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Intro & Outro: 00:00 Welcome to the Winning with Shopify podcast, the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing emails, sales and social media advice, strategies and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host, Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskparker.com the only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design, and ecommerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now here’s your host, Caroline Balinska.

Caroline: 00:35 Hi everyone. Welcome to the show. I am your host Caroline, and today I have super, super exciting news. So just ask has been going through a huge overhaul over the last couple of weeks. And one thing I’m bringing on board is advisors, very specialized advisors that specialize just in particular parts of marketing. And today I have one of those advisors. Now, the reason why I’d done this is because I do know that there’s parts of your marketing that should be very, very specifically done and our new advisor to Pinterest is actually going to be taking care of advising our team on what to do and how to do it. Also bringing our clients bonus free training included when you sign up with Just Ask Parker. But today what I wanted to do for everyone who’s listening, because I do love everyone who listens to my podcast watches any of my videos, it comes into my Facebook group.

Caroline: 01:31 I am here to give you as much free advice as possible because I really do believe that there’s a lot of people out there that can really win with Shopify if they know how to do things properly. And what I’ve found over the last couple of years of really specifically working with ecommerce stores is that most people out that do not understand the power of Pinterest. Pinterest is probably out of everything to do with marketing. Any traffic source I think is probably the most under used a marketing channel out there and we really need to understand it, but everyone out there needs to understand that there’s very few ecommerce stores that cannot use it and I’m passionate about it and anyone that he is. Me Talking about Pinterest, I’m always one going, hey guys, get on Pinterest. And most people come to our services at Just Ask Parker and say to me, what should I be doing?

Caroline: 02:24 And I can tell you 99% of them and not using Pinterest. I get them onto Pinterest and I make huge, huge differences in that business. So today what I wanted to do was have our expert advisor he had to teach you about Pinterest, why it’s so important, how to use it properly. We’ve got a whole list of things we’re going to go through today and we’re going to explain the inner workings of Pinterest help you. So make sure you’re taking notes. This is going to be a big one. I’m sure you’re going to have to listen to this again. About six months ago, I did have another Pinterest expert on. And the reason is because I really am passionate about Pinterest. I do believe that it’s very important. So please take notes, Nina, because she’s been working with our team Just Ask Parker offering specific help to small business owners, people who are making less than 10,000 a month.

Caroline: 03:17 She has taken all of that on board what our team does, what our clients need, and what my listeners need. And she has decided to break everything down to the level that is needed for people who are earning less than 10,000 a month in their ecommerce store. So if you’re making 5 million, then you probably need to go for a slightly different strategy. But if you’re doing something like, listen 10 20 30,000 a month, then this is going to be what you need to listen to. So let’s get into it because I really want you to meet me and that she’s fantastic. I’m so excited that she’s come on board without team. Her name is Nina Kolari. I know that I haven’t pronounced that properly, but I’m doing my best. And Nina owns profitable pins dot com so you can find her over there. She is on our advisors page as well.

Caroline: 04:04 And She is part of our team so you can find our over on our website or at profitable pin. But let’s get into talking to her and finding out about Pinterest. So Nina, thank you for being here. Thank you. It’s really exciting to be here and talk about Pinterest. Fantastic. Look, I’m so glad you’re on that team. You’ve been working directly with our team members to help them make sure that we’re doing everything properly at Just Ask Parker making sure that we have got all the tasks specifically created full small ecommerce stores. So I’m really excited that you’re on our team doing that. And today let’s get into it. So where do you want to start? I know you understand what’s going on, you understand the types of clients we’ve worked with WHO’s listening to this podcast. So what about starting with what the differences between Pinterest and the outer social media channels? Because I know that most people don’t.

Nina: 04:53 The sound that that is a great place to start because it is actually quite different. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram because I think Pinterest is a search engine more than anything else. And on Facebook and Instagram, people called chat with friends or they want to check our picture from France holiday or something like that. People actually go there to shop. So it’s a totally different mindset in that person when they log into the APP. And that really makes interests so powerful because people go into Pinterest to find ideas, they want to find new products and they actually want to see your product in there. And if you are not on Pinterest, I bet your competitors might be, and they will take the sale because a lot of people compare the product before they make the purchase. They good Pinterest and compare all the options they have.

