to look at our stuff for the word bag.

Caroline: 18:45 Then she’s going to get the wrong people to her website. So I’d rather you get less people but the right people. So please take action. That is step one is going through and updating your profile, making sure that you’ve actually got the right word. So that is that it will take you, if you can spend 30 minutes on step one, then you never have to do that again. It’s literally done once and once ever. Now step two, step two is updating your boards. I want you to go through your boards and make sure that you have all the right board. So let’s go back to my client and have a look at her boards. Um, like I said, she’s not doing a lot on Pinterest and I really do believe that she can be doing a lot more on Pinterest and really upping her. Um, um, um, um, what am I saying? Upping her. Um, visitors. I’ve just lost her and that’s why I’m sort of half talking while I’m, let me just find her again because I’ve just clicked so many other things that I’ve lost her actual, uhmm

Caroline: 19:52 sorry, I’m just, this is all raw and I’m doing it all while we’re talking. So here we go. So I’m back to her actual profile. So back on her profile. As I said, we’re going to talk about boards now. So I’m clicking on her boards and she’s got nine boards there. She’s got, bless your travel, travel, travel accessories, fashion and style, inspiration, travel tips, guides, places to visit and backpacks. Now the first thing I see when I look at it is that you need to remove all of your competitors’ products. You don’t need to have your competitors’ products there. You can do everything but not to put up your competitor’s products. You don’t need to have them that you, it’s not like your trying to have, while you’re trying to avoid it, but you’re not doing anything negative or nasty. You’re just not in including that in what you’re doing.

Caroline: 20:45 So for example, I see one of her boards, she’s got a really nice backpack. There is no need to have that backpack unless you’re actually selling it because she sells travel bags. So just take it out. But some ideas of more boards that she could have. She should have a board for scarves. So at the moment she’s got a board called fashion and style that’s way too broad. So I would have one just saying travel scarves because that’s a big thing for women because you can easily really update a wardrobe and change wardrobe just based on your scarf. So having a whole section just about travel scarves would be fantastic. Um, another one, she’s got already got places to visit, she’s already got the guides. Um, that was one big thing when working together was creating guides for her business. That’s another thing. Shoes, travels, shoes, you know, best shoes to travel in that you can convert.

Caroline: 21:36 There’s shoes out there that you can change the ribbon or um, you can, um, there’s these sandals out there where you can actually put little different, um, diamante things on the front of them and turn them from a casual to a dressy sandal. All sorts of things like that. Creams. Another thing would be, you know, traveling beauty tips would be a really good one as well. And another one would be not, that’s all I had on my list. So those are the ones that I would add. So she definitely add three or four more ones. Now, for example, if you’re doing something around fashion, this is a really good one. So Interiors or fashion. What I love to see is color coordinating. So, um, pinks, greens, summer greens, um, Winter Greens, um, and all of these, you can actually come up with all of these boards that are very, very targeted.

Caroline: 22:29 Why is this important? It’s important to have targeted boards because if I go through and I’m, I’m on Pinterest as a user and I just see fashion and style as the name of the board. It’s like yeah fashion style. Oh yeah, yeah. I see a hundred fashion and style boards every day. However, if I saw a board called travel scarves, I’d be like, hang on, I need a travel scarf. I love to travel. And you know, scarves are so important. Happen take a scar from the office to being a Sarong on the beach. What are these scarves? And then that would be something enticing for me. Or if I was looking at fashion and I saw, um, boards that will like neutral colors and neutrals for summer or pinks for summer or Greens for summer or yellows for summer. If I’m looking and I’m thinking about, for instance, I’m going to a wedding this weekend and I want to wear something that’s like a bright color.

Caroline: 23:21 So if I saw brights for, um, a bright colored dresses for weddings, that would be a board that I would straight away be thinking. Yep. I need to see that because I wanted something bright, I wanted something fun and I’m going to a wedding. So this is perfect, much more um, direct than just saying fashion or dresses. To really bring your boards down to a very particular niche and make sure that it’s really targeted to your audience. Who is your customer? Now this is where if you haven’t done it yet, I scream this from the rooftops all the time. Go and do your customer Avatar. I can’t stress that enough. Go to my free training at Just Ask Parker at the top it says free training. The first one on the dropdown say, who is your ideal customer? Do that training if you haven’t done it, I can’t stress enough how important that is and everything will start to come together.

