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Intro & Outro: 00:00 Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast, the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing emails, sales and social media advice, strategies and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskparker.com the only small marketing tasks agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and ecommerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska.

Caroline: 00:35 Hi everyone. Welcome back to the podcast is so great to have you here. Now, I just want to let you know, thank you to everyone who leaves amazing feedback for me. Sends me messages, gets into my Facebook group. If you have some feedback, if you’d like to leave a review, please do. It really does help me. If you can leave a review, it helps me understand which podcast people like, which episodes and also helps us get boosted in the ranking. So that would be fantastic if you’ve got the time to do that for me, I would greatly appreciate it. So today’s going to be a fantastic episode. Once again, I know I always say that, I’m very grateful to have the people that I have on this podcast and in this session I’m going to be giving you a little bit of an insight again into Nicole’s business.

Caroline: 01:20 Now, Nicole has been on one of the episodes previously. If you want to listen to part one, it was episode 28 and that is Nicole from modern recreation. Her husband is there in the background, but he doesn’t actually do any of the talking. And Nicole is the one that I actually talked to. So in the first session that I recorded, which was episode 28 as I said, we went through and did a coaching session where I treated Nicole just as I would any coaching client and helps her with that business. If you want to know anything about a subscription based business, then this is definitely one to listen to. If you have a business that you might be able to add subscription, then this is fantastic, but also most of the information is very general for ecommerce as well, so anyone in any sort of business on Shopify will get a lot of (inaudible) episode as well.

Caroline: 02:11 So what I did in the episode 28 was I just gave you the raw unedited session where I just uploaded the whole thing as it was with no edits. Whereas what I’m doing in this session is I’ve actually edited bits out and I’ll be bringing you it in a slightly shorter version. I think this session we actually went for one hour and 40 minutes. Most of my sessions are one hour, but it turned into that. So I’ve cut it down into, it’s going to be two different episodes, but I’ve also cut a few bits out of there that I didn’t think were really that necessary. So let’s get into it. I’m going to give you a couple of points along the way of what we’re talking about to let you know rather than leaving the whole thing in there explaining what we were discussing to get us onto the next point.

Caroline: 02:58 If you have any questions about this episode because this one is definitely great. As I said, for subscription based businesses we’re going to be talking about if you are selling a product where you have a delay between the audit time and the delivery time, that’s quite big. In the case of modern recreation, this is up to a month. We talk about how to deal with that in a very, very good way. We also discuss abandoned cart emails and re-targeting ads that work, so I’m going to be going through quite a lot on this session, so (inaudible) , if you have questions about this session, please jump into the Facebook group Winning With Shopify and I will answer any questions for you in there. Thanks again for being here today and enjoy.

Nicole: 03:40 Hello. Hello. How are you? I’m good. How are you? Good. We’re, we’re exhausted. It’s been crazy. Canada. Our schools have been shutting down and we have a massive snow storms so between work and kids being home and birthdays or we’re constantly in great places at one time, so we’re ready for February to kind of be over. You know what they say though? If you want something done, give it to a busy person. It’s true, right? It’s very true. But I feel like everyone’s like here, you can do it, Nicole. I’m like sure, no problem.

Caroline: 04:14 Okay, a little bit of context first, Nicole and I had just been discussing a major coffee chain and the price points of how they have very terrible quality coffee, but they charge a high price point. So that’s where I’m just going to introduce you now to the part where Nicole starts talking about their prices and how she’s come to the conclusion of the pricing that they are able to charge. So let’s kick off from here.

Nicole: 04:39 We thought, you know, okay, people have no problem paying 2.50, 3.50 for a cup of coffee and yet they can have these champions who are actually getting recognition for being coffee itself for like 99 cents a cup at home. That looks amazing. I’m just looking now at you website when you said that. Enjoy so many full cups of coffee every month for 99 cents. That is amazing. Like who wouldn’t look at that and go, wow, that is so cheap, right? I think so. I’m like, okay, that become so much more affordable. And especially when you see 74 and then you look down and you see that the subscription is 75 right away, you know? Okay. Like this is, this is on par. I can afford this. And then. No, I think that’s brilliant. We did the, we were very, we took in the tabs so the tabs are there now, which we think was a brilliant suggestion. We didn’t even know that was a possibility. So you’ve got shipping, broken down, subscription charges and cancellations/returns. And I think that this, just like you said, it’s just going to make the process of clicking the button to purchase so much easier for people. I think that they’re going to walk away really knowing, okay, this, I know what I’ve purchased and what’s coming our way.

Caroline: 05:58 And you don’t. I think that’s what most people, they say to me and you haven’t said it, but just so you want to sound like a lot of people said to me, Oh yeah, but if they want to know something, they can ask me a question, they can send me an email. And it’s like people are not going to do that. Like yes, some people out, but a lot of people and not so all of these just amounts of the fact that people go, I don’t need to ask any questions. I have all the answers in front of me and that looks great. That description where you’ve done it, you’ve sent it that what’s in the box eight really catches people’s eyes. Like I’m glad you put that in the center actually, because if you lifted on the side of whatever sort of blended in, whereas now it really stands out and that’s really what you want is bang, Bang, Bang, and that’s exactly what you’ve done. I think you’ve done it (inaudible) passive. I’m really happy with that. You should be very proud of yourself.