Nina: 05:45 And once they actually found the one day, like they click and go and purchase it, you can’t do that on any other platform. So Facebook or Instagram, it just doesn’t work that way. So I want to really highlight that it is a search engine. It is like Google just with images. So it’s really, really powerful because of that. And you can be found whether you’re a small business or large business, you are in the same potential to get some visibility and traffic. And what about types of ecommerce stores? Because a lot of people think that the business might not be particularly right. So Pinterest, uh, yes. I mean Pinterest is quite a female oriented platform but it is changing a lot. Men are signing up at a very high rate at the moment. So you can literally put any kind of product in there. Even those that are not normally that big.

Nina: 06:34 But if you actually go into Pinterest right now, you are ahead of the curve. It is still kind of the newcomer. So when you go in there now in a year’s time when it’s again much larger platform, you already taking over that niche and you can capture all that traffic. Fantastic. Can you talk about coming in now so we understand the long shelf life. Do you want to explain that to people? What that means. Yes. When you post, you tweet something Shelva life of that tweet is just 18 minutes and then it’s gone. Yes. I guess you can kind of search Twitter but not really. So and same with Instagram. People Swipe so quickly that your posts will disappear very quickly, but on Pinterest the shelf life of a pen or post is four months and that four months it gets visibility all the time because people can search.

Nina: 07:27 If it’s a product pen, people can search that and they can find it anytime and their search engine is really powerful and so if you optimize your pins and profile you can get really big traffic. Just very basic optimization. And so I’ve been hearing that it’s six months, four months. Is that the new sort of expectations about a pin? That’s some stat that they say. Of course the pins that actually go on for years and years. I have some pins that still bring the traffic and I think them well over a year ago so it doesn’t matter. It is way long. We’d talk about months rather than minutes, like in other social channels where you can still capture that traffic from that one it. So I guess it’s a little bit like the way to explain it to everyone listening. It’s like being on Google. The more relevant your content is the high you sound first page, but once you’ve got to become irrelevant, then you drop off the first page.

Nina: 08:22 Yeah, so Pinterest is exactly like Google. When you optimize your content, you’re going to be on the first page of Pinterest. And if you optimize your content for Google, you’re going to be on first page as well. But I would like to add that if you optimize your pin for Pinterest, you also get Google rankings because all the paints are ranked on Google, which kind of makes it really, really powerful. So it’s somebody search for your keyword on Google. Your pain might just pop up. And that’s in the image section at the top. Yes, yes. But actually quite many times when people, social products, the first row in the search results after the ads, it’s actually meg. So you can be before any kind of website, they bring the images at the top of many searches. So powerful. I’m so glad to have you on board as an advisor because it really is like Pinterest really is the place to be at the moment and people are crazy.

Nina: 09:14 They’re missing out on it. Absolutely. And it’s growing in huge rates and not just in the US. It’s growing in big numbers in Brazil and Japan all around Europe. So it’s not just us based Shopify stores, it’s everywhere. And so what can someone expect? What results are you getting for some stores when it comes to traffic numbers? Okay. I can tell you one example. Shopify store that had all day traffic coming from ads, they will not able to generate any kind of organic traffic, which of course becomes an issue over time. You can’t just spend money on ads all the time. So what we did with them is they had a Pinterest account but it was not used. It was just static. I went ahead and basically redid, I completely optimized they interest profile for the main keyword and did some active Pinon. And after six weeks we got it to 40 clicks per day.

Nina: 10:14 So 40 visitors were coming to their store every day come from Pinterest. Fantastic. And before though is equal to 40 then it’s probably costing them somewhere between 40 and $100 for that same traffic. Yes. I mean it wasn’t getting any cheaper to do those ads. So the ad prices are going up on Instagram and Facebook. So it was great to have another source for traffic that doesn’t come from ads all the time. And in those time, because none of their competitors were on Pinterest, we literally over the tonnage. So whenever you search for any kind of keyword that’s related to my client products, they are the first, they are first or profile and boards and pains plus because those pants are indexed on Google. When you go search, the product of Google image is the first that shows up. So it’s really powerful because you get the two huge search engine, basically one optimization.

