Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

What is a small marketing task?

This specialised service was created for Shopify stores looking for small, one off marketing tasks for their store that are too small for regular agencies. Each task must be maximum 1 hour from start to completion.

What we generally use as a guideline is logging into 1 place, to do a task. For example: logging into your Facebook Ads manager and “create an ad” can be 1 task. Needing to add a pixel, research locations, audiences will be adding extra time to the task.

Can I get all my marketing tasks done by you?

YES Just Ask Parker! We see that every task can be broken into smaller tasks and with 20+ years of marketing experience we know your monthly marketing can be taken care of by Just Ask Parker.

I have other questions / isssues that I can't see answered here. What do I do?

Check out our support desk! We have a knowledge base there that answers all the technical questions! Click Here

Do I still need a VA or PA?

Check out our support desk! We have a knowledge base there that answers all the technical questions! CLICK HERE

Can I still use other marketing assistants?

SURE! At Just Ask Parker we believe in “Your business on your terms!” If you think you still need other larger tasks done, then by all means go ahead. But most of our store owners don’t feel the need to get extra marketing help.

I have more than one small task to do, can I buy and submit more than a single task at a time?

The reason our service is SOOOO cheap, is that we process single tasks at a time and follow the process methodically.

THIS is why you get to save so much money!

Please submit 1 task at a time, once you confirm the completion of that task, you are welcome to immediately upload your next task.

Are you the same as a normal marketing agency?

No, we charge a monthly flat fee and you send us 1 task at a time. If you need help deciding the task, we have a task that helps you decide your top priorities. How we are different is that we don’t charge you extra for things you don’t want or the “just incase you might want to talk”. If you are looking for a full service agency, then Just Ask Parker is not the right solution for you, we created this the help Shopify store owners looking for extra help on tasks that they either can’t do, or will never find the time to get around to.

How does it work?

Simply put, we offer a monthly flat fee for small marketing tasks.

Max 5 Business day turnaround? Does this mean 1 task takes 5 days?

No, that’s the great thing about our service. You could get more than 1 task done a day. If you put all the requested information into the system, and you confirm completion, you can get a second and third task in! Our team grows based on how many monthly members we have, so you will never be left without a dedicated marketing team waiting for your job!

Why should I trust your team with my store?

Because we have done this thousands of time before! Our team has been created ONLY to work in this manner. Every person in the team is highly experienced in their area and the faster they complete your projects and get your confirmation the more they get paid! WIN WIN! It means you win with more tasks you can request and they win with bonuses.

What if you don't get the task finished in 1 business day?

We respect your investment into your marketing and our #1 goal is to help you the best we can. We do our best to make sure all tasks are finished in time, however all tasks are done by humans so sometimes issues arise outside our control. You just need to just reach out and let us know at any time something is not provided as we have suggested.  Be assured that if tasks are not completed inside the 1 business day (or as stated), we WILL fix that! If that means you get 2 tasks at one time, or we work on the weekend to get your task done, either way please never feel that we are not providing the tasks you request. As our guarantee we will always make sure our promise is held. Our project manager Beverly is an amazing person and she is 100% dedicated to making sure we provide what we promise, so if you EVER feel this way just send Beverly a quick message and ask her to resolve it. We guarantee she and the team will do so.

Which marketing tasks will you reject?

We reject any tasks that are over the small task allocated 1 hour. We do our best to fulfil all orders and if we see a way to cut the task into smaller tasks we will provide that option. If the store continues to place large/multiple tasks into the system, we will class the job of breaking the task into smaller tasks as 1 task.

If I subscribe, will I get re-billed automatically?

Only if you take a monthly package. We will bill you either monthly or quarterly. We do not take responsibly if you do not cancel in time. You may cancel before the end of your subscription and continue to use our service, including requesting a small marketing task on the final day of your subscription, we will proceed with the task as normal.

Are you available 24/7?

Our teams are based in Asia, UK and US. Therefore, we aim to pickup tasks, requests or questions very quickly.

Can you break up a bigger project into many smaller tasks?

We will do this for you the first few times, if you continue to provide us with large tasks that need to be broken down, we will allocate that process as a task, and treat it with the same guidelines as any other task we do.

For best and fastest results, we suggest you choose from our task list.

Can I sub-contract small tasks for my customers?

Sure! On the individual packages you are welcome to provide us as many store domains as you wish. On the monthly packages due to the nature of our discounted rates, we require that only 1 store can registered.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes we do! We can help agencies with the smaller tasks they can’t find time to do in the company! Get in touch as we have yearly packages for you based on your estimated workload.

Can I use my subscription for multiple stores or transfer my subscription to another store?

Unfortunately not, the reason our packages are such great value, is that we took into consideration the time it takes us to set up an account and get to know 1 store personally and that overtime we know we will create a great relationship that will allow us to get tasks done faster, allowing everyone to benefit.

What if I have a promotional deadline? Will you make it on time?

No problems! Just Ask Parker! We offer “EXPRESS FEES” which we charge on top of your package as a one off fee. Get in touch with us and we will quote you based on your needs.

Just remember, while it might take us 1 business day to complete a task, it could take 1-2 days for your task to go live. EG: to get a Facebook ad approved.

Can I be refused service or banned?

Well anything could happen right? We really hope that doesn’t happen to you!

We don’t want to ban anyone and if we feel that the communication is not being respected, or if we feel you are overstepping your rights as a customer based on the package’s nature of service, then we will have to kindly ask you to leave. If warnings have been provided from our management and you do not respect them, then we will close your account and no refund will be provided for days of service not used.

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