Caroline:                                 00:01                       Welcome to the winning waspodcasts with your host, me, Carolyn, the podcasts for everyday people who want to fast track their way to more sales, more profit, and less work using automation and the latest strategies without needing to be tech savvy. I’ll be interviewing experts in online marketing business specialists, Shopify APP developers, and also we’ll be providing you with case studies and marketing methods that will have you winning with Shopify. Don’t forget to check out ECOMMERCE marketing lab.com/podcast for show notes with information about each episode. So let’s get straight into today’s episode.

Caroline:                                 00:47                       Hello. Welcome. I’m caroline. God, I’m so glad to have you here today. Well, it has really crazy recently since all of this update with facebook a couple of months ago with all the privacy policies and also the new privacy policies across Europe, which is also sort of taking over the world. There’s just been so many changes online to online business to the way we actually do our marketing and I have so many great things to share with you and over the next couple of weeks I do have quite a lot of exciting things that I want to go over and today is just one of the many things that I know is goning to really change the way that you look at your marketing. So I’ve put together this podcast because I really want to help people that are on Shopify that have set up an online store. Now setting up the store is the easy part.

Caroline:                                 01:38                       Shopify is absolutely amazing for helping you get off the ground and get started. Gets your store up and running, but then it comes to the marketing and that’s where a lot of people get stuck. They’ve been told things that are not true and they’ve got in there and they’re trying things. Nothing’s working and they don’t know why they’re not succeeding. So the first thing I want to tell you right now is the reason why you’re not winning with Shopify. It’s not your fault. It’s probably that you’ve been told things that are just not true, so the whole idea of these podcasts is that I want to make sure that you’re taught the right ways to do things and not just the right ways, but the simple ways to get things done. I know that your time is precious, so I try to get through these podcasts as quickly as possible, so if you want to put it on double speed and listen to me even faster than I already talk, then that’s great, but if you want to slow it down, that’s great as well.

Caroline:                                 02:31                       I just want to make sure that I get you as much information as quickly as possible so fast. I want to start off by letting you know that this podcast is brought to you by just asked Parker. I founded just asked Parka, especially for Shopify store owners. What we do is that we are the only small marketing task agency for Shopify and we put together all of your marketing tasks for you at a one low flat fee. So what does that mean? That you don’t have to shop around asking for different prices for different things. You jump into our system and you just upload the task that you have for that day and we get a done for you. It doesn’t matter which task you peak, you’re not going to get charged different prices. We have a very, very simple strategy of how we put together our actual tasks and what we do know is that by using the services of just asked Parker, you’re saving 90 percent of your normal cost of getting these tasks done so it’s only going to cost you about one 10th as so that means that once you’ve had your first three tasks done for the month, everything else is really not costing you anything, so you can put in tasks as often as you can.

Caroline:                                 03:40                       We have a maximum one day business turnaround, so we’re finding that people are asking you for services such as facebook ads, pinterest ads, setting up email, setting up their website properly getting organized with getting their customers to purchase from them. Maybe setting up a chat widget. Pretty much anything goes. You name it, we do it. We are always adding new tasks to our system because what we do know is that marketing is changing regularly and there’s certain things that work better than other times and we can also give you some strategies on what to get done next. So jump onto just ask parker.com and take a look at what we actually offer the services that we offer there. I guarantee you sign up for our seven day trial. You try it out for seven days. If you’re not entirely happy, that’s fine if we’re not the right fit, but I guarantee you that everyone that signs up with us stays on it because they are blown away with what they actually get for their monthly fee.

Caroline:                                 04:40                       So let’s get straight into exactly what I wanted to talk about today. What I want us to talk about was planning for sales, the research that you need to do, and these are three strategies that I recommend when researching, getting set out for your business. So what I usually find is that people come to me, they’ve been in business maybe for a month, maybe six months, maybe a year, and haven’t had any sales yet, and they don’t understand why, and I sat to ask them questions about their research that they’ve done. What do they know about their business? Who are they competitors? WHO’s out there, what’s going on, who other people that are going to buy from them? All of those questions, and they really can’t answer those questions for me at all. Now they come up with some layman’s is like it’s Amazon, that’s their competitor or they come up with some answers of their audience is everyone.