Nina: 11:10 Fantastic. So all of those people that are listening and so many people come to Just Ask Parker and ask us to do their Seo. They’re always asking for, hey, can you do SEO for us? And it seems to be the place that a lot of people think that they need to be in. I explain, okay, you can have a CEO, but if you’re spending less than a thousand dollars a month on Seo, chances are you’re not going to get many results. And there’s a lot of these so called Seo experts out there that will tell you, yeah, yeah, just pay me 500 a month and I’ll get you results. And then you get no results after six months or a year. They’ve made their money and they don’t care. And they just said, oh well you should have spent more money. I hear all the time. So for me SEO is very, very good, but you do need to be spending the money. And I think what you’re explaining, what I know about

Caroline: 11:54 Pinterest is that yo u can get fantastic results by, like you said, you do two things at once. You do Pinterest and you’re also getting Google rankings as well. So you can get to the top of Google without doing SEO by just looking after your Pinterest account. Yes. I think one of the best parts of Pinterest,

Nina: 12:11 You can’t fi nd Facebook post. You can find Instagram images anywhere on Google. And I mean if you want to find something, everybody goes to Google. There’s literally no other search I think that most people use or even know. So that’s where they go and that’s where they start the research and then they find the pens and you know.

Caroline: 12:32 Fantastic. And what is the difference between shoppers versus browsers?

Nina: 12:37 Well, that’s the good thing about Pinterest because the intention is different. When they go into the platform, they actually looking for something new or they look into compare and whereas somebody who is on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, they kind of browse and their seeing what’s coming up. They’re not actively looking for something in Pinterest. They actively look for something and they really want to see that. Let’s say it’s a handbag, they searched for that handbag. And also Pinterest has some additional tools that if somebody finds something similar to that, in fact they won, they have a visual search that helped them to find even more of those handbags. So they really worked on the search engine side to make sure that the shopper or the person who’s looking for something really finds what they are looking for.

Caroline: 13:24 Fantastic. And that’s what I explained to people all the time that you know, Facebook is really about people talking to their friends and family, showing off photos of their kids. While you can make money from running ads on Facebook, it’s true. You can make money from that. Like you keep on saying the intention of someone is not to go to Facebook to purchase a new handbag or to purchase a new stereo or whatever you are selling. They’re there to talk to their friends and family and find out what’s going on. And I think it’s different. Five years ago, there’s a lot of so called experts out there that say, oh, I’ve been doing this in five years ago. I made a lot of money on Facebook with $5 ads five years ago. Instagram and Pinterest when not what they were. So you know, when you think five, 10 years ago when Facebook’s been around for about 10 years.

Caroline: 14:10 Yeah, yeah. You used to do everything on Facebook. So Facebook was Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, all together. Um, and now people are realizing that it’s better to do certain things on certain platforms. So people go to Facebook to talk to their family, then they go to Instagram because they want to get some inspiration or see what’s going on in the world, like you said. And then Pinterest, like you said, it’s really the place where people are going to, hey, I need to start really thinking and selecting things. And I think once people understand that difference, running a Facebook ad, we’ll give you okay results, but the conversion rate, your cost of conversion is always going to be higher than on Pinterest. Whether you run, if you put up a post on Facebook, for example, you just put up a photo of your product and you run it as an organic post compared to if you do it on Pinterest, you’re going to get better results on pictures because that’s what people are looking for is by certain things. So I just want people to be really clear. I’m not saying don’t do Facebook and that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying that start, I always talk about low hanging fruit. Start at that low hanging fruit and Pinterest really is that low hanging fruit. It’s so many people. I’m missing album

Nina: 15:19 absolutely on Facebook. Instagram, yes, you can sell with ads and you can sell organically, but the time that people purchase it’s way longer than from Pinterest. You’ve got to convert those browsers into buyers. On Pinterest. They’re already buyers. They’re already looking for that product. So it’s weight. The sale happens much more quicker. And talking about stats, 90% of people say that Pinterest actually helps and decide and then 66% go and purchase after they see a pen. So those are pretty powerful numbers and those are not ads. That’s organic content. So people want to see, they’ve actually want to see your product in there so that they can buy it if they like it. So that’s the difference. The main difference between the platforms

Caroline: 16:04 Now, wow, it is amazing and constant stress enough. That’s exactly why I want people to be doing more on Pinterest. So can we go over the steps? So someone listening, let’s say that they don’t want to sign up to just as Paki yet or they don’t want to work with you personally and they just want to get started on their own. Can we just go through step by step what’s involved in that? Where do you stop?

Nina: 16:27 First thing is to create a profile and he needs to be a business profile on Pinterest. That gives you some extra analytics and it really kind of helps you stand out. Just like at any other platform, you need to connect it with your website. You need to connect with other social channels, assistant, you know, a little bit of extra and make sure you’re all connected and Yep.

Caroline: 16:48 I just want to add in there just to be totally transparent. So people listening to that, while it is not rocket science to do it, that is a very particular way that you do that. And I know that you’re giving any of our clients in just as Parker at video training on how to do that properly because there is steps involved that you have to do properly in a makes or breaks your Pinterest account. Is that correct? Yes.