Caroline: 24:15 That’s seriously one of my foundational parts of being in business. And to send your customer, so go and do that. And then you can start to create these boards. So there’s your second thing, boards. These should take you probably 15 minutes to do this. You just have to go through, look at the board you’ve got. And then think about other boards that you can create around your particular niche and around your audience. So it doesn’t have to be just about travel. So for example, this particular client, she sells travel bags and accessories, so she sells like water bottles and leather bags and suitcases. But she could do a board about, um, the best office chairs. For example, if she wanted to. She doesn’t have to. There’s enough other things she can do that she could do something like that because it’s still targeted to her audience.

Caroline: 25:09 So as long as your audience would be interested in it and that you can tie that into your, um, account, then go for it. So there you go. 15 minutes, maximum 30 minutes. Once you’ve done that once, you don’t have to do that again, except when you add new boards. But once you’ve organized your boards, that’s it. It’s done. So there’s two tasks you can do and you don’t have to do again. The third thing I recommend is just the one create three pins on Pinterest on Canva. Now we do that in Just Ask Parker for clients. And we’ve got a few really great ways that we do it. And our favorite way is what we call gifting pins or top 10 such and such, um, items. And we do this for our clients and they get amazing results. And the reason for that is, is that we could do, um, top 10 gifts for month or top 10 gifts for the workout bunny or 10. Um, gym must haves.

Caroline: 26:04 And what you have on that is your products and you can have other products. So let’s say I did this recently for a client of ours and we did top 10, um, items for summer. And what I did was I created, um, all of that she had, she gave me about six of her products from memory, six of her products that we put on this pin for essentials for summer beauty. Essential, no, it was (inaudible) summit must has for the beach or for a beach holiday, something like that. So we had her six items and they all had the actual link through to her website for each of the items. So, you can click on that link through. And then we had four more spaces and she didn’t have other products to put there. So what we did, we just wanted to find other products that are on the market at the moment and we put them in there with a, the name of the product.

Caroline: 26:54 So someone might look at it and might see that we put on, let’s say for instance it was a pair of Gucci Sandals and we put that there and some of them might go, oh, I really like those. Now, that’s fine. We didn’t put a click back to that person back to the Gucci website, but we did mention which product it was. And then that way it sort of just overall when you look at it, you can see all of our products, you can see other products. We’re promoting someone else’s product on their behalf and we’re adding it to a collection so people can say, oh, okay, those sandals and their bag do look really nice together. So then they can match it together. And they might think, actually I’ve got a pair of shoes like that, but that bag I’d really like to buy. For example, so creating these gifting pins are really fantastic and around, um, you can do it around gifting.

Caroline: 27:39 You can do it in around must haves or essentials. You can do 5, 10, 30 items that they look fantastic. And if you go to our free training section, in Just Ask Parker, you’ll see there. We do have a section, I’ll link it in this podcast as well, the link to the page where we actually talk about the Pinterest, um, how to create these pins. Now if you don’t want to do those particular pins, that’s fine. There’s another way to do it. And you create just normal pins around your product. The one I’m going to show you in the group this Wednesday or Thursday when I, um, when I get the flow analytics for the first couple of days is going to be a pin that I created just this morning. And I literally just took one item off my client’s website and I added a few extra words.

Caroline: 28:24 Now in Canva, I just went into the templates and I just literally chose a template that was already there and added my image, my client’s image, and put her uhm a website on there and put a couple of words change a couple of words. Literally might’ve taken me maximum five minutes and that’s because I had to upload the image taken from her website, upload it to my Canva account, no time at all. You can go and create three pins and be done. If you’ve never used Canva, it might take you an hour. If you’ve used Canva, it should take you on in a couple of minutes to do. The thing about the benefits, so this particular pin, I’m going to read it out, I’ve got it in front of me. It says, and travel essentials at the top. Underneath there it says the ultimate leather laptop bag, a photo of a woman holding the bag.

Caroline: 29:15 This photo comes from our client’s website and it just says the ultimate leather laptop bag and then underneath there’s a little quote that says, you know, that’s a good one. If you don’t have to be in the office to wear it. And that’s it. It’s as easy as that benefit, benefit, benefit leather. It’s the ultimate one. It’s a travel essential. It’s so good that you don’t have to wear it and be in the office to where it. All of these things have benefits to the women who would be potential customers. So that can be really, really powerful. And we, I going to see on Thursday exactly how great that actual pin was. The reason why I say create three, I’ve just done one in this case, but I always create five at a time. Three to five is minimum, but you can create 10, 20 and have these different products, have different texts, has slightly different, um, riding on them.