Caroline:                                 05:31                       But if you have ever seen me speak live or you’ve seen any of my other videos, you know how passionate I am about, please don’t tell me that your audience is everyone because it’s just not the case. Now, here are three things that I recommend that you do. We actually do these for you in just as Parker if you do want us to do them, but I do recommend that you understand your business and getting these things done for yourself is so helpful for you understanding how your business should be planned. So the great thing is is that once you know this is really, this is your platform, this is your base. Once you understand this, then you can turn around and say, Hey, I need some facebook ads, or hey, you know what? Facebook ads aren’t going to work for me because what I realized is that no one’s there.

Caroline:                                 06:19                       So get these things done yourself. Spend some time on them. Um, some of them are very quick to do and some of them will take a bit longer, and some of them, the more you spend on it, the better it is for your business. Now, this works across the board. It does not matter what sort of thing you’re selling. All of these strategies will work for you. So let’s get into it. Now. The first thing that I recommend that you do is get onto google and it’s as simple as this. Just type in 10 best such and such stores and whatever country you want to do the world, the country. Now, let’s just talk about giftware as an example. I’ve got quite a few clients of mine that are actually in Giftware, so let’s just use gift words and example, so go to Google and type in 10 best ware stores online.

Caroline:                                 07:07                       Now if my clients in a particular country, I’ve got some in Germany, I put some in Australia, but some in America, some in the UK. It’s one thing to look at your own country, but another really good strategy is to look at other countries as well. So what I recommend is getting on having a look. Now you’re going to type in 10 or 20 best or five best and you can change that first number, so don’t just only type in 10 best. Try out different numbers and looked down your list and another thing that I recommend don’t get stuck on just the first page of google. For this strategy to work properly. I would look at the first three pages of Google. Now, the more of these that you look at, so you’ve got. That means you’ve got 30 different websites you can look at.

Caroline:                                 07:52                       If you look at all 30 of those, you’re going to get a really good idea about what’s out there. So let’s say you type in 10 best gift stores, gift stores in the UK, and do you have a look? And you see the first one might be buzzfeed. The second one might be a list from Huffington Post. The third one might be a list on Oprah. There’s going to be all different websites and everyone’s got their own opinion on the best stores. So take a look at what they’re saying. A lot of them are not going to be relevant. I brought one up just for an example just before and I came up with, you know, gift stores that have nothing to do with the sorts of things that said in clients are selling. So some of the stores might be specific to maybe close, some might be specific to selling men’s work wear or something like that.

Caroline:                                 08:39                       So don’t get stuck on too much looking at that page to indebt scheme, just skim over these pages. This strategy should take you maximum one hour to complete. Take notes. I would recommend setting up a google document and just taking notes. Okay. These are the websites that they recommend. Here’s where they recommend you know that the best gift ware for babies are. Here’s the best q four for candles. Here’s the best with for gadgets, whatever it might be. Keep a little document. It’s really good to have that document so then you can keep track of this because one of the things when you sign up for our services, adjust, asked Parker, one of the first things we ask you is who are your three main competitors? And by you telling us that, it really helps us sort of get to know your business because if you haven’t booked a task where we’re actually doing the research on your business and finding out the background of your business and we’re only say setting up your ads for you or doing an instagram.

Caroline:                                 09:42                       If you have not chosen a task for us to do your research, then it’s very hard for us to say we know your business well enough and if you come to us with three really lame competitors that are either not really your competitive because it’s not really your audience or it’s not really a competitor because that companies really, really bad anyway, that they’re not doing a good job, then it’s really not gonna help you get a better strategy together longterm for your business. So when you think of a competitive, think of your competitor as being a, um, store an online store who has the same sort of audiences you and is selling. It doesn’t have to even be the same product exactly, but they have to be selling something along the same line. So let’s say you sell wooden tables and they sell metal tables only. That’s still a competitor. Even if you’re selling wooden tables, you’re still looking at people who are going to be buying a table and their choices between a wooden table and a metal table. So that is still a competitor because you’re competing against what the audience member is going to buy, what that audience is going to buy.

Caroline:                                 10:53                       So that is my first strategy that I recommend jump on Google and type in 10 best whatever stores, five best whatever stores, choose countries, have a look at different countries and what different people saying in different countries and use that. Put that all into a google document for yourself. Another strategy that I really recommend is using a website called key hole.co, so k e y, h o l e Dot c dot and going to that website and using that for some research. Now, I do recommend this highly if you’re doing social media research, but this is also a fantastic place to be doing research in general.