Nina: 17:11 And the next one I would have said it’s enabled rich pins and this is really crucial for any kind of website that especially because Shopify and that the pin extra information about your product can show the pricing if it seems stock and all that information automatically. And so that’s really important step to make before you start pinning.

Caroline: 17:33 And can I ask something on that? With rich pins, I’ve got some clients who do some recipes and they sell products as well. So they’ve sort of got recipes. Let’s say they sell tea cups and they sell a recipe for tea cups, fatigue. Can they turn on recipes and have the other stuff? Can they do all of that at once?

Nina: 17:51 Yes. You can have rich blog posts and if you do have a blog with your store, you should make sure that everything is set up correctly before you start painting.

Caroline: 18:03 And y’all going to create a video for just as packing clients on how to do that part. The set up stage, is that correct? Yes.

Nina: 18:10 Yes. Everything’s on video and you can follow on the screen what I’m doing and just copy and do exactly the same thing.

Caroline: 18:16 Yeah, because it’s a little bit of work and so people thinking just set up a business profile is a little bit more to it. So that’s, I just want that to be completed that people don’t say after was hang on, nothing much, but you have to go process and set it up properly and put up a proper crutch words into your profile and things like that as well. Yeah,

Nina: 18:34 Absolutely. Okay, so what’s next? What’s the next step? If you already have a Pinterest profile, you need to change this into business profile. And one thing you should do also is to change your boards. You see credit, if it’s from personal to business account, you need to make your personal stuff secret so that nobody can see them. And then you can start building your business profile. Ben, you need to add some boards that interesting or relevant to your brand, relevant to your product. And this is where the optimization happens. This is where you need to do keyword research and all the video. I’ll show you how you can do that to make sure you can get started and you can really optimize your profile to ensure that you capture it all the traffic you Kat.

Caroline: 19:18 Okay, so when you say create boards that are relevant, can we just explain that a little bit? Because I’m usually telling people that they need to create extra boards so they can have a business board that’s a just about their business and then they have relevant boards. Can you sort of explain what happens with the different boards?

Nina: 19:37 Yeah. Like I think earlier we were talking about handbags, so I would make sure that there’s a board for all products that you have, like product categories, every production, not have a board, but every product category, so you have hand box, you have suitcases and then you have wallets.

Caroline: 19:55 They all should have their own voice. When you talk about having boards that are specific for categories, but that’s not where we put relevant other people’s pins in there. We create different votes for that. Is that correct?

Nina: 20:09 Yes. And you can also create baords, where you can pin other people’s content and I wouldn’t pin a competitors hand back there, but I would, I would pin images that are relevant to the person who’s purchasing it that maybe because they like handbags, maybe they’re also a lot of shoes so you could pin shoes on that extra board and that just brings the profile into life. You can create a lifestyle around that person or a lifestyle around that target person you really want to capture. And as an example, I work with a vegan makeup brand and a really easy way to create it. The whole lifestyle around that vegan makeup brand because those are vegans. They want to see recipes, they want to see food. So it’s very easy to create that nice lifestyle board or profile that really captures, they might see the recipe pain first, but then they see your makeup and then they go into a store.

Caroline: 21:09 Yeah, so you don’t need to be pinning as a vegan makeup products.

Nina: 21:14 No, no. And you probably shouldn’t or you are pay in the products that you don’t sell but might be relevant to the audience. They just appreciate that you actually giving them information on topics that they’re interested in and they get to know you, they trust you and they say will happen much quicker.

Caroline: 21:31 And other ones I like to do for our clients that just as partners, things like you brought up handbags as an example is color coordinated boards. So the pink mood board and the green ones. So then you never have to put any other hand bags that you can have. If you’ve got a pink handbag, all the pink things, pink shoes, pink rose, pink tea towels, whatever, it might be pink to go in that lifestyle bowl.

Nina: 21:54 Yes, absolutely. That’s a good thing about Pinterest. You can get really creative to creating that lifestyle of that ideal person or the target market. And you can use seasons to your advantage if a summer’s coming. So now we’ll pick a time, start bringing some summer related products or some, uh, related boards because it takes a while for them to kind of really capture the visibility. So you always want to plan ahead.

Caroline: 22:18 So thinking three months ahead to make sure that you’re visible at the right time. Yes, it’s not last minute,

Nina: 22:24 but you need to kind of put it in a calendar and really look what’s coming up ahead in too much time to train.

