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Intro & Outro: 00:00 Welcome to the winning with Shopify podcast, the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing emails, sales and social media advice strategies and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskparker.com the only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design and ecommerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska.

Caroline: 00:35 Hi everyone! It’s Caroline Balinska, so I always start my podcast by saying I’m super excited, but today I have as super, super exciting guest today and this is all because of the whole drama with mail chimp. This has become a very big talking point at this time. I have been working with this company for well over a year now and I’ve always loved what they’ve been doing, so I wanted to bring them tonight. Talk about what on this end is doing. They are really taking over this space of email marketing, but way, way more. I think that everyone listening, we all know about email marketing, but another thing that is going on at this moment that’s really changing the shape of how we communicate with our customers and our lead is this whole Omni channel and the Omni channel. You’ll find out more about it. You probably have never even heard of the word or if you have you probably a little bit confused of what that means and that is why Omnisend I do believe is going to change the way we look at communicating with our customers.

Caroline: 01:34 They are really making a huge change to Shopify store owners, so we’re going to get into talking to readers. Rytis Lauris is the co-founder and CEO of Omnisend. They are a powerful marketing automation platform that’s focused on moving ecommerce market is beyond the generic email marketing tools into a whole new world of something really unbelievable. Now they have been around for a long time and they are doing things such as SMS, Facebook ads, Google retargeting and so many new things that are coming up on a constant basis. Now. Omnisend has really changed the way my clients look at email marketing, the way that they actually look after their clients, the way they communicate with their clients. And I just want to start off by saying I don’t only think that Omnisend is the only option out there. I know it’s not for everyone.

Caroline: 02:23 It’s just like I say, Shopify is not for everyone. I’m not trying to say this is the only option, but I can tell you honestly at at this very current moment Omnisend is the only option I highly recommend to my client. They have got so many great options in their free package. It really will change the way you do your marketing. As I said, I’m super excited. I actually have Omnisend speaking at my live event with me in London on the 13th of May, so in a couple of days they will be speaking as guests with me. They were at another event. I do London last year and I had the most amazing feedback from everyone that was there just saying they were incredible. So I really wanted to have them back again if now come on board as advisors but Justaskparker as well because I really truly believe in what they doing as such a great team of people.

Caroline: 03:10 So let’s get into it. I think it’s time that you meet Rytis , let’s have a chat with him and find out more about what Omnisend is all all about so Hi Rytis, How are you?

Rytis: 03:19 Hey thank you for such an like super, super amazing and super, super friendly intro. Really appreciate that and really happy to be here as a guests. It’s a really great recognition for our entire team and kudos to entire Omnisend team which who really makes it happen and builds this great product. I personally believe it’s a great product as well, but I actually believe, I mean that’s, that’s all the reason I’m running this business because I have no jobs. We help, we help customers, our customers, online merchants to that. But to retain that customer is to increase their sales and really to, to communicate with a existing customers in, in different channels and in a better way comparing to just to know simple, generic email marketing tools.

Caroline: 04:01 It’s very easy to do that introduction. I didn’t have to read anything because it really comes from the heart. I’ve really loved everything you guys do. So it’s definitely for me the first points that I tend to, when people ask me and I get people asking me all the time, which email marketing system do you prefer? Always mentioned Omnisend. So, I’m super excited to be you at the moment because I think that at the moment there’s been in the last local, so a huge change with MailChimp leaving Shopify, which personally I didn’t have a problem with because I wasn’t a fan of them even before I thought that they have their faults that was, but I think it opens the doors because more people are in the situation and saying, hey, I can’t use MailChimp and just, I want to make a point to everyone that there’s been quite a lot of talk about the connection between MailChimp and Shopify

Caroline: 04:46 That Mailchimp recommended just still use that. However, even in my Facebook group and nothing to do with me, but other people are mentioning that that APP is not working very well. And it means that when you unsubscribe or when people unsubscribe, they getting put back on your list. So that can cause a lot of problems with Sam. This other issues with that. Personally, I know readers, I’m not even going to ask you your opinion, but I’m telling everyone that from my standpoint I wouldn’t be using that connection between MailChimp and Shopify. It’s not very good for business. So there are a few options out there on the market. But what I love about Omnisend is you do have a free option just like MailChimp was free, you’d have a free option as well. Rytis, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what Omnisend can do for people who were on MailChimp before or maybe they’re just starting out and they’ve got nothing?