Caroline: 30:06 Think about the benefits. So, um, for this bag we might also say something like, um, never lose, never break your laptop again. You might turn around and say, I’m just thinking off the top of my head. Never, uh, uh, pack your pack overnight in this bag. Big enough to pack over night as well. For example. There’s so many different ways that we can go with this particular item. And the benefits of always think about the benefit. Don’t we never like to sell a features. We always sell on the benefits of people buy on benefits. So you really want to push across those benefits. This is an essential item. It’s an ultimate item. Um, it’s leather. So these are all the benefits. Someone looks at the bag and see things. Oh yeah, but I needed it to be leather. That’s actually a benefit to people if they want leather, if they don’t like leather then they’re not going to keep on looking at this particular item.

Caroline: 31:02 How can you make your products sound better than just saying I’m a USB headphones. La? I would say the ultimate music. Um, the ultimate sound, um, from your laptop for example. There’s so many different ways you can go with things like that. Okay? So that’s how you create your pins. Maximum one hour should just take you 15 minutes to create three of them. So, so far we’ve had 30 minutes during your profile, 30 minutes during your boards, 15 minutes. Let’s call one hour just for the newbies who don’t know how to do it. One hour. So we’re at two hours so far of work and these are things once you do something on Pinterest, if you have seen all of our other webinars and other podcasts about Pinterest, I’m so passionate about it because the um, traffic gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

Caroline: 31:56 It just becomes a snowball. Whatever you create today on Pinterest means that within three to six months it’s going to hit its peak. So over the next three to six months is, and you get more and more traffic. Unlike Instagram, you post something on Instagram today and it’s completely gone within five minutes unless someone goes to your profile. Whereas Pinterest works the other way. That’s why I love it so much. Everything that I’m teaching you now, it stays on Pinterest and it just gets better and better and better. It does not. You haven’t wasted your time. So step number four is title and description and hashtags. I’ve already said to you at the start and make sure you’ve gone through and downloads that keyword research in Pinterest. Find out what words are important and now I’m going to tell you exactly what I did with these particular words for my, for this particular client. So I went through and they did all those words, checked on all the words that would be relevant for her particular business. And after doing that, this is what I came up with, that it’s got to pull it up again.

Caroline: 33:04 So for the title, I said, based on doing the search to see what’s popping up in Pinterest based on the fact that I know that she sells business bags effort and not just for women either she does mean as well, but I know that she sells business bags based on all of that. I did the research and I decided that hitting for this particular pin. Now every pin is going to be different. So that’s why I want you to write out as step one to write up all the actual words and go through and use a different words at different times. On this one I said ultimate laptop, tote bag, women, women in business. And I’ve gone through and then created, um, the description and the description that I’ve written is looking for business bags for women, women’s briefcase because the word was business bags for women, women’s briefcase that I’ve put a hyphenated section in that this is the ultimate go to fashion accessory for business travel business and travel. The travel laptop bag for women, the travel laptop bag for women wanting something stylish and handy, lethear made in Italy and features multiple, multiple compartments. This is your next business travel carry on bag.

Caroline: 34:22 Those, there’s three different sections in there that are key words that I got and I’ve had to turn them into my best ability to turn those into a sentence. You can make it a little bit, um, like my title, it’s not exactly, it’s a little bit jolty but it’s still, it still works as a title, so you don’t want to put in a word like tote bag, ultimate women laptop. Then it would be a little bit messy. So by ultimate laptop tote bag, women’s business is much more flowy than just having one of words. And then I’ve gone through and I’ve gone into the description, I’ve done the same thing. So this is exactly how you do SEO. I started my online, our marketing business in Seo. It’s where I, you know, I know that area really, really well. So you’ve got to go through and pick out two or three of those keywords that you found out in step one and use them as much as you can. The trick is, there’s a sentence that I read out here that says the travel laptop bag for women wanting something stylish and handy.

Caroline: 35:29 I wrote this out and went back and read, read it and change things. So you want to take out as many filler words as you can, however I will, taking out filler words, you don’t want it to sound ridiculously, um, computers computerized. So what I had there, I had, this is the travel laptop bag, but I took out, this is, I went on an actually need that. So I said the travel laptop bag. The words, this is what not really, um, needed. I could afford to take them out and still make it sound the same. So I took them out. So any words that you can take out, take out. So in the last sentence I’ve got is this is your next business travel carry on bag. You could say your next business travel carry on bag if you wanted to. But I just thought I don’t need to take out all of those filler words.