Caroline: 22:31 This is a really good point. I have a video in the training section. It Just Ask Parker free for everyone who ever is listening. Go to the training section. It’s in the header menu and there is the three month content calendar. And I talk about that and I get very passionate about that. And one of the things that I really talk about there is that interest is something that you should not be thinking about on the day. You don’t wake up on Monday morning and go, I’m going to put up the pin today because today’s Valentine’s Day points, you might as well not do it or you run an ad to it if that’s what you want to do. But to make it work organically, you have to be thinking months in advance. We doing a content calendar, I’ve got a really good simple one, completely free downloaded, learn how to use it and really think about your Pinterest and advanced.

Caroline: 23:17 That’s where the power is with Pinterest. Okay, so next thing I want to ask you about is, let’s just talk a little bit while we’re talking on that subject about types of pins. So some people are pinning just their products, so they’re just taking one of their products from their Shopify store and they’re just putting it onto a square pin and make that their whole Pinterest pin. So nothing else is just a product on a pen. What is your opinion on the different of pins and the design and things like that? Yes, I highly recommend of course if you would just want to get started pin square images, but ideally you really need to images that are two to three vertical pins, so they need to be long pins, so total opposite from Facebook because most users use Pinterest on day mobile and mobile screens are vertical.

Caroline: 24:09 So if it can match that it’s way better and you can do that for free on canvas. So we do it for you. It just asks Parker. It’s a service we offer, but also Canva offers the actual template for Pinterest and some great templates in there as well. Yes, absolutely. And I highly recommend also painting some lifestyle images, not just the product on a white background, but maybe you have some images where somebody using your product, that’s even better because in the sea of product images, if you have a lifestyle in each ae will stand out. And so something, and this is one thing I’m also very passionate about, influence in marketing. Everyone who knows about my influences. Summit knows that that’s a big thing for me and one thing I talk about is use influences. Get them to create these lifestyle images and use them on things like Pinterest and Instagram and on your website as well.

Caroline: 24:58 So Pinterest is a great place to use those lifestyle images. Absolutely. I’m saying goes if you get some images from your clients, use them on Pinterest as well. So those are perfect because people said actually use and that always helps them to really get captured the image for this going to be what it’s going to look like when they use it. And what do you think about doing 10 tips to better makeup or to fashion to this summer compared to a pin that’s just have a handbag or life style image. Do you have any statistics on what’s working better? I don’t have any numbers at hand, but I highly recommend doing both. It will help you tremendously because sometimes people just want to get some information, they want to learn about your brand and if you offer them value on their first interaction, that always helps down the line.

Caroline: 25:48 If you do go ahead and creating how to or tips, which you can use videos as well. So it doesn’t have to be a blog post. I highly recommend that you have some kind of really good offer to offer them. So make sure that they leave their email address or you somehow interact more than looking at your blog posts or watching your video. Fantastic. I believe in what you just said that you know, having that mix of different types of content and makes a huge difference and some people can’t even the same person that I can be captured by one thing today and a different thing tomorrow, but then what they’re seeing on their feet today is going to be different tomorrow. So you want to try to get in front of them with everything possible. Yes, and also if you have videos about your product, those are ideal for Pinterest as well. Just make sure that they are short videos because attention span is short, so they knock for 10 minutes under one minute is perfect

Caroline: 26:45 and I will make a note on that. I want to say something about that. When you talk about videos, made sure people care. I always talk about who cares. I see too many videos out there that a long and drawn out. Even if it’s one minute or even if it’s 30 seconds. Sometimes I look at these videos and go, that should have been 10 seconds. It’s not about the length, it’s about how capturing it is, how much it captivates people. So yeah, you talk about under one minute, so some things need a minute to explain it, but some things just need 10 seconds. So showing off one handbag for a whole minute, no one’s going to watch that.

Nina: 27:19 Exactly. And if you have some golden nugget at the end of the, I think you’re better say that the first seconds. Making sure that they actually watched the whole video. So you always make sure you kind of give everything you have in the first seconds to make sure that they actually watched the video.

Caroline: 27:34 Yeah. This is copywriting skill that I teach people at the time is that the best copywriters in the world always say that the only reason your first line of a subject line, a newspaper article, the only reason that first sign of a letter or an article, the only thing that’s there for is to get the next one and to get people to read the next time. And that’s exactly the same video or the only thing you’re meant to do in the first second is to catch people to want to watch the second second. Don’t think exactly what you said, Nina. Don’t think that by saying, Oh, I’m going to keep the best til last because people don’t care and they don’t have the time for it.