Nicole: 06:41 Thank you. Well, you know what? You’re just, you’re very clear in how you communicate and the way that you communicate. You know, from my end, it’s like when I reached out to you guys, like I legitimately was ready to fill up the business and the way that you communicated all of a sudden sparked like, okay, I think I can do this. You know, and every item that you do, like from even the website audit that you did, it was like, I wasn’t discouraged. I was very encouraged and all the things you said were tangible items that I knew how to do. And if I didn’t know how to do, you were still clear about it, that I knew where to look and learn. So, yeah. So I have like, we just have a really huge thanks to you. Um, because we were those people, you know, we, we, we, we were given an inheritance and we decided, I worked in corporate Canada and in sales and I was just tired of giving everything and making companies wealthy and not seeing the return and being burnt out and just connected with my family.

Nicole: 07:46 And so my husband and I decided that we were going to put all this inheritance into our own business and kind of like, I, you know, I’m going to run with that. And so we went to, you know, graphic artists. We really had this vision for this company. And if you would’ve seen our first website, which was completely designed to the health, we legitimately got no orders for the first year other than friends and family. And you know, I wanted to change it right away, understanding that it wasn’t a sustainable interaction, but knew I should give it a year. And then we changed it. And that’s when you came in. So when you did the website audit, we have legitimately just finished redoing something and we knew that it wasn’t it, but it was so different from what we had and we knew that it needed a lot more work. So yes. So when you stepped in and started to give direction, that really helped. And then just even from our, the first initial coaching session last week with you, like we’re just finding that it’s being refined a lot more. So we’re excited about it. And then we’re hoping to get to a point where now we can really engage influencers like you guys are explaining like even on

Caroline: 08:56 Just Ask Parker yesterday I added the 500 you know like the website traffic and that’s always been my target. That’s what actually got me to sign up. But I knew my website, there’s no point getting traffic to my website if it’s not set up to actually sell. So we’ve been working really hard with, with you guys to get it to a place where we feel like, okay now let’s see and start getting traffic and see where people are looking, what, what pages are kind of having a bounce rate that no one staying on and getting that kind of information now.

Caroline: 09:28 Fantastic. I absolutely love it. And you know what, seriously you guys have done such a good job. I can’t tell you. And that’s the reason why I reached out to in the first place and said Let’s do some coaching (inaudible) because you did take action immediately.

Caroline: 09:40 And I don’t see that a lot. I have a load of people come to me with the same words that you use. Say, Oh, I wasn’t succeeding. I don’t know why I wasn’t getting sales. And I was, you know expecting to get sales. Everyone uses those words, but not many people take the action. And you guys have definitely taken the action, which is the most important part because I can give you the best website order in the world, if you’re not going to take action on it, then that means nothing. So my job is not done until you’ve done your job really. Anything I said means nothing until you’ve done it. So really what you’ve done is amazing. I think that you’ve made it so clear and you’ve done exactly what I said to you was think about the actual customer and you’ve done it. You’ve made that really clear.

Caroline: 10:20 And now I land here, I’m not scared by the prospect. (inaudible) Okay, somebody five new us. And then straightaway there’s a big thing. What’s in the back tells you how many cups of coffee. That’s fantastic. You guys should be so happy. And the other thing is, is that it’s gonna keep changing. Yeah. Like, not that it’s going to change as often or as much, but you’re going to keep on updating it. So don’t overthink it at the moment. I think just leave it for now. Be you happy with what you’ve done? And you know, some of the work, like best websites and make the most money are still terrible websites, but they were around in the beginning where they were already getting traction. So there is a very, Amazon is a great example. Yeah, it’s like a terrible website, but they make money. So this fine line between, it’s like you said, you had a beautiful website the first time around, but you didn’t get sales.

Caroline: 11:02 So there’s that very fine line between, you know, putting too much work and try to not putting in that. So I think you guys are right on the market moment. Leave it as it is and now move on to getting yourself the traffic and, you know, tweaking the conversions. My husband gave some stuff in that freaking out like me. Yeah. Fantastic. So, yeah, we’re very happy to hear that. Yeah, no. Fantastic. And so, um, I’ve written some notes while we’re talking and while you were just talking that emails, I Just Ask Parker, did that email for you? Um, how has that scene, Did you like it?

Nicole: 11:35 So actually, I love it. I absolutely love it. I love how cheeky it was. It was right on point with our voice. So thank you. We, I am having trouble, I’ve tried to connect to Shopify because where we’re having trouble is this is the, this is the email that we want sent when someone has purchased this one product. Not like if people sign up for a newsletter for our newsletters because it’s so specific. And Shopify, the way that it was laid out, we were having trouble just because they were attaching it to anyone who signed up. Yes, exactly. And if anyone bought like a t-shirt, if anyone buys a t-shirt for example, they get this email and it’s like, no, this email legitimately needs to go straight to the people that are buying the subscription. So what I’m doing currently now, because it’s, you know, we’re not getting a lot of orders right away. I’m able to go into the customer accounts and just send the email directly to the customer. But we’re waiting on Shopify to like help us connect this email just to that one product collection.

Caroline: 12:44 Okay. Because you’re using Mailchimp. So that might be the, hang on and I’m just, because I think that there’s actually an app that does it.

Nicole: 12:50 Okay.

Caroline: 12:51 It’s not something to (inaudible), hang on, let me just have a look at these.