Caroline: 36:20 You still want people to be able to read it and make it sound nice. So I did leave that in at that stage as well. So it just really think (inaudible) sort of, if you need help, come into the Facebook group winning with Shopify and let us know, put it up there in the group and I’m more than happy to give you feedback on a couple of your Pinterest pins to help you in the right direction. When you’re starting out the first couple of times you do this, it’s going to be hard. This one teaching you should be doing in your normal product descriptions as well. 99% of people that come to me, whether they’re private coaching with me or whether they’re, um, with Just Ask Parker or whether they’re just communicating with me through the Facebook group. 99% of people do this wrong when they don’t know how to do it.

Caroline: 37:06 So don’t feel like you’re not smart or do you feel like your, your don’t get frustrated by it. The first couple of times you do this, it is difficult to do. So just take into account, hey, I just need some help. So jump into the Facebook group and ask us and we’re happy to help you. Okay, so that’s your description. Now, the last thing in this, you must add hashtags. If you watch the webinar with Nina last week, two weeks ago, she spoke about how hashtags have suddenly become a thing in Pinterest. They were never that way. And it’s recent, and this is why I’m getting amazing results in Pinterest just from this alone. So if you’re listening and you’ve already got pins in Pinterest, what I want you to do is go back over all of your titles, all of your descriptions of all your current pins and fix them and add your hashtags.

Caroline: 37:55 Now your hashtags, do one to five hashtags and make sure they’re not generic hashtags. So for example, I’ve got in there for this particular pin business add. The next one is laptop tote. The next one is travel bags. The next one is laptop bag. The next one is business travel. Now I wouldn’t put the word business and I wouldn’t put the word travel. I wouldn’t put either of those words separately because people looking for the word business are probably looking for business marketing help or business plan or um, accounting health. There could be a million things the word business comes up for. Same with the word travel. Travel, traveling with a baby. I’m traveling overseas for the first time, I’m traveling for free. There’s a million things that can come up for that as well. So don’t use generic words that are too open because it’s wasting your chance to get seen on the words that you do want to be seen for.

Caroline: 38:55 It’s not about getting the most amount of traffic, it’s about getting the most amount of direct traffic, the right traffic. So be really specific. Use those up to five keywords, hashtags very, very carefully and make sure the ones that you want people to come to your website for, otherwise you’re just completely wasting your time. Like these bag, there’s baby, um, nappy bags that looks similar to this. If I just used the word bag as my Hashtag, a lot of women would be looking at that going, oh, I’ll use that as a nappy bag. That’s not the people I want to my website. Fine, if those people come and they end up buying the bag, that’s fine, but why am I building traffic around the wrong customer when I want to run retargeting ads? I’m just wasting my time. I want to send them emails. I’m just wasting my time sending the wrong traffic to my website to begin with. So be really careful and really clear on who you’re trying to target.

Caroline: 39:52 So then that’s step four. Step five is the last thing you have to do. And this is something that I recommend if you’re serious, if you really want to make this work and if you really, really, really want to see results. And this is so important. If you don’t do this, then you can. Um, sorry, I’m just laughing because while I’m saying this, someone’s already in the last half an hour pin. This pin I’ve created for my client, they’ve already re-pinned it. So I’ve already had one repin in that time that I’d been talking, which, um, I didn’t expect to get anything because of the fact that, um, it’s not under the correct. Um, it’s not under my client’s brand it’s under my particular brands so I’ve put it in one of my boards. So technically I wasn’t expecting to get anything from it. So that’s fantastic. I’m already getting repins on that particular pin.

Caroline: 40:41 So the last step, step five is you must be re-pinning. So how Pinterest works is that you put up a pin and by you putting up one pin, that’s fine. But how you actually grow your account faster is by going and repinning other people’s stuff. So you’ve created your boards that are the right boards. Now what you do, the best thing you can do, the easiest thing is just set your timer for everyday for 30 minutes or one hour and set yourself a goal for the next 30 days to do what I’m about to tell you. Just do it once a day for 30 days and just see what happens. If I’m completely wrong, then you’ve wasted 30 days of your life and you’re going to hate me for it. But I guarantee that I’m not going to be wrong. So everyday for the next 30 days, I want you to Repin for 30 minutes to one hour.

Caroline: 41:30 If you’re a woman and you’re like me, make sure you set a timer and stick to it because you get lost and you’ll end up being there for hours. So really, and if you’re a guy and you think Pinterest is just like this bluah, who cares? Just please believe me when I say what I’m about to say. So you created your boards. Let’s talk about this particular client. She’s got a board. Let’s say she sets up the board called travel scarves. I want you to type into the search travel scarves, scarves, scarves the beach and large scarves, small scarves. Just type in a few different keywords like that. See what pops up and then start re-pinning into your scarf board those pins that you see. Now, the best thing you can do is choose the pins from the top because if they’re already at the top, it means that they’ve already had a lot of traffic.