Nina: 28:09 and we are bombarded with so much information every day that you really need to stop them. So you have to give everything you acquired in the first few minutes, it’s all first few lines to make sure that they actually continue reading or watching. Tell us a little bit about community boards because this is a big thing that we believe in it just as Parker and that’s, you know, part of what you’ve come on board for is helping us with all of that and community boards are really the power of pictures as well, really helping you grow quickly. So can you just go through what it is and what tailwind is and things like that? Yes.

Nina: 28:40 What are the best things about Pinterest is the group boards and tabling tribes is similar. I’m going to toe by both in a second. Let’s start with group boards. Group board is a board where multiple people can pin their best content and you can have group boards about any topic you can pick and the beauty is that you don’t actually need to many followers to get huge visibility. So it’s not like Instagram or Facebook where you need to have a lot of followers to get some kind of visibility. And Pinterest, it doesn’t matter, it’s a search engine so it doesn’t matter, but you can get some extra visibility with group ports. It gives you kind of borrow other people’s followers for those. And so I highly recommend finding some cool books that are relevant to your business or relevant to your products and start pinning into those group boards.

Nina: 29:31 And I mentioned tailwind tribes earlier and those are similar but little bit different. In group boards you actually pin into the board so it goes into pinches right away on tailwind tribes, it’s a community or let’s say like minded people or community selling similar products and they together decide that, okay, we can share pins between us. If you add a pain in the in tribe, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be shared in, most likely will, but it’s not guaranteed because everybody decides themselves. So and interest is a sharing platform. You should not go in there and then you learn, I’m just going to share my stuff and that’s it. You cannot lose traction very quickly and you’re not going to have enough content anyways. It is really the community and sharing relevant content from other people. That is really the key and success and Pinterest.

Caroline: 30:24 So that’s one of the things that we offer our clients that Just Ask Parker that we have out own community boards so you don’t have to go out and find them. We have them based on topics and we allow you to pin into our community boards and we can out of those. So we’re finding we’ve been doing that for the last two months and we’re building that very, very quickly. It’s like you said, you don’t need to have a huge following, but just with everyone doing a little bit really makes a big difference. And especially when you starting out on Pinterest, it can really help you grow your account.

Nina: 30:53 Yes. That absolutely. And get some extra boost before your new profile so you don’t have to go follow a lot of people. And then I follow them the next day. You can forget all that and just focus on the community and group boards and tail.

Caroline: 31:10 Okay. So can we just explain that something that you just mentioned then you said pin other people’s content. So I think a lot of people don’t understand this concept. They think that I’ll just go up and put up pin. I just got a new product in. I’m going to pin that on my board and that’s it. My job’s done. So can you just explain that pinning other people’s content as well? Yes.

Nina: 31:32 I think I mentioned earlier the Vegan brand and in that we of course pain, we can make a product pins and lifestyle images. On top of that we go look for a lot of content that are talking about Vegan lifestyle. That means the food. So we share a lot of food images, we share a lot of recipes and we also share a lot of about zero waste lifestyle because those are quite connected. So it brings the profile and pins in July and we’re giving the content that the ideal customer would like to see. So they get a lot of value from us and it’s very easy to bring that value because we don’t have to create the content. Somebody else is doing that for us. We just sharing the pain and giving the information to the person. And that’s also a way to capture new audience because somebody might see the recipe pen and then they get interested like, oh, what is this brand? They come and have a look and then they find the makeup and then they go into Shopify and purchased the product.

Caroline: 32:33 Okay, so I just want to get that clear because if you got a board, let’s talk about that makeup friend. The makeup has their own boards for their brands. Then they have another board. Let’s say like she said it’s for recipes. Yep. Let’s say you pin a pin about recipes in that, but that pin is not going to like the makeup brand. That pin is going to whoever it belongs to, but what you’re saying is that because it’s in a board, that board is owned by the makeup brand?

Nina: 33:01 Yes, yes. We have multiple boards that where there is no product content, it’s only content that we think that the ideal customer would like to see anyways. So it’s relevant to them because it’s all the again and all about zero waste.

Caroline: 33:16 And then the people see the board and they say, oh, well there’s not just this pen. They’ve actually got lots of different pens and I actually like all of them, so I’m going to follow that board.