Rytis: 05:33 Yeah, so that’s very good question. So definitely we faced a lot of migrating customers usually on Shopify platform and then migrating from MailChimp. So initially, so what do I would recommend is [inaudible] really we are covering all the needs you had all the flows, so also marketing activities you were doing with MailChimp. So we definitely, we do have all of those capabilities within Omnisend, and there were some features were we kind of solve a little bit differently. So what we have even made and we’re still developing that we made public on is just collected the needs of those migrating customers and released a public roadmap feature set, which what’s going to be changed within Omnisend to better reflect the needs and to better reflect the routine you have already been used to.

Rytis: 06:16 So for those who I’m migrating, so what we recommend is really to really migrate your routine from MailChimp to Omnisend initially, but a part of that. So we are really built for ecommerce from the day one idea. Do you have a product? We have been focused on ecommerce. So you know, focusing on one single vertical as like ecommerce and online retailers really helped us to do, to build the best product as we really analyze deeply. We do create, we generalize best scenarios, case studies, etcetera.

Rytis: 06:49 How do our customers use marketing automation tools? How all those giants like Amazon or like Asus, so others which are, who are doing a really great job. So what do they do? And in many cases we can bring it to a mall merchants. I mean it’s very, it’s very difficult. It’s very too complicated to make it on your own. But within Omnisend you have to rebuild a lot of things like automation templates with even the default, the default text, the suggestions, even if default images, suggestions, et cetera. So just very easy to migrate from one to Omnisend from MailChimp to Omnisend and in this case and start benefiting from that. Yeah. And once you start with some simple activities as mainly people on MailChimp where they doing email blasts and then just simple newsletters when you shout out something what you want to do about like once a week, maybe once a month sometimes.

Rytis: 07:42 So you can start with that but you know don’t miss an opportunity to really improve your marketing, start doing automation from like basic ones as like welcome campaigns, which are definitely should be run immediately after someone signups to scribes and you get permission to communicate with that customer. And then Cart reminder like browse reminders, browser bundle and reminders where we do remind some specific category. We, if the visitor have not even added the product, a shopping basket, but we already identify but the one was looking after specific category. Let’s say sport bikes or like black dress category, let’s say, so like those basic automation which you can start with and on top of that

Rytis: 08:27 What Omnisend is great about this really Omni channel as a part of the email, we do have text messages, we do have web push notifications, we do have Facebook messenger, we do have Viber and whatsapp messages, we do have synchronization with Google ads and Facebook ads for retargeting purposes. So all of those channels that you can use it in one tool, which is great. And what is even better that you can use it on a single flow. What do I mean by that? A single flow. So again, someone has been browsing your website and looking at a specific category of products so you can put the different messages for different channels on a single flow. So you start to communicate with that customer email, which is the most cost effective way. And then start sending push notifications if you have permissions to do that. And if a customer is still ignoring you and it does not come back to make a purchase then you start sending text messages or Facebook messenger messages and ended up with retargeting banners. But you only show those retargeting banners only if previous like steps didn’t work and the customer did not come back to complete the transaction. So you can do it in the most cost effective way. It’s on one hand. On the other hand, you do not bombard your customers with too many messages throughout the channel I would recommend to make those three steps, look migrator template and just import your subscribers from MailChimp and then set up automations and then start benefiting from Omni channel.

Caroline: 09:55 Fantastic. So I think that what I love about Omnisend now how you’ve actually developed is this the Omni channel. So going into sending different types of messages. So let’s say for instance, let’s just even scenario for people to understand properly because I don’t think that it’s, people understand how powerful this is because you mentioned that, oh yeah. Then you’re not sending lots of messages. So let’s say for instance you, they patches some something from me. You can send them a message via Facebook messenger, you can send them an SMS message, an SMS messages. Do you have any stats on how those things actually work compared to email? Because email, some people saying emails dead emails are like completely gone. So do you have statistics that you can sort of share why what you’re doing is actually sort of beneficial compared to just sending emails?

