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Intro/Outro: [00:00] Welcome to the winning was Shopify podcast, the podcast that will teach you to take your Shopify store and turn it into an automated sales machine with the latest marketing, emails, sales and social media advice, strategies, and tips from experts without the fluff. Your host, Caroline Balinska, the founder of justaskeparker.com, the only small marketing task agency for Shopify owners with over 10 years experience in marketing, manufacturing, design, and ecommerce. She shares her knowledge and interviews the experts to help you in your journey to success. Now, here’s your host, Caroline Berlinski.

[00:37] Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. I’m your host, Caroline Balinska, and today I have a very special show for you. I’m going to be talking all about social media influencer marketing today. I have been putting together for the last couple of months, this incredible, incredible event. It’s completely free. It’s online, it’s been designed especially for Shopify store owners, and it has the most incredible lineup that you will ever say. There’s never been an event put on like this before, so I’m really excited to be bringing you this. I’ve put hundreds of hours into putting these together. I’ve searched high and low for the most incredible speakers that you’ll ever meet. Every single one of them has come on with the one sole purpose and that is to help Shopify merchants understand and navigate social media influencing better and understand how to do it and understand what they need to do to get success when doing it.


[01:30] Because what I found over the years, I’ve been doing ecommerce marketing for more than 12 years now. I started off in my own store and went on to help. Now helping other store owners as well and what I have found is that the same questions keep coming up around the influencing of marketing area. It’s new in a lot of ways. The social media influencer area is completely new and we don’t really understand it yet. There’s a lot of things and I’ve got some of the speakers explaining that as well, that there’s things in social media influence of marketing that no one’s understanding and it’s growing and it’s developing, but by watching this three day event and meeting more than 15 experts and hearing what they have to say, you will understand as much as you can possibly understand when it comes to social media, influencer marketing. This is an incredible area when it comes to marketing your business and now is the time to be doing it.


[02:25] This is something that I would say you’d be crazy not to make the most of right now because really social media influencer marketing is at its peak of being very, very easy to do for any size business, but also still being cheap enough that anyone can take it on and get really, really great results from. So I recommend that you get into the summit. Watch all of the sessions. I’ve got, like I said, more than 15 amazing speakers coming on and each speaker is going to be talking about a completely different aspect of influencer marketing. So look through the different topics and choose the ones that you want or best of all, watch them all and learn about what you need to know when it comes to influencer marketing in the lineup. I have influences so people who are going to tell you the real truths of working with them and I’ve got a range of them that are going to be giving you different opinions and different ideas from different parts of being an influencer.

[03:24] I also have other store owners, so people that have a Shopify store and giving you an in depth look into what it’s like actually working with influencers, what it means for their business, what it’s meant, the highs and the lows and everything in between so you can understand what is really involved. And also I will be talking to quite a few different software developers and software founders who give us an insight into using different types of software. I don’t believe in there being one answer and one solution for everyone. So what I have done is that I’ve found the leading software companies that work around influencer marketing and they will be bringing you different aspects. They’re going to be bringing you not just how their software works, but also information about the industry that they’re saying that the future, that they’re seeing, things that they’re seeing that are working with their company, with the influences that they have on their books with the store owners that they have on their books.


[04:23] So there’s so much great information there. And then you’ll also learn how different software works so you can decide which one works best for you. There’s different reasons why you would use different software and everyone needs to understand what the differences are before they can make a choice that’s going to be most suitable for their business. So watch all the different speakers, because every single speaker is going to bring you the most incredible information that’s gonna help you make up your mind of how you’re going to move forward with influencer marketing. So in today’s show, what I’d love to do today is after speaking to so many amazing guests and finding out so many fantastic tips and tricks along the way, I want to bring you this show today, giving you the information from my point of view and helping you understand how to work with influencers.

[05:12] So today I’m going to be talking about the five steps to working with influencers successfully. Now in my company, Just Ask Parker, we do all of this for our clients. So we go through and we navigate each of these steps, but I wanted to put together the 5 steps for you so you can understand exactly what you need to do. Just take your business to the next level to get those influences and to get them working with you and helping you get sales. So there’s probably a majority of people thinking now, well I don’t even know if influencer marketing is right for my business. You need to watch the summit because that is one of the questions that I asked most of the speakers that I’ve had on the summit, which companies work best with influencers? Which niches don’t work best, so you’ll hear from a lot of different people, but overall, the general information that I’ve heard is that pretty much everything works when it comes to working with influencers. There’s always someone out there who wants to promote what you’re selling, who loves what you’re selling, who sees a need for what you’re selling. So working with influencers works for every different niche. So if you’re not in this, then you’re never going to realize how much money you can potentially make from influencers.