Nina: 33:26 Yeah. They might be searching for vegan recipe and they find the recipe that we shared and then they’re like, oh, what does that brand, what is that? Who is this person who is sharing it? They come and have a look at the boards or they come and have a look at the profile I should say, and then they realize, oh, they have makeup and it’s actually vegan makeup. I think I need to check it out, and that works really well because it is a lifestyle. You can treat the whole lifestyle around your product.

Caroline: 33:53 Fantastic. Yeah. I can’t stress enough. I keep on saying it, I can’t stress enough. People need to get in there and learn Pinterest and understand how to do it properly and use it for their brand. You’ve given us two really good examples of people using it really well, but it works across the board for so many different brands. We are seeing massive results in just as pocket with what we’re doing with clients who have gone from literally zero traffic from their Pinterest account to getting a lot of traffic coming in just from Pinterest. So I think that if you’re not sure if this is for you, you need to jump in, give it a couple of weeks and just let it prove itself to and you’ll start to see a difference straight away.

Nina: 34:35 Yes, absolutely needs not something that happens overnight. But the good thing is it’s really evergreen, so I guess it’s a search engine. Your pain can be searched any time tomorrow, six months time, three years time. It’s still there. You can’t do the same similar thing from Facebook or Instagram. So that’s really the power of Pinterest because it’s search engine that allows

Caroline: 34:58 the content to be found at any time you, yeah, it seems that’s what a lot of people need to understand the difference. If you put something up on Pinterest, you need to put it up at the exact right moment, like literally within 15 minutes. I think you said that before. If I put up my pin at three o’clock but no one looks at Instagram and till four o’clock my post is lost in all of that and people don’t search. The hashtag system on that is really weird. So if I look at the hashtags on Instagram, I get a lot of this junk, junk, junk, junk, and I’ll look at the first 20 or 40 and then go, oh this is all junk in a spammy like, I dunno why, but with Instagram and always shared about the spam. Yeah. Then people give up on that.

Caroline: 35:39 They’re not searching in that way. That’s not how people are. Even trying to then just doesn’t have that same way of working. Whereas Pinterest, you put something up on Pinterest and you don’t have to put it up at four o’ clock and hope that everyone’s on interest at four o’clock they literary when people sign up for Pinterest, they put in there as a user. You put in what you want to know more of that and then you start to see things around what you are interested in. So you always know that people are interested in fashion. Are going to eventually if you’re doing it properly. Yes, absolutely.

Caroline: 36:14 Just to make sure that you can capture all that traffic and all of those searchers that your pen or your profile is that top whenever they are looking for something. And so we didn’t mention this, but you can put up the same sort of product twice. Let’s say it’s a pair of shoes and you can optimize that pin differently. So for different search words you can actually show up so you can make sure that you’re going to show up no matter what. Is that correct? Yes. You can use multiple keywords and you can use hashtags on Pinterest that they don’t work that well but they’re available so you are afraid to use it as well. For hashtags at the end of the description. And you can use as many keywords. It’s good to start with one kind of the main keyword and then expand. But it is possible to rank for multiple keywords.

Caroline: 37:00 So in that case, do you recommend putting in a key word and a Hashtag with that keyword or your own needs to one? You can do both. Just to make sure you capture everybody. You can just use both. And is that because people, if they type in the hash at the top, then the Hashtag is going to shop? Is that how it works? While hashtags are not really used that much on Pinterest, it’s really Instagram where they use, but they haven’t introduced it because they want to make sure that it’s Kinda easy to come in to Pinterest as well. So you can use hashtags as well. So if someone’s searching and they type in a Hashtag, it will search the keywords, is that correct? Yes. Anyway. Yes. So you don’t need the hash at the front because Pinterest is just like the way Google would work.

Caroline: 37:43 You don’t need to put the Hashtag at the front of Google. You don’t always have to use a single word keyword. You can use a sentence or multiple words as well and everything will be found and regardless. Yeah, so it’s just like when you’re doing SEO, long tail keywords and short tail keywords, so Pinterest works in that exact same sort of way. If you understand how search engine optimization works. So you’ve got the same sort of way of Pinterest working. Yes, yes. And it’s always good to start with the long tail just to make sure you capture some topic and then you expand from there. Just like in Google, you probably started with the long tail keyword. Fantastic. So let’s go through some common mistakes that people make when they’re trying to use Pinterest. Okay, well the first thing I always say, it’s not the on Pinterest. I mean you would want to be found on Google. So it’s the same thing. People are searching for

Nina: 38:36 products you sell at the moment and you’re not there. You’re going to lose sales. So you have to be there. So you’ve got to put it on your marketing calendar for the year. And another thing is, we talked about this actually earlier, only posting those images about your products with white background, it’s always better to have little bit more lifestyle images or where the product is being used and use videos if you have, just to make sure there’s good variety and what Shopify, all the sites are mobile optimized. So you don’t really have to worry about that. But they are on Shopify. I think that’s very common mistake. So the websites are not mobile optimized. Many browsers use the APP and if your website doesn’t work with mobile that well you’re gonna lose the sale very quickly. And then I think one of the things is not really thinking about the person who is looking for that product and how you can make sure you capture either day email address or you somehow have some interaction with them once they land on your page.