Rytis: 10:43 Yeah, so I would like to start with email, email is not dead and although with OmniChannel tool, but email is still remains as a key channel for customer retention and all other channels crucial. What do they kind of augment the email? So email drives it like 15 to 30% of sales for online stores if you are doing your email marketing properly. So it definitely that’s a great channel I have no doubts and we at Omnisend we have no doubts that it will remain for years and years because it’s really, you can really personalize and and the the recipient of those messages, people love choosing email as like a brand’s communication channel with them because they have full control of their inbox, they may decide if they want to read your message may be I don’t want, because your subject line doesn’t click and when I read your message and in one week or maybe two days when you’re going to send it, send them an email of some content which is more relevant to me.

Rytis: 11:41 So it’s one thing and I would think, what is very important to them, we talk about usage of more channels is that we have made a research Omni channel research and what we saw about those of our customers who are using free plus channels at least free on more channels on the single flow. They do face 90% high customer retention, which is amazing number. Adding, adding at least two more channels on the email, which is usually have a standard, it gives you a 90% high customer retention. That’s, that’s amazing that the out of those different channels, so text messages, they’re super effective. SMS is so around 95% of all text messages sent that being opened in five minutes that’s really amazing because it’s mainly because of how SMS is being treated within your phone and your operating system that if like email in the inbox you can ignore, you barely can ignore the text message because we don’t get those messages that many of those to one thing.

Rytis: 12:46 And another thing you always have at the red bubble, you know some showing where you have like one unread message and you definitely do read those messages. Yeah, so SMS definitely lives, it’s a renaissance. It’s, it’s one because of two reasons. So but first reason primary reason is now text messages is very similar to any other kind of message. You can add links and you have mobile-friendly websites. So that means that within the phone you don’t lose a customer. So entire flow might be handled within the phone. So I just get the message, I click on the link and go to a mobile friendly website. I even complete the checkout on, on my phone. So no need to go to my desktop on a laptop. And it all happens with a new phone. So it’s kind of the first reason.

Rytis: 13:33 And even like constant thing, I always, not always, but quite often get questions about Gdpr. What about like consent and text messages? So within text message and like on Omnisend we do have this feature so you can add unsubscribe link with in the message. And if a person wants to like unsubscribe, it’s so easy to do that. So just, you know, click a link and it says, he says an email and you unsubscribe from this channel alone. And yeah, so it’s kind of one thing. This is a seamless experience within the phone. And the second thing is that companies are not sending that many messages like text message. So that’s the reason why people, if I give a permission for you to communicate with me via phone, by text message. So I’m kind of really, I like you’re brand loyal to a brand and if I receive only messages I do open

Rytis: 14:23 And yeah, nothing very, very effective in terms of return on investment is like Facebook message but a lot of restrictions with Facebook messenger. So it mainly it’s a really well for performance for abandoned cart reminders, really, really great performance, a huge conversion rates, but it has like restrictions and you cannot communicate, you can communicate with your customer only 24 hours after you, after you’ve got permission or after you got any interaction with the customer. So there are permissions, there are some restrictions for four full permission with Facebook messenger, but it’s still very effective. Push notifications again, especially for reminders. Once you get to get the permission and the customer abandoned either your website or shopping cart. So sending push notifications with those reminders, they are very effective. Sometimes we see open rates as high as like 70 to 80% which is absolutely amazing. Especially then you just caught the permission and when the customer has abundant your website and you send up the one hour so they are effective as as well.

Rytis: 15:32 Push notifications once you use them as like promotional campaigns, something similar replacement of the newsletter. When you, you do not reflect the customer’s behavior, you just send them information which you would like to tell to your customers. So effectiveness is a bit lower but still.

Caroline: 15:49 I’ve written so many notes based on what you just said and I’ve got so many things I wanna ask you. I’m going to start off by asking you what you just said. Then I have the push notifications having a 70 to 80% open rate. A lot of people say to me when I say, you need to have a pop up, they say to me, yeah, but I hate, I hate those push notifications that because I hate them. I know everyone else. Not everyone talks about it. So I don’t want to annoy my customers. What’s your opinion on that?