Nicole: 12:56 Yeah, no problem. And any insight would be so amazing for us because yeah, we have the biggest issue where people will order. Like we had an order come in February 1st and it’s like, okay, but you’re not going to get your coffee until the first week of March. So that can be, so we’re even, that even triggered us to start thinking about, you know, what is the onboarding experience for these new clients? You know, do we send them a postcard, like a handwritten postcard, you know, in between do we, you know, we’re even thinking about like, you know, okay, so if they’re signing up, how, like is it, is it a magnet from, you know, the coming country, like something that just put substance into their hands, like value where they don’t feel like they’re forgotten about and they’re just getting emails.

Caroline: 13:43 I think that’s a really good idea because sometimes it will be 30 days. Yeah, it’s going to be that. So,

Nicole: 13:48 yeah. So when you said like, it’s all about the customer, we’re like, well what? Like what is the customer like how would we feel if we bought something and we’re not going to see it for 30 days and we’re not like, so we, and we broke it down to like, you know, looking at what happens if they’re not on Instagram. Like they’re not social tech people, you know, how are other ways that we can connect with our customers so that we’re not, they’re not losing kind of the hope and the excitement. Yeah. And that’s why when I sat down with my radish (inaudible) who read that email for you, that welcome email and it was based on that. You did ask for that as well. Yes. We really thought about that because yeah, letting them understand very visually straight away because you don’t want them coming back after a few days. Hang on. I didn’t receive anything in the mail. So yeah, being super clear with that. I think you’re right. Sending them something in the mail would be good. Is there any way as well that each month and maybe it’s not something you do straight away, maybe it’s something that you look at doing later on.

Caroline: 14:51 Can you do, when you order your batch, like the batch of coffee, can you order enough extra that you make tiny little sachets for one coffee each and then you send them that in the mail so when they get the order, hey, here’s one, this is last month. Um, coffee, one sachet from like, not sachet but like a packet. Yeah, I don’t think that that would hurt at all. We have to look at. Um, and because the only thing is you don’t want to be sending it to them like at the end of the month (inaudible) sign up. No. So yeah. So maybe you just want to do it for people that sign up in the first 15 days of the month, they get that? Yeah. And then that might even work. That actually works well because it’s fresh roasted. So this has been roasted in the last 15 days. Yeah. We just wanted to give you a little little gift pack. Something like that.

Nicole: 15:34 No, I think that’s smart because if we just break get up until like the first 15 days of the month, people that sign up during these months cause it’s the longest wait that they’re going to (inaudible) that longest wait. Yes. This is kind of the outgoing touch point with them. And then from this day on, this is the touch point with them.

Caroline: 15:52 Yeah. And then the next one is during the first two weeks it’s the coffee. And then like on the third week of the month you send postcards. So hey one more week and your coffee will be arriving or you know, and then anyone in that week, it’s postcard. I’m just wondering, I’m just going to enter your store because Clavio there is a theme Clavio where you can actually say if anyone, you can make a segment of people who ordered a product at a certain value.

Caroline: 16:18 So you can say people ordered of that product at $75 gets this email. Okay, so that would work with Clavio. So I’m gonna log into Mailchimp now and have a look. (inaudible) Look what y’all. Now when Still trigger, like if someone were to buy a t-shirt and a sweater that amounts to over 75. Well you can do it exactly. So you can say equals the exact amount of. Or you could (inaudible) sell it to this amount of money or is at least this amount of money. So you can say or greater than this and that. Okay, so you can actually say equals this amount. Exactly. And then the smartest thing to do would just be make sure nothing else equals 75 exactly. But then it doesn’t trigger if they buy a t-shirt. And that that’s the only thing to remain, like if they ordered the coffee and something else. Then the price point becomes higher and it wouldn’t do that. Right? Yeah. Because you can’t do it. I know exactly what you mean. Because in my, I don’t use the Shopify system for my Just Ask Parker clients because it’s not an ecommerce store. Yeah. I use a different system and in my system I just say when someone buys these products, send them this email, so it should be as easy as that. That’s what it should be.

Caroline: 17:25 Okay. In this section, Nicola and I had just been discussing how Shopify had sent an email out to all Shopify merchants mentioning modern recreation to their list and more direct. Actually got a lot of people who had looked at their website and they didn’t get any sales from that whatsoever. And then we were discussing what modern recreation can do differently next time. So let’s get into that part.

Nicole: 17:53 And I think that’s where we missed out the first time was just there was, like you said, there was just a lack of communication. What is it? Not fully understanding what the business is. And so you know, now we’re a couple months in with you guys and I think that we’re getting closer to that and we have a clear vision on okay we need to upgrade from just emails. We need blogs, we need more social content. Um, we need to see what’s out there. Like we didn’t even know (inaudible) was something that should be on our radar until you came along. So my goal for March is to really soup up the interest boards, the pen, a lot more interaction and that just comes with time for content, right? Which we’re referred. We’re starting, we’re starting to dedicate time to.

Caroline: 18:38 Fantastic. You definitely on the right track. You’ve definitely taken action since last week. You’re doing all the right things now. I think it’s time to put together a plan. I just had a look at a Mailchimp. I didn’t think so. Mailchip it can’t really do anything. Though I heard something about Shopify. If they haven’t gone back to you yet though then maybe I’m thinking of a different that there, there is a thing with Shopify that you cannot change the order notifications but there is some sort of app that allows you to let me after this call, let me look into a little bit more because I know what you needed to do, which isn’t the normal way that emotional (inaudible) flow people don’t need that to happen. Yeah, you pretty much just need exactly what I can do on my system but that doesn’t integrate into Shopify. That’s only problem.

