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How to Influence & Persuade Your Ideal Customer to Purchase?

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Intro & Outro: 00:00 Welcome to the Winning With Shopify podcast, the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing, email sales and social media advice, strategies and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host, Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskeparker.com the only small marketing tasks agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design, and eCommerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska.

Caroline: 00:34 Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Podcast. I’m your host Caroline Balinska and today I want to bring you some very, very important information. This has been happening for the last couple of weeks and it’s really, really upsetting. It’s really breaking my heart and I just, I want to make sure that everyone understands this podcast is really for people when they’re in their first thousand sales getting their first thousand sales when they starting out and they haven’t hit the 10 $20,000 a month yet, and I use those numbers very loosely because some people making 10,000 a month, is a huge amount of profit because they might have 60, 70% profit margins and for other people that’s not a lot of money because the profits quite low. So I’m using the term very loosely, but if you’re not making 20,000 a month yet, then these are the podcasts you need to be listening to.

Caroline: 01:24 There’s a lot of great podcasts out there, but they are more advanced and some of the techniques I’m hearing about are great, if you have a lot of money coming in, but if you don’t then it’s not going to help you when you’re starting out. Last week I was speaking at an event in London and I met up with a expert, a Shopify expert that I’ve known for a while, and we had a coffee and had a chat about the whole industry on what’s going on. And I don’t want to mention any names, I’m not here to mention names, but what he was telling me was that he worked at, one of the largest advertising agencies in London for a long time and he’s now gone out, not that recently. He’s now out on his own. And he was explaining to me that what he found in that agency was that the return on investment on Facebook ads was ridiculously low to the point where it was actually losing people a lot of money.

Caroline: 02:15 So it’s a large agency, they’re taking on large customers, large clients, and these clients didn’t really care. So the advertising agency, we’re not doing the right things by these people. And it’s really sad when you hear about that. But I guess these big companies don’t really care. But for my clients, this really does make or break you as a business owner when you’re starting out. That’s great. Earning $1 million, 2 million, 5 million, 20 million a year, you might not care that much, but when you are trying to hit that 10,000 a month target, this is the make or break time. So that’s why I really want to make sure that you understand this. So over the last week I’ve been speaking to different clients about their Facebook ads and a lot of people come to me. I do private coaching and a lot people ask me, how much money will you make me in the first couple of weeks when I work with you?

Caroline: 03:03 And the truth is what I have found over the last couple of years of working just with ecommerce stores. It’s not about how much I make you in the first week, the first few weeks, it’s how much I save you in the first few weeks because people come to me all the time and I cannot stress enough. I would actually be a multi multimillionaire if I took all the money that my clients lost before working with me and before I stopped them from doing things and took that money and had that, I would be a multimillionaire. I’m seriously horrified with what I hear. So last week one of my clients was showing me, she’s working with a Facebook ad company, was working with them and they were getting her conversions at 400 and I think $450 a conversion. I products sell between 50 and $150 on average and one Facebook conversion cost $450 down to her lowest conversions by them were $150.

Caroline: 03:56 Now if your highest product is $150 and your conversion, the cost of that person to buy it costs you $150 that is, that means you’re out of pocket. Your cost of goods haven’t been put into that. The rest of your business management hasn’t been put into that. Your tax hasn’t been put into that. There’s so many other costs that are involved. So this is not things to ignore and I can give you so many more stories. I do talk about them quite a lot on this podcast and I’ve got so many clients in this situation is unbelievable and I just want to make sure people don’t go through that. So today I want to give you three tips before you actually start thinking about your running ads. Make sure you have these three things covered. The first thing I’ll say is that if you’re running any ads at the moment and you’re not making a good conversion, you’re not making good money on that, then please stop them.

Caroline: 04:50 I was speaking at my event and last week and I just said to people, just turn off your ads, just turn them off before you do anything else, so please make sure you’ve got them turned off and then get stuck into these three tips. So let’s go through them really quickly. Now, this is what I do with my coaching clients. When people coach with me, we pretty much spend one whole session just going through this in detail, so I’m never going to get through it. On a podcast and every single person is in a slightly different situation, but I just want to get you an idea of what you need to look at. So with our clients that work with us in just as Parker, we go into a lot more detail and then the coaching goes even further and deeper. So there’s lots of different aspects you have to take into account.