Rytis: 16:16 Very good question. So yeah I have this opinion as well sometimes. Let me yeah, some statistics. Again, we have analyzed our customers who are using popups to collect email addresses. And again, very important thing, once we talk about subscribers, we should start talking not only about email subscribers but about email subscribers, SMS subscribers, Viber subscribers, push notification subscriber, Facebook messenger subscribers. So we should, how to say, expand the understanding of what subscriber is within our mind. So that’s, that’s very important thing. And of course collecting permissions and getting subscribers on your list. This is aware the actual retention marketing starts and like marketing automation starts, it starts much early, from the, from the point when someone purchases from us. So, so yeah, so pop ups I have, I have just like open to the statistics.

Rytis: 17:12 So just a simple signup form somewhere in your footer. It really gets like 0.2 0.3% of subscribers from the entire visitor so subscriber rate are really low. Then we go to a popup, it bumps up to 3% of entire traffic. So what’s the message here have at usually usually 97% of traffic, which is coming to a website. It just go out only 3% like 2 to 3% on average of a traffic converts. So from that visit your conversion rate is 2 to 3%. So if you are using pop, you are doubling that amount. I mean, so 3% is converting and another 3% is giving permission to communicate with them. So they still leave you a chance to convert them a bit later, but it’s all in your hands now because you have channels to convince the person and to show the value of the products or services you have.

Rytis: 18:10 So you know, it’s just very simple, just double your chances to convert. What’s even better if you add some game-ification for example, like wheel of fortune or gamification elements where people just, not all new leave their email, but they have wheel of fortune or give box a cell increases the subscription rate up to 10% yeah. So yeah. So what kind of downside is of this gamification that you, you don’t want to use it like all the time because you went to make it more on campaign basis. But if you have some like special offer, if you have like a free delivery incentive, or you have like discount, you have big sale going on. So really use this opportunity combined with gamification element, great incentive and you are going to see like a normal subscription rates and yeah, some of all those subscribers, they gave you permission to communicate with them later to retain them later.

Rytis: 19:04 So that’s, you know, statistics doesn’t lie in this case and all though yourself, you don’t like pop ups but they just work. And if you are really, really like pessimistic about though, so what I would recommend using exit intent pop ups. So you know, customers are leaving your websites. If you don’t show a pop up they just gonna close the tab so there’s nothing to lose already.

Caroline: 19:30 Can I ask you about that because how does the exit intent pop ups of work on iPhones?

Rytis: 19:36 Yeah. So no on mobile phones it doesn’t work unfortunately. It works on desktop or laptop, not on the mobile phones.

Caroline: 19:45 At the moment. That’s around 40 to 50% of traffic.

Rytis: 19:49 Yeah, that’s, that’s correct. That’s correct. But still you know, 40 to 50%. So it’s half of that. So, but half of the rest is still on desktop. Yeah. So

Caroline: 20:01 So they way that I’ve been doing in clients is that I said it’s mobile devices. They just get like a little email at the bottom screen and then on the desktop they get the exit intent.

Rytis: 20:14 Yeah. That might be used. You can replace it with let’s say pop up, which is being shown after after some time spent on your website or some number of clicks. Let’s say you can show that pop up after first click, so forth collect shows. But there’s already certain level of engagement with your website and it’s a, you do not annoy a customer, on his arrival at your website. Yeah. Cause usually what people hate is that the popups which are being shown before you even show content. So you said, “come on, come on, I just landed to your website and instead of showing the content, which is irrelevant to me, you’re showing me like pop up asking your permission to communicate with you. So I am not even sure if I like you or maybe I don’t like what they see.” So we don’t ask those permissions too early. So all of those pop ups are effective as well. But I do understand about some of the marketers or some customers they don’t like merchants they don’t wanna show those so yeah, replace with exit intent popup I already said it’s really good advice. So I completely agree on that.

Caroline: 21:20 And just on that note, just from my experience I worked a lot with non ecommerce store and now not been working for the last 3 years only with ecommerce and I can say that what you just mentioned, people don’t like that pop up immediately. That is so true when it comes to a non retail store. So non ecommerce, that’s really true. But I think with ecommerce you can put a pop up straight away because people are coming to shop. So to give them the pop up straight away is actually not as bad as what people think it is. But on blog pages you might not want it to pop straight away on blog pages because people have had to read a blog post just like they go into another service based website to learn more. Whereas on a retail store, I do find that you can get away with putting pop up not that you have, but you can get it right away with a much more so than you can with the blog website.