Caroline: 42:19 If you scroll down too far, then chances are they’ve had a lot less traffic. So I always recommend choosing the pins at the top and when you choose the pins at the top, don’t choose things that you don’t like, like don’t just choose things for the sake of putting something in your board. You want this to be authentic and trust me when I say that on Pinterest, it’s not going to be hard to make that happen. There’s just so much great content out there. There’s different styles for everyone, so you don’t have to fake it. You can be honest. So just look through. Find the top five to 10 scarf pins and repin them in your scarf board. Now choose the next word. The next word might be um, shoes. I said the word shoes for a travel shoes. So type in shoes, great for traveling on shoes for the page and have a look what’s there and see what you can pin into your board from there.

Caroline: 43:06 So, you try a few different keywords. Next Keyword for instance, places to travel or business travel. Top that in and see what comes up. And whenever your business is look for it. So like I said before, let’s say you had fashion and you created fashion boards that were like pink summer outfits and green winter outfits. And what I would avoid is a word 2019. So anything that relates to 2019 can end up being way too niche that you’ve wasted time on those words because it means that when that, uh, when 2019 is gone, that board becomes redundant. No ones look at it, it’s a waste of your time. So keep it general. So say summer prints or summer green dresses or whatever the words might be and you know, might be furniture. So you might be doing candles, you might say soy candles, so find other soy candles or you might be doing something around being a Vegan or vegetarian and you can find recipes for vegetarians and just spend 30 minutes to one hour.

Caroline: 44:12 If you can spend one hour a day for the next 30 days and you go and pin other people’s stuff. What’s going to happen from that is when the pin goes into your board, you’ve got more chances of people seeing your other boards festival because down below it shows like the, you know, other boards related to this. So then your board show up. The other thing that happens is that the people that you’re repinning, they start to notice you’re repinning their stuff and then they would want to reppin yours as like a payback. They want to help you out as well. So there’s a few more things to this. There’s community boards that you need to know about. There’s um, also you could do this repinning by using tailwind instead of doing it manually each day. But I recommend you need to be repinning every single day. And if you can just set aside 30 minutes to one hour a day for the next 30 days, I guarantee if you followed steps one to four, I guarantee you’re going to see incredible results very, very quickly.

Caroline: 45:12 So I’ve been doing this with clients where within, um, I’ve spoken about this already, painting five pins for clients and bring them up with all of these steps done properly. They are getting 700,000 website clicks in that first couple of days. Could you imagine in one week from now, if you had a thousand people come to your website because of just following these steps that I’ve just told you takes less than a couple of hours to do, you could be getting a thousand people to your website. If you’re sitting there at the moment and you’re not getting a thousand sales. If you’re not making 10,000 a month, this is something you need to be doing because I guarantee it’s going to make a difference in your business and I can’t stress enough how amazing the results are by doing this. So that’s it. That’s what I wanted to share with you. If you want to know about my course that I’m also running, which goes through all of this and way, way more.

Caroline: 46:09 Um, it’s a brand new course label. It’s the newly edited course that I’ve actually relaunched again and it’s live at the moment and it’s eight weeks. It’s all video training. You do it at your own pace. We’ve got a special Facebook group forward as file. If you want to go through and do that, then we can definitely help you there. Everything I do with my private coaching clients, every aspect of that is in this course. This is the stuff that I use with my private coaching clients. So I do private coaching for more, you know, faster and results if you want to go even faster. But this course is for people who can’t afford my private coaching but still want to get all the benefits. Then go through and do this course. It’s called 1000 Sales and Beyond. I’ll put the link underneath this um, podcast episode and you can get the link there and read all about it from there.

Caroline: 47:01 But you know, I’ve, you know, if you follow all my advice, I’ve got a guarantee, a hundred percent money back guarantee on that because I know that all of this stuff works and I’m teaching, I’m very much about teaching the absolute basics, the stuff that I know people can implement for themselves if they go through and do it. So if you’ve got any feedback, please leave a review on my podcast as well. I would love to hear from you. I love the reviews. I love to hear from people and they think if you want to be in our Facebook group, come and join it. Winningwithshopify.com or come and join my new program and you get access to another private inner circle group that we’ve got for that just for people in that program. Reach out to me. I love to hear from everyone and if you’re doing this, if you’re going to do this for the next 30 days, keep in touch with us in the Facebook group because I’d love to know how you’re going and also later on this week I will be putting up the results from this pin that I posted today based on everything I’ve just taught you just now.

Caroline: 48:00 So thank you for listening. Keep smiling and have a great day.

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