Caroline: 05:29 And the first piece of warning that I’ll give you the first piece of advice is be very hesitant. And I don’t want to say never do it because I do. I have great ones on my team that advise us and help us, and I’ve picked these advisers on purpose because I know that they’re doing the right thing. It would be very, very wary of finding a company that’s going to do, for example, your Facebook ads are going to do your Pinterest ads or do whatever they you ask them to do if they specialize in that one area. While I love people that specialize, I think it’s great to have them. Some of these specialists out there are out there to just say “yeah, just give me your money and I’ll do it.” and they have no intention of doing the right job by you.

Caroline: 06:06 They just want to take your job and take your money. This is another reason why I don’t recommend Fiverr as a platform and that’s where justaskparker comes into it because we’re sort of like a Fiverr where you can choose different tasks but with one team, so we’re not going to say yes to a job if we think it’s wrong because it’s not in our benefit to give you a task that’s not going to benefit you at all because we offer all the different things as well. So be very hesitant about working with a one on one company. Our advisors, I can guarantee them like I will stand by my advisors, Facebook, Pinterest, Google ads because I know they’re going to do the right thing by you because they work with me and I refer people to them. So I know that that’s there are, I had a client last week of the event telling me she came to my event and her last Facebook ad person wasn’t there to support her or help her so please be aware of that.

Caroline: 06:55 Now the first thing that you need to think about, this is the first tip I’m going to give you is make sure your website is set up for conversions. That is the first thing and this is where a lot of these so called experts are going to just take your money and do part of the job and not do the rest of it. The biggest mistake I see happening is that people go and work with an expert who is meant to be doing their Facebook ads but their website is not set up for conversions or people are running their own Facebook ads because they saw in a Facebook group that someone said they can do $5 ads and make all this money, but if your website is not set up for conversions, you’re never ever going to get the sales is just not going to happen.

Caroline: 07:31 You need to have re targeting turned on and I talk about that all the time in different podcasts. Retargeting is number one, set up your email so you’ve got a really good pop up. Capture those people, make sure you have all of the different aspects. Make sure you have a chat bot. look, I talk about this all the time. People that do an audit with us had JustAskParker, we definitely go into the full details of this and explain this in great detail for each individual person. And those are the things, the website or it really covers off what is involved to have a highly converting website. Now there’s lots of things that we’ll need to be tweaked along the way and changed and things like that. They’re split testing you have to do, but there’s a really good basic level of strategy that you need to stand by before you actually start running out.

Caroline: 08:14 So make sure your website’s ready for conversions. If it’s not, you’re wasting your money putting $5 or a hundred or $500 a day into Facebook ads and you do not have retargeting. Retargeting on your website, you might as well just be going and taking your money and putting it in the toilet. That is all it’s good for and that’s what these clients that she was spending $450 on a website conversion and now I’m working with her privately and coaching and we fixed all these things on her website to make sure that it’s going to convert better once she does start running ads again properly that she’s got these aspects in place. Now the second thing I’m going to mention is placement where, what platforms are you using and what is the placement of these ads? So a lot of people will, 99% of people that come to us say to me straight away,

Caroline: 09:00 I want to run a Facebook ad. Can you help me? Generally speaking, while I love Facebook ads, and I think that they’re fantastic in so many ways, Facebook is usually not the first place that I tell people to go. I’m not saying don’t do them, but I am saying that there’s places like Pinterest, there are things like Google, Gmail ads, there are things like Google display ads. People are running Google adwords. Do not run Google and adwords unless you’ve got a really good strategy behind it. Our advisor Azhir, he can do that for you because he knows why he’s doing things, any testings, and he’s got all these special ways of working. But if you’re a single person and you’re trying to run a Google adword, I’m pretty sure you’re going to fail because Google adwords is just that text at the top. And when someone’s buying, I had a client not long ago and justaskeparker.