Rytis: 22:08 Cause you know within online store you can offer something, something more material going to say discount.

Caroline: 22:16 Exactly.

Rytis: 22:16 Yeah. So even if the customer or visitor is not sure yet if he’s, if he or she going to buy from your store. But maybe that’s an opportunity to get like a 5% discount, ad like 10 pounds to 10 euros, a $10 discount straight away. And if the one makes up, makes a decision to purchase from you. So a discount going to be in the vein bus. So yeah. So that’s reason. And in blogs usually you offer some like white papers or just updates or digest so, yeah, before people make up their minds to subscribed, they need to understand what kind of content do provide. Is it quality? Good enough and do we like what you say? etc.

Caroline: 22:56 Okay, so I’ve got something I say to my clients and non-clients, everything I say, I said on my podcast, I say to people, if you have not got your email setup, then stop running ads. I cannot believe that this still happens. The amount of people, and I’m not joking, I just had a new person this week on Monday. She has just spent $12,000 on Facebook ads by company, a Facebook had company made her spend $12,000 on Facebook ads, she had to pay them on top of that. I had another client who spent $4,000 on Facebook ads.

Caroline: 23:30 Like these are personal clients that work with me in coaching and they tell me this and I hear this all the time from people and what I’m finding is the so called expert Facebook companies are going “Yeah, I’ll run your Facebook ads.” And then I find that they haven’t even got their email set up on the backend and re-targeting and all but they don’t have any emails. And I’m like, “You’re crazy.” So I’m really big on telling people if you do not have your email set up properly, do not run ads. You’re just wasting your time. Can you give us sort of your perspective on that?

Rytis: 23:59 I can just completely agree on that. cause again referring to what I have mentioned recently about the vast majority of the traffic, like 97 to 98% just, you know, abandoned to a store just leaves rustle a little bit and leave. So if you don’t have like properly set up, like forms to ask for a subscription. So you lose a lot of your money. So just wasting of resources, wasting of money. It’s one thing and everything. If you don’t do like marketing and email marketing and like have a direct communication like retention, marketing, text messages, push notifications, et cetera. So you lose, you pay for the new customer but you lose the relationship with the customer need it.

Rytis: 24:41 Cause like Omnisend and there’s other like marketing automation tools. We are mainly for retention purposes. So we help to keep a relationship with the customers which already exist or what potential customers, like prospective customers who have I showed the interest in, what are you doing? Maybe they have not even bought from you yet, but they will have already showed interest in kind of advocacy that it’s okay. I trust in you, I gave you my personal details and then permissions to communicate with me. Yeah. So you know losing like a relationship immediately with customers is a huge loss and then you’re going to like, it’s kind of a leaky bucket. You still, you will continue spending tons of money on new customers acquisitions, but if you cannot retain your customers so you will fail your best.

Caroline: 25:27 Yeah it really does. I feel sorry for these people. I knew and I was thinking before we actually did this interview that we were saying that there’s a lot of people out there that they have great ideas but they’re not marketing people and they’re given bad advice by people who are just greedy, money, hungry people just take their money for the sake of I didn’t, it really makes me sad. It makes me sad that you know, these people, once they realize and I like make it really clear, then they go, wow, thank you so much for finally telling me that. Yes, I agree. And it’s not that they’re stupid, they’ve just got no experience and I hate to it. So it really does upset me when I hear it.

Rytis: 26:03 How about, you know, we can be like great that everything so that the relative great people who build a grid products but they need some someone to guide them and you know, again like talking about retention and talking about email, the text messages and then like Viber, whatsapp messages. So those channels are relatively cheap. So, so yeah, comparing the, it’s a usually online merchants spend on like acquisition for Facebook for Google and the budgets they have for retention, for email, text messages, et Cetera. So it was just how much, much lower and the return on investment is much, much higher. So it definitely used to start from the very beginning. And even sometimes I have it, people say, I look, you know what, text messages, very expensive and email is much cheaper. Yes they are a little bit more expensive comparing to email but they’re not close to what you pay for Google or Instagram, etc. To Pinterest to acquire those customers. So I mean if you compare with those costs, so those channels to really super cost effective than their return on investment is very, very high.