Nina: 39:41 Not Everybody’s going to buy at the first interaction. So you’ve got to make sure you have a way to actually contact them again. And that could be an email popup or some other where you provide the value and also using pixel. So Pinterest also has a tracking code to people that do land on your site. You can go back, add, she tried to get them come back to your store. So those are kind of the things that a lot of people forget. They don’t do any you words or they only post those images and then hope for things to happen. But it is a search engine. So you kind of have to do optimization, make sure the worst that people who are searching your product, on those paints and they are on the profile and the boards.

Caroline: 40:27 Fantastic. So I have one more question that just to clarify and what we’re finding with our clients. So with Just Ask Parker what you were saying about lifestyle images. I’m such a believer in that, but a lot of people don’t have those images when they starting out. So what we’ve been doing a lot of, and we find really good success is what we call him the gift pins. So you the top 10 products or 10 gifts for grandma or five gifts for a gym bunny. We’re finding those to get a lot of success, but they’re just product images. But they just sort of look a bit different from having one product on the page.

Nina: 41:03 Yes. And that’s a great way to capture all those potential leads as well. So not just bombard them with your product images but also do some value because it’s hard to find gifts so I had to kind of list that you have. That makes the job easier is perfect way to get them.

Caroline: 41:18 Fantastic. Nina, I’m so excited to have you on the team and I’m so excited that you’ve brought all of this information to people and short people have learned a lot from everything that you have given us. Going forward. From now on you’re going to be doing a lot of stuff without team. You’re giving our clients who have paid money. Certain things that you’ll be providing extra trainings are. We’ve got other things coming up in the next few months of workshops and things like that, but you will also be providing great little bits of advice for people that are not paying anything. We’re not here just to try to say you have to pay money so people are able to get help from Nina completely for free as well. Nina has got on our advisors page, there is a link directly to our website, but her website if you want to look her up directly is profitable pin.com and Nina, before we finish up, do you want to give everyone some way that they can find something else that you can give them a free at the moment, a download or something to help them out?

Caroline: 42:13 Yes. If you’re interested in using Pinterest and you have not set up your profile yet, I have a 10 step like checklist that goes through the steps you need to do to insure that your profile is set up correctly so that you can start painting so people can find that on my website as well.

Caroline: 42:30 fantastic and just so everyone knows. The whole concept is just as Parker, we’re here to do all your general marketing, but someone like Nina, her job is to help people just with Pinterest and we have quite a few clients who do just ask pop up and they do all of their general marketing and then they go into, for example, Pinterest might be the place that they need to be or Google ad words or maybe it’s Instagram for them. Every business has their sort of top tier place that they can get a lot more traffic from and I’m a true believer that Pinterest is one of the top ones where most ecommerce stores can get a lot of success.

Caroline: 43:06 So I highly recommend trying it out, getting on Pinterest, seeing how you go, trying out some tasks to begin with and then moving on once your comfortable and you can see the traffic coming in working with Nina directly, exactly like she has with the Vegan brand and handbag brand and lots of other ecommerce stores because working on your Pinterest directly can make a huge difference in is proving that that’s possible. If you want any more advice from Nina, then she’s also able, if you tag her in our Facebook group, she can also ask questions in there but reach out to her directly anytime you want to. So Nina, thank you so much for being here and I look forward to this journey of working with you. That’s okay. No problem. It was really fun to talk about Pinterest and I really hope that people understand the power behind the search and what it really can bring into your brand and how many leads it can bring. So I hope people got enough information to get started and we’re going to give it a try along with other marketing ways this year. Wonderful. And that’s why your business and profitable pin makes so much sense because there’s so much interest. Exactly. That’s why it was named because it really has the power to bring real profits actually.

Caroline: 44:19 So fantastic. Thanks Nina and thank you everyone for listening and have a wonderful day and keep smiling.

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