Caroline: 09:49 She was running an ad for bracelets and she was told to do Google adwords and there she was running an adwords campaign for a beautiful bracelet from a text ad. No one can see that. So it’s not the right way to go. So make sure you know where you’re actually placing your ads. Is that the best place for you? Pinterest is going to be cheaper for you and people are there to buy. Instagram’s a great place to run ads. It’s still cheaper than Facebook ads. So think about where you’re going to place your ads. That’s super important. And then the last thing I want to give as a tip is your audience. Understand your audience. I can’t stress this enough. The first thing I tell people to do when they sign up with us at JustAskParker or my coaching clients is do a custom Avatar, customer persona, your customer, your ideal customer, whatever you want to call it.

Caroline: 10:33 I don’t care what you want to call it, but do it because you’re not selling to everyone. So when people sign up with us at JustAskParker, I always ask people who, uh, who’s your audience, who are you selling to? And I can tell you when they start with us, they usually say, my audience is women 18 to 65 or my audience is everyone. And it’s not. I can give you some really good at that. Examples, Victoria secrets, one of the biggest underwear companies in the world, their audiences. Not everyone. It’s a particular group of people. Coca Cola, their audiences, not everyone. That’s why they brought out bottles of water because no one, not everyone drinks coca cola. Um, you see their ads, they’re really targeting a particular type of person in their ads. They’re targeting young people in their twenties being cool and yes, other people are gonna buy it.

Caroline: 11:18 So it’s not about the fact that no one else is allowed to buy your product at target. The people that are going to be your best customers and the rest of the people follow because they want to be in that sort of, they wouldn’t be that sort of customer as well. So I talk about the psychology of how people actually think and how people buy from your website. And I’ve got a webinar coming up about that shortly underneath this podcast link on JustAskParker. When you go to the JustAskParker website, there’ll be a link on the page for this podcast where, or even in the actual description for app on the app of the iTunes app for example, there will be a link and that link will actually send you over to sign up for this Webinar. And this webinar talks about how people actually think when they are buying.

Caroline: 12:05 And that’s so important to understand that it will change the way you think about your ideal customer. So that’s super important as well. Um, also understanding with your audiences, targeting people for the right income brackets. For example, I pretty much now only target people that are in the top 50% of income brackets. Now you can do this for us. You can’t do it for other places, but there’s a really easy way around that. What you do is you find out the highest income areas in each particular country. So in Australia we’re going to be targeting people in, in a suburban Melbourne, in suburban Sydney. In the u s you can actually in Facebook work that out in the UK. You’re going to be targeting people in London, so make sure you know where you’re targeting people and there’s so many other aspects of your audience, but those are just a couple of tips I want you to understand before you start running ads to everyone and wasting a lot of money.

Caroline: 12:56 So a lot of my clients actually have come to me. We set up great ads. They’ve stopped spending stupid amounts of money. That particular client that we’re spending $400 $450 on a Facebook conversion, she spent $16,000 before she turned it off and it’s not her fault. She kept on being told by this company, just keep doing it. Just keep doing it. We’ll get there. We’ll get there. I’ve got another client at the moment who she’s decided to work with the Facebook ad company and we have to wait and see. But I’ve told her, if you’re going to try it, test it for a small amount of money. Don’t put too much money into it because it’s not true that you just need to keep putting money into your Facebook ads until it finally works. You need to start seeing conversions pretty early on, and I don’t mean $5, but I do mean after a couple of thousand dollars if you’re not seeing conversions in, they’re doing something wrong and you need to step back and they usually not understanding your customer.

Caroline: 13:48 I can tell you that now. I don’t want to say that all like that, but a lot of them are that they don’t understand who you’re targeting. And I’ve seen it. I’ve seen my clients accounts. I know this is actually the case. So as you know, if you listened to me on a regular basis, I’m very passionate. I do get passionate, I get angry, I get agitated, I get sad for people who are losing money. So all of my passion and all of my anger and all my sadness is only because I want people to succeed. I want people to do. While you can make money running your Shopify store, it’s not that you can’t make money. It’s not like some people, you know these, when these articles, it’s a scam. It’s not a scam, is nothing scammy about it. It’s if you’re doing the right things, you can make money if you’re targeting the right person. So that’s it for today. Please sign up for the actual Webinar that I’ve got coming up about how to understand the psychology of buyers, and I look forward to seeing you on my next podcast. Until then, keep smiling.

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