Caroline: 19:23 So the other thing I was going to ask you was, so have you had any sales in the last week?

Nicole: 19:27 No.

Caroline: 19:27 Okay. Have you done any promotion in the last week since we last spoke?

Nicole: 19:31 So yeah, so we released our first bag of coffee that’s in the box and we got, we had five clicks right away drape to the buy page. We have noticed that our, you know how Shopify tells you like what pages are most viewed? Our year subscription now is number one, where before it was the first month. So that I feel is encouraging because it lets us know where people are looking. Go ahead.

Caroline: 20:00 Okay, so sorry, just to interrupt that. So when we’re looking at the data and analytics like that, what we have to be careful of as well is that your like, yes, that’s the initial assumption of hey it’s the one year that’s important that people are looking at.

Caroline: 20:14 However, didn’t you tell people that you now have the one year, so is it the fact that it’s people that have been already made was for a while looking at the other pages and they all came to look at the one one year subscription?

Nicole: 20:25 No, the one year has always been there.

Caroline: 20:28 I know. But now you like you didn’t you talk about it more in the last couple of weeks?

Nicole: 20:32 No, it was in the email that we explained that you are no longer allowed a bulk buy, that everything was going back to a reoccurring subscription.

Caroline: 20:40 So do you think that because of that, that’s right, I saw that in an email. Do you think it’s because of that? That, that is why that page is now more interesting because it was in an emais.

Nicole: 20:51 Right, it could, it could, it could likely be. Absolutely. We’re um, we haven’t done, we’ve been waiting for our coffee to come in, which is Shar (inaudible) has just cleared Canada. So we should have that very soon. And we’ve looked at the last conversation that we had in not necessarily doing a give away, how do we promote and getting more information. So we’re working on those things. That is the basically Caroline, that is the focal point right now for us is how do we do more promotion.

Caroline: 21:22 Okay. So my next question then is, Are you doing any re-targeting ads?

Nicole: 21:35 No, we wanted, um, I was looking at Just Ask Parker, I am awful at understanding ads and re-targeting ads and what to invest in and what not to invest in.

Caroline: 21:38 Okay. So I’ll tell you now, because that’s where you’re at at the moment. Because what a lot of people get wrong is that they start doing a whole lot of promotion and they get all this traffic to their website and then people take up between 7 and 14 times to purchase from you and then they had need to see your content for 7 to 14 times. So when you think about like that, if you’ve gone and put out all this great content, people come to your website once, how many times have you seen a website and there’s some (inaudible) Gordon about that and something clicked or occurred two months later or you saw something (inaudible) mounts, I don’t, Oh yes, going to buy something from there months ago. Right? Or You just completely forget like the amount of times that I’ve looked at a website and going, I’m really want that pair of shoes and then I just never got back to the website because something happened.

Caroline: 22:22 So that happens a lot. So what you need to do now before you start getting traffic to your website, you need to make sure you’re re-targeting set up properly. And retargeting is your retargeting ads and your abandoned cart. So do you ever abandon cart emails? At the moment? Yes. Are they the ones built into the Shopify general app or are they through MailChimp? They’re through Mailchimp. Okay. So the first thing I want you to do is fix those up. Make sure they’ve got them in your MailChimp account. Now, so let’s have a look at your Tinder campaigns. You’ve got an audit. Okay. 10 campaigns, abandoned carts. How many abandoned cart emails do you have going up?

Nicole: 23:01 Uh, just one.

Caroline: 23:03 Okay. Up that to three. So at the moment I see that young sending it out after six hours. So I will be sending that opt out after two hours.

Nicole: 23:11 Okay.

Caroline: 23:11 The first one is just a really nice, friendly, hey, so I’m just, hey there. We noticed that you have something in the cart as grads (inaudible) is we caught, we wanted to check in and make sure that all of your questions are answered and that the answers to the problems, the checkup process, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help you out. Whether you have a question about the products or need a recommendation, we’d love to hear from you. Okay, so a few problems at this. I would change that straightaway. So at the moment, and you’ve got your logo big on the page, you need to step away from your logo so much, and this is what a lot of people do wrong. They try to put their logo front center, but you’ve got to always remember whenever you’re doing anything for your customer, it’s about what’s in it for them.

Nicole: 23:52 Okay. Okay.

Caroline: 23:53 So there’s nothing in the logo for them. So while the logo’s good because it positions your brand at the same time, it’s actually not so good. So you’ve got to tread a very fine line between caring about your logo and not caring about it. But I’d rather see there is a beautiful image like the one you’ve got on your homepage now, all of the actual coffee, because we’re enticing them back to your websites. Because just seeing that logo, people might just be like, oh I can’t remember what this is. Does matter. Got It. So change that to a nice big image. Then you’ve got, you don’t have the product in there unless the way MailChimp shows at, no, you need to put the actual product that they were looking at in there as well. So I’m just viewing it. Actually I’m not actually, (inaudible) it is mine so I can’t see what I can.

Nicole: 24:37 Now I thought that because I did a test and when the test came back it showed me the product that I had abandoned. Okay. So I’m wondering if it’s just coded and it doesn’t show there.