Caroline:                                 11:35                       So when you land on this website on the homepage, you get to type a keyword that down below that there’s a little twitter and a little instagram icon. I recommend that you take both of them so you have them both on. So once again, let’s talk about the word giftware. I’ve typed in the word giftware. It takes a minute to load. Now this website a year ago, two years ago, was completely free to look at just regularly. There is a little start, a free trial at the top. So it’s worth trying it out a little bit more detail if you’re doing some research. That is for, you know, if you’re, if you’re really looking at getting the, you know, hundred thousand dollars worth of sales a month, pay a little bit of money to use this properly because it’s really gonna make a difference to your business. So I’m just going to show you the free examples at the moment so then you can actually get an idea of what it’s like when you use a free section of it.

Caroline:                                 12:30                       So once you’ve typed in gift where you go down and you can start to see exactly what is going on with his word. So you scroll down a bit and you’ve got some charts. You’ve got users, pote number of posts, engagement impressions for each, and then you scroll, Scroll down a little bit and you’ve got top posts and you’ve got related topics there. So that related topics on the uh, right hand side, you’ve got hashtags and keywords, so this is fantastic for when you’re trying to do some research for your keywords and hashtags both on a social media research and also just this on your marketing. Have a look at the words that come outside of type tank giftware and I’ve got homewares gifts for her gift ideas, gift shop, gifting, um, rose, a crystal gift sets, hand made a spirit, glassware boutique ocean walk there, all the words that are popping up.

Caroline:                                 13:27                       And then I tap on keywords and I’ve got words like a range. Beautiful available July time trade stand day store, showroom, home today, son, lots glitter. Thank a little design. There’s all sorts of words that are popping up there. So this website is researching. It’s skimming the Internet for all of these words and finding out these words that are being said constantly and this system saying, okay, this word I see a lot. If we see the word giftware, then we also see these words attached, the word giftware. So that is why it’s bringing up these related words to the word that you’ve typed in, so type in one word at a time to try it out. So if you’re selling candles and you’re selling socks, try them both separately and see what comes up. But it’s a really, really powerful tool to find out what the hashtags and keywords are that you should be using, which is really gonna help your business.

Caroline:                                 14:24                       So what this also means is that how can you actually use these words? So if you’ve got a product and your product is candles, for instance, look through those keywords, type this into a document for yourself. You could also do a keyword research. I’m not going to discuss that today, but you can also check out the keyword research using your Google keyword tools. But looking at this, write out a document and put these words in there. So if you’re selling candles, look through the list and go, okay, which other words in this can I sat to add to my product description, to my title, to the home page of my website, to a sales banner, to an email? What words are in here that will work and resonate with the word candle for instance, so the word beautiful wedding gift, the word collection, the word quality, gluten.

Caroline:                                 15:16                       There’s all sorts of leds there that you’ll find that you can use and same with the hashtags. Those are words that you want to be using in your instagram posts. Then we’ve got on the other side there on the left hand side top posts and we’ve got engagement and the first one there we can see it’s had 2,998 likes on this one post and what it actually says. That is to all my lovely followers, if you haven’t purchased these amazing candles, checkout the. I’m at a royal sense co now with every purchase you get a piece of jewelry, you can use my code to get money off. You can actually click on that and you can go through to where that post is. It’s on instagram and you can see the woman who’s actually posted it and you can see that she’s had 2000. What did I just say?

Caroline:                                 16:11                       Two thousand nine or 10. Now had 3008 likes on this one image and she has got many, many comments on there as well. The research that you can do with this is that you can now say, okay, well I sell candles as well. Maybe she can sell my candles for me. So you might actually want to put her in a document and say she is someone I’m going to reach out to as an influencer and ask her to promote my products. Maybe you’re selling bath bombs, maybe you’re selling, I don’t know, something else. She was makeup. Maybe you’re selling makeup. You can start to see that these are the people that you want to be looking at as influences that can help you get sales and you can look down that list. There’s a few other people there, but she’s by far got the most.

Caroline:                                 17:03                       And then across from engagement you’ve got recent and you can see the recent have had um, one like on one and no lights on the others. But even though they’ve had no likes, click on who they are and have a look. Maybe they haven’t had a lag because it was just released five minutes ago. This one was released less about one hour ago, so it hasn’t had any blacks yet, which is fine. So maybe you want to click and see if they’ve had lots of likes on other images, which means that they’re going to be a great influencer for you. They’re great people that you might want to work with. Then you scroll down a little bit more and you’ve got most influential people and you’ve got a whole list here of other people who are influences in around these gift. And we’ve got engagement and frequency.