Caroline: 27:08 Well, I’ll give you an example of the client I said the other day. That is one of my coaching clients, these company $12,000 into my Facebook ads and that she was showing me on the screen and one costs $400 per conversion, $400 that product sell between $150 $400 to get that sale if she would have had everything set up in the backend so she’s not in Omnisend, then she’s like beautiful company. So what I love about the emails is such a beautiful design, especially compared to something like math. So she couldn’t beautiful website and she’s going to be useful emails now and now she’s my emails and I just think it think of all that traffic that okay, she got a sale for $400 they think about all those other people that came to a website that she missed out on the opportunity of selling to them.

Caroline: 28:00 Now she can reach out to them that she has to spend more money. However, if they would’ve come signed up, she would have actually been able to market to them cheaper than running a new Facebook retargeting ad. And that’s what Facebook ad experts and I use that in commerce. They say oh yeah, but you can just run retargeting. Yes. That is like another layer that you have to, you don’t get mails, you just, it’s crazy.

Rytis: 28:23 Yeah. Completely agree. And you know even like the same retargeting. So this is where when is a huge difference between like a multichannel Omni channel approach. And so with an example I gave at the beginning of recording, but Omni channel is when once you put everything in a single flow and yous tart example who starts showing retargeting, Facebook would have targeted cash only if you file reflect ball cost effective ways to communicate with the customer.

Rytis: 28:49 So and, and the, and again who stop the all the campaigns immediately after the transaction has been recorded. So what once you do it all multichannel ways. So what happens, you are using different tools. They are not synchronized to each other. And what happens? I have been visiting, I have abandoned carts. I have, I have received an email, I have directors from that email and I still, I’m still bombarded with retargeting ads on Facebook. I have already completed the purchase. And the merchant is the wasting of money getting a bit annoyed. Yeah. That’s the polite word. I’m getting annoyed by those ads because I have already purchased this product. Why your show, why it was showing those ads? Yeah. So it’s kind of multi channel way of you done synchronize data, you use different tools for that and then it’s not on the single flow.

Rytis: 29:44 So we are not making any book most cost effective way with Omni channel approach who just put different channels. We have the same message, same context, which that campaign has been initiated with a single trigger and it has been stopped with the same trigger. So if we rock record the veterans action, we stop all the campaigns. Yeah. So just, just, just, just an example that Facebook and Google the retargeting ads by the very useful, but uh, but the most expensive. So they might be used, they should be used even in the smart way.

Caroline: 30:18 So true. Can you give us a couple of recommendations on how to get started? So everyone’s listening, and they’re probably now thinking great. Now there’s another solution. You do have a free package. So I’m not here to say to everyone that they have to pay money to use these tools just like MailChimp free.

Rytis: 30:33 Yeah. Absolutely.

Caroline: 30:34 [Inaudible] to get started and the first steps to creating that Omni channel marketing approach.

Rytis: 30:40 Yeah, so I would say like start with installing our app. if it’s on Shopify. So we’ll use seamless integration and just [inaudible] Shopify store. Just go to Omnisend.dot com and the create your account there you will link your store later on. And on Omnisend.com there is an opportunity to get the demo. So form, but like smaller customers for beginners, we commend the recorded video, 40 minutes, how to succeed with Omnisend. So how do we properly migrate alongside? We do have, we do have webinars going from time to time. So you can register to follow up Webinar or again, how to migrate from Mailchimp to Omnisend. And we have knowledge base, a lot of advices and like step by step guides, how to do things, how to migrate from Mailchimp and even within the Omnisend.

Rytis: 31:32 This is very easy to migrate your list and your contacts from Mailchimp as you just, you know, enter Mailchimps API key and we do extract all the necessary data from your current MailChimp account to Omnisend. So that’s easy as bad. Then the second step would be really create you a template. So we have really powerful, powerful template editor [Inaudible] we build the template set up so we can use one of those or you can highly customize with your colors, would be our shapes, whatever you want. So it’s really a drag and drop, easy to use and you can save it to use across your accounts for promotional campaigns, automation, et cetera. So it’s kind of a first thing. And then with Omni channel things. So I would recommend to start with collecting customer concerns and that permission is to communicate and change their understanding of what subscriber is. [inaudible]

Rytis: 32:31 already said, but subscribers not no longer an email address, solid. It’s permission to communicate via text or so phone number and goes for text messages from Viber or whatsapp communication, push notification permissions, Facebook messenger permissions. So change just seems an understanding of what subscriber is and start asking for those different permissions and different independent occasions like with between a product page with pop popups we have discussed about those with like me gamiffication elements as we look fortune, etc. So that’s that I would define as a first step towards Omni channel and just starts collecting permissions. And once you do that then you start sending communication via different channels.

Caroline: 33:18 So I have, I’ve got a whole list of questions but we’ve been going on for so long already so I don’t want to hold you up. And so everyone knows because you are advisors, you do give us a lot of advice. Will explain that in a second. I do have a pressing question just based on what you just said. When you say collect the emails, what I do here from a lot of people a lot of the time is that they don’t start sending emails straight away. They’re waiting or waiting for them to get better and bigger, they’re waiting for something and no one, they don’t even know what they’re waiting for, but they’re waiting. So you say to set it up and status and the emails, how soon should that if people stop sending emails?

Rytis: 33:56 So yeah, so this again, numbers show how we have made the research of it. Do you know if you do not start communicating within 30 days after subscription, people just forget they have left an email address. People forget about your store, people’s forget about your brand and once you start sending something after 30 days, they start marking us spam because we think, okay, I have never subscribed to visit [inaudible] who are they? Because if he’d have just visited you while googling for some specific product and we found your way, maybe like two grand, but we just, you know, forgot about it completely. Yeah. So it’s kind of just a reason why should you start doing that immediately and you know, it’s all these very, very difficult that, okay, I see that I have like 100 subscribers in my list of maybe 10 subscribers has been very, very beginning.

Rytis: 34:42 So, and I’m going to need this like one hour, two hours, two to compile a looking newsletter, et Cetera. So my advice would be start with a welcome campaign. So within the welcome campaign you can add, let’s see, seven emails sending out to sending them out to like once a week. So if you still think that you don’t have like database big enough. So what, what is my recommendation? So start collecting emails, set up proper, welcome, serious with many emails. We’re kind of a serious and what’s happens, I mean you do it once and that you should not repeat it and you don’t need to do it like on daily or weekly basis and once someone subscribes to you and they start getting just emails with our commendations with a content would put maybe bestselling products. Part of those emails might be even automated like including like in Omnisend case, you know, recommended products block where we just pick your best selling products or just you know, based on behavior and put those away products automatically new emails. So you don’t even need to like a compile all the emails yourself you made just add to, we may add some of the products automatically.

Caroline: 36:00 Fantastic. I’m still got so many things that I would ask you, but I do know that because you come on board as advisors, you are providing a lot more advice for all of our clients. Just so everyone understands. If you become a client of JustAskParker Omnisend is advising our teams and they make sure that we’re always doing the best thing we possibly can. So I don’t want to say that we have more access to Omnisend because they have got amazing customer service and everyone will get great customer service. But we definitely have that relationship where we make sure that if Omnisend says, hey, you should do this type of welcome email series. We make sure that we offer that to our clients. So we want to be at best practices and that’s where they come on board. We’re going to be doing some live events with them, like online workshops and they’ll be providing training and those sort of things that all of these things get covered and Rytis, you just mentioned that you do have, if anyone goes to your website, they can get their 40 minute video on best ways to use Omnisend, is that correct?

Rytis: 36:56 Yeah, that’s correct. So just click get the free demo and then rocky options, that point out a lot of prospective customers. So what we do suggest for more enterprise customers who are willing to go and pro plan we suggest really one on one demo for smaller ones who are just beginners. So there is a video there so we just leave. You all subscribe to that video and then you get great understanding of how can you succeed with Omnisend.

Caroline: 37:26 Fantastic. So what I’ll be doing in the show notes, I’ll be putting a link to to Omnisend I’ll also be putting a link to the live event that we’re doing together. You’re not coming and live event, you guys are doing it as high tech. So we’re doing it by an exchange video exchange, you’ll be doing a presentation for us. Your team

Rytis: 37:44 Yes a really, really great opportunity to thank you. Thank you for inviting us.

Caroline: 37:50 We’re very excited and that’s on the 13th I’ll put the link there, but what we’ll also be doing is providing a recording of that. So there’ll be another link in the show notes if you cannot, if you’re not in London, you can’t make the live event, you can still join us via video. You can watch the actual recording and there’s actually a live version of that. And then the other thing is, is that you are giving a discount code at the moment for people changing over from MailChimp. That’s correct, isn’t it? If people do want to pay, but they can use it for free, but you do have a paid version. Yeah.

Rytis: 38:22 Yeah. We do have really, really generous proposal now, like 50% off for three months and then 20% off for the rest of the year. So 12 12 months and totally for those who are migrating from Mailchimp to Omnisend in our Shopify plan

Caroline: 38:41 So if they’re starting out. They’re not paying that. They don’t have to get that discount because they don’t know.

Rytis: 38:47 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Just, you know, it’s a great opportunity to try out our premium version as well when paid services with heavily discounted price.

Caroline: 39:00 Fantastic. What we’ll be doing, I will be speaking to your team as well. I know you’re a very busy man, so you’ve already got enough to do that. I will be speaking to your team about putting together some new trainings for our clients that are around this sort of thing that I still got questions for about the welcome campaigns and ideas for that. I want to do a couple of things with your team on that four our client. So there’s so much great opportunity and I think that people need to check out Omnisend to see exactly just how much opportunity there is when it comes to the SMS and the notifications and things like that. it really is changing the way people run their businesses on their Shopify store.

Rytis: 39:39 That’s cool. Yeah. So really we are really happy to cooperate with you and really happy to help merchants to succeed altogether. As you know, more successful online businesses the better life is for everyone. So we had definitely, yeah, here to help to make marketing relevant and really help our customers to succeed.

Caroline: 39:59 Wonderful. And can I ask you what’s next? Do you have some other things in the work so you don’t want to tell us yet and what you’ve got coming up?

Rytis: 40:07 Yeah, very good question. So we have redesigned to recently, like two weeks ago or so, mid to mid April, completely new look with like user experience. We left the same, just not to make it a revolutionary but the more evolutionary. And so a lot of like insights are coming, a lot of insights. So we have already released the dashboard but it’s going to be filled with more and more like rolling basis each month we’re going to add more statistics so you can analyze how I doing, how is succeeding, what works the best for you and in what scenarios, et Cetera. So yeah, so so we’re really working hard on like improving the state analytical point and then like this big center dashboard and like customer profiles. So we’re going to be a lot of new things coming this year related to that. So another thing is hardly on the lot of integration with third party APPS, Shopify. So loyalty apps like quality lines, smile shipping gaps like shipstation after ship or recharge for those who are doing a subscription businesses and like happy birthday app for collecting birthday, birthday dates and sending great campaigns to reach your customers, [inaudible] form reviews, et cetera. So those integrations either already live or can it come alive in like one month period. So there’s going to be even even more seamless experience for the one who is on Shopify to use Omni send alongside with other tools with a complimentary,

Caroline: 41:37 Yeah, I love the fact that you’ve got smiled.io so the guys at smiled.io a couple of months ago on the podcast, and I really love like that, once again, there’s a couple of different ones out there, but I love smile.io because their free version, because my clients and the people listening are usually starting out and we need to try to save as much money as possible because there’s so many expenses when you’re starting a business as we all know. And smile.io is fantastic. So I love the fact that you integrated with that and yeah, the, the other apps is, I think it’s, I can’t fold on the sentence, so I don’t want anyone to think that I’m just selling it for the sake of I’m selling it because I really do believe in it really It’s fantastic.

Rytis: 42:15 Thank you. Really, really great to hear. And really it’s, you know, pleasure to hear that to, that means, you know, the things we’re doing great, it’s in the right way and the, and definitely I hope we just create value for merchants. So that’s the most important thing for us.

Caroline: 42:31 Definitely all my clients really happy So that’s fantastic. But Rytis thank you. I have held up you for so long. You’ve got so many things that you have to do. I know that I look forward to having that live connection, that the London event and you and I will definitely be talking and you’ll be helping out my clients and my team and everyone else, always loud,

Rytis: 42:51 Always happy to help. And really thanks for hosting me and see you virtually in the London event.

Caroline: 42:57 Wonderful. Thank you.

Rytis: 42:59 thanks.

Caroline: 43:00 Keep smiling. Bye.

Rytis: 43:02 Thanks. Thanks, you too. Bye for now.

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