Caroline: 24:48 Yeah, because I’m in the edit. So just go in and check that because where I’m looking, I’m just looking in the view, the abandoned cart notifications. So maybe that’s why I can’t see anything else. That’s fine. Yes. So as long as it’s showing the product, that’s great. I would have a couple of bullet points right at the top and so we noticed she leaves something, Greg (inaudible) in your cart. You just really want it to stand out. You want people to skim read and you want it to have like some bullet points. So I would put a few things that are really important. At the end of the day, you want to entice people back to purchase. Like why do they get so desperate to need what you’re selling? That’s what you need to think about. So a testimonial in there, a few bullet points of how amazing your product is on why your product is better than any other product in the market and how it’s going to benefit.

Caroline: 25:35 So you can put this into any order you want, but if you can have a few things. Now another thing, I’ve just worked with a client of mine who does a (inaudible) see Vaidy chocolate and we actually put his general star rating into the email. So hopefully not in not a five star rating. So what we’ve done is visually put the 4.5 4.9 sorry, I’m talking too fast. I’m confusing my words. 4.9 out of five star rating at the top. So it’s in the emails start under his logo. So it’s eye catching and next to it says customer reviews. Now you don’t want to lie about it. If you don’t have reviews now, then you can’t use that one. But if he can then putting in something like that, it’s just every single point of saying, hey, look how good we are and why you need to buy our products should be in that email.

Caroline: 26:23 That they open the email going, oh, I should not have abandoned my cart. Okay, so putting that in there, putting a testimonial in the middle of the page if someone give you a testimonial. If you’ve got influencers who are drinking the coffee, put a photo of them as long as (inaudible)I, you got to ask the influencer for permission to put it in the email. But if you can put that there of her drinking the coffee or him drinking the coffee or put a photo of like that months, you just have to go in and change it every month. That you maybe you just put like a collage of like three or four different roaster. You know. Here, our roasters, you know, they, they are making brewing this, especially for you. Saying something like that. Of you know, don’t miss the coffee that’s brewed just for you. Here at our (inaudible) roasters. That will be, you know, doing this for you.

Caroline: 27:07 Make it sound better than, that sounds pretty terrible when I say it like that, but do you know what I mean? Along those sort of lines, like getting people to go, Oh wow, this is brewed for me.

Nicole: 27:14 Yeah, I like that.

Caroline: 27:15 Even something like, you know, this is only 99 cents per cup. This is the best value for money coffee you’ll ever have and it’s a freshest you’ll ever drink.

Nicole: 27:22 Yeah, that’s excellent. I’m making that.

Caroline: 27:24 So, yeah? So all of that, just anything in there to entice them back because at the moment you’re just like, yeah, I want to check in and make sure I’m well that’s nice. It’s not enticing. Got It. Because you sort of asking questions of, was there a problem with the checkout their (inaudible) radios? No, no problem. Yeah. Yeah. We want to help you and if you’ve got questions. No, I don’t have questions. You sort of asking questions where the answer is no.

Caroline: 27:52 And they’re not clicking through. Copy. You want the whole email to read as an oh wow. Yes, yes, yes. So now you do want to have to two hours. You do want to up to 24 hours and you do want to up to 48 or 72 hours. Two hours, okay? So I think some (inaudible) the two would work well for you. So 3 hours, 24, 72 and they all want to be different. But each of them with that, that kind of let template? Yeah Okay. Now if you want to in your last one, you can put a discount code, but you don’t have to have, a lot of people do do this. A lot of businesses do do it if you want to put it in and you can set it to say, you know the codes only valid for the next 24 hours to entice them to buy.

Caroline: 28:31 Or maybe they get a free t-shirt, hey buy now and we’ll give you a free t-shirt with it. Or maybe there’s something else or they go into the draw, you know, they get extra places, a special drawer that’s only you know, for these people, something like that. Okay. So once you turn on your abandoned cart, once you put abandoned cart turned on, you’ve got part of the process organized. Do you have any questions about that before we move on? Nope, not at all. This is very clear. Good. The next thing is retargeting ads. So you asked me before, how do I know that I’m wasting money? I don’t want to waste money. Retargeting ads. And this is where getting the right traffic to your website makes all the difference in the world because of getting a million people to you website and none of them are actually with it (inaudible) within, let’s use the example, you’ve got 300 people from Shopify to website.

Caroline: 29:18 Now if all of them came just because they wanted to check out the new website builds with the Shopify platform. Yeah. You’ve now had 300 people with no intention to buy coffee. Right. So any re-targeting that you do that involves them is just wasting money on those people. So the less of that you can do, the better. So all of this like clickbait sort of things, you know, read or that terminology. People are like trying to drag people to their website. With some false promise and there’s actually no intention of that. Like if you didn’t add that said $10 a month for coffee, buy it now, and you’d have a lot of people coming to your website. But then they get there and there’s no $10 amounts of coffee, it’s always $75 for example. Then they’re going to say, hang on, I never had any intention of buying $75 coffee, so you know I’m not going to ever buy anything.

Caroline: 30:05 So that’s just wasting time on those people. So by keeping all of the things that you can have such an (inaudible) and on Pinterest, on Instagram, keep it old, genuine to your brand, then you can be sure you’re not going to be wasting any money on retargeting ads. Right. So everything that you do will have a purpose and it’ll be worth it. So then what happens is the free targeting, you want to be joining a few different things. So retargeting on Facebook, we split, okay? That can be Facebook and Instagram and you can do that through the Facebook platform. I don’t know if your pixels already set up, it should be, but you can also upload your customer list that you already have and use that as well. If your conversion pixel has made owner or if you’ve got a list from somewhere else you can do and then you can re-target those people.

Caroline: 30:46 The next thing that I always recommend is turning on perfect audience. Okay. So perfectaudience.com I’ll give you a code. Let me give you the child code because you get $120 discount. I’ve got a special, a special code that you can use. And then yet, if you use my code and you’ll get a hundred or not discount, you get $100,000 worth of credit onto your account for the first, I think it lasts three or four weeks. Okay. Um, so, so it’s free for that first couple of weeks. You’ll never spend that much. So you’ll get free re-targeting first three or four weeks. And the reason why I recommend Perfect Audience is because Perfect Audience, Google has retargeting as well. They call it Remarketing, but it’s the same thing. Remarketing. Retargeting, same thing. Google just uses that word.

Caroline: 31:26 Now on Google if only goes out to people on the Google network. So if anyone’s got an ad on Saturday page that is hosted by Google, the ad will go there. It also goes onto the Youtube network. Yeah? Okay. However, Perfect Audience goes on to all of the Google platform and onto all the other ones. So Google has about 50% of the world’s Internet ads. They look after approximately that. And then the other 50% of looked off to buy smaller companies. So Perfect Audience has teamed up with all of them. So rather than putting a retargeting ad on Google and setting it up there and then doing like waiting to some of the traffic, just do it on Perfect Audience. So I would say Perfect Audience and Facebook. So Perfect Audience does allow you to run the Facebook ads through them as well. But I just say keep all your Facebook stuff together and keep all of your other stuff apart from that.

Caroline: 32:18 I also find it because I think testing it a little bit. I find that I get better results. More people seeing my ad from Facebook, retargeting on Facebook, that on Perfect Audience, so that’s another reason to keep it separate, but that’s just from me from my experience but Facebook retargeting, keep on Facebook. Perfect Audience, use that for just website visitors in general. Okay. So Perfect Audience. The great thing about Parent Audience is that you can run if banners, so you can run, you can have moving banners. Okay. That’s the best part about it. So once someone’s come to your website, they can go around, they can go to the Gulf website. They always go to, they can go to the Opera website, they can go to a news website and they start seeing your ads everywhere. Just today, my ads are running and I was on.

Caroline: 33:04 There’s an app called photo, I think it’s called the Edit Photos. It’s like an Instagram sort of editing APP. My ad came up that I was on Reddit. My ad comes up there. I was on another boat, panda. My ad comes up there. Okay. I’m getting sick of seeing my face, but it’s coming up all those places, so someone who has been to your website, then they start seeing your ads on all of these other locations that they’re at. And because they’ve already, they already know what you are because they’ve been to your website, it’s more likely that they’re going to take action. So retargeting is good like that and now you can run all those same ads to cold traffic as well. But we’ll talk about that later in the moment. I just want you to set up your retargeting ads because that’s where it’s just getting back to those people who have already been interested.

Caroline: 33:49 So you’re organic like from Pinterest, from Instagram, from Facebook, people that come organically to website that you’re not paying for that traffic come to your website. They haven’t paid for the (inaudible) Mr shore effort to get them to your website. Once they’re at your website. You now run retargeting ads to them and get them get back in front of them and time and time again. Those ads are much cheaper than running ads to cold traffic.

Nicole: 34:15 When you do every targeting ad with Facebook, like what, how long, like do you just put a certain amount in and just have it constantly going? Like could you?

Caroline: 34:27 Yes.

Nicole: 34:27 Okay. And what’s that like what price point? Well, you’re far more successful than we are right now, but with like what would be your recommendation to start. The budget to start? Yeah, the budget to start with.

Caroline: 34:41 The thing is while you have no traffic, it’s going to cost you nothing to run your retargeting.

Nicole: 34:46 Okay.

Caroline: 34:47 So you’re already targeting only, it only costs you money when people have been to your website. So if you’re only getting a hundred people a day to your website, only small majority of those people will see your retargeting ads on Facebook or Google are going to cost you next to nothing, and this is what I mean, like, so you can put your budget on Facebook to $20 a day. If you set it to $20 a day, it will never ever get to there at this point anyway. Okay. So I recommended at the moment just set it to $5 a day. You’ll never spend that. My retargeting ads cost me almost nothing. On Perfect Audience I set the minimum amount, which is $25 a week for my Perfect Audience ads. And I change mine every week also. So this week I’ve just changed for about for the last two months have been running it about the (inaudible) influencer summit.

Caroline: 35:33 So everyone was seeing that (inaudible) influencer summit ads. Now this thing something different. So I’m changing it around all the time. I set mine to the minimum amount, which is $25 and the, and you can set up much higher than that. But I, I just keep my target every week just like that (inaudible). Yeah? Yeah. So $25 a week from retargeting. And it’s only because I’m going to the maximum amount. I remember when I was setting up, I wasn’t even spending $10 wait, (inaudible) crack and try different images as well. So you can test to just as you test and normal ad. So let’s say for instance you’re doing, you can do this in Facebook, you can do this and Perfect Audience. You try three or four different banners and you just wait and see which ones get the most clicks. Okay. And then you turn off the other ones and keep those ones running.