Caroline:                                 17:52                       So we’ve got people who are influential, um, online and you can see there they’ve had average engagement, 50 likes and it tells you I’m just having a look. And then you can click through to the actual person and have a look at what they’re actually doing. And then next to that you’ve got people that post frequently and it’s on twitter. You’ve got little icons that show you if it’s twitter or instagram. Then next to that you’ve got recent users and you can look through the recent users. Now below that it gets interesting. We’ve got top site, so we’ve got their free gift where we’ve got Ebay, we’ve got twitter, instagram. Then we’ve got something called promote pitchers.com. Now I haven’t spoken about this before and if you don’t know about promote pictures, then you know there’s probably a million things I haven’t had a chance to tell you about, but there’s little things that come up like promote pictures that is perfect for people who are selling gift were online, so go to promote pictures.com and you will see that you can integrate that in with your social media and start promoting different graphics of stuff that you sell.

Caroline:                                 18:59                       Then your Google and facebook and then you’ve got Ebay, so those are the top domains that are coming up as a linked with the word gift where the next one you’ve got pages, you can see the actual pages that are coming up well on the Internet. Then you can see location there and you can see the countries where the word is trending for giftware down below that you’ve got the sentiment. So are people talking positively about this word allergy or he negatively and you can see not many people talk negatively about the word giftware. Then you’ve got demographics. Sixty six percent are women and then down below that you’ve got top sources and you can see that people are still. Thirty percent of people are still looking at um, their, um, these websites from their laptops. And then the next biggest chunk is 17 percent are looking at it from iphones.

Caroline:                                 19:54                       Why do you need this information? Because if you’re running a facebook ad, then you know that you know, the biggest area where you can be running facebook ads is to still to desktop and then to your iphone. And then you’ve got things like ipad down below which is a much lower amount. So it’s not as important. Then you’ve got how many people are sharing. So you’ve put so much information absolutely for free from that one page just by typing in one gift word, one, one keyword. And once you’ve actually taught that in tried a few different words, so now I’ve done gift where I can do candles, I can do candle holders, I can do vases, other words around that as well, and start to build up a portfolio of things that you need to know about your business and in things start jumping out to you were constantly.

Caroline:                                 20:46                       You see the what’s pop up and you might start to think, hang on, there’s a lot of people on instagram that are promoting candles, for example. So that means that I need to sell more candles. They work really well, or you type in the word, I don’t know, I’m looking at them. The monopolies body in front of me, the kids left it out. You might sell a monopoly boards that are gold plated. You start topping that. No one is selling them online and no one’s promoting them to either you need to find someone who wants to promote them or maybe need to move on to another product. Maybe that product is just not ever going to sell all that well to make you a lot of money. So this is where you start to do that research about your products. Now, the last one I want to tell you about when it comes to planning for sales is instagram.

Caroline:                                 21:31                       Now instagram, pretty much all ecommerce stores can be on instagram. There’s not many that I would say and not going to do well on instagram. So if you’re selling anything in the ECOMMERCE space that I highly recommend that you are on instagram as well, if anyone has seen my previous videos and my previous, um, a live events you will know I get really passionate about how I’m not enough people are using instagram. So I highly recommend that you check it out. So the first thing that I want to show you is how to actually use instagram when it comes to doing some research, some planning for your business. Now this strategy can work just for your marketing in general, and there’s also ways to take that into how to make it work for learning more about your social media. So what I’m going to talk about right now is not a bad how to use it when you’re using instagram.

Caroline:                                 22:27                       I’m going to teach you how to use it just for the sake of understanding more about your marketing in general. We’re not going to talk about how to use instagram to research for your social media. We’re only gonna. Talk about how to use instagram, how to research for your general marketing. So the first thing that you need to do is just go to instagram and type in a Hashtag. Now, if you’ve just done your keyword research, this should be super, super simple. You can type into here one of your keywords. So I was talking about giftware at the tapping giftware, but I also saw some other words popping up like homeware. I saw some other words like home decor, gift ideas, those sort of words. So don’t just stick to that first word that you thought about. Start looking at, you know as well the word gift shop, their interior design.

Caroline:                                 23:16                       So I start researching those other words that came up in keyhole. So make sure you follow this trading in the same order I’m talking about it in. So have a look at the words that are related around that first word that you thought about. Now in this case, I’m actually going to move on and I’m going to talk about florists. I’m working with a florist at the moment that does worldwide shipping. So I thought it’s a perfect time to use a florists as an example. So type in the word Flores and I come up with 5 million, 700 posts. So that’s nearly 6 million posts. Now as I scroll down I hover over each picture. Now I’m doing this on my laptop, not on my phone. I don’t do a lot of my phone in general. So usually if I am posting I post from some sort of system on my laptop.