[06:28] So some of the statistics that are coming out at the moment to make you understand how great influencer marketing is, 18 percent of consumers are influenced by Youtube regarding their purchases.


[06:41] A reason Google study reveals interesting celebrity and influencer marketing statistics. It shows that fans are more likely to engage with influencers than with celebrities. Top Youtubers get 3 times more views on their videos compared with celebrities. So here’s a lot of people saying to me all the time, I can’t afford to work with the celebrity that Kim Kardashian, that Kenya West, those sorts of people I can’t afford that you don’t need to afford to be working with celebrities on that level. As that study from Google reveals that it’s actually the general influencers that are getting more traction than celebrities are. There’s also another statistic that saying while shopping at a store, 60 percent of consumers have been influenced by social media post or a blog review, so it just shows the power of an influencer or a blogger who now we’re calling influences as well. We used to say that a blogger was a blogger and influencer was an influencer, but they’re now coming into one and they’re becoming.


[07:47] A lot of the big influences are doing so well because they are a blogger as well. So working with these people can make a huge difference in your business. There’s another statistic that says 19 percent of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by facebook posts. So as you can see, there’s a large amount of people that are taking on what social media platforms are saying, what influencers are saying. So if you’re not in there, if your products are not in front of those people, you’re missing out on potential sales. One of the guest speakers that I have on the summit actually gave a really good statistic that I thought was very, very powerful. He explained that you need to have 11 touch points on average with a consumer before they purchase from you. So if you’re only putting out one ad and you’re only putting $5 a day into that ad, how many times do you think you’re going to get in front of that consumer?


[08:45] It’s not 11 times. So if you’re only getting in front of that consumer, one or maybe two times, you’re not getting in front of them nearly enough to get them to purchase from you. So you need to think of different ways you can get in front of potential customers so you can be getting more and more sales. So let’s get into it. I want to talk about the five steps it takes for working with influencers, so by now you should understand that influencer marketing is for you. It is for your business and it’s worth giving it a go, but I want to go through the five steps to making this happen. I want you to jump on the summit. It is winningwithshopify.com/summit. Jump on there and sign up. It’s a completely free. You get access to all of the guest speakers.

[09:28] You get to watch all of the interviews I do with them, learn more about them, find out exactly how to work with influencers. But today I just want to give you an overview so you understand exactly what we’re talking about. As I said, these are all the steps I take with Just Ask Parker with our clients. So Shopify store merchants who work with us and decide to set up an influencer of marketing campaign. We worked through these steps with them and I want to share them with you today. So the first thing that we say to everyone, I say to everyone, no matter what is you need to fix your site an influencer can bring you traffic just as facebook ads can bring you traffic just as you posting on your normal facebook page can bring traffic, bringing you the traffic can get you a thousand views in a day, 10,000 views in a day.


[10:18] However, if your website is not set up properly, none of that traffic is going to convert into sales, and this is where a lot of people fall down. They think, I need to just run one more ad or that influencer didn’t work for me. That’s just not the case. Most of the time. 99 percent of people that come to Just Ask Parker, we usually recommend the first thing they do is a website audit. When they do that website audit, we always give them a list and I’ve never had less than five things on the list of things that they have to change. On average, people that come to Just Ask Parker, need at least 15 things changed on their website before they can expect to get sales, and these are the people who are saying, oh, that advertising campaign didn’t work, or I need to run another ad, or I need to work with influencers.


[11:06] The thing is, until you fix your website and nothing else is going to work, the amount of influencers. Now once an influencer is set up and they are successful, they never going to work with a website who is not set up properly. If the website’s not set up properly, they’re not going to work with you. And when you watch the summit and you hear the interviews with the influencerrs, you will hear that come out of their mouth. That’s what they say. However one influencers starting out and they don’t have a lot of jobs under their belt yet. They’ll probably work with you and take your money and not get you success in you blame them. So it’s a little bit of what you get, what you pay for. So some of these people, you’re paying a lot less to but you’re not going to get the results, but it maybe not because they’re not good.


[11:51] It might be because your website’s not set up and they don’t have the strength, the power, the understanding should tell you that, so I’m telling you, you need to set up your website properly. Things that you need to do is you need to have stuff like a chat bot set up. You need to allow people to chat to you. If they want to ask you questions, you need to have your frequently asked questions. Page set up. You need to have your returns policy set up. You need to have your shipping page set up. You need it to be easy to navigate. You need to have your email funnel set up because a lot of people aren’t gonna purchase from you first view, but they will purchase from you later, so you need to capture their email and get in front of them via email as much as possible. You need to have your retargeting set up once they’ve been to your site. You need to retarget them and you need to be having things like notifications set up so people can get notifications about your brand.


[12:45] Before you do anything with influencers. If this is not done properly, the big influencers, the successful ones won’t work with you anyway, and the small ones, you don’t want them working with you. If your website’s not set up, I have had quite a few people come to me and start working with me saying I worked with other companies or I did it on my own and I tried to influencer and marketing and it didn’t work, and every single time tell you it’s because they hadn’t had their websites that are properly first. So make sure your website is set up before you move on to step two. Now, step two is just as important. You need to know your audience. If you don’t know exactly who you’re selling to, you’re gonna end up with the wrong influences. You’re gonna waste money, and those influences are never, ever going to get you sales because they’re not speaking to the right people that you’re trying to sell to.

[13:37] Most people that I start working with both privately when I do coaching and also with Just Ask Parker is that most people come to us. Yeah. Say, Hey, audience is everyone from 18 to 65 males and females and once we start working with that person, we find out that their audience is actually 22 to 25 women and they only live in London or they only live in New York and it’s a very different audience and people are scared to do this because they think they’re going to end up with no one, but you cannot talk to everyone if you’re screaming and message that doesn’t resonate with them. So you need to talk to just the people that actually want to listen and get the right message in front of them. So if you don’t know your audience, then you’re going to work with the wrong influencers and you’re going always money.

[14:23] It’s not gonna work and you’re going to blame the fact that the influencers didn’t work. But this also matters for Facebook ads or any sort of ads you’re running. So no matter what you’re doing, these first two steps and not set up properly, you will not get successful no matter what you’re doing with marketing. So what I recommend is that you go to the website, justaskparker.com, go to the training section and you will see a post on there that’s all about how to know audience and I’ve got a walk through step by step video training and document on how to find out who your audience is. So do that before you move on to the next step.

[15:01] Now the next thing that you need to know is know what you’re offering and what you’re getting. So this is broken down into a few different steps inside here. The first thing you need to know is what is a reasonable amount to expect to make. This is what a lot of people ask. We talk about it on the summit, so come and join the summit. You’ll find out from influencers, you’ll find out from software companies, you’ll find out from brands what you can expect to make when it comes to working with influencers. The numbers range and vary, but there’s a potential to make huge, huge gains working with influencers. Like he could never make fun of Facebook ad. So if on average you’re getting five years, we’re conversions now you’re gonna hear a lot of different numbers thrown around. But on average sales on a website, on an ecommerce site is between 2 and 6 percent is average.

[15:53] 15 percent is very good. Um, so let’s stick to five as out average number. So if you’re getting 5 percent conversions from Facebook ads. So for example, you spend $100 on facebook ads, you get 100 clicks back to your website, for example. Well that’s $1 a click. It’s pretty average and five of those people by now, if five people buy, if you’re making a profit of $20 per product that you sell, then you’re going to make $100, which means that you can come out even from that Facebook ad. Now you’re going to come out even from that, but you still got to make money off the email list, repeat purchases, retargeting ads. Your notifications at the pops up is quite a few other ways you can still make money, so you’re going to make $100 from the Facebook ad on average and you’re still going to make some extra money.

[16:39] So in that case, if you offer an influencer, a $200, then you would be expecting her to get at least 10 sales or him to get you at least 10 sales to get the same value as a Facebook ad. So if you start looking at these numbers, you need to write this down for your business. It’s going to change dramatically between every single niche, every single business, there’s no right or wrong, but you need to have a number written down. And the reason for this is both with Facebook ads or any other advertising, Google ads, doesn’t matter what it is or influencers. Where most people fail at this point is that they start throwing money at things like ads influencers, but they don’t have any numbers written down. And then they don’t know if they failed or they succeeded in what they were trying to achieve.

[17:29] So now’s the time to write down this number, work out exactly. This is the profit I’m going to make from each item, so this is what I need to spend to at least make my money back and understand if that influencer makes. If it costs you $200 to work with that influencer, she might get you sales now up to that 200, but then you get ongoing sales that as well, so at least have some number written down so you can start to see what’s working and what’s not. You might give an influencer of $200 and she might bring you a new one sale and you make $20 and you might go, Oh yeah, she got me a sale. So that went really well. And then you end up doing it five more times, but you’ve lost money every time without understanding why. So write down that amount of money that you expect to me making.

[18:13] The next thing you need to know is, are you paying a commission or you’re paying it up front payment. Will you be paying as a commission and upfront payment? There’s lots of different ways this can work. There’s no right or wrong. Once again, now on the summit, there’s lots of different speakers talking about different software that you can use when it comes to working with influencers, setting up campaigns and some of them talk about these different methods, the different ways that you can work with influencers. There’s one in particular glamour ambassador and they actually have a very low end entry model that they will be discussing on the summit to help you understand what it’s like working with an influencer where you don’t have to pay anything up front. You just have to give them the product and they promote it and they’ll discuss the different benefits and the benefits towards working with an upfront payment and how that works and you’ll hear it from the different influencers as well of what their opinions are of that as well.

[19:10] So like I said, sign up for the summit. It is winningwithshopify.com/summit. You get signed up completely for free and you’ll learn all of the different types of payments that you can set up with influencers. The next thing you have to think about, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to get followers and you’re trying to get sales or you’re trying to get views back to your website? There’s lots of different things you can be trying to achieve. We need to understand what that is because each of them mean something completely different, so know what you’re trying to achieve. Then the next part of step 3 is which products are you promoting? This is where a lot of people go wrong. If you don’t know which products you’re promoting, you can end up with the wrong influencers. So for instance, if you only want to promote a red t-shirt, then you have to find influencers who want to work with your with that red t-shirt. If their whole instagram account is based around blue t-shirts and blue clothes and blue, everything, then you’re not going to fit in with what they’re trying to represent as their particular brand. But if you’re willing to promote all of your products, then you’ve got a much larger range of influencers you can go after. So know which products you want to promote or you’ll be wasting your time.

[20:22] So this is when we get to step four and step four is finding the right influencer. I personally work with Ninja outreach. We do have them coming on the summit as well and there’s many others though and every single different software and you’ll see in the summit the different people we interviewed. Every single software has a different reason why you’d want to use it. For us at the moment at Just Ask Parker it is the that we find works the best for what we’re trying to achieve, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best for you, but it might mean it is. So I’m not here to tell you which one is best. The summit has been put together exactly for this find out from each of the different software companies what their software offers, how it can help you set up campaigns on which one’s best for you. So when you’re using this software, you can start to find out more about the influencers. You find out what their followers count is you find out what their engagement rate is,

[21:16] and then you can start to realize which influencers you want to work with and you just need to do a quick search and you can find a whole list of them, which is much easier than just sitting on instagram and trying to find the influencers. That way will take you forever that way. Whereas using software is always going to be faster and it’s actually going to be better because you get the full list of the influencers right in front of you based on niche. Now another thing you can use is hype auditor h y p e a u d I t o r.com and find out if influencer as a fake, but if you are using an actual software that I’ve just recommended that you’ll find out more about in the summit. You will find out that that’s a very easy way to find out if an influencer is fake. Because you can start to see the engagement rates and engagement rates. Really tell you how real an influencer is that really helps you with that.

[22:12] And then the last step is that it’s time to set up the campaign and test the market. Don’t expect to get it right first time. What I have learned over interviewing these 15 different, more than 15 different people in the summit is what I have found is that it takes usually more than one time of working with an influencer to get the best results from that influencer. And this is, like I said earlier, what Scott mentioned was, and you’ll see his interview in this summit, is that you need at least 11 touch points with that person before they purchase on average before they purchase from you. So doing one campaign with one post with an influencer means that there’s only one touch point for someone to come back and buy your product. So let’s say you sell coffee cups and that influencers holding a Coffee Cup, going best breakfast coffee with this Coffee Cup.

[23:04] That’s one time that your cup gets in front of that influencer. It gets in front of that influencers list. Whereas if that influencer can turn around and promote you three or four times and maybe on their Instagram, maybe on their Pinterest, maybe a little bit on their blog, on different channels, you have got more chance of getting in front of that person more times, which means you’ve got more potential for sales. So don’t think of one test campaign as being the be all and handle. I would think about it on a slightly longer term, but I would say this about Facebook ads. We tell you set up a facebook ad and then test it. You can’t just expect to get the results instantly. So the same goes with working with influencers.