Caroline: 36:19 So I did that with safer influences on that. For instance, I had one that said, come and see, learn about influences. One said come and learn, um, Shopify merchants who are earning, you know, making a million sales a year. And then some other ones, I just saw which one was most interesting to people and then channel for the other. So yours might be, do you want coffee at 99 cents a cup? Another one, might be new freshly brewed coffee. The precious coffee you’ll ever have. You’ve got to remember these people already being to websites. So what are the sorts of things that you, you get talking to them in a slightly different way. Yes. Okay. It’s not like, hey This is coffee. We’ll teach you what coffee is. By that stage. They already know that it’s coffee. They’re already had an idea that it’s a subscription model. So what can you actually say to them?

Caroline: 37:05 It might even be, you know, meet this month, every stuff so we can set up those ads for you in Just Ask Parker. We’ll do them as banners, gift banners so they’re moving. So I’ll either have like a button that slides in or have a price that size slides and if you want to share the price on that or it might have like it might change between two different images. For example, if you want to have two different images so we can change the images that show up.And there’s different things that we can do like that. And we recommend only, I think it’s four of the four or five of the sizes. I think there’s like 10 sizes they have on their list. But what I found after using Perfect Audience, I was on there before anyone even heard of retargeting. I go down there right at the very beginning of being testing ad sizes all the way along in the last two years.

Caroline: 37:52 I just stick to these four main banner sizes because I just don’t see any point in making some of the sizes that awkward to make. And they like, you can’t get the text on because they like really weird sizes so I just stick to these full sizes and I get the best results for everyone from those. Okay. Should I be the when I put the 500 a weekly visit, I just put that on. It hasn’t been assigned. Should I move that aside and then we’ll, we’ll start with the retargeting with Just Ask Parker instead? Yes. Do that. Okay. I will do that. Yeah, definitely because I want you to, because getting the traffic to your website, if we can’t reach (inaudible) then then it sort of makes it pointless, I want you as well today straight away. I’ll send you as soon as we get off the call though, the Perfect Audience link. Okay.

Caroline: 38:36 Because the way Perfect Audience works is that the banners don’t kick in until you’ve hit 800 visitors to your website. It is cooking them. So if you’ve got 300,400,500 people visiting, they getting cookied, but it’s not until 800 person. Pretty sure it’s 800 and they actually start showing your banners. Okay. So it’s really good to just turn on as early as possible. Don’t worry with that, it doesn’t cost you anything. Yeah, you just set it up and I’ll just link. Yeah. So you get that to free $120 trial and then just turn it on and then we just create the banners. All that going on. It’s on. Okay. Okay. So retargeting, abandoned carts. Emails. So what’s happening with your, we spoke about this last time, how your emails going with just your general email out. Have you got that all sorted now, completely?

Nicole: 39:26 Almost. We’re not. What we’re finding is that I find that sometimes when I’m looking at the click rate, it’s less. So I’ve been evaluating what emails get the most opens, what emails don’t get nearly as many, and then which ones are actually clicking through.

Nicole: 39:42 So for example, we sent to the El Salvador, like the first release of El Salvador for the coffee this week and right away that’s people wanting to learn more and we’re getting a click rate through. We’re working on. Our biggest piece I feel is getting a small videos to get to utilize with the emails. You can correct me if I’m wrong. I find though that I might be inundating my customers who many words and maybe not enough, just cool little 30 second video or even you said when I explain things, it sounded a lot different than what’s coming across. So we’re just kind of working on a script that we can use that puts us in front of the customer and it’s less than like a minute. Like we don’t want it too drawn out knowing that people are on their phones or maybe having a quick peek at work that’s not going to cost them a lot of time or have the board.

Nicole: 40:35 So that’s kind of our focus with the emails is, is more interaction instead of words. What are you, what are your thoughts when you hear me say that?

Caroline: 40:44 Exactly. I completely agree. And I wonder if they can be some more feel good. I don’t know what that looks like, but.

Nicole: 40:52 No, and we did do, we’re going to release it. It’s, uh, it should be released this weekend. But we did put together a, a blog in regards to fresh roast, fresh roasted versus what you’re getting at the grocery store. So it was a lot of information and a lot of techie information. So that took us, my husband’s laughing cause he’s the techie guys. It’s like I will know this information and I’m like, I’m bored. I’ve not, I’ve not even skimming this. So that, um, this is a huge learning curve for us. So it’s a, it’s taken us time to really look at how do we communicate this and then also what are the beautiful shot were with it so that we can attach to Pinterest.

Nicole: 41:34 Becuse we really understand that anytime we put some form of email like today, you know, we need to be have that Mailchimp that went out with the first bag revealed that had to be attached trust with attached this morning so that when people see this beautiful cup of coffee with guard Delis coffee bag and they think, Ooh, that super sweet, it takes them right away to the email that gives them an explanation. Um, an explanation of where the coffee is coming from and about that farm and then right from that email it takes them to the website to purchase. Fantastic. So we’re getting there. This is a massive learning curve for both of us. No, no, I think. I think the thing you need to understand mo

Caroline: 42:10 st of all is that these things come with time anyway.

Nicole: 42:14 Right.