Caroline:                                 24:09                       Sometimes I do post from my phone but I do all my research and that from my laptop. So I’m on my laptop and I’m scrolling down and there’s a whole lot of photos related to the word, the Hashtag Flores and just hover over each one. And what you want to look for is in the case. In this case I’m working with a florist. So if your business, whatever your business is, start from those words that we spoke about before that you found on queue a keyhole.co, and I’m looking for the word florist and down here I can see this post here has 617 likes, it’s got 15 comments. Then the next one has got 1000, 341 likes and 38 comments. So there’s another one here. It’s had 1025 likes, zero comments. So what you want to look for is a post that’s had a lot of comments.

Caroline:                                 25:01                       So in the case of here, I’ve got ones in about 24 comments, 90 comments, 16 comments, seven comments, and just scroll down until you find an image that is related to what you’re selling or whatever word you type in, you’re going to see a whole lot of images that are not related because you’ve got a lot of spammers putting content out there that are not related to your Hashtag. So just ignore those ones. Just keep scrolling until you find something that is related and does look like something that you could actually, you know, relate to being close to your business. So I click on one and I come up with, let’s say for instance, this one here has 38 comments. I’ll click on that one. And now what I’m doing is I’m looking at this instagram post. It’s written in Russian. All the answers are in Russian.

Caroline:                                 25:49                       Uh, the website that I’m building for this client at the moment is not in Russian and I don’t see he’s not currently looking at doing it in Russian. So I don’t think that this is going to be very relevant. So in that case, when to close down this image and look for the next one. So this one’s had 14 comments and I look down now the first thing I look at is the comments that they’ve had left for them. And I start to look at the people who are leaving the comments. Now, in this case, there’s a lot of other floral of florists that are leaving comments like, I’ve got the loving loom, floral design. I’ve got another florist, something for Boutiques, a something, flowers and gifts, so those ones are not the ones that I first want to look at. What I want to look at is actually people who are the audience, the target audience, the buyers, the potential buyers.

Caroline:                                 26:46                       I want to find them. So I’m going down the list and I find this an a baby. Spoke a little bit, not exactly an a baby, so I click on her photo and I come up with. Now you might find that this is set on private. If so, just go out and find another person, some people’s accounts or on private. Just ignore them. You can’t do anything. So I found this person and a baby and she has. She’s got followers. I don’t really care how many followers she has because these are just normal people, but I want, I want to see is who she’s following. She’s following 532 people. I’m going to click on that and now I’m going to look down the list of who she is following. So she’s a potential customer and what you do with her is something different. And that’s what I talk about in other training when I talk about how to get more instagram followers, but in this case, what I want to show you right now is not about getting more instagram followers, how to research your audience.

Caroline:                                 27:45                       That’s all we’re talking about. So we’ve clicked on the potential customer and we look at her followers and we click on her followers list and we see here that she has got all of these followers. She’s got over 500 and I want to see who she’s following. She’s a following, a lot of normal people. But what we want to see is the other people that she’s following other businesses. So no, the glow is one a business that she’s following the house of Polish is another one that she’s following something cosmetic makeup by Mario. So we start to see all the things that she’s following. And we started to say, okay, so she’s following an cheese cake shop. She’s following other flourish. He’s following famous people, coordinate Kadesh Ian. She’s following restaurants. So what we want to start to do is have a look at, first of all, can any of these people, she’s following become joint venture partners for us, so maybe in there were selling flowers in this case, so if someone else is selling, I don’t know, chocolates, that’s a really good connection between chocolates and flowers issues following a chocolate brand, then that is going to be a great joint venture potential for us.

Caroline:                                 29:04                       So I’d ride that into a document. The next thing you want to have a look at is what sort of businesses, what sort of things she’s following in the way of what she interested in. So she’s come up to a florist account on instagram. What else is she interested in? We can see here she’s interested in makeup, she’s interested in chocolate, she’s interested in Kourtney Kardashians, so we can start to see the sort of things that we need to think about when we are creating posts. We don’t want to be only posting about flowers from our store or whatever. We’re selling jeans from our store. We want to interact on a more personal basis. So we want to start talking about things that these customers are interested in, for example, with this flower, so I’m working with, I’ve put up a beautiful picture of doughnuts and did a little poem that, that roses are red, so I tied in the flowers with the donuts because everyone knows girls loves donuts and they were really yummy looking donuts and so that works hand in hand and we’re not then talking just about, you know, buy our flowers by our flowers.