[23:45] Now as I keep saying, go and sign up for the summit. It’s completely free. It’s a 3 day event. It’s all online. You don’t have to pay anything. You can watch it at home in your pajamas, watch all of the different sessions and in those sessions you’re going to hear from some of the people such as the circle. It’s one of the platforms that sets up your campaigns for you. You find out all about the influencers that are available. There’s also scrunched, there’s also glam ambassador, so there’s lots of different platforms and there’s other ones as well that we’ll be talking about, the different platforms you can use to set up your influencer marketing campaign

[24:20] and while you’re at it, you’ll learn from the actual Shopify store owners who are already working with influencers that have done campaigns in the past and find out the nitty gritty of what’s really involved with working with influencers the truth behind it, because I think that at this point of time we keep on hearing all these different perceptions. People putting up these posts of, hey, I’d put up this one post and I got all this money, but let’s talk to the actual people doing it and find out from them. In these interviews you can find out the truth of what’s really working and what’s not.

[24:53] So I just want to give you a couple of final tips, a few points that you have to take into consideration when working with influencers is, as I’ve already said, think about doing more than one promotion with them. Think about doing 2 or 3 promotions. You’re going to get better results and it’s going to give you a true test to market. If you have gone through the steps that I have already given you, if you fixed your website, if you know your audience, if you know what you’re offering, then what you’ve already found. The right influencer by this stage already know exactly who you’re using and the fact that you’ve got all your other steps in place, so you’re going to get the best results anyway and then you’re going to get better results results once you’ve done a couple of friends with them. The next thing that I give as a tip, because after interviewing all these influencers, one thing that kept on popping up from the different influencers that I thought was very, very important was that the influencers keep on going back to let us do what we think works with our audience.

[25:53] They had built their audience. They’ve built that community. They know exactly who their community is. They know what’s already working for them, and when a brand owner jumps in and says, no, do it this way, then it makes it very hard for the influencer to get their personal message across to their audience. Now you’ve chosen that influencer for a reason. If you’ve chosen that influencer, you need to trust that they know their audience better than you know their audience, so let them take charge of the situation. If you don’t want them to take charge and if you don’t like the way they’re going to post something, then that is not the right influencer for you. You need to go after an influencer who maybe has that same sort of demographic, but then angles that at a different angle, but don’t try to tell an influencer of what to do. Of course give you feedback, collaborate, work together. They love that, but once you start telling them, this is what I want and you’re not to do it any other way, you’re going to lose that authentic edge of what the influencer actually provides. That is what they’re providing is that authentic edge of themselves. If you don’t want that from them, then you might as well run a Facebook ad because that is exactly what they’re bringing across is they’re putting themselves into every single post that they create. Let them do their job.

[27:13] I also mentioned create more than one post, maybe let them do a post on their blog and something on Instagram and a little video on Youtube and let them do a couple of different things on Instagram. Let them create different touch points for their audience because it’s going to get you better results. It’s going to cost you a little bit more upfront, but it’s actually going to get you better results. Long term, and my final advice, which I go back to when I spoke about number four, research properly, I can’t stress enough how much you need to do your research properly. I have heard people have really bad experiences with influencers and every single time they left upset, they left like that. They feel like they’ve been ripped off, but then what you always find out that they didn’t do their research properly and they weren’t working with the right influencer in the first place. What I’ve learned from this whole summit, what I’ve learned from speaking to all these amazing guests is that if you set everything up properly and new research, then you’re going to get the best results that you can possibly get.

[28:16] So as I said, sign up for the free summit. It’s three days. I’ve got over 15 speakers all talking about different aspects of influencer marketing. It is the most amazing thing I have ever created. I can’t stress enough how much I am proud of this whole event. I searched high and low for the best most expertise speakers I could find, bringing you all the different aspects and the whole idea was to help Shopify store owners understand exactly how to work with influencers and I can guarantee once you have gone through these three days of sessions, you will know absolutely everything you need to know about influencer marketing and you’re going to feel confident. You’re going to feel happy and you’re going to feel ready to take action and dive straight in and once you start hearing about the results that people are getting, using influences, you are going to start getting those results as well because you’ve done your research and you know exactly what to do, which steps to take in what order.

[29:16] So go sign up winningwithshopify.com/summit. We also offer all of these work if you wanted done for you at just ask pocket doc, come. We can go through and set everything up. If you don’t want to do it yourself or you don’t have someone in your team to do these things, we actually go through and set everything up for you as well. So check out winningwithshopify.com/summit and sign up for the free summit. It is going to be the best training you’ve done all year and into next year. It is going to change everything that you think you know about marketing your business and it’s gonna help you on your way to making more sales and getting you ready for the busy season. Have a wonderful day and see you in the summit.

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