Caroline: 42:14 Because these are not things that you can understand straight off the bat. Like if you listen to some of these people out there, some of them they don’t (inaudible) The third and fourth websites. And they getting a right at the beginning of their website because I got a wrong for other websites. yeah? Right. So first thing you need to both realize is don’t kick yourself over the things that you’ve done wrong because everyone makes mistakes. And that’s why I’m majoring what I do, I do this because I’ve made those mistakes as well. Yeah. I’ve lost a lot of money, but I’m talking like 13 years ago when ecommerce was like brand new and it was a completely different world back then. But those mistakes can still be made now. And because I know that these things don’t have to be done anymore, these mistakes don’t have to be done. I can give that advice. But I sit here in hindsight and go, Oh yeah, I should’ve known better.

Caroline: 42:59 But everyone can say that. Yeah? Yeah. So first of all don’t kick yourself about it because that’s just, that’s just how it works. Did you listen to, in the influence of some of that? Did you listen to, oh my God, I just forgot on his chase. He’s the guy that owns splint design wear. Did you listen to human, the influences on that?

Nicole: 43:18 No, but I’m going to go back to today’s chase Influencer summit.

Caroline: 43:24 Day Two. Um, he sells 1 million pairs of sunglasses a year. Oh my God. Yes. So I first heard about him, I asked him when it was, it was like six years ago who started, and I remember when this company started off and I remember always being like, Hey, I want to know more about that guy. And when I did this sermon, I was that, I’m just going to reach out. Don’t know this guy, have no idea who he is.

Caroline: 43:44 He has no idea who I am, but I’m just going to reach out and see if he’s going to come on the summit. Like I might as well try reach out. He’s the nicest guy in the world, like just the super coolest guy. So nice and was so good with his time. And I was like, Hey, I’d love to get you on this summit. It’s like cool. And his story’s just amazing. Like it’s really worth just listening to and seeing, you know, he’s been through it all. And one of the biggest takeaways that comes from him is really that a lot of his images, so he was testing ad images for Facebook and the ad, the images that he thought were working that we’re going to work, were not the ones that worked. So He created sunglasses, for him. He’s a surfer, he’s a skater, he created, he’s old sunglass brand for him and his friends.

Caroline: 44:29 And even he was wrong with what people resonated with. So when you think on that level that he’s created something in his enemy at, at people just like him, he was still wrong. And that’s because we get so close to it, we get so in like inside our project that we sort of forget what we should be looking at. So he’s just a good example of, you know, you’ve got to test different things. These emails, great. You checking them, you’re looking at what’s working and what’s not and until you test them, you can’t say that you failed because you, you have to just keep testing and trying different things. It’s like this is what I just told you about a bad in carts, those images at the top. Um, do all three emails with a different image at the top and you’ll start seeing, look.

Caroline: 45:12 And when you’re testing properly, you’ve got to also be aware and people that really test well if you’re going to test and test those three emails up against each other in general, then technically you should keep everything the same except for one thing. That’s the way a proper test is done. But that’s if you want to do really, really in depth testing, that’s something later on down the track where you can try, you know, the same text. And then just different banners but in your abandoned cart just to make sure that you’re not leaving anyone out. I would do all three different images at the top. Just to make sure that hey this one didn’t resonate with people but this one did or people liked Image one. Some people liked image two. Or like you and your husband, you both like wanted to like take the call, the other one doesn’t. Mix it up a little bit. Yeah. Yeah? Until you get to the point and go, hey you know what, we’re getting 70% of people loving the technical stuff and only 30% of people like the more general stuff.

Caroline: 46:06 So let’s stick with the technical. But I think by mixing it up at least you have a all basis.

Nicole: 46:11 No, that’s great. Well I’m glad that you said that because this is the last email that went out. I didn’t put our logo on. Because I was like everyone’s on this website or this email is already knows about our logo looks like. So I actually took the banner that Just Ask Parker made for this initial welcome website. And that was the e, like that image was what was pulled out. So, so there’s, yeah, so exactly what you’re saying. I’m glad that I’m hearing this because I thought I need to do a different image like this. It can’t be the same. Otherwise people are going to see the image and go, oh, I know what this is and stop.

Caroline: 46:46 Exactly. And look, I would stick your logo into the (inaudible)solution somewhere, because I got an email from someone last week and I was sort of like, I don’t even know who they say is. I have no idea. And the worst part was a bait emails of there’s a little bit worse because they have domain wasn’t even their email address or something like that. So I was still like, I couldn’t, I couldn’t even find out who this person was. So just like from that point of view, be careful. It’s not that too extreme, but yeah. Yeah. You don’t need to put your logo everywhere. You’re not Mcdonald’s. Yeah. So people are not coming to you because you’re the golden arches that coming to you for good coffee and you can get that story across on other ways until you actually become a well known brand. But yeah, so it’s that fine line with a logo. You want it there, but you also see the benefits should outweigh your logo. So you’re just always putting your benefit forward. That’s the most important thing.

Caroline: 47:34 Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. I have got a couple more sessions I want to bring you from Nicole. This session was jam packed with lots of great information for anyone who wants to start a subscription based ecommerce store or if you’re just looking for more advice on abandoned carts and retargeting. The next part of this session we’ll be talking about email. I’ve got two other sessions with Nicole as well and I can tell you that they are just growing day by day and really advancing their business by taking on board all of these advice I give them and as you can hear Nicole really gets into it and takes action as well, which has been fantastic. So if you’ve got any questions, jump into the Facebook group Winning With Shopify and I’m happy to answer any questions over there. If you have something from Nicole in particular, just put her in the message in the comments and I will make sure that she gets into the Facebook group and tries to answer any questions that are directed to her as well. So thank you so much for listening. Have a great day and keep smiling.

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