Caroline:                                 30:11                       We’re trying to get personal with these people and trying to show that, you know, we are creating, you know, a full personality in our instagram store. So I would recommend doing this at least 10 times at the very, very least. Write all of these things into a document and under the section you want it to be called something like, um, interest ideas or topic ideas and start to think them, put links in there. If ideas start to start to see a bigger picture. So we’ve done this now with this Anna baby person, we go back to the other account and we look for another person who left a comment and we’d say, see what they’re looking at as well. The reason why we do this, not unlikes but on comments is because this person and a baby is someone who interacts. This is a person who is interacting, which end person who interacts is more likely going to be a buyer than a person who just likes a photo.

Caroline:                                 31:13                       It’s very easy to like photos and especially when you have lovely photos on instagram, it’s really easy just to like them. So while likes are great, the comments are the ones that really mean something. Someone’s taking the time to leave a comment and when it’s for a person like company, it really does mean a lot. So go through, have a look at different people who are already leaving comments on your competitors instagram accounts and start looking at those accounts. Now you can do this with twitter. You can also do this with facebook, but with instagram it just is the easiest. And for ECOMMERCE, there tends to be a lot of people there. Now, if you’re listening to this and your customers are men and men are less likely to be on instagram and yet she’ll go after twitter. Going back to the key research, there is a whole list of twitter influences are they going to tell you about in that key hole research to go and research and you can do exactly the same strategy with people on twitter as you can do on instagram.

Caroline:                                 32:22                       Okay, so I think that is it for today. I don’t want to overwhelm you. Go back and listen to this podcast and implement these three strategy research strategies that I’m sharing with you. I guarantee you that if you go and implement these three, spent half a day on it, just put aside a couple of hours, put aside a few hours to go through these three strategies. I’m actually going to type up just the very basic overall idea of them into a little post on facebook into the facebook group. So please go into the facebook group and take a look at that. I have just updated the facebook group. It is called winning with Shopify, so jump in there. I really want you to win with Shopify. I know how amazing Shopify is. I know how easy it is once you actually get all of these things set up properly, so yeah, it’s not easy to go and do research.

Caroline:                                 33:21                       Yeah, okay. It’s going to take you a few hours to go and do it, but I can guarantee you the difference between a company doing well and not doing well is doing things like your foundational pieces. Putting together your research strategy properly, spending a few hours on it is going to be so worth it in the long run. I have so many people working with me privately, one on one, and they come to me and they’re lost. They don’t know what they’re doing. They feel overwhelmed. They don’t understand why they’re not making sales. I get them to implement these sorts of things into their business and they walk away relieved. They walk away happy. They walk away knowing now that it’s going to be much easier for them and they start getting sales and then they go from starting to get sales into getting lots of sales and if you know about some of my strategies and I’ve got many different things I can talk about, it makes it hard to bring it into just one little quick podcast.

Caroline:                                 34:19                       But if you know about what I talk about, I talk about your first thousand sales is the most important because once you get that, it’s the snowball effect. Once you get the thousands and it gets more and more faster and faster and faster. So let’s go back to the planning was going back to the foundation and make sure you have that correct. Once you have that correct, then you can move on to thinking about the $10,000, $100,000 a month. So jumping into the free facebook group, winning with Shopify, take a look at the group there and um, I’ll be putting a post there with a quick overview of today’s podcast. Also check out, just ask Parker. We have a seven days, $7 trial. Try Us out, if you don’t love us, that’s fine, but I guarantee once you see what we can do for you, you’re going to get so much help that you haven’t had before.

Caroline:                                 35:09                       Like I said, it’s normally about a $3,000 value per month worth of tasks and you’re getting that for one 10th of the price, less than a 10th of the price and it’s just amazing the sort of results people are getting and the help that we are able to bring people with the strategies that we have in place. So check out, just ask Parker.com and find out more about how we can help you jump into the free facebook group. I look forward to helping you. Let me know how you with this, I’m going to put a post up, put your comments underneath that post. Let me know how your research is going. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to know exactly the sorts of results, the difference I’m making by helping you, giving you these strategies and by you actually implementing them. So I’m excited to hear from you and I look forward to having your my next podcast. Bye for now. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode.